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					WHY AD?                                                               “Between 35-55
                                                                      billion injections are
                                                                      administered each
                                                                      year throughout the
                                                                      world. Up to half
                                                                      are unsafe........”
 Syringe Re-use

“Reuse of syringes is one of the major problems                            “One child dies every
facing preventive and curative healthcare in the
world. Many countries have syringe reuse rates of                          fifteen seconds from an
50% and more. Whether unintentional due to poor                            unsafe injection............”
understanding of risks, or intentional due to greed
or supply shortages, the practice of reusing syringes
causes significant transmission of diseases such
as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. People being
treated for one disease may be inadvertently given
another, more harmful disease”
                                                        “Each year 22 million
Dr. Michael Free, VP senior Advisor for                 people are infected with
Technologies, PATH (Program for Appropriate
Technology in Health)
                                                        Hepatitis and HIV as a
                                                        result of syringe reuse
                                                        and 1.3 million
                                                        people die............”

                                                        “In addition to the loss
                                                        of human life, there is a
                                                        ‘hidden’ monetary cost to
                                                        treat the diseases caused
                                                        by syringe reuse: $0.125
                                                        per injection, equivalent to
                                                        nearly twice the cost of a
                                                        disposable syringe.........”

AD Syringes are disposable syringes that Auto Disable. They can only be used once.
      WHAT IS K1?
    K1 Key Facts


                                        K1 is a genuine Auto Disable (AD)
                                        syringe with a proven track record in
                                        both immunisation and curative injection
                                        practices. The design is WHO PQS
                                        compliant and is supplied to UNICEF.

                                        The K1 design is unique. An existing
                                        manufacturing line can be converted
                                        to produce K1s under licence following
                                        a simple patented mould conversion.
                                        The cost of converting production is
                                        substantially below that for any alternative
                                        AD syringe. No new machines are                                                                            K1 is a syringe with
                                        needed as existing equipment can be                                                                        a locking / breaking
                                        simply modified. A manufacturer can be                                                                       mechanism in the
                                                                                           The K1 mechanism prevents over-filling & reuse:         barrel so that it can
                                        producing K1s within 12 weeks of
                                        signing a licence.                                                                                         only be used once

                                        K1 is a flexible low cost product with
                                        an established market. It is currently
                                        manufactured in plants all across the
                                        developing world and K1 licensees sell                                                                     It is a unique product
                                        directly to more than 40 countries.                                                                       manufactured and sold
                                                                                          The vaccine-saving mechanism prevents over-filling        in an innovative way

                                                                                                                                                    K1 has a patented
                                                                                                                                                  design and a patented
          2 additional                                                                                                                            manufacturing process
        plates convert
                                                                                              Using the syringe activates the mechanism
         this standard
        syringe mould
        to produce K1
          AD syringes

                                                                                                                                                      How does K1

                                                                                         Attempts to reuse the syringe cause it to Auto Disable
WHY K1?                                                                                                         MADE ON THE SAME EQUIPMENT: Global manufacturing

                                                                                                                Licensed by Star Syringe Ltd. of the UK, K1 is now

 K1 in the field
                                                                                                                manufactured in nine independent plants across the
                                                                                                                developing world, with more coming on stream every year.
                                                                                                                Standard syringe factories can be updated to manufacture
                                                                                                                K1s with a simple conversion to existing moulds, so capital
                                                                                                                investment requirements and lead times to production for K1
                                                                                                                are low. Star is the hub of this global manufacturing network
Curative syringes fight                              These are a direct result of the successful
                                                                                                                and provides marketing materials in addition to technical
                                                                                                                know-how to licensees. Competing products require new
HIV in Africa                                       Making Medical Injections Safer programme
                                                                                                                plant tooling, a heavy capital expense, and can incur long
                                                    (MMIS) which since 2004 has replaced normal
                                                                                                                lead times to production.
                                                    disposable syringes with K1 and other ADs
                                                    across the spectrum of medical applications,
                                                    and provided education to nurses and patients               MADE FOR THE SAME COST: Safer products, same price
                                                    alike on safe injection practice.
                                                                                                                K1 is a simple design. It has the same three parts as a
                                                    Star was functional in bringing the key players             standard disposable syringe. It is suitable for any syringe
                                                    for this growing success story together at the              barrel size, and for integrated, fixed or detachable needles.
                                                    ground-breaking Injection Safety Solutions for              K1 can be used for any application. The unit cost of K1
                                                    Africa conference in Mombassa, Kenya, in 2003,              is broadly the same as a standard disposable syringe.
                                                    part of an annual series of global meetings run             Competing designs are often complex and incorporate
                                                    by Star.                                                    additional parts. This adds to manufacturing cost,
                                                                                                                meaning that unit costs often exceed standard
                                                    Star is proud to be the key curative syringe                disposable alternatives.
                                                    provider in the global fight against AIDS.

                                                                                                                USED IN THE SAME WAY: Excellence in design

The United States President’s Emergency Plan                                                                    K1 is designed to be used in the same way as a standard
for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is a five year, $15                                                                     disposable syringe, in immunisation and general healthcare.
billion, multifaceted approach to combating the                                                                 Little additional training is required and positive user
                                                    “K1 AD syringes are our first choice                         feedback means that deployment costs are further reduced.
disease in more than 120 countries around
the world. Delivering every day drugs with AD       because it is a wonderful product.”                         The complexity of competing designs often increases failure
syringes to prevent cross-infection between         The Ha’erbin, CDC, China
                                                                                                                and rejection rates and implies longer training times,
patients has been a key part of the preventative                                                                adding costs.
aspect of the programme.

                                                    “This AD syringe can fulfil all practical uses in            K1 is the world leader in AD syringes for general healthcare.
PEPFAR is the largest procurer of AD syringes
                                                    the clinic. It’s easy to use, causes hardly any             It is WHO approved, supplied globally to UNICEF, and a
for general healthcare in the world. Since its
                                                    change in normal nursing practice and it prevents           preferred product for the National Health Service in the UK.
inception in 2003 K1 syringes have provided
                                                    cross infection. We strongly suggest using K1 AD            However there are a number of alternative AD technologies
over 90% of their demand. Close to 100 million
                                                    syringes in healthcare.”                                    available. Only Codan, Terumo, Univec and Becton
people have benefited from safer healthcare as
                                                                                                                Dickinson are WHO approved. For a full list visit:
a result. Each represents a potential life saved.   Disinfection Supply Division, PLA General Hospital, China
The positive spillover effect has been huge. In
July 2006 the Ugandan Ministry of Health made
the landmark decision to ban all future imports     “K1 AD syringes are very practical. Over the
                                                    past few years using them, we find that K1                   None of these technologies presently combine the
of normal disposable syringes. From 2007
                                                    AD syringes are safe, convenient, and have                  effectiveness and functionality of the Star K1 design with its
they will procure and use only auto disable or
                                                    nice flexibility for usage.”                                 ease of manufacture and cost effectiveness.
reuse prevention devices. In Kenya, Rwanda
and other countries PEPFAR has prompted             Disinfection Supply Division, BJ Hospital, China
Ministries of Health to purchase K1 syringes
beyond the basic programme requirement.
    Star Syringe Ltd.
 Star House Pippingford
      East Sussex
       TN22 3HW
    United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1825 713 888
Fax: +44 (0)1825 713 838

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