A Sticky Molecule – Lab _ 2 by wanghonghx


									              A Sticky Molecule

 Water is made up of two elements: Hydrogen
  & Oxygen
 H2O: meaning 2 hydrogen atoms are bonded to
  1 oxygen atom
 Atoms in a water molecule bond to each other
  by sharing electrons- called a covalent bond
 The H and O atoms bond by sharing between
  them Hydrogen’s lone electron (H has only 1
  electron) and one electron from the Oxygen
 When the 2 hydrogen atoms share their
  electron with the oxygen atom its looks like a
  mouse head, with the Hydrogen atoms as the
  ears and the Oxygen atom as the face.
 The two Hydrogen atoms that are bonded to
  the Oxygen atom have a (+) charge, while the
  other end of the O atom is negative.
 Since (+) and (–) attract, water molecules
  “stick” together like a magnet and a nail.
 This is called a polar covalent bond. (a
  molecule with a positive & negative end)
 This hydrogen bond gives water its unique
  properties, as you will see soon…

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