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									May 2006                                                                           Volume 10.5
                          The Newsletter of the Tuscaloosa Human Resource Professionals
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                                                   Does your company have a HR job opening? Are
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                                                   great state? Is your company looking for a HR
                                                   person? The SHRM Alabama State Council in
                                                   partnership with our web site vendor, VenuLex, is
May Meeting                                        delighted to offer this free service to those either
Thursday, April 20th                               looking for a HR job or to place someone in a HR
11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.                           job. And yes, this absolutely free--no charge.
Indian Hills Country Club                          Additionally, as a result of the partnership
Tom Scroggins will be reporting on his             between VenuLex and, you
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happening next!                          
                                                   To use this free HR jobs service, go to the SHRM
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          Deadline: 4:00 p.m., Tuesday,   and click on the HR Job
                  April 18th                       Opportunities link
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              Richard Crawford by:                 =10.
            Tuesday, May 16th at 4pm
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    or E-mail     A 50/50 raffle will be held at THRP’s meeting.
                                                   The individual who posses the winning purchased
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                                                   other half will go towards helping support the
Happy Birthday everyone born in May!               SHRM Foundation.
Doretha Brown – 6th
Bob Cornell – 12th                                 Why should I help fund the SHRM Foundation
Carol Entelisano – 15th                            you ask? Well self, the SHRM Foundation
Jennifer Rogers – 18th                             provides educational scholarships, promotes
Katherine Watkins – 21st                           research, innovation and the use of research-based
Rick Geddie – 24th                                 knowledge in the HR profession. Not too shabby
If I have missed your birthday - please let me know! a dollar (or two.)
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                                                         Minimum Wage Rates on the Rise
May 2006

             Thomas W. Scroggins                     rendering its law obsolete.

Summary: States start raising minimum wage                  Spurring the various states along is
rates on their own creating varying rates Congress’ refusal to touch the political hot potato
nationwide.                                          that is the federal minimum wage rate. Last
                                                     adjusted on September 1, 1997, it is currently $5.15
        While the federal minimum wage rate has per hour. The federal minimum wage does not
been the standard almost nationwide for years, seem to be high on Congress’ agenda, so the trend
that is changing in rapid fashion. Individual will continue for the foreseeable future.
states are getting into the act of setting minimum
wage rates at an increasing rate.                           As a result, one must not assume that the
                                                     federal minimum wage is the minimum wage
        A trend that began just a couple of years applicable to his or her business. In fact, in many
ago among northeastern states has spread across places, the required wage is higher. Employers
the country to states that historically have not had with multi-state operations would be wise to
a minimum wage law or, if they did, it was lower verify their minimum wage compliance in each
than or equal to the federal standard. On April 10, state given the varying rates among states and
2006, Arkansas passed a law raising minimum keep a keen eye out for changes as they are
wage rates in that state to $6.25 per hour. Just happening rapidly.
three days later, Maine raised its minimum wage
to $6.75 per hour effective October 1, 2006, and it Membership Corner –
will go higher to $7.00 per hour on October 1, New Members for May
2007. New Jersey’s minimum wage is set to go Brandt Schmersahl
from $6.15 per hour to $7.15 per hour on October 1 Director of Staffing Programs
as well. Sixteen states have acted to raise their Cintas
minimum wage since January 1, 2005.                  205/345-1686
                                                     205/345-1877 Fax
        Currently 18 states plus the District of
Columbia have minimum wage rates higher than
the federal minimum. Some cities are even getting Danielle Hargrove
into the act. The City of San Francisco has set an Student Member
$8.50 per hour minimum wage within its city 205/758-0341
limits.   Many states have set their rates at
surprising high levels with Washington, Vermont,
                                                     Russell DuBose,
Rhode Island, Oregon, New York, New Jersey,
                                                     VP of Membership
and Connecticut all having minimum rates above
$7.00 per hour. Hawaii’s minimum wage is set to Don’t Forget!
go to $7.25 per hour on January 1, 2007, which is Alabama State Council Conference “HR in Crisis:
the same date that Connecticut’s will go up even Earth, Wind and Fire” is May 17. Register now at
further to $7.65 per hour making it the highest We were sold out last
state minimum wage rate in the U.S.                  year both in attendees and sponsors so don’t
                                                     delay. And, remember, it is still under $100.
        The southern states of Louisiana,
Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and South
Carolina are the only remaining states without
some sort of minimum wage law. Kansas is the
lone holdout with a wage set lower than the
federal standard at $2.65 an hour, effectively

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