Request for Exemption from Minmum Wage for Student Learners

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					               Request for Minimum Wage Exemption for Student Learners


Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development
Labor Standards and Safety Division
P.O. Box 21149
Juneau, Alaska 99802-1149

Re: Request for Exemption from Minimum Wage for Student Learner

We hereby request an exemption to the state minimum wage for student learners that we will be
employing during the 2003-2004 school year (August ___, 2003 through June ___, 2004). These
student learners are enrolled in a vocational course of study under a recognized local educational
authority, the XYZ School District, specifically the ABC High School's Work Based Learning
Program. The students take related vocational courses at the school, including Office
Procedures, Computer Applications, and Accounting. We employ them as student learners in the
following positions: receptionist, administrative clerk, and data entry clerk.

We are asking for the exemption because the student learners are not capable of performing their
job duties to the same level of competence that a regular worker would. It takes many hours of
our own staff members’ time to instruct and supervise the student workers.

We attest that we will abide by all the requirements of AS 23.10.325 – 23.10.370 related to the
employment of minors. We further attest that the wage we pay the student learners will not be
less than 75 percent of the minimum wage established under AS 23.10.065.

We are enclosing copies of the approved student learners’ work permits.

If you need further information, please contact us. Otherwise, we look forward to your approval
of our request.

Thank you.


Jane Smith                                       John Q. Teacher
Employer                                         Work Based Learning Coordinator
President, ____________ Company                  XYZ School District
9999 Icecap Road                                 123 Main Street
Anytown, AK 99999                                Anytown, AK 99999
Phone 907-123-0000                               Phone 907-555-5555

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