Mathematics 267 – Differential Equations and Transformations

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					               Mathematics 267 – Differential Equations and Transformations
                                  Section E2 – Fall 2011
                                   MTRF 3:10-4:00pm
                                        Carver 18

Instructor: Jason Smith (TA)
Office: Carver 413
Office Hours: MR:2-3pm, F:1-3pm
Email: smithj at

Textbook: Elementary Differential Equations. Boyce, DiPrima.

Course Objective: Generally we’ll cover exactly what the title says, differential equations and
Laplace transformations.

Calculators: Calculators will be allowed at the instructor’s discretion; however all in class
quizzes, exams, and homework will be graded according to appropriate work.

Course Policy:

Your grade: 17% will be based on your 5 (of 6) highest quiz scores, 33% will be based on two in
class exams, 33% will be based on your final exam, 9% will be group in class homework, and
the remaining will be miscellaneous stuff we pick up through the semester, probably some form
of project.

Grades for the course will be on the standard scale:

                                          90 - 100 % : A
                                           80 - 89 % : B
                                           70 - 79 % : C
                                           60 - 69 % : D
                                            0 - 59 % : F

These are grade ranges. Within each range there will be plus and minus grades where

Schedule: A semester long detailed schedule is available here. To the best of my ability we will
adhere to the schedule.

Participation: It is in your best interest to pay attention and to participate as much as you can.

Homework: The homework assigned daily will not be collected or graded. It is merely for your
benefit. We will have an occasional group work day and that work will be collected and lightly
Should you need individual help, you can go to my office hours, seek help in the math help room
(Carver 385), or ask during class.

Quizzes and Exams: We will have a quiz roughly every other Friday. I will drop your lowest
quiz score. As such no make-up quizzes will be provided.

We will also have two in class exams and a cumulative final exam.

Make-up Policy: In case of an emergency, makeup exams might be given at my discretion. In
any case, documentation will be needed. Please tell me as soon as you can about a test you could
potentially miss and no later than 24 hours after the test time. No late quizzes will be accepted.

Academic Dishonesty: Cheating will not be tolerated. For more information, go to If you are caught
cheating during an exam, you will automatically be given a 0 and, depending on the severity,
other actions might be taken against you.

Disabilities Statement: If a student has a disability that qualifies under the Americans with
Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and requires accommodations, he/she
should contact the Disability Resources (DR) office for information on appropriate policies and
procedures. DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076; their
number is 515-294-6624. No retroactive accommodations will be provided in this class.

Miscellaneous: Please turn off cellular phones (or anything else that might make noise) before
class starts. You may bring beverages or some food to class, but please try not to make noise as it
might distract the other students and will probably annoy me.

Changes: I do not anticipate any major changes to the course syllabus. If any should arise, I will
notify you.

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