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					                                                                    Car: Lotus Exige
                                                                  Class: B
                                                                      PI: 700

             Upgrade Part             Stock     Street   Sport    Race      Notes
Intake                                  x
Exhaust                                 x
Ignition                                x
Fuel System                             x
Cams and Valves                         x
Engine Block                            x
Intercooler                             x
Turbo                                   x
Centrifugal Supercharger                x
Positive Displacement Supercharger      x
Powertrain Swap                         x

Brakes                                  x
Springs and Dampers                                                x
Anti-Roll Bars                                                     x
Transmission                                                       x
Clutch                                                             x
Flywheel                                                           x
Driveline                                                          x
Differential                                                       x
Weight Reduction                                                   x

Tire Compound                                                      x       Bridgestone
Tire Width                                                         x       235/25R19 - 265/25R20
Rim Size                                                           x       235/25R19 - 265/25R20
Rim Style                                                          x       MHT - GT

Front Bumper                                                       x       Forza2
Rear Wing                                                          x       Forza2
Rear Bumper                             x
Side Skirts                             x
Hood                                    x

            Tuning Area                 Part                     Setting    Notes
Tires                                Front                         45
Tires                                Rear                          43
Gearing                              Final Drive                   5.5
Gearing                              1st                          2.89
Gearing                              2nd                          1.99
Gearing                              3rd                          1.44
Gearing                              4th                          1.16
Gearing                              5th                            1
Gearing                              6th                           0.9
Alignment                            Front Camber                 -0.7
Alignment                            Rear Camber                  -0.6
Alignment                            Front Toe                     0.1
Alignment                            Rear Toe                       0
Alignment        Front Caster                 6.5
Anti-Roll Bars   Front                         1
Anti-Roll Bars   Rear                         38
Springs          Front Springs            114.5 lb/in
Springs          Rear Springs             251.3 lb/in
Springs          Front Ride Height          4.5 in
Springs          Rear Ride Height           4.4 in
Damping          Front Rebound Siffness       8.3
Damping          Rear Rebound Stiffness      13.2
Damping          Front Bump Stiffness          1
Damping          Rear Bump Stiffness           1
Aero             Front Downforce            59 lb
Aero             Rear Downforce             183 lb
Braking          Balance                     N/A
Braking          Pressure                    N/A
Differential     Front Accelleration         18%
Differential     Front Deceleration          30%
Differential     Rear Acceleration           N/A
Differential     Rear Deceleration           N/A
Differential     Center Torque               N/A
                                   0-60:            4.29
                                   0-100:        11.557
                                   Top Speed: 132.4 mph

                         Braking Distance
                                   60-0:          95.1 ft
                                   100-0:        248.3 ft

                         Lateral g's
                                       60 mph       1.22
                                       120 mph      1.28

9 - 265/25R20
9 - 265/25R20

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