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					                                                    PRESS RELEASE
                                                    Release No: 802                Date: February 2008

The AC243 – the Latest Generation of Tower Crane
Anti-Collision Systems
The AC243, from SMIE, world leader, represents the latest generation of anti-collision
system for management of up to 30 tower cranes

Health and safety is a priority on every professionally managed
construction site. This responsibility takes on a new dimension when there
are multiple tower cranes, moving materials over large areas, some of
which may overlap and the increased risk of collisions.

In such situations, it is important for site managers to implement all
appropriate safety measures to reduce, to the minimum, the risk of

With the increasing use of tower cranes, there is a growing need to be                   Stand No:
aware of the numerous hazards involved during erection and dismantling                 B-901 Blue Lot
but more importantly during operation.

The AC243 provides for management of up to 30 tower cranes to prevent collision between
the cranes in interference and, as required, to provide protection of sensitive zones.

Key features of the AC243 are:

       A function that prevents over-sailing of critical zones and static obstacles such as
        high-voltage lines, railway tracks, public highways, etc.

       An anti-collision system, which detects dynamic obstacles, such as crane hoist cable,
        jib, counter-jib or mast.
       An inter-crane communication system using cabled connections for up to 30 cranes
        or a wireless connection for up to 9 cranes.

The AC243 is easily modified to suit all makes and all types of tower cranes including saddle
jib, luffing jib, fixed cranes, travelling cranes, PLC controlled cranes and relay controlled

In many parts of the world, regulations require operators to demonstrate quality control
procedures including operating security. To aid compliance and commissioning, SMIE
provides documentation that is more detailed and installations that exceed requirements.

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The AC243 also makes start-up testing of the systems as simple as possible for the crane

To meet demands of the project managers and, in some parts of the world, regulations, the
anti-collision supervisor is able to provide a well-documented record of the status and crane
operating parameters at any time for any crane.

Check and maintenance procedures are also made as easy as possible. SMIE builds into its
systems check procedures to enable accurate system verification and easy tracing of faults.
A data log maintained by the AC243 allows detailed evaluation of any incident.

Total Protection and Flexibility

The AC243 constantly measures the position, speed of the jib and trolley for each crane. The
unit calculates status at a rate of three times per second and takes into consideration the
braking capacity of each movement in determining the collision risk. Without operator
intervention, the system implements a braking procedure as, and only if, a collision risk is

To work, each crane needs to be fitted with an AC243 or compatible SMIE product as the
system requires full communication between the various cranes.

The SMIE AC243 is a universal system suitable for all types of cranes and it can be easily
transferred from crane to crane. The system can be extended progressively as more tower
cranes come on to a specific site.

Operating Efficient Solutions

The AC243 maintains SMIE policy of optimising products for operating efficiency. The display
unit is designed to be clearly visible in all lighting conditions, easy to understand and manage.

SMIE is a pioneer in crane anti-collision systems and operations data logging systems to
ensure that operators benefit from continuous monitoring of the crane status.

World Leader in Crane Anti-Collision Systems

For over 25 years, SMIE has been committed to providing anti-collision systems and
associated products for crane operations. With a global network of subsidiaries and dealers,
SMIE is able to provide safe, regulatory compliant solutions for job sites, regardless of the
complexity or number of cranes involved.

All products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures, and the company supports
all products with onsite assistance as required during installation, commissioning and

SMIE continues to pioneer innovative solutions to maximise the safe operation and monitoring
of cranes wherever they are used

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