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					                Against the Wage
                                        ATW NO 2- Friday August, 19 2005

                                            Interview with Mohsen                         First International as a
Against the Wage (ATW) is a                                                                Subject Needs to be
newsletter that originally we               Hakimi member of the
                                         “Coordinating Committee to                                learned
aimed to publish every 2 weeks,
however due to our limitations,         Form Workers Organization” in                   The working movement in the
the newsletter will be published                     Iran                               21st Century needs to learn from
monthly. For the next several                                                           the First International. This task,
issues, interviews with various        1. You are one of the founders of the            of course, without aiming to
worker-activists around the world      “Coordinating       Committee      to    Form    return to the past can be a
are being arranged. Against the        Workers Organization” in Iran. Before we         learning point due to the
Wage is trying to open up a            start, I suggest you give us an overview of      necessity of a critique. With
discussion among Communist-            this ‘Committee’, specifically referring to      respect to the directions and
activists and against the wage         its goals, politics, and directions related to   solutions of the social left
labour system of the working           the working class in Iran.                       reformists in which it is
class movement around the                                                               dominated during our period of
world. This is a step towards          The main goal of the ‘Coordinating               class war - a war between the
opening a much-needed study of         Committee to Form Workers Organization’          Bourgeois and Proletariat. The
the difficulties and barriers of the   is to form an anti-capitalist organization of    process of regression of the ant-
movement to achieve the unity,         the working class all over Iran. This goal,      capitalist movement of the
agreement and militancy of the         as it is mentioned at our identification         working class in the 20th
internationalism      of    workers    document named ‘On Coordination                  Century, every where and step
against the capitalist system.         Committee        to      Form       Workers      by step, was the process of the
Against the Wage has arranged          Organization’, is being achieved through         dismissal of its goals, traditions,
some interviews with a number          the following ways:                              and the practical directions of the
of       worker-activists       and                                                     First International.
communists around the world
                                       • To pave the way for forming a culture          Continued on page 4
with this goal in mind.
                                       and a spiritual willingness for workers to
This      issue    contains      two
                                       be organized in a variety of ways such as           Interview with Per.
interviews. Mohsen Hakimi, a
                                       the uses of propaganda and agitation, to
member of the ‘Coordinating
                                       help with the spreading of trade, cultural,
Committee to Form Workers                                                                Activist in the workings
                                       artistic and sport organizations of workers;
Organization’ in Iran is being                                                              movement of the
                                       to support the actions and struggles of
interviewed.       Mohsen is a
grassroots        activist      who
                                       workers such as strikes, workers control,                 Sweden
                                       etc.                                             Against the Wage is trying to
expresses a practical, down-to-
                                       •     To help with the forming of a workers’     open up a discussion among
earth perspective and has
                                       organizations in production and service          Communist-activists        and
practical experience with the
                                       centres in order to connect and coordinate       against the wage labour system
working class movement in Iran.
                                       their activities through the transfer of their   of the working class movement
He provides a critique of the
                                       experiences and achievements to each             around the world with this goal
reformist tendencies -
                                       other.                                           in mind.
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                                     ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                          Interview with
Editorial…                               Mohsen Hakimi...
syndicalism and sectarianism -      •        To provide the grounds in       struggle and that of             the
and their influences politically    which the current underground            syndicalists and sectarists ?
and economically among the          activity of worker-activists can be
working class and their             transformed to an open form of             The      reformist      tendencies
demands. He also provides a         activity for mobilizing worker-            including     syndicalism      and
rational commentary on the          masses into an all-embracing               sectarianism in the struggle for
possibility of an American          workers organization in different          the immediate and current
invasion to Iran. As Mohsen         ways, including the provision of           demands of the workers,
mentions, the possibility of the    conditions for the presence of the         confine and tie themselves to
invasion is weak but with a         influential    and      well-trusted       the acceptance of the capitalist
new cycle of radicalism, the        worker-activists in the open               framework, and do not allow
possibility of the 2 sides of the   domain of class struggle.                  worker masses to move outside
war turning against this new        •        To call on the founding           the capitalist box. Syndicalists’
radicalism      is   a    greater   body of the all-embracing anti-            perspective about the current
possibility.                        capitalist workers organization of         demands of the workers is that
                                    Iran to provide a public assembly,         they allow the workers struggle
Per Henriksson of Sweden is         approve       the      fundamental         for achieving these demands to
the second interview.        He     documents       and     elect    the       continue only to the point where
discusses his efforts as a          organizing bodies.                         there is no opposition to
communist        at   both   the                                               capitalist laws and order.
theoretical and practical level     2.        You have spoken on               Sectarists also merely want the
of organizing in Sweden. He         different occasions about the              worker masses, on the one
also     comments       on   the    anti-capitalist movement of the            hand, only to struggle for
possibilities of forming councils   working class as well as the               reform and, on the other hand,
for organizing.                     importance of the workers                  to help them to seize the
                                    movement to be organized. How              power.     They recognize the
ATW is very interested in           does this movement distinguish             struggle for social revolution of
learning     about    workers’      itself - in daily practice including       the working class as long as it
struggles around the world so       the struggle to meet the                   is limited to the monopoly and
that we can share information       immediate and current demands -            expertise of the ‘Professional
about organizing and the            from         syndicalism         and       Revolutionaries’ – that is being
struggles that workers are          sectarianism? For instance, the            formed separately from the
facing in every corner, but         struggle for increasing wages,             worker masses - and they want
ultimately ATW wants to be a        social      assistance,     housing,       the masses to build an
voice of solidarity for the         health,      education,      political     organization     only      in   the
worker.    Currently in South       freedom            or        against       economic context, and in the
Africa where gold mining has        unemployment, against child                context of the political to help
for a long time been a rich         labour, addiction, corruption,             them to seize the power, either
industry for the country, the       discrimination etc. From your              by joining their political group or
miners have been on strike.         point of view of the workers               party as an individual or
Approximately 100,000 miners,       movement and the general                   through the lever of the same
about 75 % of the workforce,        direction of the anti-capitalist           economic organization.
went on strike over pay, thus       movement,what         makes       the      Continued on page 3
bringing South Africa’s gold        essential difference between this
production to a halt.
  Continued on page 3

                                     ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                     Interview with Mohsen Hakimi…
                                     None of these tendencies, neither         implication of this correct and just
The      National    Union      of   sectarists      nor       syndicalists,   questioning of the capitalists is that
Mineworkers       (NUM)      has     recognize the workers’ struggle for       the workers, while struggling for the
started the largest gold mining      achieving the current demands as          wage increase, tell the capitalists
strike in 18 years and is calling    essentially anti-capitalist.              and their defending government that
for between 8 and 12 % wage                                                    you are spending from our pockets.
increases. According to the          The difference between the anti-          That is, the workers are saying to
estimates of the union, this         capitalist tendency of the working        the capitalists that all of their
action will cost the mining          class in Iran - which is manifested       spending of expenses is coming
companies about £12 million a        now in the Coordinating Committee         from the wealth which they produce.
day in lost production.              to Form Workers Organization -            Therefore, the worker in the struggle
Currently the workers earn           and the reformist tendencies is that      for a wage increase proclaims to the
approximately £190 per month         the      anti-capitalist   tendency       capitalists and their defending
and often work more than 2           recognizes the current struggle of        government, that it is their right to
miles underground in narrow,         the working class as anti-capitalist.     make a decision about how to use
sweltering tunnels.      Despite     The     starting    point   of    the     the wealth they created. This has
apartheid there is still huge        ‘Committee’ to provide materials for      no meaning other than they are
resentment over continuing           the anti-capitalist organization, is      challenging the mode and order of
inequality. Many thought that        this kind of struggle for current         capitalism. The starting point and at
with the nationalist apartheid       demands. This struggle, by its very       the same time the strengths of the
movement, the quality of life        nature, is anti-capitalist.       For     ‘Committee’ is this kind of
would improve for workers. In        instance, in the struggle for wage        challenging capitalism by the worker
fact, life has worsened and          increases and in the workers              masses in their own current
degraded further for the             attempt to access this or that            struggle. The ‘Committee’ converts
working class. This is a huge        percentage of wage increase,              this objective and material context of
illusion created by a reformist      naturally, the workers call into          anti-capitalism to its own starting
nationalist agenda.       These      question the bosses and the               point in order to promote the
workers should not only              government. The workers question          struggle of working class and to
receive the wage increases as        why they oppose or disagree with          organize these masses into an anti-
per the union request, but           the wage increase while the               capitalist organization with the
ultimately control and have          managements or bosses’ salary             horizon of abolishing wage labour.
decision-making powers over          and bonuses are so high?
the means of production and          (Workers usually express this             The reformists’ view on the workers
any profits. Against the Wage        discrimination by the proverb “the        struggle in terms of the wage
stands in solidarity with these      donkey works and the mule eats”.)         increase is completely different.
workers.                             Why do they refuse to increase the        They oppose any kind of seizure of
Recently there have been a           wage while billions of Rials (Iranian     the wealth that has been produced
new series of protests in the        currency) are spent on security?          by the workers, they do not
Kurdish region of Iran. These        Why do they reject the percentage         recognize that this is the right of
began when the Iranian               of wage increase while they spend         workers but they know it as a
regime tortured, murdered and        tonnes of money to build jails for        capitalists’ right, and they only
displayed a person’s body in         imprisoning youth who are addicts?        demand from the capitalist and the
public by parading it through        Why do they reject the wage               government that some - and of
the town for everyone to see.        increase while millions and millions      course a very low - percentage of
This action led to many              of dollars are spent on military for      this wealth be given to the workers,
protests in several cities in the    war and suppression? - Etc.. The          Continued on page 7
Khurdish region.
Continued on page 4

                                   ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                        First International…
Editorial…                               Syndicalists and Sectarists and all     situation. This declaration looked at
                                        the social bourgeois have hidden         the condition of buying and selling
The latest news from the                the feeling of their dislike to have a   the labour force profoundly and
‘Committee’ was that five people        dialogue in order to learn and be        builds     its    essential    critique,
were killed and many more               educated by the First International      programs, and what has to be done
injured in the city of Saquez           experiences which carried the torch      with the deep context in relation
during the protests. Currently          of anti-wage labour around the           between labour and capital as well
many Khurdish cities are on             world. To talk about organizing the      as anti-capitalism of the current
general strike due to this severe       working masses against capitalism        international working class.        The
and disgusting brutality. The           is something bizarre to them. The        essence and the linkage of all the
Saquez people have taken to the         International            workingmen’s    discussion and the program of the
streets in solidarity with the other    association during its short lifetime    First International, was between the
cities. They occupied the city,         had some weak points but its strong      Proletariat political economy and the
took over government buildings          points in the current historical         Bourgeois political economy - a war
and offices and faced retaliatory       condition are a light in our period of   between the army of the wage
attacks by the government.              the class war. Our attempt here          labour against the wage slavery.
Additionally, Mahmoud Salehi,           only is to re-review one more time       The outlook of the First International
one of the spokespersons for the        some of these unforgettable lessons      towards the “immediate demands of
‘Committee’ was arrested by a           and their experiences of the working     the Proletariat” neither was at the
special guard commander who             class. Some of their lessons are:        ‘level of revolution’, nor was it a
asked him to be quiet and do                                                     secret name in order to exit from the
nothing and then released him              1. The nature of anti-                anti-wage movement, nor was it a
one hour later.           Mahmoud                                                permission due to slaughtering
                                            capitalism of the First
protested        against       these                                             communism in front of syndicalism,
requests, and then, the same                     International                   reformism, or nationalism but its
night, the workers’ grocery co-op                                                directions were to takeover ditch by
was attacked and seriously              The         International     working    ditch the capitalisms’ front line. The
damaged. We should not forget           association was a manifestation of       First International emphasized the
about what is going on in               the initiation of the most united and    overthrow of the bourgeois barrier
Kurdistan as it is not a struggle       conscious of the pioneers of the         and it was not like the ‘populists
beyond class. This is a class           working class for organizing their       democrat’s’ call for overthrowing
struggle and when this struggle         current movement against the             any regime. In fact, it emphasized
intensifies     other     nationalist   essence of capitalism.            The    smashing one of the bourgeois’
currents try to either identify         declaration of the First International   resistance and to make a path for
themselves with this struggle or        towards the working masses,              the wage labour army to cross the
to restrict the struggle to their       ‘process of work’ of their current       ups and downs of this war in order
own agenda. All of this cruelty         society proclaimed the target of the     to    abolish     wage-slavery       and
and vicious violence and murder         class war. This declaration is the       establish communism. The reason
occurring in Kurdistan now must         opposite of the point of view and the    that the First International was
be condemned.                           tradition of the left in the 20th,       international was it was against
                                        Century.      It does not transform      wage labour and the following
Against the Wage invites                communism as a holy idea due to          international was not international
contributions from all workers.         the dissolving of the working class      because none of them were either
The      sharing     of    ideas,       into democracy or unionism or            against wage labour or representing
experiences, both in organizing         nationalism/anti-imperialism. In fact,   the working class as whole.
and in the workplace in general,        it describes communism as a
will continually bring to fruition      grassroots movement whose aim is Continued on page 5
the goals and vision of Against         to deeply change the current
the Wage.

                        ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                          themselves the ultimate working of         among groups, guilds, societies,
                                          these everyday struggles. They             unions in the Europe and put this
   Editorial Committee:                   ought not to forget that they are          unity based on anti-capitalism for
  Nancy LaPlante, Naser                   fighting with effects, but not with the    abolishing the wage labor was one
  Paydar, Omid Zareian                    causes of those effects; that they         of the most important of the First
                                          are     retarding     the    downward      International   lessons   for   all
                                          movement, but not changing its             workers.
                                          direction; that they are applying
                                          palliatives, not curing the malady.          3. Worker structure and
    First International…
                                          They ought, therefore, not to be
                                          exclusively absorbed in these                   anti-bureaucracy
                                          unavoidable         guerilla      fights
      2.       Quarrel over                                                          The ‘Communist’ parties and the
                                          incessantly springing up from the
       sectarianism and                   never ceasing encroachments of             worker apparatuses in the 20th
                                          capital or changes of the market.          Century, to a large extent, have
            unionism                      They ought to understand that, with        been a part of the social, civil, and
                                          all the miseries it imposes upon           order of capitalism. Such parties
                                          them,      the      present     system     and groups neither have been a
Marx in the letter to Friedrich Bolte     simultaneously       engenders       the   container of the working class
on the 3rd year of the foundation of      material conditions and the social         struggle against capitalism for
International        wrote;”       The    forms necessary for an economical          abolishing the wage labour of the
International was founded in order        reconstruction of society. Instead of      working class, nor have they been
to replace the Socialist or semi-         the conservative motto, "A fair day's      a container of the working class
Socialist     sects    by     a    real   wage for a fair day's work!" they          participation and the demonstrating
organization of the working class         ought to inscribe on their banner          determination of the worker
for struggle. The original Statutes       the      revolutionary      watchword,     masses         in the course of
and the Inaugural Address show            "Abolition       of     the      wages     maintaining         working     class
this at first glance. On the other        system!"”.(Value, Price and Profit)        expectations, goals, or politics.
hand the Internationalists could not                                                 The reason for the obscurity of
have maintained themselves if the         The International in the course of its     these parties on some occasions,
course of history had not already         existence has maintained its tasks         were not because of the lack of
smashed up the sectarian system.          and politics which had emphasized          worker body but it was their
The development of the system of          on the two above points. Marx’s            irrelevancy      with     the   class
Socialist sects and that of the real      critique on Unionism and its politics      movement and the anti capitalism
workers' movement always stands           has become a content of one of the         of the working class.             The
in inverse ratio to each other. So        association’s declarations. On the         establishment of governmental
long as the sects are (historically)      quarrel over sectarianism, the             capitalism under the name of
justified, the working class is not yet   international agreement due to             ‘Communism’,          ‘People        of
ripe for an independent historic          rejecting the resolution has been          Republic’, democracy, or obtaining
movement. As soon as it has               provided by the ‘Mazzini’ clique.          ‘The rights of nations to self-
attained this maturity all sects are      It’s obvious the contrary and              determination’, or building the
essentially reactionary”. (Marx and       critique of the worker international       ‘National independent industry’,
Engels correspondence November            foundation against sectarianism. It        has nothing in common with
23, 1871)                                 should be emphasized on this point         socialism and the movement of
                                          seriously that the unity of the whole      abolishing capitalism. It’s obvious
Marx     also    on    the    internal    class against capitalism was the           that the realm of activity or political
controversy of the International          main grounds of existence of the           and social structure of these
workingmen’s association, as far as       First International. The situation of      movements is not to achieve the
is related to the unions, clearly has     Marx and Engels as well as other           goals,     politics,   demonstrating
asserted,” …the working class             communist pioneers of the working          determination, or the finding of
ought not to exaggerate to                class movement to build the unity          solutions for the worker masses.

                       ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                           First International…

In fact, on the contrary, there is a       under the name of communism. It         else. There are many examples
wide realm of recruiting a soldier         was neither a shadow of any             in the First International of the
from the workers in order to keep          master ideas or the flag man of         direct participation of workers on
the army of people or guerilla of          any schools, nor was it inspired by     programming, and the politics on
the national movement in which             a heroic determination that carries     maintaining it.
they     are     representing       the    out human destiny.          On the
governmental capitalism.            It’s   contrary, all of its existing           4. Escape from two
possible that even the workers to          philosophy was extracted from the
a large extent are involved inside         point of view of anti-capitalism of     apparatuses - the party
of the apparatus of these                  the worker masses in Europe.            and mass organization
movements but only as the                  And that’s       why the First
masses that must listen to some            International truly and indeed for      One of the destructive traces of
elites and nothing else. In that           this reason - firm determination -      influence     of      the     people’s
realm, the determinations of elites        was representing the selling of the     movement and reformism in the
determine and dominate every               labour force. However, Marx and         worker movement is the issuance
thing and it is not the workers who        Engels played a major part in the       of permits for forming the party for
determine       any     politics      or   First International since it had        gathering the elites and pioneers in
directions. The fundamental work,          been formed until the end but           one place and another one for the
internal relation and political            throughout they played a role           workers. This division is rising
structure of the First International       parallel to the most ordinary           profoundly from the bourgeois
were very different from these             worker. Their acceptability and         point of view with respect to the
elements.          In     the      First   verbal influence had nothing to do      working class movement. Here,
International, the masses, selling         with being Marx or Engels as            the party is similar to an army staff
their labour force, were not               special characters that were            headquarters and the mass
enforcers and act as objects of            famous, rather it was owed to their     organizations are like soldiers
some party elites.           On the        radicalism     and     revolutionary    standing at attention of the
contrary, they played the main             materialism     of    being     anti-   headquarters. The imposition of
role of every event. The main              capitalism. Some events such as         this division and the breakdown of
foundation brick of forming the            the long conflict in the Geneva         the Proletariat class war are the
International indeed was based on          Congress regarding the right of         elements         of       establishing
the massive presence of workers            participation    of   the    French     governmental        capitalism     and
in Europe, the emergence of the            workers resulted in the rejecting       demolishing the movement of
working      class     in     different    response from the Congress with         abolishing wage labour of the
countries, the revolt of the workers       respect to their attending the          worker masses.         Replacing the
in Poland, the radical and                 Congress because of a lack of           wage slavery system by true
passionate rising of the workers in        being elected directly from the         worker socialism is impossible
England in support of abolishing           organized workers of that country.      without organizing the masses on a
slavery in America, in support of          This is a situation demonstrating       broad scale, and the numerous
the revolt of workers in Poland,           the lack of being organized in          terms of these selling labour forces
the internationalist emergence of          France. Also, the rejection of the      throughout      the      anti-capitalist
the masses in France in support            majority of the Luzon Congress          movement,      and      without     the
of workers in other countries, or in       due to inviting Garibaldi, and the      presence of the masses in the
one word, challenging capitalism           congress emphasized that he             struggle against capitalism in every
by the workers.            The First       could participate as a rank and file    aspect of social life.
International was a manifestation          or as a representative of the
of the populist national movement          Italian worker and not anything         Continued on page 11

                         ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

  Interview with Mohsen
                                        a platform or a proclamation that       who are willing to join the
not of course to prepare the            reflects      the      fundamental      ‘Committee’ and are in touch with
workers spiritually or materially       demands of the working class.           these     centres,   should      be
to conquer the ditches of               The activists of the ‘Committee’        organized in the ‘Committee’. The
capitalism, but to work more and        now can endeavor to write the           link of the Committee with the
better    for      the    capitalist.   draft of this proclamation either       working masses, who want to be
Obviously, the result of this           as an individual or as a                organized, is the worker-activists
approach is to form an                  collective.     Providing this draft    in different parts of Iran.
organization that does not              does not need that much work,           Therefore,     the   ‘Committee’s
aggravate capitalist laws and           because the skeleton of it has          concern now is organizing the
order or to promote the idea that       been said in the resolutions of         worker-activists who are leaning
the     capitalist     system      is   May Day in the last two years.          to    be     organized    in    the
unchangeable or, at best, to            But, I think, the provision of the      ‘Committee’. Thus, our recent job
attack the capitalist system in a       final draft of the proclamation for     in the ‘Committee’ is to organize
far and imaginary future . This is      approval in the public assembly         the worker-activists who are
the organization the reformists         is the responsibility of the            ready to be organized into the
are following up.                       founding body of the anti-              ‘Committee”. At this moment, the
                                        capitalist organization which will      ‘Committee’            organization
3. The       ‘Committee’        has     be formed among the influential         stretches itself so that the
proclaimed that it is not a             and well-trusted worker-activists.      organized worker-activists in the
workers organization but it is an       The final goal of the ‘Committee’       ‘Committee’ can spread its goals
anti-capitalist organized group of      is to build this body and when          into the different provinces of
worker-activists to organize the        this goal is reached, the               Iran.    As this happens, the
workers movement in the                 ‘Committee’ will be dissolved.          building of a workers organization
direction of a struggle with                                                    in production or service centres
capitalism. Do you not think that       4. Thousands of workers in              becomes feasible.
the ‘Committee’ even at this level      different parts of Iran have
needs        an       anti-capitalist   supported your call for forming a       5. One of the goals of the
proclamation of the fundamental         workers organization.         The       ‘Committee’ that has been
demands of the working class?           ‘Committee’ has talked about            proclaimed is to call on the
I’d like to emphasize that Against      forming workers’ organizations in       founding body of the all-
the Wage absolutely does not            production and service centres.         embracing workers organization
support any platform which              What‘s the workers support for          of Iran to provide a public
makes or writes a program as it         forming this organization and           assembly,         approve        the
is a norm in the lefty sect. I          what’s the common attempt for           fundamental documents and elect
mean, to write a fundamental            making this organization transpire      the organizing bodies. And by
proclamation of the current             all over Iran?                          forming this founding body, the
workers movement as a step                                                      ‘Committee’ will be dissolved.
towards the unity of the struggle       The response, readiness and             Also, you have mentioned that to
for all workers with an anti-           welcoming of workers to be              reach these goals in a period of
capitalist character.      Does it      organized in the production and         struggle is necessary to pave the
need to propagandize this               service centres is very high.           way for forming a culture and a
proclamation?                           These thousands of signatures           spiritual willingness for workers to
                                        are a very small example of the         be organized in different-
Undoubtedly, the all-embracing          readiness and support. But, in                 Continued on page 8
anti-capitalist organization of the     order to help to build this
working class of Iran must have         organization, at first, the activists

                      ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

Interview with Mohsen Hakimi…
sectors as well as to transfer the     securities and self-confidence in      like a soldier standing at
current underground activity of        order      to    guarantee      and    attention. In a word, this outlook
worker-activists to an open form       compensate those who might             has acted as a denial of the
of activity. Would you explain         get fired or arrested, and also        worker identity of some worker-
more about this process and the        due to the survival, toughness         activists and has changed them
content of these activities and        and damaging nature of an              to sectarian-ideological activists.
their obstacles during this            outlook      which      has    been    It’s obvious that this kind of
process?                               inherited from the non-workers         activist        who          lowers
                                       left, an outlook which even the        himself/herself to a situation
 As I mentioned, the duty of the       anti-capitalist     worker-activists   where he/she knows his/her
‘Committee’ is to provide the          are not immune to. These two           duty not to organize the workers
grounds       for    anti-capitalist   factors work as a break right          movement        openly      against
organization across Iran. The          now and to some extent are             capitalism but to whisper around
first step that needs to take          obstacles for the advance and          to recruit this or that worker to
place is the forming of a culture      spreading of the ‘Committee’s          act as a decoration for this or
and a spiritual willingness for        area towards forming a large           that lefty group – this is due to
workers to be organized in a           specter of the activists who are       the inevitable attempt to hide
variety of ways; such as               well-trusted and have a base           himself/herself as a sectarian-
propaganda,               agitation,   among the workers. In the case         ideological activist, whether in
publishing a newspaper - to help       of the first factor, we are of         discussion with the workers or
to      build     the      different   course consciously trying to           against     the    bosses       and
organizations        such         as   overcome it, but we must also          management, he/she always
economic, guild, cultural, artistic    wait for time to pass. Pure will       stutters and is not        able to
and sport organizations and the        cannot solve the problem,              openly involve with the class
‘Committee’                actively    because the materials to build         war even like an ordinary
participating in protests and          such a backup that would both          protesting worker, let alone a
strikes of the workers for             ensure the relative security of        well-trusted     and     influential
organizing them around the             the      anti-capitalist    worker-    worker-activist.       Let’s pay
current and daily demands. It is       activists and compensate the           attention, my point does not
because the seeds of being             probable loss of these activists       mean that the condition in order
organized grow from the current        due to being fired and/or              that these activists change to
workers struggle. The next step        arrested are mainly young              real worker-activists is to leave
is to connect and coordinate           workers who in spite of enjoying       this or that lefty group.
different organizations that here      a high dissenting and anti-            Belonging to this or that lefty
or there have formed or will be        capitalist spirituality, and also      group or even any group,
formed. At the same time within        strong        knowledge         and    organization, and party is the
these steps, there is one              consciousness, are not yet well-       inalienable right of any worker
essential task that has be done        trusted and influential worker-        or worker-activist, and nobody
and that is to help to transfer the    activists. The second preventing       has the right to take away these
current underground activity of        factor too requires a consistent       rights. All discussion is that this
the worker-activists - which is        critique of the non-worker lefty’s     belonging must not and could
inefficient and sterile - to an        point of view which is dying           not     be    an    obstacle      of
open form of activity for              hard. The non-workers lefty has        appearance as a worker-activist
mobilizing worker-masses. The          made some of the worker-               in the open field of the class
truth is that, in different places     activists into penetrating agents      war. This is completely possible
the worker-activists are not so        of this or that lefty group in order   if the belonging to this or that-
free to organize the workers.          to recruit this or that worker.        Continued on page 9
This is both due to a shortage of      This kind of outlook of the non-
backup or layers of worker-            workers lefty has made some
activists which can give some          activists do leafleting and act

                      ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

Interview      with     Mohsen                                                of all of our calculations and
Hakimi…                                factors, how does one estimate         analyses, if war occurs, the way of
                                       the possibility of this invasion?      confronting it and for preventing
lefty group be separated from          In case of invasion, what’s your       any interruption to society, even
the open action for mobilizing the     message to the working class in        with this level of civilized society is
workers movement and the first         Iran and the workers movement          only and just only to build an anti-
one be dependent on the                around the world?                      war pole that relies on civilized
second one. The real meaning                                                  humanity against both sides of the
of this condition is not to            I think, the invasion of Iran by       war.        Undoubtedly, in this
distance oneself from being a          United States is a possibility but     situation, we will try our best to
part of this or that political group   it is a weak one. For two              make the working class the flag-
or to leave the group, but rather      reasons: first of all, the situation   bearer of this pole. My message,
distance        oneself         from   in Iran is different from the          with respect to this situation, to
sectarianism - this means that         situation in Iraq or Afghanistan at    the international working class
they should wash the hands of          the beginning of the invasion of       movement, is to provide practical
this desperate attempt to form a       those countries.       There is a      support to the anti-war movement
workers movement to any                situation in Iran that in case of      in Iran and spread the front line of
sectarian frame.                       any invasion it might turn against     this anti-war movement across the
                                       itself, against US or any other        world with the aim of terminating
With the occurrence of the first       warmongers. It’s because, the          the raid of imperialists and any
and second goals of the                society of Iran has endured            other warmongers.
‘Committee’ as well as the third       immense calamities from the
goal which overcomes these             capitalist system and there is a       7.      Our last question is
obstacles, without a doubt, the        rotating      process     to     the   about the ‘transfer’ resulting from
workers movement in Iran will          radicalism. This situation was         the recent new presidency
have a variety of worker-activists     neither in Afghanistan nor in          happening within the structure of
who have bases and are well-           Iraq.     If this radicalism gets      the bourgeois government of
trusted. With the gathering of         organized with its goals, it is        Iran.         What      are      the
these activists and from their         possible that the invasion of US       consequences on the working
core the founding body of the all-     to Iran turn against itself. In the    class movement which is in the
embracing           anti-capitalist    radical situation, there is a          process of struggling to organize
organization will be elected.          possibility of either open or          against capitalism?
This body in the meantime              hidden compromising of the two
provides the drafts of the             sides of the war for suppressing        I think no part of the bourgeoisie
fundamental documents and a            this radicalism and that is more       and its defending government in
public assembly for approval of        likely than the American invasion      Iran is able to make even a
these documents and election of        to the Islamic Republic. The           temporary reduction to all of the
the organizing bodies of the           second reason is the situation of      miseries that have been imposed
organization.                          the U.S. America does not have         on the workers. Undoubtedly,
                                       the same strength at all that it       since Iran has immense income
6.       It is around 2 years now      had when it invaded Iraq,              from oil, it is a rich country. And
that the American bourgeois            especially at the time of the          if, suppose, there was a
government talks about the             Afghanistan invasion. The fact         determined,         decisive    and
possibility of invading Iran. With     is that the US is trapped in Iraq      visionary bourgeoisie in Iran that
respect to the current situation       and the situation of Iraq weighs       could fight against the primitive
around       the    world,      the    so heavily on it.        The new       political super-structure, there
international      class   balance     terrorists’ attacks that recently      would be a chance that this
between the proletariat and the        are taking place on a broad            wealth be directed, to some
bourgeoisie, disputes between          scale show the incapacity of the       Continued on page 10
different parts of the bourgeoisie     U.S. to attain its own goals.
and the process of global              However, in spite
capitalist     crises    continually
worsening and other similar

                      ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

Interview with Mohsen
problem is that this assumption       suppress all of the dissent and     In fact, the Iranian regime for
is impossible; the lack of this       protest of the worker masses.       reasons which do not need to
kind of bourgeois is embedded         The transfer that is taking place   be explained, no longer has the
in the capitalist system in Iran.     in the government these days        power     to   instigate  more
The immense wealth of this            can only make this suppression      suppression.      Due to the
society not only accumulates          worse.    But as I mentioned        ongoing ramifications of the
more capital and brutally             about the possibility of the        previous suppression during the
exploits the working class, but       American invasion to Iran, here,    periods mentioned above, the
also due to its primitive political   also suppression works as a         Islamic Republic is not able to
super-structure, not even a tiny      sword that might turn on itself.    return to those kinds of
bit of the wealth trickles down to    The truth is that going back to     suppression. However, there is
the workers and the people. For       the 1980’s or the 1990’s in Iran    the possibility of short-term
this reason, on the one hand,         is impossible for obvious           suppression.      But a final
the working class has no choice       reasons;     the      widespread    suppression and changing the
but to fight against this system.     number of radical protests with     society to a silent cemetery is
On the other hand, the only           radical demands by the people       impossible.
thing that the bourgeoisie has        does not allow for definite
with its government is to             suppression of the movement.

                        The political Kurd activists must be freed
     Among the current arrests in the Kurdistan (Iran), numbers of political activists
    including Roya Toluei, Azad Zamani and Jalal Ghavami-activists from the city of
  Sanandaj - have been arrested. On Sunday August 07th, 2005, Borhan Divargar - the
   backer worker who was laid off and was also one of people who got arrested on the
    May Day, 2004 in Saqez - was arrested at his place in Saqez. The officials, who
    arrested Divargar, even took his computer and other personal belongings of his.

    We condemn the arresting of these activists and in general all of the arrest of the
   Kurdistan people because of protesting the recent slaughters in this province and we
                  are demanding that they all be freed unconditionally.

                   Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organization
                                    August 8, 2005

                      ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

First International…
                                                                         strike on civil life and the rules
                                                                         applicable with the re-production
The point of view that               Capitalist domination on our        of social capital. In the realm of
commands the division of the         work and lives and against the      International work struggle for
party and the worker masses          essence of wage-slavery. The        the wage, with struggle against
organization in fact, dismisses      First International was the first   the war, against the lack of
the worker movement from the         successful example of such an       social rights of citizens, against
axis of struggle with capitalism     organization. Looking into the      unemployment, against the
and wage labour. This vision         different and large realms of       bourgeois government, against
confines the worker masses           the International intervention      syndicalism and reformism,
struggle into a syndicalist term.    with respect to organizing the      against the lack of rights for
Programming the political and        workers     struggle    in    the   womyn, child labour – are all the
socialist   struggle     is   the    different countries against the     connected realm of the struggle
capability of the party’s elites.    essence of the existence of         against       capitalism      and
The real meaning of this             this system is a great sample       abolishing     capitalism.    The
condition is that the first one is   of     this   reality.       The    continuity of all of these realms
a policy maker and the second        dependency of every political       and protests in all of the front
one is the follower and              premise movement of the             lines of anti-wage labour needs
enforces the policy.         This    Proletarian            economic     the organizing of the worker
perspective has the same             emancipation was one of the         movement everywhere in one
relation     due       to     the    fundamentals of the forming of      single container of the class
programming of work and the          that society. This means that       struggle.     Communists, only
social order and as a result, is     the International views on all      from the inside of this single
nothing     but    governmental      aspects of the social-economy,      container and united together
capitalism and has been called       and the political struggle of the   are able to, on one hand, be
socialism.                           workers must be adopted from        pioneers and activists of the
                                     the essence of opposition to        current struggle of its own class
The workers, in order to             buying and selling of the           struggle and on the other hand,
                                     labour-force. The struggle for      have the strong and firm
maintain their own class
struggle, need an organization       political freedom from the          relation, be effective and fruitful
that brings the full class forces    perspective of the proletariat      in terms of actions, thoughts,
including the pioneers or non-       interest class is the struggle      struggle, while organizing for
pioneers, productive or not          against the powerful rope and       anti-capitalism.       The First
productive, man or womyn,            domination of the production        International        was       the
                                     order, political, and social of     manifestation of this view of
employed or unemployed, all
as one body against                  capitalism. The attainment of       organizing        the      working
                                     any social right or rights          class.
                                     depends on taking a hard

                  ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

  Interview with Per.               The actual or real movement          emphasized the bourgeois
      Henriksson                    and struggle of the working          imperialist production, the
                                    class produces its own               defeat     of    the    October
Activist in the workings            organization as content and          revolution, the emergence of
   movement of the                  not merely as form. Thus a           social democracy and the
        Sweden                      variety         of       different   welfare state.       Without a
                                    organizations are produced           doubt, these are factors that
1. With respect to the              and      defeated      (including    have had a huge impact on
organizing of the workers           recuperated into capitalist          the     workers       movement
movement do you think               instruments)       during      the   around the world during the
workers need two different          course of history (= class           20th century. But the main
apparatus?      One being a         struggle). These organizations       point here is that these factors
container for an economic           are both ‘practical’ and             have       changed,        social
struggle and the other one          ‘theoretical’, even if on the        democracy has shifted from
containing a political struggle?    immediate level there appear,        centre to the right where
How do you see the party            partly due to the capitalist         many brutal policies have
specifically Lenin’s party?         division of work, schematically      been implemented on the
                                    more ‘practical’ and more            poor. The welfare state has
No. I don’t see the use of          ‘theoretical’ organizations and      shifted to the point where
different        types         of   other initiatives.                   huge cutbacks are made and
organizations      along     the                                         which is taking away all of the
separation              between     2.       During     last     two     workers’ achievements such
‘economical’ and ‘political’        centuries (19th and 20th), the       as unemployment security,
struggle, since class struggle      working class movement in            welfare        and      disability
is social. Lenin’s notion of the    both Europe and North                assistance.             Russian
party was fitted to the             America has had two different        communism has collapsed.
ascending      capitalism      in   directions within its own            Global capital unleashed all
Russia, applied from the            struggle. In the 19th century,       its brutality on the workers
capitalist apologist Kautsky.       the movement, in general,            where        starvation      and
The notion that the working         had carried the flag of              unemployment have become
class cannot by itself obtain a     socialism which was a                the norm and so on. All of
revolutionary consciousness,        struggle against capitalism          this misery is occurring yet
but merely a trade-unionist         and     the   wage       system.     there is still no emergence of
consciousness, and therefore        However, in the 20th century,        the western working class
is in the need of a middle          we     witnessed     how      the    force against capitalism and
class vanguard party is one         workers movement fell into           the wage system. You as a
expression of the defeat of an      the course of syndicalism,           communist, how do you see
immature proletariat, of an         social democrat, Russian             this current situation? And
immature capitalism (i.e. a         communism,                 Euro-     what essential component(s)
capitalism         not       yet    communism, or generally              is/are lacking here for the
consolidated in a world-wide        speaking reformism or social         emergence of this workers
scale;     not     yet     really   bourgeois.        The socio-         movement?
dominating the workers and          economic context of these two        Continued on page 13
‘society’, but merely formal).              C
                                    different    directions      has

                    ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

 Interview with Per.                generalized         proletarian   based on past ‘personal’
     Henriksson                     class struggle in all domains     experiences and the history
                                    of       our        proletarian   of capitalism and class
    Activist in the                 experience. The ‘refusal’ of      struggle. I’m also involved in
 working movement                   the working class today           a      ‘factory     newsletter’
     of Sweden                      often lacks a perspective of      sporadically and limitedly
                                    the future (i.e. a communist,     circulated where we, and
The current situation, both         and even a revolutionary,         our comrades, are present
globally and in Sweden              perspective). Indeed, what        (which include the Internet).
where I live, indeed appear         is certainly not missing is a     What is on our agenda is a
as rather unsatisfactory for        vanguard party, or a ‘proper’     practical      struggle     and
a communist like me. And            trade union apparatus. As I       clarification       of       the
indeed it is – for the              said before, the class            communist perspective. The
protagonists of the ‘old’           struggle, as it is waged (and     current      working       class
workers’ movement, part             not-waged) at this historical     struggle, as I said before, is
and parcel of the capitalist        situation,    is    its    own    really hidden and (partly
system and (therefore) with         organization.                     therefore) hard to estimate.
no perspectives of the                                                Its explicit demands do not
future. At best, they long for      3.        Related     to    the   really say anything about
a past gone forever (the            above question, for you and       the      desires      of     the
post-world war II era) with         the worker radical left in        proletarians in struggle –
its    ‘class      compromise’      Canada what kind of               the real ‘demands’ are
based on the accumulation           activities     and    essential   always made practically.
of capital, and, however            tasks are on your agenda?         Syndicalism – whether you
defeated, proletarian class         What do you say about the         mean unionism in general,
struggle. What is pretty            current       working     class   or even so called ‘militant’
obvious,            is       the    struggle?         its     daily   unionism,       or     historical
fundamentally undermining           demands? Syndicalism as           syndicalism (such as the
of the objectivist and              an      alternative    to    be   Spanish CNT and anarcho-
determinist perspective of          organized? Expectations as        syndicalism) – is a capitalist
orthodox ‘Marxism’ – the            well as the horizons of the       mode of organization of
objective conditions are            working class movement?           labour as a commodity
ripe, but still no sign of any      And what kind of social           (labour-power), and has
overt              revolutionary    practices are you carrying        nothing to do with revolution
proletarian movement (at            out at this moment?               or communism. Nothing has
least not if measured by the                                          changed with the unions,
yardsticks of the ‘old’             (Well then, for me it’s           qualitatively, for the last 70
worker’s movement). The             Sweden…)        Apart    from     years. Some 90% of the
communist movement is               acting in the everyday            workers in Sweden are
really “now hidden” (Marx)          struggles and endeavours, I       ‘organized’ in unions, but it
and ‘faceless’, however not         am part of (both inside and       only means unemployment
dead, not at all (the latter        outside of the factory-gates      insurance and a formal right
since we still live under the       – I have just been sacked         to the strike funds (funds
pressure        of     capitalist   after 8 years at a middle         not decided by the workers,
exploitation).                      sized metal factory) an           but by the union apparatus,
                                    effort, together with (only) a    in the end Social democracy
What     is   lacking    is         handful of comrades, to           and… the State).
impossible to say, short of         produce communist theory
general explanations such           for today in the form of a           Continued on page 14
as the absence of a                 ‘theoretical’ journal, both

                   ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

                                                                    form is adequate or not. It
 Interview with Per.             Apart from being and taking        all depends on one’s
                                 part in the practical struggle     definition of the term. The
     Henriksson                  of the workers (which in fact      council communism of the
    Activist in the              is the organization of the         1920s was tied to that
workings movement                proletariat, as I said before),    specific historical era and
   of the Sweden                 I think links and networks         cycle of class struggle, even
                                 are vital for worker-activists     if we may use some of its
One can also note the            and       communists          to   practical and theoretical
interest in communist theory     communicate and circulate          experiences for our struggle
and activities on the Internet   information                 and    today.
where young people from          experiences, at least as a
the most remote villages are     start. How, and if, it             5. What’s the relation
discussing, reading and          formalizes in the near and         between your attempts as
writing about communism,         relatively distant future it is    an activist for organizing
Marx and class struggle of       impossible to say, if one          the           anti-capitalist
today and of the past. The       wants to escape formulas of        movement of the working
practical outcome of this is     the past history of class          class and the unity of
yet to be seen!                  struggle. Organization of the      internationalism of the
                                 workers in councils is             working class?
4.       During the 20th         ambiguous, since it is very
century     Unionism      has    closely tied to the class          By taking part in this
become not only the              composition of 20th Century        interview as an example, I
negotiator of capitalism and     capitalism before WWII with        and my comrades are
the working class but also       its concentrated and large         trying     to      establish
has become a part of the         factories, and thus workers’       contacts and links with
social product of the            collectives. I think it is more    communists                and
system.      Worker-activists    likely to take the form of         revolutionary proletarians
should have what kind of         social soviets not tied to one     in other countries. We try
organization? Around this        specific      factory,      but    to take part in different
issue what are they doing in     organizing the entire class        networks that circulate
general? And if you believe      in an area. When it comes          news and experiences
in council movement – what       to structure and organize          form the class struggle in
are the essential features of    future,            communist,      different countries and
this movement and its            production of the lives and        regions. We also translate
relation to working class        means of subsistence of the        the stuff we write in the
socialism? Do you think          future ‘men’, one might think      ‘theoretical’ journal into (at
working      class     council   of some sort of council            least) English to make
organizing as a unionism or      organization, but given the        available our theoretical
do you see it as an              notion      of      communist      efforts.
alternative in order to          production         as       the
organize the social, political   disappearance         of     the   Continued on page 15
and production order?            enterprise form it is difficult
                                 to see whether the council

                  ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

Interview with Per.           working         class            it is no alternative for the
    Henriksson                communism from social            proletarian struggle.
                              democrat,         and
   Activist in the            reformism?                       For     communists        and
     workings                                                  revolutionaries            (as
 movement of the              Well, the proletarians (as       moments          of        the
      Sweden                  a class, whereof I am but        communist movement) it
                              one part) has practically        is vital with theoretical
6.       Communism is an      to find out and experience       discussion                and
internal       movement,      – and more and more              clarification, and to take
spontaneous inside of the     they do, however often           part practically – in a
working             class.    without being able to            conscious way – in the
Communism is not an           articulate it – the dead-        everyday struggle of the
idea at the end of an         end of reformism in all its      proletarian class. Theory
oppressive history and an     brands. All class struggle,      for the sake of theory, as
ideal above the current       not     the     least      the   in the bourgeois sense of
working class struggle.       communist struggle and           theory, is of no use; nor
The Proletarian must fight    movement, starts from the        ‘practice’ for the sake of
on a different front with     needs of real ‘people’,          practice as in the (also
the     bourgeois,   from     and initially, when there is     bourgeois)      vanguardist,
fighting for a wage, or       ‘room’ for it, they struggle     activist,    anti-intellectual
social     welfare,     to    for reforms (economical,         sense, that at first sight
freedoms, political, civil    but also political, etc), with   may seem like a more
etc. The working class        or without a revolutionary       preferable road to take,
during this battle with       perspective (most often          but in the end only is the
capitalism has its own        the latter, quite natural,       opposite side of the
directions and solutions.     due to the fact at the           bourgeois ‘theorist’s’ coin.
In fact, communism is a       dominating ideas are             This is reflected in what I
movement of abolishing        those of the bourgeoisie).       said before, that there is
the wage labour. What         From this a communist            no use of two separate
do you think has to be        movement may evolve. It          sets      of   organizations
done in order to change       is       always        there,    (political and economical).
the current rail of           potentially, though. In
working class in Canada       many countries of the
to the rail of anti-          West, particularly so in         Per   Henriksson,
capitalism and anti-          Sweden,       the    political   Sweden,   August
wage labour system, or        ‘face’ of capitalism is that     2005
in other words I mean,        of Social Democracy – so
the      emergence      of    it goes without saying that

                       ATW NO 2- Friday 17 August 2005

    On “Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organization”
The ‘Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organization’ is not a workers
organization. This committee is an organized group of worker-activists struggling to meet
the following aims:

    1.To pave the way for forming a culture and a spiritual willingness for workers to be
    organized in a variety of ways such as propaganda and agitation, to help with the
    spreading of trade, cultural, artistic and sport organizations of workers, to support the
    actions and struggles of workers such as strikes, workers control and etc.

    2. To help with the forming of workers’ organizations in production and service centres
    in order to connect and coordinate their activities through the transfer of their experiences
    and achievements to each other.

    3. To provide the grounds in which the underground activity of worker-activists can be
    transformed to an open form of activity for mobilizing worker-masses into an all embracing
    workers organization in different ways including the provision of conditions
    for the presence of the influential and well-trusted worker-activists in the open domain of
    class struggle.

    4. To call on the founding body of the all-embracing workers organization of Iran to
    provide a public assembly, approve the fundamental documents and elect the organizing
    bodies. By forming this founding body, the ‘Coordinating Committee to Form Workers
    Organization’ will be dissolved.

The ‘Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organization’, in line with its
fundamental principle in defense of freedom of forming any kind of workers
organization, welcomes any independent workers organization to be built - this is the
inalienable right of workers. However, the kind of organization for which the
Coordinating Committee is struggling is an anti-capitalist organization which is formed
with the workers own power without any permission from the government. This
organization also includes the vast majority of worker-masses, and while participating
actively and consistently in the daily workers struggle to obtain this or that workers
demand, goes beyond the acceptance of capitalism and combats to abolish all misery in
the present human lives: poverty, starvation, unemployment, lack of rights, sex work,
addiction, corruption, discrimination and etc.
Undoubtedly, the best structure for this kind of organization is a council structure. But
the ‘Coordinating Committee’ does not restrict anti-capitalist organization to council
organization. We believe that other forms such as committees, societies and workers
syndicates are also able to be anti-capitalist. Thus, and in order to spread the front of
working class struggle against capitalism, the ‘Coordinating Committee’ knows itself as
a vehicle for all activists who are struggling in different forms to build anti-capitalist
working class organizations.
                          Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organization


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