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					Asalam Alaekum Waramotulahi Wabarakatu

As part of an ongoing effort to provide quality Quran and Islamic education for our children, RIC School
has decided to restructure our program and hire professional teahers to teach the Kids. The program
will be going into a more structured form and students will be divided into classes based on their current
level, after an assessment.

The program is slated to start on the 3rd of December. This program will attract a monthly fee in the
amount of $50. Students will need to register in order to enroll in the program. We implore parents to
get an application form and register their child/children early to ensure they get a spot. The minimum
age for enrollment is 5 years.

 Three classes will be delivered for each level as a start, which are Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies.
These classes will be run quarterly, with classes holding on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) following
a curriculum. Students are going to be assessed after every quarter, and will move up to the next level,
following a successful assessment till they graduate. A brochure is currently being worked on, that will
provide details of the program. This will be handed out along with other materials needed during

The goal of the program is to ensure that each student gets the necessary attention and coaching to
achieve the ability to read the Quran fluently with proper Tajweed, understand and speak basic Arabic
and Islamic teachings. This goal of course will be achieved with the support of the parents. Our current
teachers will be moving into more administrative roles to ensure the program is successful. We will
continue to provide you with update as we work on establishing this program. We pray to Allah to make
the program a success and guide us and our children aright.

Please contact any of the following administrators for further inquiries.

Brother Abdul- Lateef Aina - 4104193359

Brother Ismail Adebowale - 4436080608

Brother Abdullah Sanusi- 9734491507

Ma Salam

RIC Educational Committee

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