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                                                                                                         					Summer	2008
Florida State
 UniverSity                     Summertime Greetings! This edition of the Bar & Bench highlights the philosophy and
                                drafts of the Supervised Visitation Standards Committee (page two). Many thanks to
                                Judges Jeri Cohen and Clyde Wolfe for their tireless work on the Committee. We invite
                                any judge who has comments to write or call the Clearinghouse at 850/644-6303 (clear-
                                On the last two months’ technical assistance calls among Florida’s program directors, we
                                collected comments that Florida’s Supervised Visitation Programs Directors asked us to
                                pass on to judges. The top ten most-often repeated comments are as follows:
                                10. “I wish judges didn’t close the case and still expect for us to do visits in the case.”
                                9. “I would like to tell judges that many people they think are coming to my program
                                   never show up.”

       The Bar & Bench          8. “I wish judges gave us a way to communicate with the court when things go wrong.
        Visitation Report          We are not parties. We can’t get back to court when we really need to. We are left
    is a publication of the        twisting in the wind.”
       Clearinghouse on
    Supervised Visitation       7. “Please give us enough time to prepare for a new case. We can’t have a visit the week-
        Institute for              end after the referral. We know it’s important to hurry. But when we rush, important
   Family Violence Studies         things like safety slip through the cracks. In the long run, nobody benefits from cut-
   College of Social Work          ting corners.”
   Florida State University     6. “We’re working really hard and trying to help the courts. Please keep that in mind.”
 Tallahassee, FL 32306-2570
                                5. “Can judges please set hearings to follow-up with how the visits are going?”
    850/644-6303 phone
                                4. “I have noticed that families are changing. Even from last year, families seem more
  1-866-822-4630 toll free
                                   frustrated and angry. The economy is weak. Parents don’t want to make waves at work
     850/644-8331 fax              to rearrange their schedules to attend visits. People are getting desperate. We are con-
                                   cerned that risks are increasing.”
                                3. “People who come to my program have a lot of secrets, and some are very good at
                                   manipulating the court system.”
Published with funds from the   2. “Please be careful about sending families to providers who aren’t trained and don’t un-
       State of Florida
       Department of               derstand safety. A child-friendly room is very nice, but without safety, it’s nothing.”
    Children & Families
                                The	Number	One	most	often-repeated	issue	for	judges	is:
                                1. “I wish judges knew how my program operated, on what days, and how long visits
                                                                                                — Karen Oehme
         A   V IEW FrOM ThE B EnCh
    The Supervised Visitation Standards Committee Update
In the 2007 legislative session, Chap-                                                  that individual programs must under-
ter 753 Florida Statutes was amended,                                                   take. Compliance measures were then
adding a provision that mandated                                                        created to ensure that programs which
the creation of an advisory board to                                                    are eventually “certified” follow the
assist the Clearinghouse on Super-                                                      standards. The task of the Committee
vised Visitation in the creation of new                                                 is diagrammed on the facing page.
Standards for Florida’s Supervised
Visitation programs. To comply with                                                                   Definition
the legislative mandate, the Clearing-
                                                                                        A supervised visitation program is for
house formed the Supervised Visita-
                                                                                        families in which the children have
tion Program Standards Committee.
                                                                                        been removed from such children’s
Members include two judges, and
                                                                                        parents and placed outside the home
members representing stakeholder
                                                                                        as a result of abuse or neglect or other
agencies, such as the Florida Coalition
                                                                                        risk of harm to such children and for
Against Domestic Violence, the Flor-
                                                                                        children whose parents are separated
ida Council Against Sexual Assault,
                                                                                        or divorced and the children are at risk
the Office of the State Courts Admin-
                                                   By Judge Jeri Cohen (top)            because:
istrator, the Department of Children
and Families, the Guardian ad Litem                 and Judge Clyde Wolfe               1) There is documented sexual, phys-
Program, law enforcement, supervised                                                         ical or emotional abuse, or neglect
visitation programs, and the Commis-       nounced on the website. The work of               as determined by the court;
sion on Marriage and Family Support        the committee has been frequently and        2) There is suspected or elevated risk
Initiatives. The purpose of this article   prominently announced in E Presses                of sexual, physical or emotional
is to explain the process of the cre-      circulated by the Clearinghouse each              abuse, or neglect, or there have
ation of the Standards so that judges      month, and in Memoranda to direc-                 been threats of parental abduction
understand the rationale behind them       tors of Florida’s existing visitation pro-        of the child;
and ultimately embrace them. It is         grams. Those stakeholders who would
                                                                                        3) Due to domestic violence, there is
our sincere hope that these Standards      be considered to have the most interest
                                                                                             an ongoing risk of harm to a par-
will provide guidance and perspective      in the process have also a monthly op-
                                                                                             ent or child;
in shaping how the crucial services of     portunity to discuss the Standards in
supervised visitation are used in this     conference calls by the Clearinghouse        4) A parent is impaired because of
state for the next decade and beyond.      with Florida directors. Most recently,            substance abuse or mental illness;
A Final report will be send to the         the director of the Clearinghouse trav-      5) There are allegations that a child is
Legislature in December.                   eled to the Florida Chapter Meeting               at risk for any of the reasons stat-
                                           of the Supervised Visitation network              ed in paragraphs (1) through (4)
Since September 2007, the Advisory         to obtain feedback on the developing              pending an investigation; or
Committee has been meeting at least        Standards.
four times a month to discuss the                                                       6) Other circumstances, as deter-
creation of new standards. All of the      In September 2007, a definition and               mined by the court, point to the
work of the Committee is outlined by       mission statement for Florida’s super-            existence of such a risk.
written agendas, and memorialized          vised visitation programs was drafted
in written minutes, which have been        to begin the process, and the commit-                  Mission	Statement
posted on the public website for           tee crafted four guiding principles to       The mission of Florida’s Supervised
the Clearinghouse (http://familyvio.       help programs accomplish the mis-            Visitation Programs is to use well-              sion. From these principles flow the         trained staff to provide safe and re-
php?f=15) Meetings are also an-            Standards of practice—those tasks            spectful supervised visitation services
2                                                                                                          Summer 20 08
                                                MISSION STATEMENT

     PRINCIPLE 1                       PRINCIPLE 2                     PRINCIPLE 3                         PRINCIPLE 4
        Safety                           Training                    Dignity / Diversity                    Community

     Standards for                     Standards for                    Standards for                     Standards for
      Principle 1                       Principle 2                      Principle 3                       Principle 4

      Compliance                        Compliance                       Compliance                        Compliance
      Measures: 1                       Measures: 2                      Measures: 3                       Measures: 4

and to coordinate these services with-       informed services to these families, su-      family problems that have not been
in each community. Programs accom-           pervised visitation staff and volunteers      previously identified or addressed
plish this mission by adhering to the        must have initial and ongoing training        by any agencies, and, in non-active
following four principles, involving         in a wide variety of topics. These Stan-      dependency cases, they can make
safety, training, dignity, and commu-        dards are intended to raise the level of      referrals and/or provide relevant in-
nity.                                        professionalism of supervised visita-         formation whenever possible and ap-
                                             tion programs so that services are pro-       propriate. Also programs must offer
Principle 1: Safety                          vided to vulnerable families by highly        and seek cross-training from certain
The	unique	safety	needs	of	individu-         trained and knowledgeable staff and           community groups and must show
als	 are	 of	 paramount	 importance	 in	     volunteers.                                   some level of participation in agency
supervised	visitation	programs.                                                            networking groups. This coordination
                                             Principle 3: Dignity and Diversity            will strengthen the entire network of
Florida’s supervised visitation pro-         All	 clients	 who	 use	 supervised	 visita-   community services and enhance the
grams acknowledge that each individ-         tion	programs	are	entitled	to	be	treated	     knowledge of lead supervised visita-
ual family member in each case may           in	a	fair	and	respectful	manner	that	ac-      tion staff about substantive issues and
face distinct risks and have unique          knowledges	their	dignity	and	diversity.       community agency protocols. When
needs with regard to safety. Programs                                                      staff is knowledgeable, families using
must be structured and administered          Florida’s supervised visitation pro-          the program are safer.
in such a way as to identify and meet        grams must treat individuals fairly and
those needs. In addition, cases may          respectfully in ways that acknowledge         Work	of	the	Committee	is	Affected	
present unique risks to program staff        their life circumstances and cultural               by	Florida	Tragedies
and volunteers.                              backgrounds without ignoring the
                                             safety concerns that resulted in the re-      While the Committee was working on
Principle 2: Training                        ferral to the program.                        the Standards, there were at least two
                                                                                           tragedies in Florida which sensitized
Supervised	visitation	staff	must	have	       Principle 4: Community                        the Committee to the dangerous ter-
specific	 qualifications	 and	 skills	 as	
                                                                                           ritory that judges enter when deciding
well	as	thorough	training	on	the	com-        Visitation	programs	shall	operate	with-
                                                                                           issues of visitation.
plex	and	often	overlapping	issues	that	      in	 a	 coordinated	 community	 network	
bring	families	to	their	programs.            of	groups	and	agencies	that	seek	to	ad-       The first case occurred in Largo.
                                             dress	common	family	problems.                 According to newspaper reports, 16
The families referred to supervised
                                                                                           year old Bradley Driscoll was stabbed
visitation programs may have any             Supervised visitation programs do not
                                                                                           by his non-custodial mother in the
number of problems, including, but           exist in a vacuum. The families using
                                                                                           abdomen and neck during a super-
not limited to, substance abuse, do-         the programs often have a constel-
                                                                                           vised visit in the office of a mental
mestic violence, mental illness, child       lation of problems with which they
                                                                                           health professional. The monitor was
abuse/neglect, and long term parental        need assistance. Supervised visitation
absence. In order to provide safe and        program staff may become aware of                    View from the Bench continued on page 4

Bench & Bar ViSitation report                                                                                                         
View from the Bench continued from page 3    The Committee’s recommendation                    Training	Already	Available	But		
                                             for Standards regarding the inspection              Under-Utilized	by	Courts
a nurse, who watched in horror as Ce-
                                             of purses and parcels (under Principle
leste Minardi took a decorative dagger                                                      Similarly, judges should be aware
                                             1: Safety) demonstrate the problem
and a drywall knife out of her purse                                                        that there are already easily available
                                             quite effectively. The Committee de-
and stabbed her son repeatedly. The                                                         resources that can enhance safety
                                             cided that the common practice of
second case occurred in Cape Coral,                                                         through training, and that the Com-
                                             prohibiting parents from bringing
when harold Dunn shot and killed                                                            mittee is actively discussing how to
                                             duffle bags, purses, backpacks and
his estranged wife Christine at a day-                                                      promulgate recommendations for the
                                             other similar items into the visitation
care center where their child was en-                                                       wide dissemination of these free tools.
                                             program setting should be formalized
rolled. She had filed for divorce, and                                                      The Clearinghouse on Supervised Vis-
                                             in the Standards. Thus, the new rec-
the newspaper accounts reflect the fact                                                     itation already has high quality mate-
                                             ommended standard reads:
that he had supervised visitation with                                                      rial on its website for Programs—this
their two year old daughter, Allyson in      [All Programs must have] Policies and          material will be part of the Standards
a relative’s home. Although neither of       procedures addressing either the manda-        under Principle 2, Training. It makes
these tragedies occurred at a visitation     tory prohibition or mandatory inspec-          perfect sense that this same material
Program, the chilling facts troubled         tion of all bags, packages, purses, duffels,   should be required reading for anyone
the Committee, which has decided to          briefcases, backpacks and/or any other         to whom the court refers a family for
send a strong cautionary message to          type of container in which items may           supervision. Judges would do well to
judges regarding any type of supervi-        be concealed. These policies must reflect      require those (non-Program) profes-
sion of visitation, not only those cases     staff awareness of the dangers associated      sionals who are referred supervision
sent to supervised visitation Programs.      with weapons, substances, or other dan-        cases to take the free on-line training.
The committee felt that a two-tiered         gerous, illegal or inappropriate items         There is a certificate of completion at
system that makes Programs adhere to         which may be knowingly or unknow-              the end of the manual. Though this
Standards but leaves all visits held else-   ingly brought into visitation programs         is an honor-system curriculum, and
where unaccountable for security mea-        by participants.                               there is no funding to police compli-
sures poses grave but unacknowledged                                                        ance, judges could order that a pro-
hazards to families and children.            Such a Standard, however, would                fessional read the curriculum before
                                             not have prevented the Largo trag-             monitoring the first visit. A copy of
It is incumbent on judges to con-            edy from occurring, because the vis-           the Certificate of Completion could
sider the nuanced safety concerns            itation took place at a private prac-          be kept in the court file (along with
highlighted by these Standards when-         titioner’s office. The	 Committee	             a signed statement by the professional
ever visitation is supervised, even by       believes	that	judges	can	do	more	to	           that he/she completed it). Such train-
family, friends, other professionals,        enhance	 safety,	 and	 that	 the	 Stan-        ing will help ensure that non-Program
or community members. While we               dards	should	be	widely	regarded	as	            professionals understand the wide
understand that there are limited re-        Best	 Practice	 whenever	 supervised	          range of issues and problems that exist
sources available in communities, and        visitation	 by	 a	 professional	 is	 or-       in many families. Training, after all, is
visitation programs do not exist in          dered	by	the	court. There are many             an essential component of safe visita-
every county, judges must be mindful         other Standard practices, such as              tion.
of the complex safety issues involved        staggered entrance and exits by par-
in ordering supervision of contact           ents to keep them apart, and danger            Free training, available 24/7 on the in-
between parents and children in do-          assessments that help identify the red         ternet, is available at: http://familyvio.
mestic violence cases, in mental health      flags of family violence; these should
cases, and when multiple issues co-oc-       be used by the other professionals to          htm.
cur. The Committee has not issued its        whom judges send families for su-
final recommendation on this issue,          pervision. So much of the informa-                   Communication	with	the		
but is considering recommending that         tion in the new Standards may seem                     Court	for	Programs
at least part of the Standards should        intuitive, but the Committee liter-
be applicable to private providers of                                                       The Committee agreed that Florida’s
                                             ally spent hours thinking through
supervised visitation—those mental                                                          supervised visitation programs must
                                             the specifics of the safety practices to
health professionals, lawyers, guard-                                                       work in partnership with the court
                                             make each provision easy to follow.
ians ad litem, and others who accept                                                        system to protect vulnerable families.
                                             It even included samples and check-
court-referred private-pay supervised                                                       Thus, programs must have access to
                                             lists to help guide the implementa-
visitation clients.                                                                         the court. Yet programs routinely re-
                                             tion of the Standards.
                                                                                                               Summer 20 08
port that they have difficulty accessing     a. The risk of continued domestic             discovered early on in the process that
the court to report problems related            violence                                   they have far-reaching applicability
to the supervised visitation process,                                                      and can ultimately save lives.
including:                                   b. The risk of parental abuse of sub-
                                                stance                                     Judge Jeri B. Cohen has been a judge in
a. Parental noncompliance with pro-                                                        Dade County since 1992 and a Circuit
   gram rules, including no-shows            c. The risk of one parent stalking
                                                                                           Court Judge in the 11th Judicial Circuit
   and cancellations without cause;             another parent
                                                                                           since 1997, where she has served in the
                                             d. The risk of child abuse                    juvenile dependency, unified family, de-
b. Children’s unwillingness to par-
                                                                                           linquency, and general jurisdiction divi-
   ticipate in visits;                       e. The risk of parental kidnapping            sions. Judge Cohen has been recognized
c. Parental substance abuse;                 f.   The risk of critical incidents relat-    for her community service by numerous
                                                  ing to program rule violations           agencies and organizations, both public
d. Parental mental illness issues in-                                                      and private. She is a graduate of Har-
   terfering with visits;                    g. The risk of revictimization for            vard University and Georgetown Uni-
e. Parental misconduct on-site;                 parent or child.                           versity Law Center.

f.   Parental misconduct off-site re-        The Committee concluded that in or-           Judge Clyde Wolfe was born and raised
     ported to visitation staff, including   der for at-risk children to have a safe,      in St. Augustine, and was a General
     but not limited to parental arrests,    monitored place to visit with their par-      Magistrate before becoming a Circuit
     additional litigation in family/de-     ents, all supervised visitation programs      Court Judge in 2007. He is a graduate
     pendency/criminal court, viola-         should have trained staff and on-site         of the University of Florida and Stetson
     tions of probation, stalking, and                                                     College of Law, and is currently assigned
                                             security personnel during hours of
     threats;                                                                              to the Unified Family Court Family
                                             operation. however, programs are
                                                                                           Law Division. He previously served as
The difficulty that programs experi-         chronically underfunded and often do          an attorney for the Guardian ad Litem
ence results in congested waiting lists      not have the budgets to provide such          Program and the Public Defend-
and reduction of services to other fam-      security coverage. Thus, the Commit-          er’s Office, as well as in private CH
ilies. The Committee seeks to enhance        tee recommended that it should be             practice.
safety, reduce the waste of program          the goal of the State of Florida to fully
resources, reduce drain on taxpayer          fund security onsite at supervised visi-
dollars, and protect the best inter-         tation programs. We realize that the
est of children. It has recommended          state is currently experiencing a severe

that there be amendments to Florida

                                             budget crisis. Still, we felt that the call
Statutes to allow programs to alert the      for funding should be made and re-
                                                                                           Training Online
court in writing when there are prob-
                                             peated to emphasize the great need,
                                                                                            Free Judges’

lems with case referrals, and to allow
                                             and to lay the groundwork for future
                                                                                             CJE credit!
the court to set a hearing to address
these problems. however, until Chap-         economic assistance to Programs.
ter 753 is amended, judges should al-
low local program to alert the court              The	Future	of	Court-Ordered		
in writing when there are problems                   Supervised	Visitation
with case referrals in cases governed        In December, the Committee will
by Chapters 61 and 741. Then courts
                                             issue its final report and recommen-
should have hearings, if necessary, to
                                             dations. We hope that the judiciary
address these problems promptly.
                                             embraces them both and implements
         Security	and	Funding		              them whenever possible to protect
             for	Programs                    vulnerable families. The Standards
                                             that wrap around each Principle offer
These Programs serve a crucial need in       Programs, professionals, and judges
the state of Florida, yet cases referred     valuable information and guidance
to them present a variety of risks on-       about the risks and benefits of parent-
site, including:                             child contact in complex cases. We
 Bench & Bar ViSitation report                                                                                                         
                  excerptS From the new StandardS For
                     SuperViSed ViSitation programS
     Principle	1:	Safety	Excerpts                                                     parent; this will help the child under-
                                               To view the entire set of              stand that the custodial parent will
Standards include:                            Standards within each of                not be present with the child during
Physical	Layout	— The physical lay-          the four Principles, and the             the visits.
out of the premises must be designed          Compliance Measures for                 Periodic	 Case	 Review — Programs
to meet the safety and comfort needs
of participants. Programs should be
                                                those Standards, go to                shall periodically reassess and re-
                                               http://familyvio.csw.fsu.              view the safety needs of adults and
able to demonstrate that they have
                                                                                      child(ren) to determine whether the
considered safety with regard to such         edu/phpBB3/viewforum.                   Program is providing the necessary
elements as interior and exterior light-               php?f=15                       services and level of safety as circum-
ing, access to separate entrances/exits
                                                                                      stances may change. Programs are
and waiting rooms, bathroom facili-
                                                                                      encouraged to frequently inquire as
ties that can be monitored, visibility     The Standard Court Order for De-           to the safety needs of the parents and
of parking lots, compliance with lo-       pendency Cases contains a provision        child and to adjust services according-
cal fire and handicapped accessibility     that the DCF/CBC must complete             ly within available resources and the
codes, physical, auditory, and visual      a Child Protective Agency Standard         scope of these Standards.
separation of the parents on the prem-     referral Form in dependency cases.
ises, child-proofing safety measures       The Supervised Visitation Program          In addition, Programs should regu-
and flow of participant foot traffic       must not conduct the first visit in any    larly review files for adherence to and
through the center. Programs should        dependency case until the Standard         consistency with these Standards.
also be able to demonstrate that they      referral Form (or a Program form
have considered the comfort needs of                                                  Child	Safety — Children must not be
                                           that contains substantially similar in-    left unattended with a non-custodial
participants with regard to such ele-      formation) is completed and received
ments as child-sized furniture, and                                                   parent (their own or any other custo-
                                           by the Program.                            dial or non-custodial parent) any time
child-friendly and culturally diverse
décor, toys, and activities.               Child	 Orientation	 — If the child         during visitation services, except pur-
                                           is of sufficient age and capacity, the     suant to court order.
New	Standard	Court	Orders	— These          Program should include him or her
Standards require the use of two Stan-                                                If a child refuses to visit with the non-
                                           in some structured orientation meet-       custodial party in such a way or for
dard Court Orders: one for dependen-       ing. Child orientation is the process
cy cases, and one for non-dependency                                                  such a period of time that it raises
                                           by which staff familiarize the child       concerns that continuation of services
cases. Any time a Court or Child Pro-      with the Program, Program staff, safe-
tective Agency (DCF/CBC) refers a                                                     may be detrimental to the child’s safety
                                           ty protocols, and facilities in an age-    and emotional well-being, then a Pro-
case to a Visitation Program pursuant      appropriate and child friendly man-
to active litigation involving the fam-                                               gram must suspend services pending
                                           ner. The child should also be assured      resolution of the issue and notification
ily, a Standard Court Order (or a Pro-     that the involvement of the Program
gram order containing substantially                                                   of the appropriate parties or referring
                                           is not the child’s fault. This is not an   agencies.
similar information as the standard        intake session: the child should not be
court order) must be used, even if the     questioned about the case during ori-      no child shall be physically forced
original order is embedded in some         entation.                                  to visit with a parent against his/her
other document or order, including                                                    will.
but not limited to a Final Judgment        Any orientation should be presented
of Dissolution, an Injunction for Pro-     to the child in a manner appropriate       no person shall spank, hit, or threaten
tection Against Domestic Violence,         to the child’s developmental stage.        a child at supervised visitation.
and Adjudication of Dependency, or         Children of a sufficient age and ma-
                                                                                      The ratio of children to a monitor
orders on Motions or Petitions.            turity should attend at least part of
                                                                                      should be contingent upon:
                                           the orientation without the custodial
                                                                                                         Summer 20 08
•   The degree of risk factors present      a different title shall meet these same   program director must have at least an
    in each case;                           qualifications. Directors also will be    associate’s degree and (4) four years of
•   The nature of supervision required      able to assume roles associated with      professional, full-time experience in an
    in each case;                           that of visitation monitor, as well as    agency which has as its core function
                                            ensure that program staff has adequate    the protection of children, victims of
•   The number and ages of the chil-        training to observe the contact. If the   violence, substance abuse, mental
    dren to be supervised during a          Program Director has hiring author-       health, or closely related family issues,
    visit;                                  ity for the Program, any employee,        in addition to the demonstrated pro-
•   The number of people visiting the       volunteer, or intern may be dismissed     ficiency in competency based training
    child during the visit;                 for no cause at the discretion of that    developed by the Florida Clearing-
•   The duration and location of the        Program Director.                         house on Supervised Visitation.
    visit; and                              These Standards require Program Di-         Principle	:	Dignity	&	Diversity	
•   The experience of the staff mem-        rectors to possess diverse skills such                (incomplete)
    ber providing the supervision.          as communicating with the court,
                                            networking with other agencies, un-         Principle	:	Community	Excerpts
The contact between the visiting parent
                                            derstanding state laws and agency
and the child must be supervised con-
                                            policies, and collaborating with a wide   Referrals	Made	by	Supervised		
tinually one-on-one so that all verbal
                                            range of individuals across the com-      Visitation	Staff	to	Other	Agencies
communication is heard and all physi-
                                            munity. The Committee believes that
cal contact is observed, unless otherwise                                             A. Already existing in many communi-
                                            requiring a four-year degree for such a
indicated in the court order.                                                         ties in Florida are agencies and groups
                                            position will increase the probability
Programs must allow no whispering,          that a Director will have a solid foun-   which operate to address and alleviate
passing notes, hand signals, or body        dation for such tasks.                    problems such as domestic and sexual
signals. The exception to this rule is                                                violence, child abuse, substance abuse,
                                            Thus, for all Program Directors hired     and mental health issues, all of which
the need for use of American Sign
                                            after January 1, 2009, Program Direc-     are common issues in supervised visi-
Language and the presence of an in-
                                            tors must have complied with the fol-     tation referrals. In addition, many
terpreter trained to supervise visits.
                                            lowing three requirements:                communities also offer a network of
Unless otherwise directed by child          •   Graduation from an accredited         social services agencies to provide for
protective services, the court, or law          college or university with a bach-    basic needs such as nutrition, hous-
enforcement during an investigation,            elor’s degree in social services or   ing, home furnishings, medical care,
Programs must inform any parent                 related field; and                    literacy education, and job training
who has parental responsibility or le-                                                and placement. These services may
                                            •   Two (2) years professional full-
gal custodian of harm that occurs to                                                  not be offered uniformly throughout
                                                time experience in an agency
a child during a visit. This includes                                                 the state, and the quality of resources
                                                which has as its core function the
any critical incident during supervised                                               in communities differs widely.
                                                protection of children or victims
visitation or any injury to the child.
                                                of violence, custody, substance       B. Within existing resources, su-
    Principle	2:	Training	Excerpts              abuse, visitation issues, and         pervised visitation programs should
                                         • Demonstrated proficiency in com-           identify, and be able to describe to
Program	 Director	 —	 The program                                                     clients the general scope of existing
                                              petency-based training developed
director is responsible for the overall                                               community groups. This will enable
                                              by the Florida Clearinghouse on
quality of services, and daily opera-                                                 supervised visitation programs to cre-
                                              Supervised Visitation.
tion of the program, employment and                                                   ate linkages for proactive outreach for
supervision of staff, and the day to     Although the Committee strongly pre-         clients, where appropriate. It will also
day administration of the program.       fers Program Directors to have bach-         help to fill service gaps and provide the
All employment and volunteer ap-         elors degrees when hired after January       opportunity for families to access ap-
plications, regardless of qualification, 1, 2009, if the governing board or           propriate services in nonactive depen-
shall be accepted, denied, and/or ter-   agency makes and documents a good-           dency cases. Envisioned in this section
minated at the sole discretion of the    faith but unsuccessful efforts to hire       is a program’s ability to address client
Program Director/Administrator. Per-     a qualified Director with a bachelor’s       inquiries regarding specific services,
sons serving as Program Directors by     degree after January 1, 2009, then the                   New Standards continued on page 8
 Bench & Bar ViSitation report                                                                                                  
New Standards continued from page 7           9. Community Mental health Treat-
                                                 ment Programs                                Committee	Members
and how to access those services in a
culturally relevant manner. Programs          Participation	in	Community	Groups           Pursuant to 753.03, the following
must take care to avoid conflict with                                                   Committee members were appointed by
and duplication of services mandated          A. Each community in Florida is home            their respective agencies:
by the court or other agencies.               to dozens of other groups which seek
                                              to coordinate their services to maxi-          Kris	Nowland, Director
C. When a program becomes aware               mize assistance to individuals and           The Visitation Center of CASA
that a family has a problem that is           families. Such groups in any commu-
not being addressed, and the case             nity may include:                               Joseph	Nullet, Director
is an active dependency case, the                                                           The Family nurturing Center
program must notify the case man-             •   Dependency Court Improvement                    of Florida, Inc.
ager. In any other case, the program              Groups
should attempt to increase the family’s       •   Community Alliance Groups             Dana	Dowling, Senior Attorney II
awareness of the community options                                                          Office of Court Improvement
                                              •   Keeping Kids Safe (and other          Office of the State Courts Administrator
available. This section should not be             child abuse prevention groups)
construed as imposing new obliga-
                                              •   Domestic Violence Task Force/           Arlene	Carey, Policy Specialist
tions on the families themselves. Fam-
                                                  Domestic Violence Coordinating                Office of Family Safety
ilies can not be compelled to accept
referrals offered by visitation program           Committees
                                                                                                 Nina	M.	Zollo,
staff unless the service is required by       •   Family Justice Center Partnership            Senior Policy Director
the court. It is not the intent of this           (Domestic Violence Victim Ser-                 Florida Coalition
section to penalize any parent for re-            vice Center)                               Against Domestic Violence
fusing or declining a referral.               •   Sexual Assault Interagency Coun-
                                                  cil/Sexual Assault Team organized          Captain	Leroy	Johnson
Program	Outreach	&	Cross-Training                                                           Leon County Sheriff ’s Office
                                                  by the certified rape crisis center
Within existing resources, supervised             in each community
visitation programs must offer out-                                                         Trish	Waterman, Director
                                              • FLAG (Family Law Advisory                     Children’s Justice Center’s
reach to community organizations.               Group)                                      Supervised Visitation Program
This will enhance the knowledge and
skills of the staff of all participating      •   Delinquency or Dependency Im-
                                                  provement Groups                           Sharon	Rogers, Director
agencies.                                                                                       Judge Ben Gordon, Jr.
                                              •   Groups of the Florida Bar orga-              Family Visitation Center
At a minimum, cross-training should               nized to assist pro se litigants,
be sought from and offered to at least            family lawyers                         Dr.	Leonel	Mesa,	Jr., President
one of the following organizations                                                           reflections Wellness Center
each calendar year:                           •   homeless Coalitions
1. The local certified domestic vio-          •   Social Service Alliance Groups        Rich	Komando, Circuit Director
   lence center                               B. Within existing resources, super-           Guardian Ad Litem Program
2. The local Guardian ad Litem of-            vised visitation lead staff should have
                                              membership in at least one of these       Jennifer	Dritt, Executive Director
   fice                                                                                 Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
                                              or similar groups to demonstrate that
3. The local Child Advocacy Center            the SV program is working collabora-
4. The local Certified rape Crisis            tively with other agencies that                    Judge	Jeri	Cohen	
                                                                                               Eleventh Judicial Circuit
   Program                                    serve the same or similar popu- CH
5. The Child Protection Team                  lations.
                                                                                                Judge	Clyde	Wolfe	
6. Batterer Intervention Programs                  Have comments about                         Seventh Judicial Circuit

7. Multicultural Outreach Groups                      the Standards?                         Karen	Oehme, Director
8. Community Substance                Abuse            Call or write                    Institute for Family Violence Studies,
   Treatment Programs                               the Clearinghouse!                         Committee Coordinator

8                                                                                                           Summer 20 08
                              annual perFormance meaSure SurVey
    Please indicate the extent to which you agree that the information provided by the Clearinghouse on Supervised
    Visitation assists you in performing your job. The usefulness scale is indicated below for each product. Please indi-
    cate not Applicable if you do not use a specific tool or product.

    1.      how useful was the newsletter: The Bar & Bench Visitation Report?

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    4.      how useful was the Memorandum to Directors?

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    6.      how useful was the Institute’s Website (with training materials, archive, and message board)?

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    7.      how useful was the Database (and data reports)?
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    Thank	you	for	completing	this	survey.		You	may	return	it	by	email	(	or	
    or	by	fax	(80--81)	or	by	regular	mail	(Clearinghouse	on	Supervised	Visitation,	Florida	State	University,	
    Room	C201	UCC,	2	Champions	Way,	Tallahassee,	FL	20-20).		
    We would be happy also to receive your comments and questions to improve our services.

Bench & Bar ViSitation report                                                                                               
DireCtory of floriDa SuperViSeD ViSitatioN proGraMS
First Judicial Circuit                                904-755-6013;     Stephanie Morrow, Coordinator
                                                                                                       Sue Hutchins, Coordinator
Frieda Flowers, Supervisor                                                                             Kids Bridge
Erin Lewis; Heather DeGraaf                           Fifth Judicial Circuit
                                                                                                       238 San Marco Dr.; St. Augustine, FL 32084
Children’s Home Society of FL F V Ctr.                Sue Driscoll, Program Supervisor                 904-824-8810 Fax: 904-824-8210
P.O. Box 19136; Pensacola, FL 32501                   Family Visitation Center of Ocala      
850-266-2743 Fax: 850-595-1125                        216 NE Sanchez Avenue; Ocala, FL 34470                              352/840-5729 Fax 352/840-5779                    Debbie Yost, LCSW                                            The Front Porch Counseling Center
                                                                                                       83 New Britain Ave.; Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Sharon Rogers, Program Director                       Dotti Woodworth, Director                        (386) 671-9577;
Judge Ben Gordon, Jr.                                 Citrus County Family Visitation Center, Inc.
Family Visitation Center
PO Box 436 Shalimar, FL 32579
                                                      PO Box 1184; Inverness, FL 34451                 Eighth Judicial Circuit
                                                      352-637-3154 Fax: 352-637-2893
850-609-1850 Fax: 850-609-1851                                              Sue Driscoll, Program Supervisor                                                                     Family Visitation Center of Alachua Co.
                                                      Jerry Childress, Center Manager                  1409 NW 36th Place; Gainesville, FL 32605
Sharon Rogers, Program Director                       Family Visitation Center of Hernando County
Judge Keith Brace Family Visitation Center                                                             352/334-0880 Fax 352/334-0883
                                                      275 Oak Street; Brooksville, FL 34601  
599 8th Avenue, Crestview, FL                         352-796-7024 Fax: 352-796-7092
850-689-0066 Fax 850-689-0066                                                                                    Eighth Circuit Program in Progress
                                                      Diane Pisczek, Director
Sharon Rogers, Program Director                       Lillie Vaughn, Coordinator                       Laurie White, Director
Friends of the Family Visitation Center               Lake Sumter Children’s Advocacy Center           Bernice Cabral
986 S. US Highway 331; Defuniak Springs, FL 32433     300 S. Canal Street; Leesburg, FL 34748          Family Connection Center of NE Florida
850-951-0177 Fax: 850-951-0840                        352-323-8303                                     P.O.Box 1645; Glen St. Mary, FL 32040                                    904-434-2174 904-259-8953
First Judicial Circuit –                                                                     
Program in Progress                                   Sixth Judicial Circuit
                                                                                                       Ninth Judicial Circuit
Santa Rosa County Therapeutic Visitation Ctr.         Kris Nowland, Director
Contact Patty Babcock at           The Visitation Center of CASA                    Eunice Nelson, Director
                                                      P.O. Box 414; St. Petersburg, FL 33731           The Family Support and Visitation Center
                                                                                                       118 Pasadena Place; Orlando, FL 32803
Second Judicial Circuit                               727/897-9204 Fax: 727/895-8090
Dr. Larry Barlow, Director
                                                      Diana Herring, Coordinator                       Bill Bazarewski, LMHC, Director
The Family Visitation Program of Tallahassee
                                                      Children’s Home Society Family Visitation Ctr.   Asst: Michelle Edwards
540 W. Jefferson St.; Tallahassee, FL 32306
                                                      2731 13th Ave. N.; St. Petersburg, FL 33713      Choices-Changes Counseling Center
850-644-1588 Fax: 850-644-0521
                                                      727-552-1487 (ext.1) Fax: 727-552-1488           2298 W. Airport Blvd.; Sanford, FL 32771
                                                                      407-268-4441 Fax: 407-323-2374
Third Judicial Circuit                                                                       
                                                      Tina White, Director
Sue Driscoll, Program Supervisor                      Family Partnership Visitation Program            Millie Lopez, Program Director
Family Visitation Ctr. of the Suwannee Valley         6825 Trouble Creek Rd.                           Family Ties Visitation Center
620 SW Arlington Blvd.; Lake City, FL 32025           New Port Richey, FL 34653                        425 N. Orange Ave., Room #330
386/758-0591 Fax 386/758-0592                         727-234-7795 Fax: 727-372-6916                   Orlando, FL 32801                                                        407-836-0426 Fax: 407-836-0553
Fourth Judicial Circuit                               Seventh Judicial Circuit                         Jackie Dalton, Director
Joseph Nullet, Executive Director                                                                      The Children’s Visitation Center for Families with
                                                      Arminda Jones, Director                          Domestic Violence
The Family Nurturing Center of Florida, Inc.          The Family Tree House Visitation Center
1221 King St.; Jacksonville, FL 32204                                                                  2 Courthouse Square, Ste #3100
                                                      525 S. Ridgewood Ave                             Kissimmee, FL 34741
904-389-4244 Fax: 904-389-4255                        Daytona Beach, FL 32114                                                                                     407-742-2467 Fax: 407-742-2446
                                                      386-323-2550 Fax: 386-323-2552         
Joseph Nullet, Executive Director
Family Nurturing Center of Florida                                                                     Laura Rojas, Director; Attn: Visitation Ctr. Osceola
                                                      Arminda Jones, Coordinator                       Family Visitation
(for dependency services only)                        Deland Supervised Visitation Center
1740 Kingsley Ave.; Orange Park, FL 32073                                                              2653 Michigan Avenue; Kissimmee, FL 34744
                                                      247 West Voorhis Ave.; DeLand, FL 32720          407-846-5077 Fax :407-846-5080
904-637-0058                                          386-740-3839 (ext.224) Fax: 386-740-2607
Leslie Allen, Director
Child Guidance Center                                                                                  Ivette Martinez, Director (Intake Coord.) American
                                                                                                       Therapeutic Corporation
1100 Cesery Blvd., Ste. 100; Jacksonville, FL 32211
10                                                                                                                                Summer 20 08
DireCtory of floriDa SuperViSeD ViSitatioN proGraMS
4790 North Orange Blossom Trail                    Twelfth Judicial Circuit                                 717 E. Palmetto Park Road; Boca Raton, FL 33432
Orlando, FL 32810                                                                                           561-361-8427 Fax: 561-447-9614
407/298-0461 Fax: 407-298-8016                     Loren Nicolosi, Coordinator                                                      Supervised Visitation Program
                                                   Family Resources, Inc.
Renee Cherowitz, Director of Services              361 Sixth Avenue West; Bradenton, FL 34205               Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
Dr. Deborah Day; Psychological Affiliates, Inc.    941-708-5893 Fax : 941-741-3578                          Wendy Silaghi, Community-Based Care Mgr.
Partners with Families                                              Wesley House Family Services
2737 W. Fairbanks Ave.; Winter Park, FL 32789                                                               3114 Flagler Ave.; Key West, FL 33040
407-740-6838                                       Carroll Leis, Program Director
                                                   The Children & Families S V Program                      305-293-0850;                                    2210 S. Tamiami Tr., Ste. A ; Venice, FL 34293           Diana Parson, Supervised Visitation Coord.
                                                   941-492-6491 Fax: 941-408-8469                           Wesley House Family Services
Tenth Judicial Circuit                                                                                      175 Wrenn Street; Tavernier, FL 33070
Debbie Stuart, Director                            Thirteenth Judicial Circuit                    
CHS Family Connections
1010 Rose Street; Lakeland, FL 33803               Trish Waterman, Director                                 Narceline Clairjuste, Supervised Visitation Specialist
 863-413-3126                                      Children’s Justice Center’s S V Program                  Wesley House Family Services
                                                   700 East Twigs Street, Suite 102; Tampa, FL 33602        3114 Flagler Ave.; Key West, FL 33040
                                                   813-272-7179 Fax: 813-276-2404                           305-293-0850
Eleventh Judicial Circuit                                           
Rob Beneckson, Director
                                                   Michelle Lee-Gilyard, Program Director
                                                   Hillsborough Kids, Inc.                                  Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
800 NW 15th Street; Miami, FL 33136
                                                   c/o Child Abuse Council
305-755-6574 Fax: 305-325-2632                                                                              Miriam Firpo-Jimenez
                                                   4520 Oak Fair Blvd; Tampa, FL 33610                                                                                             Our House
                                                   813-765-1595, 471-0006 Fax:813-471-0007
                                                                                                            408 NE 4th Street; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Linda Fieldstone, Supervisor             
                                                                                                            954-765-4159 Fax: 954-765-4075
Dianne Duke
                                                   Farrukh Quraishi, Program Director
Family Court Services                                                                                       Alicia Stacy, Program Supervisor
                                                   Kids First Visitation Services
175 NW First Avenue, 15th Floor; Miami, FL 33128                                                            Angela Sowell, Director of Prevention Programs
                                                   3413 W. Fletcher Ave; Tampa, FL 33618
305-349-5508 Fax: 305-349-5634                                                                              Kids in Distress Visitation Program
                                                   813/963-5437;                                                                              819 NE 26th Street; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301                                                                                    954-390-7654 (ext.1265) Fax : 954-565-3245
                                                   Fourteenth Judicial Circuit                    
Vanja Abreu, Director                                                                             
American Therapeutic Corporation                   Cindy Lee, Community Resource Director
1801 NE 2nd Avenue; Miami, FL 33132                Tri County Community Council                             Angela Coley, Director
305-371-5777 Fax: 305-371-6007                     Note: Four programs serving Jackson,                     American Therapeutic Corporation                    Holmes, Washington, Calhoun Counties.                    1001 West Commercial Boulevard
                                                   P.O. Box 1210; Bonifay, FL 32425                         Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
Kay Dawson, MS, MFT, Program Director              850-547-3688 Fax: 850-547-1010                           Fax: 954-938-6804;
Cathedral House, Inc.                    
17405 S. Dixie Highway; Miami, FL 33157                                                                     Kenneth Kramer, PA
305-278-2683 Fax: 305-278-2692                     Ginger Hutchison & Valerie Wilson, Directors             200 SE 6th Street; Suite 604; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301                       Helping Hands Visitation Program                                       7606 Old Bicycle Road; Panama City, FL 32404
                                                   850-871-9006 Cell: 850-866-0971
                                                                                                            Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
Eleventh Judicial Circuit –                        Dorian Lebeau, Program Director
Programs in Progress                                                                                        Cindy Mitchell, Director
                                                   Stephanie Giles, Program Supervisor
                                                                                                            The Salvation Army N. Central
                                                   Restoration Supervised Visitation Program
Jo Ann Miniea                                                                                               Brevard County DV Program
                                                   310 East 11th St.; Panama City, FL 32401
8750 SW 132 Street; Miami, FL 33176                                                                         PO Box 940, Cocoa, FL 32923
                                                   850-215-5683/Fax: 850-522-0096
305-251-3464 Fax: 305-251-3244                                                                              321-631-2766 (ext.22) 321-631-7914

Christine Jean, Clinical Director                  Fifteenth Judicial Circuit                               Ida Rivera, Director
Family Resource Center of South Florida                                                                     Family Focus, Salvation Army
155 South Miami Avenue Suite 500                   Maria Giuliano, Director                                 1610 West Airport Blvd. ; Sanford, FL 32773
Miami, FL 33130                                    Family Connection Program                                407-323-6848 (ext.225) Fax: 407-323-3691
305/960-5575 Fax: 305/374-6112                     205 N. Dixie Hwy. 5th Floor; West Palm Beach. FL 33401
                                                   561-355-3200 Fax: 561-355-1930
Silvia Iannotti—information pending                                  Renee Cherowitz, Director of Services
                                                                                                            Dr. Deborah Day; Psychological Affiliates, Inc.
                                                   Eugenia Davis, Director                                  Partners with Families
                                                   American Therapeutic Corporation                                               Directory continued on page 12
Bench & Bar ViSitation report                                                                                                                                 11
DireCtory of floriDa SuperViSeD ViSitatioN proGraMS
2737 W. Fairbanks Ave.; Winter Park, FL 32789              3440 Depew Cr.                                                   reSourCeS
407-740-6838                                               Port Charlotte, FL 33952                    941-255-0677 Fax: 941-255-0797                            Competency Based Training Manual                                                             for Supervised Visitation Providers
Note: Serves both the 9th and 18th Circuits
                                                           Linda Bluhm, Program Director                        Family Visitation Times, a quarterly newsletter
                                                           Children’s Home Society, Family Connection Center
18th Circuit Program in Progress:                          1940 Maravilla Ave                                  Law Enforcement Guide to Supervised Visitation
                                                           Fort Myers, FL 33901
Brienne Robertson                                                                                                The Perfect Match: Toolkit for Collaboration
                                                           239-334-0222 Fax: 239-334-0244
(Park Avenue Baptist Church)                                                                                    Between Florida’s Colleges and Universities &
                                                                                                                                              Supervised Visitation Programs
                                                           Arvella Clare
                                                           Source of Light and Hope Visitation Center                  Toolkit on Monitored Exchange
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit                                3901 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd.
                                                           Ft. Myers, FL 33902                                        Referrals to Supervised Visitation:
Jenene D. McFadden, Program Manager                        239-334-6468                                                 A Manual for Florida’s Judges
Nicole Rentmeester, Site Supervisor
Doug Borrie, Ph.D., Assistant Executive Director                                                                       Bar & Bench Visitation Report,
Valued Visits- Exchange Club CASTLE                                                                                         a judicial newsletter
800 N. Virginia Ave., Ste. 34 & 35; Ft. Pierce, FL 34982   Twentieth Judicial Circuit -
772-461-0863 Fax: 772-468-0690                             Programs In Progress                                        Technical assistance to existing                                                                                              and emerging programs                            Lesley Medley, Coordinator,                                 Student Accountability Board                             Web Page, including message board
                                                           Institute for Youth and Justice Studies                    <>
                                                           Division of Public Affairs
Twentieth Judicial Circuit                                 Florida Gulf Coast University
                                                                                                                         Child Sexual Abuse Referrals:
                                                           College of Professional Studies                     A Curriculum for Supervised Visitation Providers
Gail Tunnock, Program Director
Family Safety Program                                      10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County               Ft. Myers, FL 33965-6565
1036 6th Ave. North; Naples, FL 34102                                                                                         CoNtaCt
239-263-8383, ext. 23 Fax: 239-263-7931                                                                                                      Karen Oehme, Esq.,

Tom Desio, Director                                         KNow of a proGraM                                            Program Director & Attorney
                                                                                                                   Clearinghouse on Supervised Visitation,
Lutheran Services Supervised Visitation Program
2285 Victoria Ave; Ft. Myers, FL 33907                       Not oN tHiS liSt?                                            FSU College of Social Work
                                                                                                                        Tallahassee, FL 32306-2570
Daryl Garner, Director                                          CoNtaCt tHe                                          850/644-6303 Fax 850/644-9750
Charlotte County Supervised Visitation Center
The Bill Reilly Center                                        CleariNGHouSe.                                               email:

 f l o r i D a                                                                                                                                non-Profit Org.
              cl                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
                      ri                                                                                                                         P A I D
                                                                                                                                               Tallahassee, FL

                                                                                                                                               Permit no. 55
College of Social Work
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2570

12                                                                                                                                      Summer 20 08

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