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					Valley Ridge’s Community Newsletter

Available online at                  February 2010
 Christmas Light and Display Contest
 Thanks to everyone who participated in
 our Christmas lights and display contest!
 While the light and display perfectionists
 are still wowing the neighbourhood
 with their usual or improved displays,
 there were a few “newcomers” this year.
 As in previous years, the Valley Ridge
 Community Association provided a $100
 gift certificate for first prize, and a $50
 gift certificate for second prize.
                                                        Park at west end of Valley Springs Road

 Our first prize winner is new to the
 lights scene this year. Congratulations to
 215 Valley Crest Rise! Second prize is
 awarded to 200 Valley Ridge Court.
                                               FACILITIES Update
 Honourable mentions go to 204 Valley
 Brook Circle and 93 Valley Creek
 Road. As well, the park located at
 the west end of Valley Springs Road
 was phenomenally decorated by
 approximately 10 different households,
 all contributing lights and rotating
 power duties. Thanks so much to those
 residents, and the residents bordering
 other small parks. Your extra decorating
 efforts really make our community

 We also wish to acknowledge those
 residents whose property backs onto
 pathways, parks, or the golf course. Your
 efforts to decorate your backyards are
 also much appreciated, and we thank
                                                HAY RIDES
 Christa McKegney and Monica Webster
                                                in Valley Ridge
 Co-directors of Community Events
                                                                            The Valley Breeze                                                     Page 3

                                                                                                                  The Valley Breeze
VRCA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                     is the official newsletter
President      John DeRinzy               289-1949
Vice President David St. Louis                                                                                for Valley Ridge and the
                      863-5131                              Valley Ridge Community Association.
Secretary      Darcie Nastiuk              286-4724
Treasurer      Jim Hinks                288-7181
                                                                            It is published 12 times a year by Suburban Journals Publishing and delivered
VRCA DIRECTORS                                                              by Canada Post. The Valley Breeze is also available for pickup at Valley Ridge
Community Planning & Development                                            Pharmacy. An electronic version of The Valley Breeze can be viewed at
   Grant Knowles                     Questions regarding
Community Relations & Communications                                        article/photo contributions should be directed to the editor at valleybreeze@
   Lynne Dulaney               288-2009 or 403-220-1826. Submissions (300 words or less) are due by the 5th
Community Events                                                            of the preceding month. Questions regarding advertising should be directed
   Monica Webster                              to Suburban Journals Publishing at or call Phil at
   Christa McKegney                          403-660-7324.
Sports Programs
   Devin Wagner                      836-5631
Facilities                                                                  Please note, the information and opinions in this newsletter are subject to
   Russ Dickson                      286-3281   change, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the publisher, the
Director-at-Large/Traffic Calming Committee                                 editor, or the VRCA Board of Directors.
   Claire Young                        592-1440
Director-at-Large/Membership Chair                                          Disclaimer: Any advertisements, home businesses, babysitters and nannies,
   Shannon Winklemann             289-7150   or other parties listed in The Valley Breeze should not be interpreted as
Director-at-Large/Facilities                                                recommendations or endorsements by the VRCA, the editor or the publisher.
   David McCarrel                286-3034   Re-publication of the Valley Breeze Newsletter (in whole or part) requires the
                                                                            express written permission of the article’s author and the publisher. Please
VALLEY BREEZE NEWSLETTER                                                    direct re-publication requests to
Editor            J’Anne Claridge                 220-1826
Assistant Editor  Charlene Randles                669-4154
Community Liaison Sandra Schulze                  228-5525


  Suzanne Brett Welsh            

Bermuda Beach                                                    288-8265
Edward Jones                                                     286-5636
Jennifer Noble: Agent, State Farm Insurance                      286-7009
Luna Salon & Spa                                                 262-4460
Richard’s Cleaners     M-F 10am-7pm; Sa 9am-5pm; Su closed       451-7468
Pachet Assessment and Rehabilitation Services Inc.
Pizza 73                                273-7373
SmartMart                   M-F 6:30a-10p, Sat 7-10, Sun 8-10    247-7677
Post Office                 M-F 8-8, Sat 10-6, Closed Sun/Hol.   603-1359
Stoney Trail Veterinary Clinic

                                                                                            VALLEY V RIDGE
Valley Ridge Dental Centre
Valley Ridge Family Physicians                                   282-3806
Valley Ridge Massage Therapy Clinic                              247-5007
Valley Ridge CounterCare Pharmacy                                532-4500                            Valley Ridge
Valley Ridge Wine and Liquor          247-0341                        Community Association
Valley Ridge Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
   Chiropractors/Acupuncturist/Naturopath                        202-1114
Valley Ridge Psychologist: Dr. Tanja Haley                                                          Board meetings
                                        669-0005                        are held every fourth
Van Gogh Grill & Bar                                             288-9664                      Wednesday of the month at
ELECTED OFFICIALS                                                                              The Lodge at Valley Ridge
Alderman, Dale Hodges   268-2430                                 starting at 7:00 p.m.
M.L.A., Alana Delong 216-5400
M.P., Rob Anders             292-6666
                                                                                               VRCA Planning Committee
Block Parents Monica Webster                                    Please contact Grant Knowles
Calgary Public Library                                   for the next meeting date,
                          Bowness 221-2022 Crowfoot 221-4122
Century Group                                                    time and place:
Community Liaison Officer                              249-7701                       
Lodge at Valley Ridge    286-4414
Valley Ridge Golf Club      221-9682                             Residents are welcome to attend
Valley Ridge Scout Group Jeff Schaffhauser             283-4993                                either of these meetings.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                       FEBRUARY 2010                                                                    5

 From the Editor’s Desk
Congratulations to the winners and            Plazebo Pauze                                  children. Contact information collected
participants in the Valley Ridge             Local businesses are invited to submit          by the VRCA will only be used by the
Christmas Light and Display contest.         short profile articles to the Breeze.           VRCA and will not be sold or otherwise
Thanks to each one of you who                Content restrictions are minimal –              distributed. Notices regarding upcoming
decorated your homes and yards and           we are interested in knowing more               community events may be sent via email.
made the evening commute through             about the people who invest so much             Memberships may be purchased online
Valley Ridge a little bit brighter           time and energy in their businesses             using the soccer registration website (you
and more magical for the Christmas           at the Plazebo. Contact the editors             do not need to register for soccer:
season. It’s very neighbourly of you.        for more information by emailing      
With more and more “For Sale” signs                                                          Your membership helps to fund activities
sprouting on front lawns, the annual         Just in Case You Didn’t Know…                   within our community and provides
ritual of home buying and selling            You can view the current issue of the           support for VRCA initiatives and future
begins in earnest as spring rolls closer.    Valley Breeze electronic file at our            facilities, making Valley Ridge a better
I’m saying farewell to my next door          publisher’s website:                            place to live. If you have any questions,
neighbour Peter and wishing him                            call Shannon (Membership Chair) at
well in his move to a new town, and                                                          403-289-7150 or email shwinkelmann@
eagerly awaiting meeting the new             Also, if you have misplaced a current 
neighbours with whom I’ll share a            issue, additional copies may be picked
fence.                                       up at the Valley Ridge pharmacy,                 2010 Memberships On Sale Online
                                             Counter Care. For this month’s                  The VRCA is selling memberships
A community is more than just houses         electronic edition you can also visit           online, through the Valley
and streets; it’s made up of the actual                         Ridge soccer web site: www.
people who live around us. We don’t          valleyridge/valleyridge.htm.           If you have
get to choose our neighbours, but we                                                         never used the soccer web site before,
can choose to be the kind of neighbour        VRCA Membership Reminder                       you will need to set up a profile which
we’d like to have.                           Membership in the VRCA runs the                 will be stored for future years. It will
                                             calendar year, January to December. The         read Valley Ridge soccer on your
I’m grateful to live in Valley Ridge         membership is per household, not per            receipt, but this will be replaced by
amongst good neighbours. Our                 individual and one membership covers all        a VRCA receipt and membership
community is small but many of you           individuals living at that address, including   card. The web site accepts VISA or
care about this little piece of paradise                                                     MasterCard.
on the western edge of town, and
volunteer to make it just a little better.
                                                                                                I would like to become a member of the
                                                                                                Valley Ridge Community Association
My thanks go out to all the community
volunteers, those who work on                                                                                 New q       Renewal q
the ice rink, or help beautify the
neighbourhood, or sit on the board
                                                 Name:      ________________________________________________
and committees, or just show up for
the annual pancake breakfast. You’re             Address: ________________________________________________
all good neighbours. See you at our
community’s Annual General Meeting                          ________________________________________________
(AGM) in April!
                                                 Phone:     ________________          Email: ________________________
J’Anne Claridge
                                                                       Mail membership form & cheque for $35 to
                                                                          Valley Ridge Community Association
                                                                                 C/O Membership Chair
                                                                      75 Valley Brook Circle NW, Calgary, T3B 5S3
                                                                          Please make cheque payable to VRCA
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     FEBRUARY 2010                                                              7

 Letters to the Editor
Have You Ever Wondered How                  stop our most dangerous drivers and           Thought the residents might like
Much Time You Save By Speeding              I don’t share the vision our traffic          to know, if they don’t already, that
In Valley Ridge?                            calming committee has for traffic flow        coyotes are venturing deep into Valley
Well, here is an answer based on one        in Valley Ridge. I would expect that          Ridge on a constant basis.
simple approximation: from the four-        most residents want traffic to move           James Emery
way stop, it is about one-kilometer         in and out of our community safely,
maximum to the next place a driver          smoothly and quickly.                         Editor’s note: Thanks for the
is obliged to slow down or stop, so         Steve Jeffrey                                 reminder. We ran a full page article
let’s assume a distance traveled of one                                                   about coyotes and how to reduce the
kilometer.                                  Community of Valley Ridge                     chances of encountering coyotes in
                                                     Pedestrian            % Collisions   Valley Ridge in October 2009 issue.
                                                     Involved   Total      Involving
At 50 KM/hour, it takes 3600 / 50 =         Year     Collisions Collisions Pedestrians
72 seconds to travel 1 kilometer. At        2009 YTD      0          24       0.0%
70 KM/hour, it takes 3600 / 70 ≈ 51
seconds; so you saved 21 seconds.
                                                                              0.0%         Big Snow Blast
Hardly worth it! And if you are talking
on your cell phone at the same time, it
                                                                              0.0%         Event
                                            5 YEAR
may take forever.                           TOTAL         1          165      0.6%
                                                                                          Helping Raise Money for Big
                                                                                          Brothers and Big Sisters
So folks, give your head a shake, save
                                                                                          The Canadian Progress Club, Calgary
your lead foot for somewhere else
                                                                                          Bow River along with AMP 90.3
and slow down to 50 or less in Valley
                                                                                          Radio and Integrity Wealth Inc, are
                                                                                          teaming up to put on the third annual
A concerned Valley Ridge resident.
                                                                                          Big Snow Blast at Canada Olympic
Michael C.J. Beamish                        Dear Editor;
                                                                                          Park on February 27. This event is to
                                            Not sure if anyone has ever done
                                                                                          raise money for Big Brothers and Big
Dear Editor;                                anything about the coyotes in Valley
                                                                                          Sisters, Calgary Area, and is meant to
Are the drivers of Valley Ridge really      Ridge or not. We lost a cat a few years
                                                                                          be a fun family event for young and
that bad? Do we need curb extensions        back to a coyote in Valley Ridge, and
                                                                                          old to enjoy. Come out and enjoy a fun
at every corner? I attended the             I can’t help but notice several lost cat
                                                                                          filled night of snowboarding or skiing,
November meeting of the VRCA and            posters on the mail boxes recently.
                                                                                          all in the name of a good cause.
left with the understanding that if the     Anyway, I got up around 1:30 a.m. last
City of Calgary allowed giant speed         night to see an extremely large coyote
                                                                                          AMP 90.3 Radio will have their
bumps on city streets, VRCA would           in our neighbours’ fenced backyard,
                                                                                          A-Team on location doing a live
be working to get us the maximum            eating berries from their tree. How
                                                                                          broadcast, playing all the hits. Canada
number and the maximum size. Valley         it got there in the first place, I’m
                                                                                          Olympic Park will have the radio
Ridge does have a problem with              not sure, but as I quietly tried to get
                                                                                          station’s music playing over the
speeders and careless drivers, but          outside to snap a photo, it took off like
                                                                                          speakers so that it will have that party
are Calgary’s worst drivers all living      the wind, easily scaling the fence with
                                                                                          atmosphere. We will have draws and
here? I contacted the Calgary Police        one pounce. This was backing on to
                                                                                          prizes all night long with refreshments
services traffic analyst, and asked how     the 13th hole fairway. We have a small
                                                                                          and entertainment. The main draw for
many vehicle/pedestrian collisions our      dog that obviously uses the back yard
                                                                                          the evening will be two tickets to the
community has had. They sent me the         every day. I can hear several coyotes
                                                                                          upcoming Hedley concert.
chart below.                                every night howling not too far off, but
                                            have never seen one in the backyard
                                                                                          Tickets can be purchased online at
Am I alone in thinking that one             or patrolling the golf course (I assume
pedestrian collision in five years is not   this is a common occurrence, I just
that great a problem for a community        never see it). This thing I saw was,
                                                                                          Date:     Sat., Feb. 27, 6 - 9:00 p.m.
of our size? I don’t believe curb           no exaggeration, as big as a lab or
                                                                                          Location: Canada Olympic Park
extensions and raised crosswalks will       German shepherd.
                                                                                          Cost:     $20 (GST included)
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   FEBRUARY 2010                                                            9

 VR Soccer Outdoor 2010 Season                                                         CWSC
Online registration for the upcoming      is that without enough coaches, team        2010 SPRING SOCCER
soccer season is ongoing for the month    sizes will be too large to ensure           REGISTRATION
of February. Families registered in the   adequate field time for all players.        CMSA League: U10-U18, all tiers
2009 program will receive an email        Interested parents are encouraged           We welcome registrants from all
when registration is open. You can        to contact Chris Dingle (coach              communities.
register in person on February 27 at      coordinator) for more information           Inter-Community House League:
Van Gogh’s. Regular registration runs     (                        U10-U18 and Super U8 League
from January to March 15, and late
registrations (if space is available)     Other volunteer options include team        Registering for the communities of
will be accepted until April 14. Late     manager, pathway clean up, bottle           Tuscany, Hawkwood, Rocky Ridge,
registrations will only be accepted       drive, pancake breakfast and end of         Royal Oak, Arbour Lake, Citadel,
with a $10 late fee if there is room on   season bbq/activity day. Volunteers         Ranchlands and Valley Ridge.
a team and a uniform available. Check     should expect to provide three hours
the Valley Ridge Soccer website for       of volunteer time as a minimum              Registration runs from February 1 to
more information and the registration     requirement. Most of these positions        March 1, with late registration until
link:          are available for signup at uniform         March 15th. Please check our website
                                          pickup in April. Only team manager,         at
To encourage proper cleat and shin        coach, assistant coach, and executive       for more details.
pad use, we will provide a full uniform   positions are available for selection
                                                                                      Calgary West Soccer Club is actively
kit for all divisions (U4 through U10).   during registration. The volunteer
                                                                                      recruiting referees for the 2010
This is a compliance issue as other       buyout option is still available, but the
                                                                                      outdoor season. We welcome back
clubs across the city have a mandatory    buyout fee has increased to $100. This
                                                                                      all referees from previous years
shin pad rule in place regardless of      fee goes back into the soccer program
                                                                                      and extend a special invite to those
age. While shin pads are mandatory,       and helps keep fees low.
                                                                                      interested, but new to being a referee.
cleats are only required above U6.
                                                                                      It’s a great way for the older kids to
                                          Parent feedback through the end of
                                                                                      learn more about the game and mentor
Valley Ridge Community Association        year survey for 2009 indicated that
                                                                                      younger ones. CWSC will cover the
membership is required to play            the soccer medal is preferred to the
                                                                                      cost of training for new referees and
soccer, and will be charged at time       soccer patch and zipper pull memento.
                                                                                      provide the uniform.
of registration. Please wait until you    As a result, the soccer medal will be
are registering for soccer before         reinstituted. Soccer photos will be         New monetary incentives have also
purchasing your membership. For           scheduled on a game night; to better        been added to our referee program. We
parents who purchased a 2010 VRCA         accommodate this we will not be             will host refresher courses for people
membership for the CWSC indoor            playing games on photo nights.              who have taken the referee training
play and train program, we will email                                                 course before. Referees must be 12
special instructions for the 2010         The program will begin April 19 and         years of age at the time of the training
VRSC outdoor program registration.        end June 24. U4 will play on Monday         course. It’s a great way to make a little
                                          nights; U5 and U6 will play on              extra cash while taking in nice summer
We still need a communications            Monday and Wednesday nights; and            evenings out on the soccer field.
coordinator, an equipment kit             U8 and U10 will play on Tuesday and
coordinator, a field coordinator          Thursday nights. All play will occur        If you are interested in refereeing
and a Calgary West Soccer Club            on the East fields again this year.         for Calgary West Soccer Club or
liaison to assist with the program. A     To volunteer for any of the positions,      you know of someone who may
full complement of coaches is also        or for more information, call Suzanne       wish to stay in touch with the great
required, and we encourage parents to     at 403-836-5631 or email                    game of soccer, email referee@
consider coaching when registering.               Courses
Without these essential positions                                                     will take place in late March or early
filled, we won’t be able to offer a                                                   April; watch our website www.
full program and may have to cap                                             for details and
registration. The fundamental concern                                                 dates.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    FEBRUARY 2010                                                          11

Facilities Update
Well, we finally did it! Although          toll. Why should they work when you           very small children/beginners under
we got a much later start than we          won’t?                                        the age of six).
would have liked (due to a lack of                                                     • We also ask recreational skaters to
volunteers), the rinks were open on        We have many volunteers who have              avoid using the hockey rink during
December 20 and as evidenced by the        given more than 20 to 30 hours in just        those same peak hours.
wear and tear, have been well used by      the last month alone. If you haven’t
the community.                             helped, you are not being fair. You         NOTE: If these rules are not followed,
                                           cannot expect them to keep this up.         we will have to abandon maintenance
First, I would like to thank the crew      If we do not get more effort from           of the ice surfaces and will close the
that went above and beyond in              our users, the volunteer group will         rinks.
providing this facility. They worked       have had enough and will simply quit
several nights until well after midnight   working. We are not going to flood,         In most cases, subject to volunteer
and were up numerous mornings              not going to sweep, not going to            availability, maintenance on the
hours before the sun came up. You          shovel, and not going to care.              rinks will generally take place in the
should all be proud of yourselves; it                                                  evenings. We will attempt to flood
is individuals such as yourselves that     If you want to use this facility, you are   on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and
makes this a great community.              going to have to help. The free ride is     Saturdays. Snow removal will take
                                           rapidly coming to an end.                   place as needed. Clearing and flooding
(If you do not use the rinks please                                                    will take place most evenings from
skip the rest of this article… however,    Per my last article, the rink must be       9 p.m. until approximately 10:30.
if you do use the rinks, read on…)         operated within the confines of the         Maintenance may also take place
                                           City of Calgary Noise Bylaws:               Saturday and/or Sunday mornings
I am deeply disappointed by people         • 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to               from 8 a.m. until approximately 9:30.
who have more than enough time to             Saturday                                 It is important to be aware that this
use the rinks, but can’t seem to find      • 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday and              is a community facility, HEAVILY
time to help. All of our volunteers           Holidays                                 dependent on volunteer effort. It is
have jobs, families, kids and                                                          unfortunate that I must continually
obligations, and I can assure you that     Since the equipment we use to clear         plead for more help, but we currently
they are just as “busy” as you are.        the ice may not be operated outside of      do not have enough volunteers to
While I do not expect anyone to be         these times, the rinks will generally       adequately maintain our rinks. If we
out there every night, you can’t tell me   close for maintenance around 9 p.m.         do not get support from rink users in
that in the last month you didn’t have     • We will not be renting the ice to         maintaining the ice surfaces, flooding
at least one night or one morning when        groups. This means that the rinks        and clearing of the ice surfaces will be
you could have lent us a hand.                are available at all times to all        minimal.
                                              residents of the community. We ask
This facility exists entirely as a            that you play hockey or shoot pucks      If you are interested in helping
result of volunteer effort; the rinks         only in the hockey rink. Games will      with the rinks, please email me at
do not maintain themselves. All we            be pick-up shinny and no one is to, and put “Rink
are asking for is one night or one            be excluded from joining in. The         Volunteer” in the subject line.
morning a month. Night shifts are             level of play must be appropriate to
usually from 9 p.m. to 10:30 (or 11)          the weakest or smallest participants     Russ Dickson
and morning shifts (on weekends) are          on the ice. It should also be noted
from 8 a.m. to 9:30 (or 10).                  that slapshots are not permitted
                                              while small children or individuals
While we have a very committed and            without helmets are on the ice.
dedicated group of volunteers, they        • While all three rinks are open to all
are starting to get frustrated and burnt      residents, we would suggest that
out. When you see hundreds of people          during peak hours, hockey sticks
out skating WHO HAVE DONE                     and pucks are not permitted on the
NOTHING to help, it starts to take its        oval or skating pond (exception:
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    FEBRUARY 2010                                                         13

 A Message From Your Alderman
In my previous article for the Valley      assessment process and site-specific       the Assessment Business Unit’s former
Breeze, I provided some current            information used in the property           10th floor Calgary Municipal Building
information on the Bowness Park            assessment process including property      location, for the 2010 Customer
design development plan and the            influences, year of construction,          Review Period to serve customers who
Christmas tree recycling program. In       building area, condition, updates          may not be aware of Assessment’s
this article, I will provide information   and features. Citizens are also able       relocation to 2924 – 11 Street NE.
on 2010 Property and Business              to search for real estate market sales     Reminder: March 5, 2010 is the final
Assessment.                                on residential, multi-residential and      date of complaint.
                                           non-residential properties, as well as
2010 Property and Business                 community comparisons on single            If you have questions regarding this
Assessment                                 residential homes and condominiums.        article or any other municipal issue,
On January 4, the City of Calgary          The City of Calgary will only consider     contact my office by telephone at
mailed approximately 439,000               amendments to property and business        403-268-2430 or online email at www.
property assessment notices to             assessments if an inquiry is received
Calgary taxpayers, which is an             during the 2010 customer review
increase of 8,000 notices from 2009.       period, or in the event a complaint is     From the office of Dale Hodges
The total value of the 2010 Property       filed. Amendments to the Municipal
Assessment Roll is $218 billion, a         Government Act (MGA) outline
decrease of $27 billion from last year.
The 2010 median single residential
                                           new regulations for 2010, including
                                           a 60 day complaint filing timeframe
                                                                                       A Message From
assessment (excluding condominiums)
is $374,000 compared to $427,500 in
                                           following the assessment notice
                                           mailing, customer information and
                                                                                       Your MLA
2009. The 2010 median residential          access clarification, and a streamlined,   Program helps parents receive
condominium assessment is $233,000         one-level tribunal process.                fair child support payments:
compared to $278,500 in 2009.                                                         A new program is now available to
                                           Preparing assessments on an annual         help parents with child support orders
The 2010 property assessment values        basis ensures property and business        maintain a fair standard of support
are based on a July 1, 2009 market         owners’ assessments maintain               for their children. It allows parents
valuation date and December 31, 2009       currency with changing market              to keep child support levels in line
physical condition date as legislated      conditions and experience more             with income and avoid the time and
by the Province of Alberta through the     stability in year to year property         expense of going to court to review
Municipal Government Act (MGA).            and business tax levels. The policy        their child support orders. The Child
The 2010 business assessment values        ensures that, whether year to year         Support Recalculation Program will
are based on the July 1, 2009 typical      assessments increase or decrease due       annually recalculate court-ordered
net annual rental value of business        to changes in market values, no new        child support based on current income
premises.                                  taxes will be collected as a result of     tax information and information in
                                           the reassessment and that any tax          the Child Support Guidelines. Parents
The 2010 customer review period            change brought forward by the City is      may be eligible for the program if
runs from January 4, 2010 to March         communicated through the budgetary         both parties to the child support order
5, and provides customers with an          process.                                   or agreement live in Alberta, and if
opportunity to review and ensure the                                                  the order or agreement was made
accuracy of their 2010 assessment and      If you still have questions after          on or after May 1, 1997; states the
learn more about Calgary’s assessment      reviewing your assessment, you             number of children supported and the
system. Information is available           can call the Assessment Business           guideline income of the parents; sets
online at to help    Unit at 403-268-2888 to have your          child support amounts based on the
customers conduct an in-depth review       inquiries answered over the phone,         tables in the child support guidelines;
of their assessment.                       or if necessary, book an appointment       and does not use the words “imputed,”
                                           with an assessor. As well, the             “predisclosure” or “without prejudice”
This year, the website contains            Assessment Business Unit has set up        to refer to income or child support
more information about the property        a transitional service kiosk, located at                    continued on next page
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     FEBRUARY 2010                                                          15

A Message from Your MLA continued

amounts. Either parent may register
                                             Hey, There Were Hay Rides on
by submitting a completed program
registration application and copy
                                             Valley Ridge Golf Course!
of the current child support order.
                                            Yes, Virginia, wagon hay rides actually     pre-Christmas day. This day really
Application forms are available at
                                            do exist around our golf course. And,       kicked up my Christmas spirit,” said There
                                            believe it or not, driving through the      Lukowich, who frequents the club
is an annual service fee of $75 per
                                            snow in a John Deere tractor was            house for business meetings during the
parent, per recalculation. When
                                            almost as exciting as driving 300 yards     summer.
registered with the program, either
                                            on the fairway.
parent still has the right, at any time,
                                                                                        “People love it,” says McKay.
to apply to the court to vary their child
                                            “We pulled this hay ride idea together      “Everyone is asking us if we’re going
                                            in just a few short weeks!” said            to do it every year, and we are getting
                                            Ken McKay, the food and beverage            a lot of comments from people who
                                            manager at Valley Ridge Golf Club.          say it’s a nice thing to do for the
                                            “We are very interested in keeping          community.”
                                            the restaurant and club house open as
                                            much as we can, and we thought this         The hay rides started in the east side of
                                            would be a good way of letting people       the parking lot and headed through the
                                            in Valley Ridge know that we are open       18th hole cart path and turned around
                                            in the winter too.”                         by the 12th hole back to the club
                                                                                        house. What a different perspective of
Olympic torch relay in Alberta:             The free hay rides were available on        the golf course, I thought. As we sang
From January 12 through 21, 1,000           Saturday afternoon, December 19, and        Christmas carols in the back, I realized
torchbearers will carry the flame and       many families thought this was the          that I have never come out to the golf
cover a 3,400 kilometre route past          perfect way to start the 2009 holiday       course during winter.
cheering Albertans. The flame will          season in our community. My family
travel to 73 Alberta cities, towns          and I arrived around 2 pm and there         Okay, Virginia. Maybe driving
and Aboriginal communities, with            were already lots of children playing       through the snow is not as exciting as
18 communities hosting official             in the snow and parents waiting in the      smashing a golf ball with your driver,
celebrations to welcome the torch.          restaurant.                                 but it was pretty darn wonderful on a
The flame will also make a triumphant                                                   sunny, clear day just before Christmas.
return to all the 1988 Olympic legacy       It truly was a magical feeling around
facilities, including the Olympic           the club house. Valley Ridge Golf           Sandra Schulze,
Saddledome, Canada Olympic Park,            Course provided free hot chocolate
the Olympic Oval, Nakiska and the           and free coffee in the restaurant,
Canmore Nordic Centre. For more             and the kitchen was open with its
information on Olympic events and           full menu available. Many families
activities, visit                           ordered food while we waited for               the tractor to come for our turn and
                                            the feeling in the club house was so
A special thanks to all my constituents     festive and bright, that I half expected
who have taken the time to call,            the servers to break into song as they
write and meet with me over the             rushed around with orders of sweet
past several years. Your many well-         potato fries and burgers. I felt I was in
thought out comments and advice have        a musical.
been of immeasurable value to our
government. As always, my staff and I       Former NHL Winnipeg Jets hockey
are available to answer any questions       player, Morris Lukowich and his
and/or concerns that you may have.          five-year old daughter Zoe were in
                                            attendance and they loved the rides.
From the office of Alana DeLong             “Hay rides are the answer on a cold                 Morris and Zoe Lukowich
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                  FEBRUARY 2010                                                         17

                                                     Recipe for Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake
                                                                       by Betty Marshall
                                           Ingredients:                               minutes in a 350F pre-heated oven.
                                           Base:                                      Cool on wire rack. Reduce oven
                                           • 1 ½ cup chocolate wafer crumbs           temperature to 325.
                                           • ¼ cup butter, melted                     Filling: Melt chocolate chips in
Happy February                             • 2 tbsp sugar                             a small heavy saucepan, stir until
February is the time of year we            Filling:                                   smooth. Remove from heat, add
celebrate our love for one another,        • ¼ cup semi-sweet chocolate               cream and mix well. Set aside. In
with chocolates, flowers, a candle            chips                                   a large mixing bowl, beat cream
light dinner, and many other romantic      • ¼ cup heavy cream                        cheese and sugar until smooth. Add
gestures. The Lodge at Valley Ridge        • 1/3 cup baking cocoa                     cocoa and beat well. Add eggs and
has a great romantic dessert for you       • 3 eggs lightly beaten                    beat on low just until combined.
and your loved one to try.                 • 3-8 oz. pkgs cream cheese,               Stir in vanilla and reserved
                                              softened                                chocolate mixture just until
For all those who wish to offer free       • 1 cup sugar                              blended. Pour over crust. Return
time as a volunteer to support active      • 1tsp vanilla extract                     pan to oven and bake 45-50 minutes
living seniors, we would love to have                                                 or until center is almost set. Cool
you join us; contact Cora at 403-286-      Base: In a small bowl, combine             and remove from spring form pan.
4414.                                      wafer crumbs, sugar and melted             Add berries to the top (raspberries
                                           butter. Mix well and press into the        are best but any seasonal fruit will
Ellie Morris,                              bottom and 1 ½” up the side of a           do), and serve with whipped cream
Marketing Manager                          greased spring form pan. Bake 10           and chocolate shavings.

 Generous Donation
 to the Lodge at
 Valley Ridge
On December 10, 2009, Tim Ramsay,
in conjunction with his brother K. A.
Boyd Ramsay of Toronto, Ontario
presented manager Ruth Langdon of
the Lodge at Valley Ridge with a pulse
oximeter, a device which measures
pulse rate and oxygen saturation in the
blood. The oximeter will be used to
assist in resident health assessment.

This generous gesture was made in
memory of their mother Audrey L.
Ramsay who passed away December
2, 2008. The Ramsay family in
particular want to thank nurses
Tawanda Nyamukondiwa and Dorian
Rivers-Orlesky of the Lodge for
                                          Tim Ramsay, presenting a portable pulse oximeter to nurse Tawanda Nyamukondiwa and
the outstanding care they gave their
                                                      his manager, Ruth Langdon, both of the Lodge at Valley Ridge
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    FEBRUARY 2010                                                            19

CNRCS Calgary NW Recreation                                                             Traffic Calming
Centre Society Update                                                                   Update
We hope your first month of 2010 was           found at under the         Traffic circle rules:
filled with recreation activity to burn        Resources link.                         • Vehicles on the right side of the
off some Christmas calories! Our team      9. MLA Lindsay Blackett and                   traffic circle must yield to the
of dedicated volunteers was busy last          Aldermen Dale Hodges and Gord             vehicles on the left
year, so we thought we’d share the             Lowe have been working to secure        • When entering the traffic circle,
team’s accomplishments in 2009.                land for the facility. The designated     always yield to the vehicles already
1. CNRCS continues to be a                     location will likely be near the          inside the circle
     strong conglomerate of 11 NW              Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak Wal-Mart,         • Exercise caution, and use your right
     communities: Valley Ridge,                kitty-corner from Butterfield Acres.      turn signal when exiting the traffic
     Tuscany, Scenic Acres, Silver         10. Lastly, we hosted a volunteer             circle
     Springs, Rocky Ridge/Royal                appreciation event to thank
     Oak, Kincora, Hamptons,                   residents for their countless           Please be
     Hawkwood, Edgemont, Citadel,              volunteer hours.                        aware of your
     and Arbour Lake. We’ve had                                                        surroundings
     many residents contribute time        CNRCS will be submitting a proposal         and the other
     and expertise on our board and        to the City of Calgary outlining how        drivers on the
     numerous committees. Other NW         the NW communities would like to be
                                                                                       road. Even if you
     communities are always welcome;       involved in the NW Recreation project
                                                                                       know the rules of
     contact         and why we’d be a terrific partner. Stay
                                                                                       the traffic circle,
2. We collaborated with the City on        posted on our progress at
                                                                                       the driver in the
     four workshops to define a vision or by emailing us at
                                                                                       car next to you
     for the future recreation centre.
3. We also hosted a June public                                                        might not. Drive
     meeting to update residents                                                       defensively and
     and obtain first hand feedback
     regarding the project.
                                            Daring Daylight                            be prepared for any situations other
                                                                                       drivers around you might cause.
4. Stakeholders and partnerships
     committee has started establishing
                                            Heist on Valley                            For comments, suggestions or
     partnerships with groups sharing
     the same vision as CNRCS.
                                            Brook Circle!                              additional information on traffic
                                                                                       calming in Valley Ridge, please email:
5. Fundraising committee conducted a                                         
     study on fundraising requirements     Early in January, one or more thieves
     based on other recreation centre      walked into an open garage on Valley
     success stories.
6. Governance committee presented
                                           Brook Circle and stole four bags of
                                           bottles that were waiting to be recycled.
                                                                                        Traffic Circle
     to the City the preferred CNRCS
     governance model for the NW
                                           A family was airing out their garage
                                           after dad had snuck a smoke and left the     Beautification
     Recreation Centre.                    overhead door wide open. The culprits
7. Design committee drafted an initial     did not touch the lawn ornaments and are    The traffic circle has just received
     cost estimate for a draft concept     thought to be environmentally minded as     confirmation that our landscape design
     plan of what the NW recreation        they will have to recycle their loot.       meets with City approval. Our next
     centre might look like.                                                           steps are to submit the approved
8. Communication committee drafted         The family is warning their fellow          plans for tender to several landscape
     a communication plan to engage        residents of Valley Ridge to not leave      companies. We anticipate work will
     everyone on our recreation centre     their garage door open and suffer the       begin on the traffic circle landscaping
     goals and conducted a survey to get   same fate. The Calgary Police Service       sometime in late May to early June.
     feedback from residents on what       also recommends that residents do           We will keep the community updated
     should be included in the facility.   not leave their garage doors open and       with our progress in the coming
     The results of the survey can be      unattended.                                 months.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    FEBRUARY 2010                                                         21
                                           Midget: 1991, 1992, 1993                   • ESL Teen Talk: Wed. Feb. 24 –
 Women’s Soccer                                    Tuesday & Thursday                   Mar. 24, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Teens
                                                                                        and tweens can practice English
                                           We also have a very successful Learn
                                                                                        language skills and enjoy a variety
Scenic Acres Women’s                       To Play program for children born
                                                                                        of fun activities at the Library. Ages
Recreational Soccer                        between 2002 and 2005. The LTP
                                                                                        10 – 14.
Ladies, we know you are good, so           program replaces the old game of
                                                                                      • Drop-In Family Storytime
now it’s time to show it! Here’s your      T-Ball and is a great way to introduce
                                                                                        Mon. Feb. 8 – Mar. 29 (No program
chance to play soccer with a group         the sport of fastball to your children.
                                                                                        on Feb. 15), 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.;
of fun loving women. Our season            Activities and games are patterned           Wed. Feb. 10 – Mar. 17, 10:15 a.m.
runs from mid April to late June on        after informal playground games that         – 10:45 a.m.; Thu. Feb. 11 – Mar.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings (8           promise an hour and a half of fun and        18, 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Drop in
– 9 p.m.) We offer orientation, tech       action for all skill levels.                 for stories, songs and fingerplays the
sessions and a wind up party. We are
                                           LTP 1: ages 5 & 6 born 2005 & 2004           whole family can enjoy. Ages 2 to 5
a recreational soccer league, open to
                                                  Mon & Wed 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.            with a parent/caregiver. No registra-
all skill levels… from beginner to
                                           LTP 2: ages 6 & 7 born 2004 & 2003           tion required.
seasoned players. All you need is your
cleats, shin pads, water bottle and your          Tues & Thurs 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
                                           LTP 3: ages 7 & 8 born 2003 & 2002         Visit
sense of humor!
                                                  Mon & Wed 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.          for more information on these
                                                                                      programs. Registration is required for
Online registration starts February 15,    (There is some overlap in ages and         all programs unless otherwise noted.
2010. Go to           times to accommodate different skill
Click on “NW”, then Scenic Acres and       levels, siblings, and special requests.)
then click on “Programs in Your
Community”                                                                             Bowness Library
Space is limited so register early. If      Crowfoot Library                          Children and Teen Programs
you have any questions please contact                                                 • Reading Buddies: Mon. Feb. 1 –
Fiona at 403-239-5303.                     • Goin' Green: Wed. Feb. 3,                  Mar. 22, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. For
                                             7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Learn how            children grades 1 – 3.
                                             reducing plastics, eating organic and    • Computer Buddies: Mon. Feb. 1 –
 West Valley                                 other small changes can help you be
                                             planet and family positive.
                                                                                        Mar. 22, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. For
                                                                                        children grades 1 – 6.
 Softball                                  • Work Search and the Hidden Job
                                             Market Workshop: Sat. Feb. 6,
                                                                                      • Teens in grades 7 – 12: Volunteer
                                                                                        for Reading Buddies and/or Comput-
2010 Season Registration online              10:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Hands-on            er Buddies. Mon. Jan. 25 – Mar. 22.
February 1st at                              learning about finding job leads, de-      Reading Buddies are from 4:30 p.m.                         veloping an action plan, uncovering        – 6:00 p.m. and Computer Buddies
                                             the hidden job market, motivation          are from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Call
If you live in a community west              and networking.                            Samuel at 403-260-2709 or Tammy
of Crowchild Trail and north of            • Career Basics: Resume Devel-               at 403-221-2062 to find out more!
Glenmore Trail, you are designated           opment: Wed. Feb. 10, 6:30 p.m.
to play in the West Valley Softball          – 8:30 p.m. Learn how to create a        Adult Programs
District. The age groups and game            professional resume.                     • Introduction to Reflexology: Wed.
nights for the 2010 season are as          • A Wealth of Parenting Strength:            Feb. 10, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
follows:                                     Wed. Feb. 17, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.      • Get Hooked on Knitting: Mon.
Mites:   2000, 2001                          Discover what readily available            Feb. 22 – Mar. 8, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
         Tuesday & Thursday                  resources you can use to step up to
Squirts: 1998, 1999                          the challenges of raising children.      Freedom To Read Week: Feb. 21 – 27
         Monday & Wednesday                • Creating Work/Life Balance:
PeeWee: 1996, 1997                           Thu. Feb. 18, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.      Visit
         Tuesday & Thursday                  Identify your priorities and create an   for more information on these
Bantam: 1994, 1995                           action plan to enhance your work/life    programs. Registration is required for
         Monday & Wednesday                  balance.                                 all programs unless otherwise noted.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   FEBRUARY 2010                                                        23

 Exercise to Beat the February Blahs
Imagine if every day of the year we       How do I get some?                         Here are the top five forms of exercise
woke up to darkness outside, and then     • Many studies show the best type of       you can do to beat the February Blahs:
by the time we got off work, it was         exercise for improving your mood         1. Power walking: walking in the snow
dark outside again. Everyone would          is any kind of nonstop exercise             burns more calories – up to two
eventually feel down or depressed at        activity for at least 10 to 20 minutes      times the amount – depending on
some time.                                  at a time.                                  the depth of the snow (similar to
                                          • The distinguishing factor, however,         walking on the beach).
Besides the darkness, Canadians also        is more related to intensity and         2. Nordic walking: increases the
face cold weather and lots of snow to       breathing – cardio directly increases       calorie burn PLUS makes it safer
shovel as well. The month of February       your breathing rate.                        and more seasonal.
claims more cases of depression in                                                   3. Cross-country skiing.
                                          • Weight training, boot camps and
people than any other month. These
                                            circuit training can also be done        4. Snowshoeing.
temporary cases of depression need
                                            with more vigorous intensity and         5. Any indoor fitness program with
not be treated with medication but can
be dealt with by engaging in a number       have similar benefits.                      nonstop exercise
of activities that can uplift anyone      • Yoga is also great, as it reduces
going through the blues this time of        tension and stress while controlling     Allan Fine is a 22-year veteran of the
the year.                                   and working on breathing.                fitness industry and runs the Fitness
                                                                                     Boot Camp program Mondays,
Exercise and endorphins                   How long do I need to exercise?            Wednesdays and Fridays at Crestmont
Most people have heard of that            • Short periods of time – 10 to 20         Hall. You can find him at www.
“runner’s high”, but what is it, what       minutes of moderate exercise – are
causes it and is running the only way       enough to improve your mood.
to get it?                                • About 30 minutes of exercise daily,
• Exercise has many physical benefits       however, is optimal.
   that we talk about – preventing
   heart disease, high blood pressure,
   diabetes, weight management,
   etc. – but it can also have a really
   profound effect on your mood
   through the release of endorphins.

What are endorphins?
• Along with endorphins, exercise
  also releases adrenaline, serotonin
  and dopamine – all of these
  chemicals work together to make
  you feel good.
• Endorphins are the body’s natural
  feel-good chemicals. When released
  through exercise, they boost your
  mood naturally.
• Studies show that physically
  active people recover from mild
  depression more quickly, and
  physical activity is strongly
  correlated with good mental health
  as people age.
• Exercise decreases the stress
  hormones such as cortisol and
  increases good hormones such as
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                      FEBRUARY 2010                                                          25

 Tips for More Successful Marketing
Whether you are a start-up business            about their “reach.” This is the total    • The Internet may be a good choice,
or an established one, you need to             number of individuals who make              especially if you want to reach a
continuously market your business              up their audience. The key factor           national audience.
to maintain awareness, attract new             to consider is the percentage of          • There are many other alternatives to
customers, penetrate new markets, or           audience members who are actually           promote your business, including:
introduce new products or services.            in your target market. The more             join a business networking group,
The following tips should help you to          closely you can match a medium’s            do presentations/work shops, write
become a better marketer and help you          total reach to your own target              press releases and articles for
achieve your business goals.                   audience, the more effectively you          publication, create a joint alliance
                                               can invest your ad dollars.                 or marketing partnership with
1. Define your Target Customers                                                            another company, or keep your
   The first step is to define your target   5. Understand Frequency                       customers and prospects up-to
   customers. Are they consumers or             The term “frequency” refers to the         date on your company with email
   businesses? If consumers, what               total number of times your ad runs         newsletters.
   is their age, gender, location,              in a specific medium and the length
   occupation, educational level,               of time between each ad. People            The more advertising and non-
   etc.? If other businesses, what is           are bombarded by thousands of ad           advertising strategies you use,
   their size, number of employees,             messages every day and filter out          the more effective your overall
   industry, location, decision maker,          most of them. You must run your            marketing program will be.
   etc.? The more precisely you define          ads enough times to break through
   your potential customers, the easier         your customers’ awareness level.         7. Monitor the Effectiveness of your
   it will be to tailor your message and        A general rule of thumb is that you         Marketing Activities
   select the most appropriate ways to          must run the same ad at least three         Once you have your plan in place,
   reach them.                                  times before it will begin to register      you need to continuously monitor
                                                with your audience.                         how many customers each medium
2. Identify your Customers’ Wants                                                           is bringing in. If you have a
   and Needs                                 6. Choose the Right Media                      website, add a “how did you hear
   You may learn that different sub-            The key to selecting the                    about us” question so you can track
   segments of your target audience             right medium is to match the                it. If you are a retail location, ask
   have different reasons (wants and            characteristics of each with your           each customer as they pay and
   needs) for buying your products or           target customer profile.                    track the results. Or run a draw
   services. Your customers’ wants and       • Radio is a tightly focused medium.           periodically and have the contest
   needs will determine the messages            It is the most appropriate channel          form include a “how did you hear
   that you need to send to them.               for your message if you sell a              about us” question.
                                                product or service designed for
3. Focus your Message                           a very specific audience. For            The key is to understand what is
   Your message is what you say to              example, advertise on a Country &        working and what is not. It will help
   persuade potential customers to              Western station if you sell western-     you determine the most cost effective
   take a desired action. Your message          style clothing.                          medium and optimize your marketing
   should include: who you are,              • Television can also be effective          dollars.
   what you do, and why they should             (especially cable programming) if
   buy from you. It should also tell            you want to reach a large but sub-       Rose Kasianiuk, BCom, runs RK
   customers what to do if they are             segmented portion of the general         Business Solutions Inc. and works with
   interested in what you sell – the            public.                                  business owners to provide practical,
   “call to action” (i.e., call for more     • If you want to reach businesses, a        professional advice or hands on
   information or to place an order).           business-oriented publication may        assistance to get things done.
                                                be an ideal choice.
4. Define your Reach While                   • Direct mail can be effective if you
   Avoiding Waste                               can find a mailing list that closely
   Many media channels will talk                matches your customer profile.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                               FEBRUARY 2010                                                                         27

                                                Private residential ads are $5 per month; small          THE PAMPERED CHEF IS HEATING
                                                home business ads are $10 per month. There is a          UP FEBRUARY WITH HOST SPECIALS
                                                40 word maximum per ad. Payment is required in           - 60% off favourite products! Plus, all unglazed
                                                advance in the form of cheque payable to “VRCA”.         Stoneware 20% off! Contact Patty for info:
 PLEASE drop off or mail in care of the Valley Breeze Assistant Editor, 117 Valley Creek Place NW, or
 T3B 5V1. All proceeds will go to the Valley Ridge Facilities Fund. Please contact Charlene Randles Don’t
 at 403-669-4154 or for more information.                                              forget to ask about the Spring Open House
                                                                                                         Saturday, March 6th.
PHOTOGRAPHER - for all your weddings,               SKI FREE! Receive 2 adult and 2 child lift           NEED HELP PLANNING AND
engagements, anniversaries and other special        tickets to Panorama Village with minimum             IMPLEMENTING EFFECTIVE
events. Valley Ridge resident. Husband and          3 nights stay 20 minutes from the hill. Fully        COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES
wife team work together to make your day            equipped Invermere condo sleeps 6-8 with 2           FOR YOUR BUSINESS? With 10 years
special. View sample photos at                      bedrooms and den, hot tub, fitness etc.              related experience, I have just opened a                  Non-smoking. $165/night. Corrie at                   communications consulting service in Valley
skaugdm/. Email Daryl or Maria at                                  Ridge. Please visit or call or call                                                                   Heidi at 403-796-9728.
403-247-3239.                                       RESIDENTIAL CLEANING - Monthly,
                                                    bi-weekly or weekly. Affordable and
                                                                                                         IT IS TIME TO RESERVE A SPOT AT
EXCELLENT CLEANING MAID                             trustworthy. References available. Call Sarah at
                                                                                                         PAMPERED CHEF’S KITCHEN CLUB
SERVICE - Detailed house cleaning; 10 years         403-383-6185 or email
                                                                                                         TABLE! Gather once a month to cook, eat
experience. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  for a free estimate.
                                                                                                         and shop the best cooking tools on the market!
Carpet cleaning, move in and move out. 100%                                                              Contact Patty, Independent Sales Director for
satisfaction guaranteed. Licensed, insured and      PIANO, GUITAR, VOICE, THEORY AND                     Pampered Chef at:
bonded. Call Toni: 403-470-6548.                    HARMONY LESSONS. Certified teacher                   or
                                                    in Valley Ridge with many years experience
                                                    and satisfied students. Reasonable prices. Gift
NEW CREATIVE MEMORIES                                                                                    LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE PAINTER?
                                                    certificates and music books available. Call
CONSULTANT. Lots of new products to                                                                      If you are looking for a reliable painter to
                                                    Irene at 403-510-3474 or email
complete your albums and display your photos.                                                            do quality work at a competitive price give
Creative Memories now has gone digital!             BOOKKEEPER WANTED - Bookkeeper                       us a call for a free estimate. We do all types
Call Colette at 403-225-9262 or go to www.          needed for small construction company. One           of painting. No upfront fees, BBB, Liability Looking          day a week (from your own office). Simply            Insurance, WCB. Call Mark at Harding’s
for scrapbookers to work together on albums!        Accounting entries, GST, etc. Occasional             Painting 403-254-4726 or cell 403-708-0431 or
                                                    payroll with training. Experience and                email
SNOW REMOVAL by Squeegee Brothers                   referenced required. Contact Terri at
- prompt, reliable and affordable. Satisfaction     403-247-9614 or email               OFFICIAL BROTHER TN350 TONER
guaranteed. References available. Call Steeve                                                            CARTRIDGES FOR SALE. Three new
for information and pricing at 403-383-4309 or      INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR                           cartridges for sale together or individually.                                 HOME WITH PROFESSIONAL                               Price $40/cartridge, below retail. Work with
                                                    STAGING. Advice from a certified                     Brother printers/faxes: DCP-7020, FAX-2820,
                                                    professional home stager can help make your          FAX-2920, FAX-2910, HL-2040, HL-2070N,
SILK ESTHETIC SERVICES NOW                                                                               MFC-7220, MFC-7225N, MFC-7420, MFC-
OPEN IN CRESTMONT! Services include:                home more attractive to potential buyers.
                                                    Design expertise, furniture rental, decorations,     7820N. Call Suzanne at 403-836-5631.
waxing, threading, and henna tattooing. Play
area available for children. Call Rupy and book     paintings and de-cluttering. Call Charlene
your appointment today at 403-455-5231 or           403-669-4154 or email
                                                    GOURMET COFFEE VENDING                               Slow Cooker Tips
                                                    MACHINES - Does your organization/staff
SELL YOUR GOLD FOR CASH:                                                                                  • Prepare the ingredients the night
                                                    drink 25+ cups of coffee/day? Are you tired of
Exclusively Gold provides a fun, safe and
easy way to sell your gold jewellery. Host a
                                                    cleaning up coffee mess? Now you can enjoy              before, after dinner clean-up and
                                                    freshly brewed expresso-type coffee without
party in your home and have your jewellery
                                                    the fuss. N.W. locations only. Phone Gourmet
                                                                                                            during lunch bag preparation,
professionally evaluated. We pay you directly.                                                              so the meal components can be
                                                    Coffee at 403-247-0868.
Visit or call 403-815-7674.
                                                                                                            taken from the
                                                    STAMPIN’UP! DIGITAL AND                                 refrigerator, added to the
PAINS! A Massage Therapist with 5 years             Digital Studio Instructor is offering free lessons      seasoning mix and put into
experience and MTAA qualifications is now           with the purchase of the software. Interested in        the slow cooker quickly in
accepting new clients. Call Christa McKegney        making scrapbooking but don’t know where to
at 403-471-9363 to set up your initial FREE
                                                                                                            the morning before the family
                                                    start? Call or email Dany at 403-454-0069 or
assessment, or to arrange an appointment time.                         rushes off to work and school.

PLUMBING WORK and city certified                    LOST ITEMS - REWARD OFFERED.                          • Experiment with other
back flow device inspections for your in-slab       Lost Jan. 2 at 10948 Valley Ridge Drive: Black
heating. Need a shower repaired or toilet           Nikon S560 Coolpix Camera, LG 260 Rumor
                                                                                                            ingredients once comfortable
replaced? Give me a call for advice and             SOLO Cell Phone, Orange IPOD, Gift cards                with a recipe to add variety to
reasonable rates. Local Valley Ridge Business.      (Artzia, La Senza, Ship 1, American Eagle),             slow cooked meals.
Call Bill at 403-288-7710.                          Willow Park School ID. Call 403-286-9962.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   FEBRUARY 2010                                                           29

    BABYSITTER LIST: Debbie Burke has a list of eligible babysitters in the neighbourhood. New babysitters, please
    call Debbie to add your name to the list as many of our senior babysitters are retiring. Parents, please feel free to
    contact Debbie if you need a babysitter. Debbie can be reached at 403-286-5286 or

    ODD JOBS LIST: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Babysitter List, the VRCA now keeps a list for
    Miscellaneous/Odd Jobs such as snow shovelling, dog walking, pet sitting, fence painting, etc. If you are interested
    in being added to the list, or finding someone who can help you with your odd jobs, please contact Debbie Burke at
    403-286-5286 or Debbie will continue to screen people asking for the list to ensure they are Valley
    Ridge or Crestmont residents.

                    VALLEY RIDGE MOTORHEADS
                      A casual monthly get together of automobile enthusiasts.
                                 7:30PM - Tuesday, February 9th
                                       Van Gogh’s Grill & Bar

                                                                             Info: Jim Thornton 403-287-9818

 École St. Sylvester School News
Greetings from the staff and students      The Peer Support group continued          for 2010-11. A baptismal certificate
of École St. Sylvester School. We          their program and the members are         is expected; however if you are not
hope the Christmas season was a            making a difference in the school         Catholic, please call the school and
joyous and blessed event enjoyed by        yard!                                     talk to the office staff (403-500-2063).
all and we wish everyone all the best
in 2010!                                   Some exciting events during the           Feel free to visit our school website
                                           short month of January included the       at
Christmas holidays came and went,          Grade 3 students enjoying a trip to the   to learn more about our school. École
and the kids were all excited to get       Glenbow Museum, ‘N Step Activities        St. Sylvester School is a place where
back into the swing of things in 2010.     and a visiting author for Division I      caring, respect, responsibility, trust,
                                           students.                                 and family are taught and lived!
January 15 marked the Feast of St.
Sylvester. This celebration included a     Our school will continue to accept        We are looking forward to all the fun
fun-filled day of Community of Caring      kindergarten registrations for both       February has in store for us all!
activities, a liturgy and a pizza lunch.   English and French kindergarten
 SUNDAY          MONDAY                     TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY                        FRIDAY     SATURDAY                 E
               1                        2                         3                         4                        5                6
7              8                        9                         10                        11                       12                13
                                            Valley Ridge                                                                Vancouver
                                            Motor Heads
                                                                                                                      Olympic Games
                                             Van Goghs                                                                                                          U
                                              7:30 p.m.                                                                   Begin

14             15                       16                       17                        18                        19                20                       A
                    FAMILY                                                                      Course:
                      DAY                                                                    De-escalating
VALENTINE’S                                                                                Violent Situations
    DAY       Family Film Festival                                                           February 18 - 20
                 February 15 - 22                                                                  email                                                        R

21             22                       23                       24                         25                       26                27
                                                                    VRCA Board            Calgary Home and                             VR Soccer Club           Y
                                                                      Meeting               Garden Show                               In Person Registration
                                                                      The Lodge              February 25 - 28                               Van Gogh's
                                                                      7:00 p.m.                BMO Centre,                               1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                              Stampede Park

                      • Be a snow angel and help seniors and neighbors with their snow removal.
                      • If you lose your pet visit to see if your dog or cat is in the shelter.


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