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									                       PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL
                               ANNUAL REPORT 2007-2008
                         Prepared by Grace Yoo and Volker Langbehn


The membership of the Professional Development Council for 2007-2008 included:

       Volker Langbehn, Foreign Languages and Literatures, College of Humanities (Co-Chair)
       Grace Yoo, Asian-American Studies, College of Ethnic Studies (Co-Chair)
       Pamela Vaughn, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
       Kenneth Paap, Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs
       Subin Im, Marketing, College of Business
       Diane Harris-Wilson, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
       Ali Borjan, College of Education
       Pam Howard, Library, Representative for CTFD Advisory Board
       Ned Fielden, Library
       Chris Chekuri, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
       Victor De La Rosa, College of Creative Arts
       Juliana VanOlphen, College of Health and Human Services

                                    I.     Executive Summary

During the academic year 2007-8, the PDC was responsible for the spring semester review process
of the four faculty development awards (Vice President’s Assigned Time, Mini-Grant, Summer
Stipend, Faculty Diversity Support Awards “formerly Affirmative Action Award”).
The Council used the guidelines for application and review that were finalized by the Council in
Spring 2007. The PDC established a meeting schedule for 2007-2008 for meetings, held monthly
on Thursday afternoons from 2-4 pm.

                                     II. Charge to Council
                           [From Academic Senate Policy #S99-183]
1) The Professional Development Council, an all-university council, shall:
   a) Promote a campus environment supportive of professional development;
   b) Exercise leadership in the development of policies and programs in support of professional
   c) Provide a forum for the dissemination of information and discussion of issues relative to
      professional development;
   d) Advise appropriate agencies of the university on the needs of faculty pertaining to
      professional development;
                                                                        PDC Annual Report 2007-2008
                                                                                             Page 2

   e) Recommend procedures and changes in procedures to appropriate agencies that facilitate
      professional development (e.g. distribution of intramural funds to Provost);
   f) Formulate and/or revise for recommendation to the Provost and the Academic Senate
      University policies pertaining to professional development, and refer recommendations
      having implications for academic policy, to the Academic Senate for action;
   g) Invite, evaluate, and recommend funding of proposals pertaining to faculty professional
      development (e.g. Affirmative Action Grants, Chancellor's Mini and Summer stipend
      grants, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Assigned Time grants).
2) The Professional Development Council's regular advisory statements and annual report shall
   be addressed to the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Academic
3) Clerical support for the Council's activities shall be determined by the Office of the Vice
   President for Academic Affairs.
4) The Council shall hold at least three meetings per semester.

                                   III.        Activities of the Year


The PDC met four times in fall 2007 and three times in spring 2008. In addition, subcommittees
met one time in the spring to review award applications.

Major Activities

1. Review of applications and recommendations for awards (Vice President’s Assigned
   Time Awards, Mini-Grants, Summer Stipends, and Faculty Diversity Support Awards)

The PDC used the standardized evaluation form to evaluate and rate award applications; we
divided into four subcommittees that each reviewed one grant category. After the subcommittee
reviews were completed we met as a whole committee to evaluate rankings; we reached consensus
and made final recommendations that were forwarded to the Provost.

  Number of applications reviewed in Spring 2008:

  Spring 2008:
  Vice President’s Assigned Time          44
  Mini-Grants                             22
  Summer Stipends                         54
  Affirmative Action Award                27
                                                                  PDC Annual Report 2007-2008
                                                                                       Page 3

The following number of awards was awarded: 10 Faculty Diversity Support; 16 VP Assigned
Time; 13 CSU Mini Grant; 17 CSU Summer Stipend. One faculty member
declined the summer stipend in favor of summer teaching.

2. PDC meeting time

  The Council agreed upon a preset meeting time for 2008-2009:
  Thursdays, 2-4 pm, once a month

                                   IV. Agenda for 2008-2009

The PDC has devoted a significant amount of time and effort for the past three years to improving
the award application guidelines and the rating systems of the council and college review
committees. While this is an ongoing process, the Council is ready to return to some of the other
duties as stated in Academic Senate Policy #S99-183. At the end of spring 2008 the Council
decided to return the charge of promoting a campus environment supportive of professional
development and to discuss additional ways that we can support the professional develop of
faculty on campus.

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