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newsletter 1109

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					                            ATLANTA         AREA      SECTION, AACE              INTERNATIONAL

                                                                                              September, 2011
                            2010—2011 President’s Circle Award Winner
                                                                                              Volume 12, Issue 3

                         Please distribute this newsletter freely electronically (via e-mail) but print it sparingly.

    Inside this issue:
    Banned in Morgan-        2
                                           The Atlanta Area Section Board of Directors
                                       Encourages You to Make the Most of Your Membership
    Atlanta Area Section     3        The Section Board of Direc-      interested associates and         each meeting’s presenta-
    Scrapbook                         tors welcomes you and            trading business cards,           tion that you can use the
                                      encourages you to make           stories, and interests in a       next day in your cost engi-
                                      the most of the upcoming         very economical and casu-         neering work.
    Section Meeting          4
                                      section year. Vice Presi-        al or informal setting.
                                      dent Don Green is doing a        Try this as a personal goal
    Certification News       4        great job of arranging in-       for the year. (1) Leave
                                      formative and interesting        each section meeting with
                                      presentations for each           the business cards of three
                                      meeting. And don’t forget        new contacts whom you’ve
    Annual Meeting 2012 5
                                      that most of the attendees       gotten to know at the meet-
                                      at our annual meetings list      ing and follow up with a
                                      networking as their prima-       phone call or e-mail in the
    Section Contacts         6        ry takeaway from those           following week. Rely on
                                      meetings. Atlanta Area           these folks to suggest to
                                      Section meetings are a           you new ways to conquer
    Certification Work-      7        great way of meeting and
    shops                                                              challenges in your cost
                                      greeting your fellow mem-        engineering work; or (2)
                                      bers, guests, and other          Take away something from

    Future AACE Cal-
                                            Visit the Atlanta Area Section website at
•     September 20, Septem-
      ber Section Meeting             September Section Meeting—Getting the Most from Stucco
•     October 18, October Sec-
      tion Meeting                    Some stucco systems have         tion on Tuesday, Septem-          systems and assemblies,
                                      gotten a bad rap over the        ber 20, will consist of a ses-    and common details.
                                      years but stucco in its vari-    sion on stucco systems and        Mr. Thomas is the District
                                      ous forms is a frequently-       their current use and char-       Sales Manager for BASF
                                      used system in exterior          acteristics. Presented by         Wall Systems business line
                                      closure and soffits.             BASF Wall Systems’ John H.        headquartered in Jackson-
                                      Our September presenta-          Thomas,discussed are stuc-
                                                                                                                (continued on page 5)
                                                                       co advantages, properties,
                                                                                                                        Page 2

Banned in Morgantown (continued from the July 2011 issue)
Well, to be truthful, not really banned,    I was having lunch one workday with a       manual approach and, while today’s
but not accepted for publication in         couple of coworkers when we heard           xerographic printers have made them
                                            sirens. The restaurant had large win-       obsolete in most cases, listening to the
Cost Engineering, at least not yet.
                                            dows facing the street and across the       sounds the old pen plotters made was
As you may be aware, AACE Interna-          street lay the project on which we          well worth the price of admission.
tional launched its mentoring pro-          were working at the time. To our dis-       Lesson learned! It was music to my
                                            may, the ambulance and fire truck           ears.
gram during the annual meeting in
                                            turned into the project. We hurriedly
Anaheim in June. I’ve written a piece       paid the bill and ran back to the pro-      The xerographic printers of today
reflecting on my career and the men-        ject to find that a couple of sheet metal   have another advantage. In the not
toring I’ve received from a number of       workers had been walking across the         too recent past, we used what we
mentors over the year, the first install-   roof. One of the workers heard a            called an Ozalid machine to make
                                            strange sound and turned around to          bluelines. The machine used ammo-
ment of which appeared in the mid-          find that the fellow he had been walk-      nia and had an automated system of
summer (July 2011) issue of this news-      ing with was no longer there. He had        rollers that drew an opaque original
                                            stepped on a square piece of plywood        and chemically-treated paper through
                                            which originally had been anchored          the machine and exposed the paper to
                                            over an opening in the roof deck for a      light and the ammonia and, voila, a
    The Boy Who Cried                       duct penetration. Someone had re-           print of what was on the original ap-
                                            moved the plywood and replaced it           peared in blue lines on the paper.
 “Overrun” – My Life as a                   without anchoring it down. The ply-         When I worked for the general con-
 Mentee – William E. Kraus                  wood closure was not square with the
                                            opening and the hapless worker
                                                                                        tractor, one day people were com-
                                                                                        plaining that the machine was not cop-
I was working for a cost consultant         stepped on a corner of the plywood          ying properly. Authoritatively, I de-
developing a cost estimate for a run-       which immediately rotated on the            clared that the ammonia must be
way extension project which required        edges of the opening and let him fall       “worn out”, pulled the cap and tubes
additional airfield lighting, circuits,     to the second floor below. The ply-         which drew the ammonia through the
controls, etc. We were working for          wood landed back over the roof deck         machine off, stuck my nose in the bot-
the primary design firm and our con-        penetration in pretty much the same         tle, and took a big long sniff. The am-
                                            position it was when the worker             monia was not “worn out” and I have-
tract provided for the designer to pro-
                                            stepped on it and the strange sound         n’t had a bad cold in twenty-five
vide us the estimated quantities. Our
                                            his coworker heard was the plywood          years. Lesson learned! Look before
policy was not to accept someone
                                            slamming back to the roof deck. At          you sniff.
else’s quantities without spot checking
                                            last check, the fallen worker was com-
them. Our electrical estimator com-
plained to me that he couldn’t validate     pleting his fortieth year on disability.    On receiving a call from a superinten-
any of the airfield lighting quantities.    Lesson learned! Safety first isn’t just a   dent on an out-of-town job on the
After checking his work and seeing          saying; it’s got to be a way of life.       morning after a concrete pour, I found
that he was right, I called the design                                                  out that the concrete mix contained all
firm’s project engineer and explained       I remember manually calculating             fly ash with no cement due to a batch-
the problem, who got the electrical         schedules and using press-on letters        ing error. The superintendent said
designer on the phone. We explained         and tape to create schedule graphics        they thought the concrete poured very
the problem and were surprised when         with my wife on the dining room table       easily when they made the pour but
the electrical designer admitted that       on Saturday night and then taking the       knew something was wrong when
he had provided us bogus quantities,        schedule charts to work on Monday           they stripped the forms the next morn-
                                            morning and finding out the schedules       ing and could easily chip the
saying, “I’m not concerned with the
                                            were already out of date. Lesson            “concrete” out of the footing. The
quantities; I’m just interested in the
                                            learned! Thank you, Oracle | Pri-           ready-mix supplier paid the bill. Les-
cost”. Lesson learned! Never assume
                                            mavera!                                     son learned! Never get in such a hur-
that others understand what you’re
doing. For that matter, never assume                                                    ry that you don’t check the quality of
that you understand what others are         While we’re on the subject of comput-       the output.
doing. Max’s approach works best!           er-generated schedules, I miss the
                                            days of the pen plotters. Those plot-
                                            ters were a giant step up from the
                                                               Page 3

Atlanta Area Section Scrapbook

Over the summer, the Atlanta Area Section Board of Di-
rectors has been busy. It met on July 26, 2011 to transi-
tion from the last year’s board to the current board and
to celebrate the section’s first time ever of receipt of the
President’s Circle Award at this year’s annual meeting in
Anaheim, CA. It also met on August 16, 2011 with Presi-
dent Mike Nosbisch and President-Elect Marlene Hyde
to discuss section management best practices.
                                                                                                                     Page 4

                                           Shades of Disneyland—a “people
                                             trap operated by a mouse”!

2010—2011 Atlanta Area Section Meeting Schedule
The Atlanta Area Section will meet on       March 20, 2012                          6:30 PM Dinner Orders
the third Tuesday of the month from
                                            April 17, 2012                          7-7:15 PM Business & Announcements
September through May. Mark your
calendar now for the following:             May 15, 2012                            7:15 PM Program Presentation

September 20, 2011                          The Atlanta Area
                                            Section meets at the   Meeting Location is the Cross Creek Café, 1221 Cross
October 18, 2011
                                            Cross Creek Café,
                                                                   Creek Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30327, phone 404-351-1550.
November 15, 2011                           1221 Cross Creek
                                            Parkway, Atlanta,      For a map and directions, see http://
December 13*, 2011
                                            GA 30327.
January 17, 2012                                         
                                            6:00 PM Social
February 21, 2012

Atlanta Area Section Certification News

T           he Atlanta Area Section will
            be hosting certification
exams on Saturday, November 12,
2011. More details including location
and times will be announced in future
issues of the newsletter.
 Page 5                                                                             Atlanta Area Section News

 September Section Meeting
 (continued from page 1)
 ville, FL where he works
 developing product distribution chan-
 nels, acting as a consultant on stucco
 wall systems to architects and engi-
 neers, and driving BASF Wall Systems
 products specifications to the archi-
 tectural community by offering contin-
 uing education sessions such as our
 September presentation.
 John is a graduate of the College of
 Charleston with a BS in Chemistry. He
 has worked in the Chemical industry
 for over 30 years and has been with
 BASF Construction Chemicals for 14
 years. He prides himself in under-
 standing the chemical mechanisms of
 his products. John is a Certified EIFS
 Professional and a LEED GA.
 John’s September presentation is ac-
 credited by AIA as AIA CES Program
 Number HCSTU1 for those of our
 members and guests interested in
 recertification PDUs.

Annual Meeting 2012—San Antonio, TX

                                          nationally known for her high-energy,
                                          interactive, powerful, entertaining and
        lease plan on joining us at the   result oriented sessions.
        AACE International 2012 An-
                                           The call for papers has been issued
nual Meeting on July 8—11 in San An-
                                          and abstracts are due not later than
tonio on the Riverwalk. The meeting
                                          August 31, 2011. Please consider sub-
will be held at the Marriott Rivercent-
                                          mitting an abstract for a paper. Don’t
er Hotel and promises to be a great
                                          forget that it counts in our section
time of networking and learning.
The keynote address will be given by
                                          For more information on the annual
Connie Podesta, an expert in the psy-
                                          meeting, surf to http://
chology of human behavior and lead-
ership development. Connie is inter-
                                                                             Cost engineering is defined as the area of engineering practice
   Atlanta Area Section, AACE International
                                                                             where engineering judgment and experience are used in the appli-

                                                                             cation of scientific principles and techniques to problems of cost
                                                                             estimating, cost control, business planning and management sci-
                                                                             ence, profitability analysis, project management, and planning and
   Promoting the Planning and Management of Cost and Schedules
                                                                             For a more in-depth discussion of cost engineering, visit http://


                             We’re on the Web!

Atlanta Area Section Board of Directors Contact List and Miscellaneous Information
President—Albert Kwong CCE, U.S.                                  sors and we’ve missed listing them,
Cost,                                                                            please let us know.
                                                       Membership Director—James Tyre
Past President—Katrina Knight CCE,                     PE CCE,                      The editor and copy boy for this news-
U.S. Cost,                                                                      letter is Communication Director Bill
                                                       Regional Director—Bruce Dixon
                                                                                                   Kraus PE CCE, FRICS. Please provide
Vice President—Don Green CCC,                          CCC, U.S. Cost,
                                                                                                   any comments or materials you’d like
CCM, LEED® AP, Heery International,
                                                       SPSU Student Section Liaison                included to
                                                       (Appointed, not a member of the sec-
Secretary—Chris Schamel CCC,                           tion Board of Directors) - Rendy Ten-
Heery International, hscha-                            dean CCC,
                                                       The Atlanta Area Section is fortunate
Treasurer—Dave Cowan CCC, South-                       to have the support of several AACE
ern Company,                                           International Corporate Sponsors,                                 including AMEC, Black & Veatch,
                                                       CH2M Hill, Faithful + Gould, General
Communication Director—Bill Kraus
                                                       Electric, General Services Administra-
PE CCE, FRICS, Intl Aviation Consult-
                                                       tion (GSA), Heery International, iPara-
                                                       metrics, Kiewit, L-3 Communications,
Certification Director—Walter Jones                    McDonough Bolyard Peck, Parsons,
CCC,                             Project Time & Cost, and U.S. Cost,
                                                       and possibly others. If you’re em-
Scholarship Director—Mark Cundiff
                                                       ployed by one of our Corporate Spon-
PSP, Gray Construction Consulting,
                      AACE International – Atlanta Area Section
                             CCC/CCE/CCT Certification Workshop
                                        Guidelines for Participants
Schedule and Coverage:

Saturday October 15, 2011 – 9 am to 12 Noon > Session 1 – Supporting Skills & Knowledge (Walter Jones CCC,

Saturday October 22, 2011 – 9 am to 12 Noon > Session 2 – Economic Analysis (John Larson PE, CCE)

Saturday October 29, 2011 – 9 am to 12 Noon > Session 3 – Project Management (Mark Cundiff PSP / Michael
Westrich PSP)

Saturday, November 5, 2011 – 9 am to 12 Noon > Session 4 – Cost Estimating & Control (Walter Jones CCC, PSP)

Study Materials:

All participants should have a copy of the following certification references:

CCC/CCE Certification Study Guide, 3rd Edition
Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 5th Edition

These materials are available for purchase from AACE International’s website ( Click Resource
Center under Professional Resources, then click AACE Online Store


Please contact Certification Director Walter Jones CCC, PSP by e-mail at for further
information. You may also contact any of the section board of directors.

Location: To Be Determined

Notes: There is no charge for the workshops. Obtaining study materials is the responsibility of the

        Workshops may be cancelled if fewer than five people register. Deadline for registration is
        Friday, October 7, 2011

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