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					Canyon Camp   Cross Point Camp   Camp Egan
 The Philosophy of United Methodist Camps
      Camp and Retreat Ministries provide experiences that shape                   whole person encounters the word of God,
 and expand the Christian commitment of persons of all ages,                  •    and a community of faith that challenges,
 empowering them to live the truth of the gospel in their daily lives.             nurtures, and celebrates new understandings of
 These ministries create environments that are conducive to listening              God’s action in their lives.
 and responding to God.                                                        Out of these experiences, people return with the heightened
      The unique characteristics of these environments include:          awareness of God’s redeeming grace in Jesus Christ, and are able to
      •   intentional times and places set apart from daily              be more responsible disciples in God’s world. They enter into local
          life, under the guidance of servant leaders,                   church communities inspired, renewed and dedicated to faithful
      •   experiential models of learning in which the                   service.

General Information                                                               District Camp                                         18
     Letter from the Director                                iii
     Ministry Center Camp Staff                              iii
                                                                         Speciality Camps
                                                                                  UNDC                                                  18
     Camp Calendar                                           10
                                                                                  New Day Camp I                                        19
     How to Register                                         11
                                                                                  New Day Camp Too                                      19
     Location Codes                                          11
                                                                                  Camp Cavett                                           19
     Insurance                                               11
                                                                                  Young Adult Camp                                      19
     Volunteer Information                                   11
                                                                                  Senior Adult Retreats                                 20
     Payment Policy                                          11
                                                                                  Senior Adult University Retreat                       20
     Camp Dates by Location                                  22
                                                                                  UMW Events                                            20
     Registration/Health/Ropes Forms 23-26
                                                                                       •	     Mother and Child Retreat
     Safe Sanctuary Forms                               27-28
                                                                                       •	     Toole Tyme
     Credit Card Form                                        29
                                                                                       •	     Spiritual Renewal
Camp Sites Descriptions/Locations                                                 Family Gathering                                      21
     Campsites General Information                            1                   Single Parent Family Gathering                        21
     Cross Point Camp                                      2-3
     Canyon Camp                                           4-5
                                                                         Camp Guidelines                                           29-31
                                                                                  •	        Scheduling
     Camp Egan                                             6-7
                                                                                  •	        Reservations
     Driving Directions                                    8-9
                                                                                  •	        Multi-Simultaneous Use of Camps
Elementary and T’weens                                                            •	        Cost
     SonShine                                                12                   •	        Payment
     Growin' in Grace                                        13                   •	        Camper Insurance Procedure
     Joy Camp                                                14                   •	        Other
     T’weens Discover                                        14
                                                                         You may register online, but if you
Junior and Senior High Camps
     J.E.M.                                                  15          prefer you will find a printed camp
     Wilderness Camp                                         15          registration/health form in this book.
     C.Y.M.E.                                                16          If you need more copies, you may
     Dayspring                                               16          photocopy this form or they are also
     Under the Stars                                         17
                                                                         available to print off our Web site at
     Senior High Treks                                       17

ii     Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
                                               Un ited Met hod i st M i n i st ry
                                                       Center Camp Of f ice
                                                           1501 NW 24th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106-3635; fax: (405)530-2049, (800)231-4166

                                                           Rev. Randall E. McGuire                                    André Stravlo
                                                           Director                                                   Administrative Assistant
                                                           (405)530-2016;                                             (405)530-2017;

                                                           Rev. Kathy Coit                                            Karen Steele
                                                           Safe Sanctuaries Assistant                                 Camp Registrar
                                                           Children's Camping                                         (405)530-2035;

I am so glad you have picked up a 2011 Oklahoma United                           opportunity to register quickly. If you prefer, there is also a mail-in
Methodist Summer Camp promotion magazine.                                        registration included in this book.

Our theme for the year is “Shout for Joy.”                                       PLEASE read this book thoroughly and decide which camp(s) you
                                                                                 wish to attend. Remember that there are limited spaces available
Within these pages you will find camps for all ages and a variety of             and some camps fill early, so register today. Follow the instructions
programs. The staff of Oklahoma United Methodist Camps and                       on page iv.
the volunteers for the events are ready to "Shout for Joy" when you
arrive at camp. While you are at camp, you will experience God’s                 ALL CAMPERS MUST BE FULLY REGISTERED BEFORE
wonderful creation, meet new friends, renew old friendships, hear                CAMP BEGINS.
and experience the stories and truths found in the Bible, and learn
how to share the love of God with others so you all can "Shout for               There are limited funds for camper scholarships based on need.
                                            Joy". The staffs at Canyon           Call Randy at 1-800-231-4166 or (405)530-2016 for more
  From                                      Camp, Camp Egan
                                            and Cross Point Camp
                                                                                 André, Karen, Kathy and I look forward to receiving your
  t he                                      are excited to host our
                                            campers this summer.
                                                                                 registrations and the campsite staff and volunteers can’t wait to see
                                                                                 you at the camp of your choice.
  Di rector                                 We have already started
                                            preparing our facilities             The first section of the magazine showcases available facilities
                                            and the camp curriculum              (with pictures), recreational activities and contact information for
will provide an exciting summer camp season. We will be praying                  each site. The last section contains information and policies about
for our campers and camp leaders and hope you will also.                         booking retreats at our camp sites. Your United Methodist Camps
                                                                                 are ready to host your event and share Christian hospitality.
Don’t forget that our line up of camp events includes several Family
Camps. There are two family camps for families of all shapes and                 Peace and Joy,
sizes, one at Canyon Camp and the other at Cross Point. All three
sites will host a “Single Parents Family Camp.” Bring your family
to the appropriate camp and you will be building some lifelong
fantastic family memories.

It is very IMPORTANT that you follow the directions on how
                                                                                 Randy McGuire
to register. Our on-line registration system is here to give you the
                                                                                 Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries

                                                     Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017                                    iii
                                                                         It goes without saying that without our adult
                                                                    volunteers, our children’s and youth camps could not
                                                                    happen. Dedicated volunteers are always needed. To be
                                                                    an integral part of a young person’s life through one of our
                                                                    camps is a rewarding experience. You might be one who
                                                                    just can not imagine a summer without church camp. Once
                                                                    you give your time and love to a children’s or youth camp,
                                                                    you will be hooked.

                                                                         The dean of each camp is responsible for the leaders
                                                                    in her or his camp. Each dean determines the number
                                                                    of campers in the camp by the number of leaders who
                                                                    volunteer, so the dean must know if you are interested
                                                                    in being an adult leader in camp. We are committed to
                                                                    maintaining a safe and workable ratio between adult
                                                                    volunteers and campers determined by the age group of
                                                                    that particular camp. The contact information for the dean
                                                                    for the camp in which you are interested is listed in this
                                                                    book. Please contact that dean in order to volunteer as a
                                                                    leader or shepherd.

                                                                         Our camp for the youngest campers, SonShine Camp,
                                                                    is the only camp that has shepherds who do not lead a
                                                                    small group. These shepherds will shepherd a small group
                                    To participate in God’s
 Volu nteers                   beautiful natural world through
                                                                    of 1st and 2nd grade campers to their activities and will
                                                                    stay with their small group of campers in the cabin over
                               church camp is one of those          one night. They are able to share and enjoy the camping
 make                          experiences that can last a life     experience with this group of young children to keep them
                               time. Many children and youth        safe and help get them to the next activity. All adult leaders
                               not only come to a deeper
 c amp                         relationship with Jesus while
                                                                    for all of our other camps will lead a small group or activity
                                                                    as well as stay in one of our air conditioned cabins with the
                               at camp, but make a life-long        campers.
 h appen                       commitment of Christian
                               service and ministry. Life-long
                               relationships with other campers
 for                           are made and a true sense of             It is not difficult to volunteer:
                               worshipping a loving-creating
 You ng                        God is at the heart of every camp.
                                                                        •	   Decide which camp you wish to work

                                                                        •	   Contact the dean of that camp to let him or her
                                     At the very core of the                 know of your interest and make sure that the camp
 Campers                       camping experience are loving,                still needs adult leaders
                               dedicated adults who volunteer
                               to share their time and gifts            •	   After the dean has your information and would
                                                                             like to use you as a volunteer, you need to fill out a
  and God’s love with campers. Literally hundreds of adult
                                                                             registration for that camp
  volunteers make camp happen for young campers. Some
  of those volunteers, lay and clergy, participate in several           •	   You also must complete a Safe Sanctuary Screening
  camps during the summer. They come back to camp year                       Form and submit to a background check. The
  after year to lead, participate, laugh, cry, play, and worship.            screening form can be found in this book or on our
       Perhaps you were one of those children or youth
  who has fond memories of camp yourself. The swimming,                 •	   Send both the registration and the screening form
                                                                             to the conference office
  the friends, the small group, the worship, are all a part of
  the memories of church camp for you. As an adult, that                •	   The dean for the camp you will be attending will
  camping experience can continue as you volunteer as an                     send you curriculum and notify you when the
  adult leader at camp. Perhaps your own son or daughter is                  training for all leaders will be held
  now a camper and you would like for him or her to have
  that similar camping memories as well as to share their
  experience while at camp.

iv   Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
Camp and
Retreat Centers
For complete descriptions and pictures of each campsite facilities visit our Web site .

Oklahoma United Methodist Camp and Retreat Centers                            Meals
are a great escape into God’s creation.
                                                                              All of the campsites serve meals in the dining hall. Our kitchen staff
There are three sites in Oklahoma.                                            will help meet your dietary needs if you let them know in advance. Our
                                                                              staff is committed to hospitality and meeting your groups needs. Just
•	 Canyon Camp                                                                let us know how we can maximize your experience and we will do our
                                                                              very best to make it happen.
•	 Cross Point Camp
                                                                              If you need help with programming for your group, call Rev. Randy
•	 Camp Egan
                                                                              McGuire’s office. They will be happy to help you plan your stay. We
On the following pages you can find details about each                        look forward to serving you in Christ!
                                                                                     United Methodist Churches of Oklahoma
Reservations are available to Sunday school classes, youth retreats,
family reunions, and other non-profit groups as well as non-United                  view Christian camping as an opportunity
Methodist groups. If you are looking for a place to hold a camp, outing,
day trip, conference, meeting, challenge course event or just to get away              for education and ministry. Oklahoma
from “it all”, give us a call. Any group will enjoy the beauty and solitude
that each of our unique sites offer.                                                  United Methodist Churches are given a
                                                                                   financial goal annually to offer this unique
                                                                                      ministry to children, youth, adults and
All our cabins, lodges, large and small meeting rooms, and other inside
gathering areas, including tabernacles at Canyon and Cross Point                     families. If you have a special interest in
camps are heated and air conditioned — and all have covered open air
shelters throughout. Our sites are also open year round and seasonably                 camp ministry, you are encouraged to
functioning. Swimming pools are open from Memorial Day to Labor
Day at Camp Egan and Canyon Camp. And of course, Cross Point’s                      make financial gifts or to place the camps
lake is yours year round, for those in the Polar Bear Club!
                                                                                     in your will to insure the future ministry
Challenge Courses
                                                                                      through camping. These tax deductible
Challenge courses help build teamwork, trust and confidence in
individuals and groups. Excellent for any group that needs to learn                        gifts are encouraged, needed and
to work together. All three campsites have a low elements challenge
course. Canyon Camp has nine low elements. Egan has seven low                       appreciated. The campsites have a master
and two high elements. Cross Point has 12 low elements and 13
high elements plus a power pole and a six story climbing/rapelling
                                                                                    plan for building our future. Visit our Web
tower. Contact the site’s director/manager for facilitator availability,
                                                                                            site or call for a list of projects.
scheduling, and fees.

                                                        Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017                              1
                                             Cross Point Camp

         Cross Point Camp is located on a wooded
         peninsula surrounded by the waters of beautiful
         Lake Texoma.

         Where better to spend your time
         of fun, fellowship, and spiritual

         You will enjoy the beauty and
         solitude of this special campsite,
         especially the serenity of the
         glowing cross at the amphitheater
         overlooking Lake Texoma.

         Camp’s capacity is about 235

    For more information and scheduling, contact:
    P.O. Box 1470
    Kingston, OK 73439
    (580)564-2505 – camp, or (580)221-4240 – cell, fax: (580)564-2339

                 Kenneth W. “Ken” Long        Laurie Harris
                 Director/Manager             Administrative Assistant
•	 Cross Point Lodge–Coming soon with your help. Sitting
   atop the hill, overlooking the lake, this lodge will sleep
   up to 96 people (24 hotel-style rooms). This facility will
   also provide one large meeting room and two additional
   meeting rooms that will divide into four rooms.

•	 Dean’s Cabin–Two bedrooms (queen bed/2 twin beds)
   each with ¾ bath. Cabin has a kitchenette, dining area, and
   furnished living area.
   Dean’s Annex–Attached separately via an outside door to
   the Dean’s Cabin; one room with a queen bed, a bunk bed
   and a ¾ bath.

•	 Cabins–12 cabins, each with two sleeping rooms separated
   by a dorm-style bathroom. Each cabin has 20 beds. One
   cabin is handicap friendly.

•	 Madill Cabin–Two bedrooms (queen bed/2 twin beds) with
   ¾ bath. Cabin has small kitchenette, dining area, and large
   living area with couches, chairs, and hide-a-beds.

Meeting/Dining Facilities
•	 Tabernacle–250 capacity fully enclosed building with
   restrooms and piano. Equipped with sound system, mounted
   projector, and screen. Room dividers are available.

•	 Split-Level Dining Hall–Capacity to serve 250 people.
   The dining room is on the upper level with a ground
   level entrance featuring a large fireplace and piano that
   overlooks the lake. The lower level has three classrooms,
   two of which can be opened into a larger room.

•	 Small Group Areas–two outdoor study tops, five enclosed
   meeting rooms, and a meeting room attached to Ardmore,
   Woodward, and Lawton cabins.

•	 Amphitheater–Outdoor meeting space with large lighted
   Cross overlooking Lake Texoma. Level stage area, handicap
   friendly ramp, and electrical access.

•	 Climbing/Rappelling Tower–Six story tower with 2 climbing
   sides and 2 rappelling sides. Also a giant swing from the 30’
   platform. Stairway to the top provides a great view of Lake
   Texoma and is a great meditation spot.

•	 Challenge course–The course has 12 low elements and 13
   elements on the high course plus a “power pole” and 3 high
   “pair” challenges. Camp facilitators required.

•	 Lighted concrete play slab for basketball, four square
   and volleyball. Large open field for soccer, football and
   softball. Sand volleyball. 9-hole disc golf course. Dunk tank.
   Horseshoe pits. Hiking. In ground labyrinth

•	 R.V. hook-ups for 10-30 amp units available with water.
   Some 50 amp units available. Dump station available.

•	 Sandy lakefront with new boat dock; swimming, fishing,
   canoes, paddleboats, motorboat for tubing, and other water
   toys. Or bring your own if you like.
                                          CANYON CAMP

     The canyon rests at the bottom of a red sandstone
     canyon famous for its wide variety of trees and scenic
     wind-eroded walls.

     Canyon Camp and Conference Center
     is located in a series of five red-rock
     canyons near Hinton, Oklahoma. The
     camp has been designated a National
     Natural Landmark by the Department
     of the Interior.

     The lodge, comfortable meeting areas,
     meditation spots, hiking, challenge
     course and swimming make this the
     right camp and retreat place for many
     groups. The beauty of the red sandstone
     walls, the seeming isolation of the
     setting from the outside world and
     the convenience of a major city make
     Canyon the perfect place to gather.
     Only 45 minutes from Oklahoma City,
     the center offers easy access to I-40.

    For more information and scheduling, contact:
    Canyon Camp and Conference Center
    31600 Camp Road, Hinton, OK 73047
    (405)542-6967, fax: (405)542-3752,

                     David Combs
•	 Hardt Lodge–30 Rooms (2 are handicap accessible),
   120 maximum capacity. Each room has one queen and
   two twin beds with a full bath in each room. There are
   three conference rooms. One room holds 120 people in
   theatre style seating which connects to another room via
   a removable wall that seats 50 people. The cabinet room
   seats 40 people.

•	 Hospitality Center–Coming soon with your help. Serving
   120 people via meeting rooms and an easy access dining hall
   with adult-friendly meals. Located close to Hardt Lodge, the
   Canyon Camp offices will be housed in this building.

•	 Crutchfield Dorm–sleeps 40 campers with a centralized
   meeting room.

•	 Cabins–17 cabins that sleep 16 on bunk beds.

•	 Workers Cabin–5 campers. Semi–private cabin with three
   bedrooms and two bathrooms.

•	 Nurses and Dean’s Cabin–6 campers. Semi-private with
   some kitchen accessories and living room areas.

Meeting/Dining Facilities
•	 Tabernacle–seats 500 people with a serving bar and
   restrooms. Also, equipped with integrated and fully
   portable sound system.

•	 Dining Hall–seats 250.

•	 Four Dining Hall Meeting rooms–seats 15 people. Equipped
   with white boards and a beautiful view of Canyon Camp’s

•	 Miller Hall–has movable partitions that allow the space to
   be divided into two or three smaller meeting areas. Lower
   Miller seats 70 people; Upper Miller seats 25 people. Upper
   Miller has a counter with sink, cabinets and a serving
   window. This facility also has a ping-pong, pool, and air
   hockey table.

•	 B.C. Clark Chapel–Small chapel accommodating 15 people;
   no heat, A/C or restrooms.

•	 Celebration Meeting Room–Two rooms seating 20 people
   each. There is a removable wall to make one big room.
   Equipped with a sink, microwave, serving bar and restrooms.

•	 Knox Meeting Room–25 people. Simple indoor facility that
   has heat and A/C.

•	 Study Tops–Six covered shelters with chairs are spaced
   throughout the camp for small groups to meet.

•	 Two sand volleyball pits, half-court basketball, hiking trails,
   horse shoes, the playing field and recreation in Miller Hall
   are available year round. Swimming pool is open in the
   summer. Labyrinth and Disc Golf are our newest features.
                                          Camp Egan

       Camp Egan is nestled in the foothills of the
       Ozarks next to the Barren Fork Creek.

      Camp Egan Retreat Center takes pride in
      being located in beautiful Northeastern
      Oklahoma. Surrounded by the Ozark
      Mountains, it is easy to feel God’s presence
      and enjoy the beauty of creation.

      Long before it was a retreat center, people
      camped here because of the richness
      of this area. Numerous fruit and nut
      trees, wild strawberries and onions were
      common here. In the early 1900’s, people
      would ride the train from Tahlequah and
      get off when the train would stop to fill
      the engine with water. They were free
      to fish all day until the train returned
      from Fayetteville to take them back to

    For more information or to schedule contact:
    Dave Perrin, Director/Manager
    Jessica Thompson, Administrative Assistant
    26633 Highway 62, Tahlequah, OK 74464
    (918)456-6489, fax: (918)458-4727,

                     Dave Perrin         Jessica Thompson
                     Director/Manager    Administrative Assistant
•	 Holliman Lodge–A new lodge; sleeps up to 64 people in 16
   hotel style rooms. Each room has a full bath, one queen and
   two twin beds. Large meeting room that can be split into five
   areas by movable walls. Kitchenette with a serving window.
   Wireless Internet available.

•	 Egan Lodge–15 motel style rooms with a queen and twin
   bed. Two meeting rooms one with a beautiful fireplace each
   holding 40 people.

•	 Love Circle Cabins–8 cabins sleeping 13 with dorm-style
   bathroom. Gazebo in the middle of the circle serves a
   convenient gathering place.

•	 Creekside Cabins–6 cabins sleep 10 people with two dorm
   style, handicap accessible bathrooms each. Two meeting
   rooms to host 40-50 people each with big fireplaces.

•	 Founders Home–10 campers. Attractive three bedroom
   cottage. Master bedroom has a queen bed and has a
   handicap accessible bathroom. Cabin is fully furnished
   with bed linens and towels. Full kitchen with a dining
   room. Living room features sofas, TV/VCR/DVD and a
   fireplace. Wireless Internet available.

•	 McCoy Dorm–Two large dorm rooms with each having
   9 bunks and bathroom. A meeting room with fireplace
   separates the rooms.

•	 Stone House–sleeps 3 campers and has a private bathroom.

•	 McSpadden Dorm–Two large renovated dorms with one
   holding 7 bunk beds and the other holding 8 bunk beds.
   Large meeting room that accommodates 100 people.

Meeting/Dining Facilities
•	 Valley View Center–A two story, handicap accessible
   building. Kirby Dining Hall is on the lower level serving
   250 people. The upper level houses the camp office
   and reception/meeting area that overlooks the camp.
   Both floors have fireplaces, public restrooms and can be
   prepared to meet you specific needs. Wireless Internet

•	 Chapel– Seats 60 people plus an altar rail and unisex

•	 Fossil Courtyard–A large meeting room that may be divided
   into three break-out rooms of 35. Restrooms available.

•	 Tabernacle–An open air structure with a stage and seating
   for 300 people.

•	 Recreation–Concrete play slab with basketball, four square,
   and volleyball courts. Sand volleyball pit, horse shoes,
   softball field, soccer goals, hiking trails, challenge course,
   and an open field. Swimming pool, kayaks, and canoes are
   available during the summer.
    Driving Directions

                                                           Directions to Canyon Camp
                                                                From Oklahoma City: Take I-40 west from Oklahoma
                                                           city approx. 50 miles. (see below)

                                                                        From Clinton: Take I-40 East from Clinton
                                                                    approx. 40 miles. (see below)

                                                                         From Woodward: Take US-270 South from
                                                                    Woodward approx. 92 miles to I-40. Take I-40
                                                                    East 5 miles. (see below)

                                                                          Directions CONTINUED: From I-40 take
                                                                    exit 104; Methodist Road. Travel south 8 miles
                                                                    (passing through a stop sign at the junction
                                                                    of Methodist Road and HWY 37). The highway
                                                                    will curve to the left (east) and you will need to
                                                                    turn right at the Canyon Camp sign. Follow this
                                                                    road 1.5 miles. When you reach the top of the
                                                                    hill another Canyon Camp sign will direct you
                                                                    to turn right (west) and proceed down into the

     Directions to CampEgan
         From Oklahoma City: Take Turner Turnpike northeast approx. 80 miles to the
     Creek Turnpike and exit heading east to Broken Arrow. Take the Creek Turnpike east
     approx. 23 miles to Muskogee Turnpike. Take Muskogee Turnpike southeast approx.
     30 miles to Muskogee, OK. Take US 62 east approx. 25 miles to Tahlequah. (see below)

         From Tulsa: Take Muskogee Turnpike southeast from Tulsa approx. 40 miles to
     Muskogee. Take US 62 east approx. 25 miles to
     Tahlequah. (see below)

          From Bartlesville: Take US 75 approx.
     52 miles to Tulsa. Exit east on US 412 to
     Creek Turnpike. Take Creek Turnpike south
     Approx. 10 miles to Muskogee Turnpike. Take
     Muskogee Turnpike southeast approx. 30 miles
     to Muskogee. Take US 62 east approx. 25 miles
     to Tahlequah. (see below)

           Directions CONTINUED: Take US 62 east
     10 miles. The highway will split with Highway
     51 going to the right (towards Stillwell) and US
     62 going left (towards Westville). Head to the
     left staying on US 62 another 3 miles to camp.
     There will be a Camp Egan sign on your right
     directing you into camp.
Directions to Cross Point Camp:
     From Oklahoma City: Follow I – 35 South and take exit #29 in Ardmore (sign says
US70-East to Lake Murray, Madill, and Lake Texoma) to Kingston. Watch for the State
Highway sign 32. Turn right; go around the light pole and immediately cross two railroad
tracks. You are now on State Highway 32. (see below)

     From Northeast/East Oklahoma: take US 69, US 75, and/or US 70 to Durant. Take
US 70 West to Kingston. Go straight through the stop-light intersection at Main Street
in Kingston and go about three blocks to State Highway 32. You will cross two railroad
tracks. You are now on State Highway 32. (see below)

     From Southeast/East across Texas: Take US 69, US 75, and/or US 82 to Durant. Get on
US 70 West to Kingston. Go straight through the stoplight intersection at Main Street in
Kingston. Go about 3 blocks to State Highway 32. You will cross two railroad tracks. You
are now on State Highway 32. (see below)

    Directions CONTINUED: Once on State Highway 32 watch for the large blue and white
Cross Point Camp sign on your right (just past the railroad tracks). You will turn left on
Donahoo Street. Stay on blacktop about 5 miles to camp.

      From West/Southwest/South through Texas: Follow I-35 north. Exit at Gainesville and
get on US 82 heading east (or continuing on through Gainesville on US 82 if coming from
the west). Take US 82 headed east to where US 377 goes north at Whitesboro. Take US 377
north to OK State Highway 32 intersection and turn right (east). Entering Kingston, the
first building on your right is the Red River Valley REA building. In about 3 to 4 blocks, on
                                      the left, is a large blue and white Cross Point Camp
                                      Sign. Turn right on Donahoo Street. (If you cross the
                                      railroad tracks, you have gone too far.) Stay on the
                                      blacktop about 5 miles to camp.
                                                            Summer Camp Dates 2011
 Sunday           Monday                          Tuesday         Wednesday                     Thursday           Friday                       Saturday

                                                                                           1                   2                           3 June 4-8                   4
                                                                                                                                             Ardmore District Senior High
                                                                                                                                             Cross Point

              5   June 6-10                  6                7   June 8-11                8                   9   June 10-12             10 June 11-12               11
                  CLEW District Jr. High                          Ardmore District Jr High                         Single Parent Family      New Day Discovery
                  Canyon                                          Cross Point                                      Gathering                 Cross Point
                  Stillwater District                                                                              Canyon 9102

                                                                                                                                                                            Ju ne
             12   June 13-15                13               14   June 15-17              15    June 16-22    16                          17 June 18-19               18
                  Growin' In Grace                                Growin' In Grace              Wilderness                                   SonShine
                  Egan 1201                                       Egan 1202                     Canyon 4101                                  Egan 1209
                  June 13-17
                  Canyon 2103
                  T'weens Discover
                  Egan 2201
                  New Day I, Cross Point

             19   June 20-22                 20              21   June 22-24              22                  23   June 24-26             24 June 25-26               25
                  Growin' In Grace                                Growin' In Grace                                 Joy                       SonShine
                  Canyon 1101                                     Canyon 1102                                      Canyon 1107               Canyon 1109
                  June 20-24                                                                                       Single Parent Family      SonShine
                  T'weens Discover                                                                                 Gathering                 Cross Point 1309
                  Canyon 2101                                                                                      Cross Point 9302
                  Bartlesville District, Egan
                  June 20-26
                  Senior High Trek I

             26   June 27-July 1            27               28                           29                  30                           1                           2
                  Muskogee District, Egan
                  Lawton District, Cross Point

                                                                                                                                                                            Ju ly
              3   July 4-8                   4                5                            6                   7   July 8-12               8                           9
                  C.Y.M.E., Cross Point 3302                                                                       Dayspring (WOW) 3011

             10   July 11-13                11               12   July 13-15               13                 14                          15 July 16-17               16
                  Growin' In Grace                                Growin' In Grace                                                           SonShine
                  Canyon 1103                                     Canyon 1104                                                                Canyon 1110
                  Growin' In Grace                                Growin' In Grace
                  Egan 1203                                       Egan 1204
                  July 11-15                                      July 13-17
                  T'weens Discover                                Camp Cavett, Cross Point
                  Canyon 2102
                  T'weens Discover
                  Egan 2202

             17   July 18-22             18                  19                           20                  21   July 22-24             22 July 23-24               23
                  North and South OKC District                                                                     Joy                       SonShine
                  Canyon                                                                                           Egan 1207                 Egan 1210
                  Tulsa District                                                                                   Growin' In Grace
                  Egan                                                                                             Cross Point 1301
                  New Day II                                                                                       T'weens Discover
                  Cross Point                                                                                      Cross Point 2301
                  Dayspring East
                   (Sky Ranch) 3010

             24   July 25-29                25               26                           27                  28   July 29-31             29                          30
                  CLEW District Sr. High                                                                           Family Gathering
                  Canyon                                                                                           Canyon 9101
                  McAlester District                                                                               Young Adult Camp
                  Egan                                                                                             Cross Point 5301
                  Dayspring–South                                                                                  July 29-August 6
                  Cross Point 3310                                                                                 Senior High Trek II


             31                              1                2                            3                   4                           5                           6

                                                                                                                   Aug. 12-14
              7                              8                9                           10                  11                           12                         13
                                                                                                                   Family Gathering, Cross
                                                                                                                   Point 9301
                                                                                                                   Single Parent Family
                                                                                                                   Gathering, Egan 9201

 Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
How to use the information in this booklet                             credit card/check card payments:
                                                                       VISA, MasterCard and Discover accepted. They must include
This booklet contains information about camp and events
                                                                       signature of cardholder. Mail your completed registration/
that are available. They are listed by age level, giving you the
                                                                       health form and credit card information to 1501 N.W. 24th St.,
opportunity to see the variety of experiences from which you
                                                                       Oklahoma City, OK 73106, or fax: (405)530-2049.
may choose.

A “Camp Code” is provided for all camp events available for            registration deadline:
on-line registration or mail-in registration. This camp code is        All mail-in registrations and on-line registration/health
required to register. If the camp event does not have a camp           forms must be received in the Conference office before
code, then contact the camp dean for a registration form.              the deadline indicated next to each camp. After that,
                                                                       you must call the camp registrar at (405)530-2035 or
camp site codes                                                        (800)231-4166, to confirm that there are still openings
                                                                       and a $20 late registration fee will be added per camper.
Canyon Camp ............................................. CYN          You will not be able to register a camper with the on-line
Cross Point Camp ........................................ CPT          registration system after its registration deadline.
Camp Egan .................................................. EGN
Note grade entering: The grade referred to in the camp                 refunds and cancellations:
descriptions, is the grade you will enter in the fall of the current   If cancellation is received prior to seven days before
year.                                                                  the opening of camp, a refund will be given less a $25
                                                                       processing fee. If less than seven days notice is given, no
how to register                                                        refund will be made, unless for health reasons, whereby
                                                                       a full refund is available after a written request is
o n l i n e re gist ration – In order to register on-line              received. Refunds are given in the same form and to the
you will need to log on to and                     same person that paid the original camp fee.
click on the registration button
next to the camp. Be sure to Look for this symbol                      T-shirts
send health form to camp's      for camps that have
                                online registration
office.                         available
                                                                       Registration fee includes a T-shirt for campers.
                                                                       Leaders and participants in specialty camps may
ma i l -i n registration –                                             purchase a shirt for $5 at camp.
Available for all camps with
a camp code. A registration/                                           insurance
health form is provided in                                             Every camper is covered by primary insurance for emergency
the summer camp book for                                               medical up to $3,500 per accident and $1,000 for sickness.
your use. If you need more, you may photocopy the                      While it does serve as primary coverage, the camper insurance
registration/health form or print them off our Web                     policy coverage is limited. The policy is for immediate medical
site Mailing in a registration                    help. It will not cover any pre-existing conditions, nervous or
does not automatically assure one of acceptance,                       mental disorders. It does not pay for broken glasses, dental
some camps fill early. Fill out your registration/                     plates, hearing aids, or other such items. Your personal
health form completely and have a parent or guardian                   insurance will be secondary to this coverage.
complete and sign the form. Be sure to include
insurance company and policy numbers.                                  volunteers needed
payment policy:                                                        As always, we need volunteer “Leaders” and “Leaders in
If two or more registration/health forms are mailed                    Training” for all camps. You must be willing to work with and
together then only one payment for the total amount                    care for the campers, share your faith and enjoy camp life. You
will be accepted. Partial payments or multiple checks                  will be required to fill out a 2009-12 Safe Sanctuary Screening
for one registration are discouraged.                                  form that includes a background check. Contact the dean of
                                                                       the camp(s) you wish to volunteer. If you had a background
Campers will be registered when full payment and                       check last year, you do not need to renew this year.
registration/health form is received.
                                                                       If there are more than five campers attending from one church,
Check Payments:                                                        the dean of that camp may contact the church to provide
Make check payable to: “Oklahoma United Methodist Camps”
                                                                       NOTE: Oklahoma United Methodist Camps are open to
There will be a $15 charge on all returned checks.                     all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin,
Mail your completed registration/health forms and one                  disability, age or gender.
payment for the total due to the conference office.                                                                                2011 Summer Camp Book

                          So meb o dy's Ca l ling Yo u
                                                                                                         Important For SonShine Camps ONLY
                          SonSh1iand 2
                          Entering Grades
                                          ne                                                                  4       Attention Adults: One SHEPHERD for every one
                                                                                                                      to five campers from each church is REQUIRED.
                                                                                                                      If you bring a male camper, you must provide
                          Early elementary kids enjoy a taste of hiking, swimming,                                    a male shepherd. If you bring a female camper,
Elementary and T'weens

                          crafts and active learning small groups under the caring                                    you must provide a female shepherd. Each adult
                          and watchful eye of shepherds and leaders. All activities                                   must register in advance and submit to the full
                                                                                                                      safety screening of the conference before being
                          and creative worship in this fast-paced 24 hour, one                                        accepted as a shepherd. Contact your camp dean
                          night camp are geared for this younger age-level. After                                     early to get the proper paperwork in process.
                          this fun camping experience, children will want to return                                   Instructions for shepherd’s responsibilities are
                                                                                                                      provided with your confirmation letter.
                          to camp year after year.
                                                                                                              4       If Shepherd to camper ratio (1:5) is exceeded per
                                                                                                                      church, then additional Shepherds must pay the
                                                                                                                      camper rate.
                          Campers: $50                       Adults: $27
                                                                                                         Shepherds can download a required Safe Sanctuary Screening
                                                                                                         form at

                           Date                   Deadline                                                 Location                    Camp Code
                           June 18-19            June 6                                                   Egan                        1209
                                         Contact Janey Wilson,, (405)321-6266
                           June 25-26            June 13                                                  Canyon                      1109
                                         Contact Jodi Combs,, (405)542-6961
                           June 25-26            June 13                                                  Cross Point                 1309
                                         Contact Donna Magruder,, (405)382-2016
                           July 16-17            July 5                                                   Canyon                      1110
                                         Contact Jodi Combs,, (405)542-6961
                           July 23 -24           July 11                                                  Egan                        1210
                                         Contact Danna McConnell,, (918)272-5998

                     Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017

                   Important for all camps
     4       NOTE: Shepherds are for SonShine camp ONLY.
             However, some camps need additional leaders
             (especially men) to provide adequate supervision
             and meet adult to camper ratios. Contact the dean
             directly if you are interested.

'I Am'
Grow i n' I n Grace
Entering Grades 3 — 5

Older elementary kids have the opportunity to experience
God’s love in God’s beautiful creation over this three day; two
night camp. In addition to hiking, swimming, recreation, and
crafts, campers participate in interactive small group learning and
creative worship. During these many experiences, campers build
relationships with adults and children from other churches around
the state that continue as they return to camp year after

                                                                                                                       Elementary and T'weens
Campers: $127

 Date             Deadline                  Location         Camp Code
June 13-15       May 30                    Egan             1201

        Contact Darren Johnson,, (918)371-4770

June 15-17       June 1                    Egan             1202

        Contact Darren Johnson,, (918)371-4770

June 20-22       June 6                    Canyon           1101

        Contact Cali Eck,, (405)830-4876

June 22-24       June 8                    Canyon           1102

        Contact Cali Eck,, (405)830-4876

July 11-13       June 27                   Egan             1203

        Contact Tonya Ford,, (918)252-4571

July 11-13       June 27                   Canyon           1103

        Contact Karen Mitchell,, (405)820-3829

July 13-15       June 26                   Egan             1204

        Contact Tonya Ford,, (918)252-4571

July 13-15       June 29                   Canyon           1104

        Contact Karen Mitchell,, (405)820-3829

July 22-24       July 11                   Cross Point      1301(ropes course form required)

        Contact Sharri Hiller,, (405)613-0888                                                                            2011 Summer Camp Book

                                Entering Grades 3 — 5
                                This older elementary camp allows campers to fully participate in creative arts choices as they
                                express their unique gifts. Campers choose fine arts and movement classes they want to attend
                                and then share the gifts of vocal music, instrumental music, drama, dance, etc as they lead and
                                fully participate in creative worship. The joy of active learning and expressions of God’s gifts
                                within each camper is the focus of this camp.

                                Campers: $127
                                 Date                     Deadline                                                  Location      Camp Code
                                 June 24-26               June 13                                                   Canyon        1107
                                               Contact    Charlotte Teel,, (405)390-8151
                                 July 22-24               July 11                                                   Egan          1207
                                               Contact    EvaMarie Campbell,, (918)699-0120

                                God is in Our Midst
Elementary and T'weens

                               T’weens Discover
                               Entering Grade 6
                                Acknowledging the uniqueness of pre-teens, this camp for rising sixth graders is designed to
                                help “t’weeners” explore the concept that God is always with us. Using the natural settings of our
                                campsites, various group experiences, and scripture, campers are challenged to discover God in
                                the natural world, within themselves, in other campers and the community they form. This is
                                where campers will expand their world by interacting in cabins and small groups with adults and
                                peers from other churches.
                                Campers: $225, except for 2301: $130
                                 Date                    Deadline                                                   Location      Camp Code
                                 June 13-17              May 30                                                     Egan          2201
                                              Contact    Cindy Johnson,, (918)371-4770
                                 June 20-24              June 6                                                     Canyon        2101
                                              Contact    Kathy Coit,, (405)530-2059
                                 July 11-15              June 27                                                    Egan          2202
                                              Contact    Becky Price,, (918)455-4202
                                 July 11-15              June 27                                                    Canyon        2102
                                              Contact    Nicki Humphrey,, (405)919-6188
                                 July 22-24              July 11                                                    Cross Point   2301 (ropes course form required)
                                              Contact    Jeff Hiller,, (405)613-0888

                         Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
      Entering Grades 6, 7 and 8
      Using the model of teaching leadership skills through active
      participation, J.E.M. ( Junior High Effectiveness Ministry)
      Camp, offers training to junior high youth. J.E.M. Camp is
      designed specifically with the junior high youth in mind. It
      is the goal of this camp to develop leadership skills that can
      be used immediately.

      To attend, youth who come MUST be recommended by
      their pastor or youth worker. For more information contact

      Campers: $256
      Ropes course form required
      Recommendation form required–

       Date             Deadline          Location             Camp Code

       June 13-17       May 30            Canyon               2103

              Contact   Diana Northcutt,, (405)530-2144

     Room for us All
     Wi lderness
      Entering Grades 7-8

                                                                                                       Senior and Junior High
      Wilderness Camp is a unique seven-day, six-night
      adventure in creating a Christian community while
      living in the out-of-doors. It is a challenging adventure
      to develop relational skills: listening to others, expressing
      your own needs/ideas, caring for others, and making
      inclusive group decisions. There are many things youth
      will learn in this outdoor experience, including community
      building, camping skills, and learning to care for
      creation. This year's theme "Room for us All" emphasizes
      inclusiveness, with a focus on bullying.

      This camp is limited to those who will be in the 7th or 8th
      grade in the fall of 2011 and limited to the first 32 youth
      who register.

      Campers: $210
      No refunds after May 20
      Disregard "roommate" on registration form

       Date             Deadline          Location             Camp Code
      June 16-22     May 20           Canyon               4101
             Contact Roger Wood,, (580)465-8030                                                            2011 Summer Camp Book
                            Why?…Why Not?
                            C.Y.M.E                                                                      recommended by their pastor or youth worker.
                                                                                                         The Youth Lay Speaking course will be offered
                            Entering Grades 9 - Graduated Seniors
                                                                                                         during workshop times at C.Y.M.E. camp. If you
                            C.Y.M.E. (Conference Youth Ministry Enterprise)                              wish to take this course, there will be an additional
                            is a leadership training camp for local church                               cost of $10 to be paid upon arrival at camp. For
                            youth. The camp is serious business with non-                                more information contact (405)530-2199.
                            stop intensity and excitement. It will push youth
                            to the limits of Christian community, leadership                             Campers: $330
                            skills, discipleship, peer ministry and hearing their                        Ropes course form required
                            call in Christ. This year’s core curriculum will be                          Recommendation form required–
                            stewardship based on Dave Ramsey’s model for
Senior and Junior High

                            youth. To attend, youth who come MUST be                                     CYME_JEMRECOMMENDATION.pdf

                             Date                  Deadline                                                      Location               Camp Code

                             July 4-8              June 21                                                       Cross Point            3302

                                         Contact   Adam Brinson,, (580)227-7090

                            Dayspring                                                                    this summer. If you are looking for a camp that
                            Check with the deans for grades                                              lifts up the name of Jesus and has lots of fun and
                            allowed to attend                                                            laughter this is the camp for you. We do our best
                            It is with great anticipation that we invite you to                          to have worship that will lift you up and activities
                            come and experience Dayspring Camp. As you                                   that will strengthen your walk with the Lord.
                            can tell the Spirit of God has blessed this ministry                         Contact any of the deans below if you have any
                            and we have three camps for you to select from                               questions about these camps.
                             Date                     Deadline                      Camp                         Location               Camp Code        Cost
                            July 8-12                June 27                                                     WOW                   3011             $235

                                             Contact Scott Rodgers,, (918)357-2211

                            July 18-22               July 5                        East                          Sky Ranch             3010             call for pricing

                                             Contact Mindy Burdette,, (918) 258-1505

                            July 25-29               July 11                       South                         Cross Point           3310             $230

                                             Contact Travis Muse,, (405) 550-3081

                     Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
Under t he St a rs:                                                           A backpacking and camping weekend
Youth entering 8 -11 grades.  th   th

Join other outdoor loving youth from across the Conference for a Friday – Sunday outdoor experience. Marvel over the
vastness of God’s stars from atop Buffalo Bowl, cook over a campfire, sleep in a tent & backpack in Wilderness
Canyon. Together we will complete a conservation project to give back to our camps.

Campers: $65
 Date               Location                                Camp Code
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2   Canyon                                 4102
           Contact Audra Fogle,, (918)699-0130

Sen ior H igh
Youth entering 10 th-12 th grades.
Youth will experience the majesty of God’s
creation and create a Christian community
while living in the outdoors. This physically
challenging adventure will help youth
develop personal and team skills. In nature’s
classroom, each group (6 youth led by 2
adults) will learn how to cook outdoors,
read a compass, manage a low impact camp,
and maneuver through the wilderness.

Two excursions are being offered:
Backpacking through Rocky Mountain
National Park and Canoeing through the
Boundary Water Canoe Area in Minnesota.
                                                                                              between Minnesota and Ontario and is a land of
                                                                                              forests, rivers, beautiful lakes, and wildlife. We

                                                                                                                                                    Senior and Junior High
                                                                                              will canoe and portage Lakes One, Two, Three,
     June 20-26                                                                               Four, Hudson, and Insula with optional day
     Spectacular views, wildlife and miles of                                                 trip destinations. Get your paddle and let’s go
     untouched forests make Colorado’s Rocky                                                  canoeing!
     Mountain National Park, located just outside
     Estes Park, an amazing place to experience God’s                                         Fees include: lodging, transportation, food,
     Majesty. We will hike over mountains, around                                             insurance, equipment rental, and government
     glacial lakes, and even swim in an ice-cold                                              fees. However, some personal equipment will be
     mountain stream. Lace up your hiking boots and                                           required.
     join our wilderness adventure!                                                        Limited to the first 12 who register and pay.
                                                                                           Maximum of four allowed per church.
     Trek 2: Boundary Water Canoe Area–                                                    Early Registration March 1-April 15.
     July 29-August 6                                                                      Excessregistrationswillbedeterminedbylottery.
     It’s no wonder why Minnesota’s license plates say
                                                                                           Trek 1 Campers: $400
    “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The BWCA is located
                                                                                           Trek 2 Campers: $500
 Date               Deadline                                Location                                                  Camp Code

 June 20-26         June 6                                  Rocky Mountain National Park                              3002

          Contact   Audra Fogle,, (918)699-0130

 July 29-August 6   July 18                                 Boundary Water Canoe Area                                 3001

          Contact   James Graham,, (918)266-4161                                                                                                      2011 Summer Camp Book
                         District Camp Entering Grades 7-12
                         Altar your Life from the Inside Out
                         Contact the district camp dean for camp registration forms. Registration for
                         district camps are done with each district.
                          District/Camp      Dates        Contact Person                                                send registrations to:                                             Camper Cost

                          Ardmore Senior     June 4-8     Gloria McGee-Denton, (580)296-2665,      District Camp Registration,                                        $240
                          High–CPT                                                                                      333 W. Main St., Suite 445, Ardmore, OK 73410

                          Ardmore Junior     June 8-11    Gloria McGee-Denton, (580)296-2665,      District Camp Registration,                                        $185
                          High–CPT                                                                                      333 W. Main St., Suite 445, Ardmore, OK 73410

                          Bartlesville–EGN   June 20-24   Scott McCrary, (918)333-0810,            District Camp Registration,                                        $220
                                                                                                                        East Cross UMC, 820 SE Madison, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006

                          CLEW Junior        June 6-10    Adam Brinson, (580)227-7090,       District Camp Registration                                         $220

                          CLEW Senior        July 25-29   Adam Brinson, (580)227-7090,       District Camp Registration                                         $220

                          Lawton–CPT         June 27-     Bryan Tener, (580)429-3323,               District Camp Registration,                                        $230
                                             July 1                                                                     Lawton District Office, P.O. BOX 6886, Lawton, OK 73506

                          McAlester–Egan     July 25-29   Dale Durnell, (918)652-4452,    District Camp Registration, Henryetta 1st UMC Attn: McA District   $225
                                                                                                                        Camp Registration P.O. Box 609 Henryetta, OK 74437-0609

                          Muskogee–EGN       June 27-     Shannon Davis, (918)485-3059,          District Camp Registration                                         $225
                                             July 1                                                                     Muskogee District Office, P.O. Box 1757, Muskogee, OK 74402-1757

                          N/SOKC–CYN         July 18-22   Kathryn Witzel, (405)751-8116,   District Camp Registration,                                        $210
                                                                                                                        Village UMC, 2501 W. Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

                          Stillwater–EGN     June 6-10    Brian Matthews, (918)623-0265,          District Camp Registration                                         $205
                                                                                                                        424 Squires Rd, STE. 100, Stillwater, OK 74074

                          Tulsa–EGN          July 18-22   James Graham, (918)266-4161,    District Senior High Camp Registration,                            $ 270
                                                                                                                        Tulsa District Office, 4815 S. Harvard Ste. 260, Tulsa, OK 74135

                         Un ited Nat ion s/Wa sh i ngton D.C
Senior and Junior High

                         Seminar Tour
                         For Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and students up to age
                         21 in their first two years of college.
                         This event happens over Spring Break for Oklahoma schools. The
                         youth will look at the seminar topic through the eyes of their faith
                         and the eyes of guest speakers and lawmakers. In New York, we will
                         visit Times Square, the Empire State Building, Riverside Church, a
                         Broadway play and other enjoyable sites. In Washington DC, the trip
                         will include the Smithsonian Museums, the Holocaust Museum, the
                         Capitol, a dinner theater and many other sites. For more information
                         contact Diana Northcutt,, (405)530-2144.

                         Next Event Spring of 2013
                                                                                         Activities are planned for every day and utilize all aspects

Camp Cavet t
For children and youth ages 10 to 18
                                                                                         of the camping program. Campers are encouraged to
                                                                                         participate in all activities they are physically able to do.
                                                                                         Swimming, canoeing, challenge course, basketball, jewelry
This camp is for children and youth with debilitating                                    making, crafts, volleyball, softball, archery are only a few of
diseases and is sponsored by Oklahoma United                                             the activities provided. Professional fishing organizations
Methodist Camps and Children’s Hospital. Children with                                   will teach the campers how to fish safely. Worship, new
handicapping conditions are welcome to attend. This is the                               friends and the opportunity to talk are also vital aspects of
only camp available for heart, sickle-cell and cystic fibrosis                           this camp.
                                                                                         Donations are needed and welcome
The camp is underwritten by donations, so there is no cost                               $200 suggested donation
to the campers. Volunteer nurses are available and are part                              $450 allows one child to be sponsored
of the leadership team.                                                                  required funding date June 1, 2011
 Date                      Camp                                                              Location

 July 13-17                Camp Cavett                                                       Cross Point

               Contact     Jenny Rodgers,

                                                                                      who may be established in their careers or marriage? This

You ng Adu lts                                                                        camp will target the spiritual concerns of your age group,
                                                                                      many of whom find themselves seeking an identity beyond
Camp                                                                                  high school. The focus will be on finding ways to stay
                                                                                      plugged into spiritual resources, as well as finding ways to
For ages 18-25
                                                                                      offer your gifts of energy and enthusiasm.
Does it feel like you are "too old" to be in youth group
anymore, but "too young" to fit in with other young adults                            Campers: $105

 Date                       Camp                                           Location                            Camp Code

 July 29-31                 Young Adults                                   Cross Point                         5301

                Contact     Terry Koehn,, (580)355-5757

                                                                                         victims of crime and we help them experience a New Day.
New Day Camp I                                                                           Recreational activities include fishing, canoeing, swimming,

                                                                                                                                                            Speciality Camps
                                                                                         basketball, hiking, shoreline hiking and board games. The
and TOO
For children ages 8-11 (I) and 12-14 (Too)
                                                                                         older group participates in challenge course activities. The
                                                                                         camp also offers art, crafts and musical activities. The
                                                                                         children receive all toiletry items, a teddy bear, backpack,
New Day Camp is for children who have at least one
                                                                                         Bible and a souvenir shirt. All bedding, towels and linens
incarcerated parent. The camp begins at noon on Monday
                                                                                         are furnished. Transportation is furnished from the
and ends following lunch on Friday.
                                                                                         children’s homes by local church volunteers.
We have worship twice daily. Children are divided into
                                                                                      The camp is completely funded by donations, not
small groups for curriculum study and other activities.
Each group has its own set of adult leaders. Curriculum                               apportionment dollars. We attempt to staff the camp with
is designed to address the special needs of this group of                             one adult for every two children. If you are interested in
youngsters. We also have share groups where children can                              volunteering for, know a child who is eligible for New Day
process together their hopes, dreams and difficulties that                            Camp, or have questions, contact Steve Byrd at (405)528-
might impact them. These children are the forgotten                                   0963 or Stan Basler at (405)530-2015.

 Date                        Camp                                                            Location

 June 13-17                  New Day I                                                       Cross Point

                 Contact     Steve Byrd,

 July 18-22                  New Day Too                                                     Cross Point

                 Contact     Adam Leathers,                                                                                                        2011 Summer Camp Book

                         A NEW Retreat

                         Sen ior Adu lt       Sen ior Adu lt
                         Un iversity Ret reat Ret re atsstrengthen faith and form new
                                              Each camp is designed to
                                                                       For ages 55+
                         Retirement from work does not mean retirement from
                         following and doing the will of God. In fact, one’s senior               friendships. Special programs and speakers, campfires, good
                         years can be the best in ministry because of their life                  food, fellowship, worship in God’s great outdoors and
                         experiences and the extra time that can be given to serve                relaxation are all part of this retreat experience for
                         our Lord. Our goal and vision for our first Senior Adult                 senior-age adults. All senior adults are invited
                         University Retreat will be that of a time for senior adults              to attend these retreats. Call the dean of the
                         from across the state to come together for                               retreat for price information.
                         a time of fellowship, worship and a time to                               Date                Location                             Camp Code

                         listen and learn from each other and from                                 April 12-14         Camp Egan                            7201

                         the speakers.                                                                     Contact     Myrna and Larry Moore,, (580)336-2369

                                                                                                   Sept. 20-22         Canyon Camp                          7101
                          Date                  Location                        Camp Code
                                                                                                           Contact     Harri Williams,, (405)391-5503
                          October 10-12         Camp Egan                       7202

                                    Contact     Janey Wilson,, (405)321-6266    October 25-27       Cross Point                          7301

                                                                                                           Contact     Rebecca Kingsbery,, (580)371-8468

                         United Methodist Women
Speciality Camps

                         Mother/Child Retreat                                                     Spiritual Growth Retreat
                         This weekend is planned especially for mothers,                          Spiritual growth and theological development are at the
                         grandmothers, aunts and friends with young children. There               heart of UMW. Women grow in faith and understanding
                         will be a time to be with other adults for a sharing time, but           through prayer, Bible study, worship, reflection, interaction
                         there will also be several activities to share the camping               with others and active involvement in mission – all
                         experience with the children you love. Activities are                    essential components of the organization's key emphasis
                         planned for boys and girls, from toddlers through 6th grade.             on mission education.
                         Units, churches, and districts should consider scholarships               Date               Location
                         for families to be able to attend.                                        April 29-May 1     Egan

                                                                                                          Contact     Nancy Whittaker, (580)795-5411,
                          Date                Location

                          July 29 -31         Egan                                                Toole Tyme
                                  Contact     Jacci Freno, (405)677-3279,      Join mission-minded women as we gather in love and
                                                                                                  service to help Cookson Hills prepare for Christmas.
                                                                                                  Date                  Location

                                                                                                  Nov. 12-13            Cookson Hills Center

                                                                                                            Contact     Annette Loos (918)371-7988

                   Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017

Fam i ly Gat heri ng                                                      Single Parent's
For all ages                                                              Family Gathering
Bring the whole family for Family Gathering. You                          For all ages
will have the opportunity to share and grow with                          This is a special camp for families of single parent
your family and with new families of friends. We                          households of any size, or style (including non-
will hike, laugh, sing, swim, play, eat and relax                         custodial parents, grandparent, and military
together. Join us and you will discover new ideas for                     households). The goal is to make your family stronger
family activities and ways to build a stronger and                        and allow quality time in a busy world.
happier family.

                                                                                                                                                   Speciality Camps
                                                                          We will create wonderful family memories at this
Families will lodge together and activities will                          camp as we swim, hike, and fellowship together!
include family time, adult time and children time.
Make this a priority and a new tradition for your
                                                                          Adults – $75
family. Come and join others who have made this a
tradition for their family. You will be glad you came.
                                                                          13-18 – $65
                                                                          6-12 – $55
Adults – $75                                                              2-5 – $25
13-18 – $65                                                               0-1 – Free
6-12 – $55
2-5 – $25
0-1 – Free
Date                   Location                           Camp Code        Date              Location                                 Camp Code

July 29-31             Canyon                             9101             June 10-12        Canyon                                   9102

             Contact   Cali Eck,, (405)830-4876                             Andre' Stravlo,, (405)530-2017

August 12-14           Cross Point                        9301             June 24-26        Cross Point                              9302

             Contact   Randy McGuire,, (405)530-2016                      Andre' Stravlo,, (405)530-2017

                                                                           August 12-14      Camp Egan                                9201

                                                                                   Contact   Andre' Stravlo,, (405)530-2017                                                                                                2011 Summer Camp Book
 Camp Dates by Campsite
                    Dates                         Camp                               Camp Code

  June 6-10                 CLEW District Jr. High          

  June 10-12                Single Parent Family Gathering            9102

  June 13-17                J.E.M.                                    2103

  June 16-22                Wilderness                                4101

  June 20-22                Growin' In Grace                          1101

  June 20-24                T'weens Discover                          2101

  June 22-24                Growin' In Grace                          1102

  June 24-26                Joy                                       1107

  June 25-26                SonShine                                  1109

  July 11-13                Growin' In Grace                          1103

  July 11-15                T'weens Discover                          2102

  July 13-15                Growin' In Grace                          1104

  July 16-17                SonShine                                  1110

  July 18-22                North and South Oklahoma City Districts   N/A

  July 25-29                CLEW District Sr. High          

  July 29-31                Family Gathering                          9101

  June 4-8                  Ardmore District Senior High              N/A

  June 8-11                 Ardmore District Junior High              N/A

  June 11-12                New Day Discovery                         online registration not available

  June 13-17                New Day I                                 online registration not available

  June 24-26                Single Parent Family Gathering            9302

  June 25-26                SonShine                                  1309

  June 27-July 1            Lawton District                           N/A

  July 4-8                  C.Y.M.E.                                  3302

  July 13-17                Camp Cavett                               online registration not available

  July 18-22                New Day II                                online registration not available

  July 22-24                Growin' In Grace                          1301

  July 22-24                T'weens Discover                          2301

  July 25-29                Dayspring -South                          3310

  July 29-31                Young Adult                               5301

  August 12-14              Family Gathering                          9301

   June 6-10                Stillwater District                       N/A

   June 13-15               Growin' In Grace                          1201

   June 13-17               T'weens Discover                          2201

   June 15-17               Growin' In Grace                          1202

   June 18-19               SonShine                                  1209

   June 20-24               Bartlesville District                     N/A

   June 27-July 1           Muskogee District                         N/A

   July 11-13               Growin' In Grace                          1203

   July 11-15               T'weens Discover                          2202

   July 13-15               Growin' In Grace                          1204

   July 18-22               Tulsa District                            N/A

   July 22-24               Joy                                       1207

   July 23-24               SonShine                                  1210

   July 25-29               McAlester District                        N/A

   August 12-14             Single Parent Family Gathering            9201

 Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
                                 Su m mer Camp Regi st rat ion
                                                  NOT FOR DISTRICT CAMP REGISTRATION

1501 NW 24th St.                                 Camp Code: _________ Camp Date: ________________
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
fax: (405)530-2049               Go green! May we contact you via E-mail?          Yes r           No r

 First and Last Name:

 Date of Birth:                                   Grade in Fall:

 Gender: Male q       Female q

 Parent or Guardian Name(s):


 City:                                            State:           Zip:

 Day Phone: ( 405 )                               Evening Phone: ( 405 )

 Cell/Other Phone: ( 405 )                        E-mail:

 Church Denomination:

 Church Name:

 Circle one:      Camper          Leader          Leader in Training         Dean     Shepherd (SonShine ONLY)

 T-Shirt Size:    Youth-Small     Youth-Medium Small               Medium    Large     XL         XXL


*Be sure to fill out the health form on page 25-26. It must be filled out completely for both minors and adults.

*If you’d like to pay by credit card, register online or fill-out and send in the coupon on page 29 with this
completed registration form.

OFFICE USE ONLY                                                                2011 Summer Camp Book
                                   Cross Point, Canyon, and Egan –CHALLENGE Confidence Course

           u     It is important that each applicant (and guardian, if applicant is under 18 years of age) read this information! t
                    Complete and sign the INFORMED CONSENT AND MEDICAL HISTORY FORM. Return it to 1501 NW 24th St.,
         Oklahoma City, OK 73106 before camp begins. Call the Camp and Retreat Ministries office at (405)530-2017 for questions.

                                                                       Statement of Program

        The “Challenge” Confidence Course program is a part of the larger field            high on poles (at Cross Point). If rappelling or climbing, the tower is 50 feet high (at
 of adventure education. It will motivate people to venture out into unfamiliar,           Cross Point). On the high components, rappelling, and climbing, each person wears
 challenging territories of life experiences. The program has three basic goals:           safety equipment consisting of a seat harness, a safety line and helmet. Reasonable
        •	    To increase the individual’s level of self-confidence.                       precaution to protect the participants is taken. However, unforeseen circumstances
        •	    To help participants learn to function in a group setting in a meaningful
                                                                                           may occur for which the personnel of the campsite cannot be held responsible.
              and productive way.
                                                                                                 Because of these potential dangers each participant must recognize the
        •	    To instill a feeling of fun into this challenging adventure.
                                                                                           importance of following the leader’s instructions. Safety rules and procedures will be
        The course involves each party in activities centered on a series of components
 or structures made with rope, steel cable and wood. Each presents a new challenge.        obeyed. Appropriate individual conduct is expected. NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE
 They will walk and swing on ropes, jump a reasonable distance, support falling group      COURSE WITHOUT SUPERVISION.
 members, participate as a climbing aid, and have close physical contact with other              Participation in the “Challenge” requires physical well being and mental
 group members. Some of the components are at ground level; some are about 35 feet         alertness. Report on the consent form any condition that may restrict participation.
                                                                Informed Consent and Medical History
I, _____________________________________________ would like to participate in the campsite's challenge course
        (Applicant) (Print or type)
sponsored by the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference to be held on ___________________________________________________ .
                                                                                                                               (Event date/s)
1.    Applicant's Name _______________________________________________ Date of Birth _________ / ______ / _______
2.    Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________
3.    City _______________________________________ State ____ Zip ________________________
4.    Home Phone ( _______ ) _____________ Other Phone ( _______ ) __________________________
5.    Person to notify in case of accident and/or injury: Name __________________________________________________________
      Phone Numbers: First try ( _____ ) ______________ Second try ( ______ ) __________________
      NOTE: Applicants are responsible for any medical expenses and should be covered by their own accident/illness insurance.
6.    If you have any conditions that would limit your involvement in physical activities, explain: ________________________________
7.    If you are currently under physicians care, explain: ______________________________________________________________
8.    If you are currently taking any medications, prescribed or otherwise, state what you are taking and what it is for: ________________
9.    If you have any allergies or reactions to food, medication, plants, or animals, or have any other medical limitations, identify
      what they are and explain: ________________________________________________________________________________
10. Do you take medication for bee stings or other allergies? ________________________________ If so, be sure to bring it with you!
11. If you have heart murmurs, episodes of irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, or chest pains on exertion, describe symptoms and physicians
      diagnosis: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
12. If you have asthma, has the condition been stable for the past year? _________________________________________________
13. If you have problems with your neck, back, arms, ankles, hips, or knees that limit your activities, describe the symptoms and limitations:
     I acknowledge that I have read the Statement of Program and/                         Conference United Methodist Camps Boards, its clinicians, agents,
or have been advised of the dangers and risks of participation in the                     and all individuals assisting in facilitating these activities, from
Challenge/Confidence Course. I assume and understand all of the                           all liability of any nature, for all injuries, loss or damages suffered
ordinary risks normally incidental to the nature of the program. This                     at, or in any way connected with, these activities. I give consent
includes risks which are not specifically foreseeable.                                    for the personnel to secure needed medical services in case of an
     I hereby release all rights or claims against the Oklahoma                           EMERGENCY.
________________________                       ____ / ______ / ______                      ________________________                        ____ / ______ / ______
   Applicant's Signature                        Date                                                Legal Guardian                          Date
                                                                                               (if participant is under 18)
________________________                       ____ / ______ / ______                      return this form, filled out and properly signed, to 1501 n.w.
   Facilitator's Signature                      Date                                       24th street, oklahoma city, ok 73106 before camp begins.

Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
                               Oklahoma United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries

                                                           Camper He alt h Form*

Full Name: __________________________________ Camp Code: _________________                                                     Date: _____ / _____/ ______
Birth date: __________________________________ Gender: Male q Female q

List three names, their relationship to the camper, and phone numbers of whom to contact in case of an emergency:
1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Health-Care Providers:
Primary care physician: _______________________________________ Phone number: ( ______ ) _________________
Dentist: ____________________________________________________ Phone number: ( ______ ) _________________
Other (specify): ______________________________________________ Phone number: ( ______ ) _________________
This camper is covered by family insurance:                                  YES q          NO q

Insurance company: __________________________________________ Policy number: ___________________________
Subscriber: ___________________________________ Insurance company phone number: ( _________) _____________

Health Information:
Allergies: q No known allergies OR q allergic to:
This camper has been fully immunized: Yes q No q                                   Date of last Tetanus: ________ / _________ / ___________
Circle yes or no if this camper has or had the following. If yes, explain below.
 Been hospitalized?                Yes        No      Recent Injury?                       Yes          No       Headaches?                     Yes          No
 Had Surgery?                      Yes        No      Shortness of Breath?                 Yes          No       Fainting or Dizziness?         Yes          No
 Chronic Illness?                  Yes        No      Diabetes?                            Yes          No       Chest Pain?                    Yes          No
 Infectious Disease?               Yes        No      Seizures?                            Yes          No       Back/Joint Problems?           Yes          No
 Bedwetting?                       Yes        No      Skin Problems?                       Yes          No       Trouble sleeping?              Yes          No
 Diarrhea Problems?                Yes        No      Wear glasses or contacts?            Yes          No       Eating Disorder?               Yes          No
 Constipation Problems?            Yes        No      Sleepwalking?                        Yes          No

If female, have problems with menstruation?                                     Yes   q     No q
Treated for attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)? Yes q No q
Have mental, emotional, or behavioral concerns?                                 Yes   q     No q
Had a significant life event that continues to affect the camper’s life? Yes q No q
Medical diet?                                                                   Yes q       No q
Vegetarian diet?                                                                Yes q       No q
                                                                                                                                                      Continued >>>

* Even leaders, deans, and other resource persons are considered campers and need to fill this form out to complete the registration process.                                                                                                       2011 Summer Camp Book
                                     Camper He alt h Form*
                                                                         Page 2

Full name: ___________________________________ Camp Code: _________________

Explain yes answers from the previous page here: ___________________________________________________________

Does this camper have Asthma?                           Yes   q        No     q      If yes…
Will the camper carry a rescue inhaler?                 Yes   q        No     q      Need assistance with inhaler? Yes q No q

Will this camper take any daily medications while at camp? Yes q No q
List the medications the camper will be taking:
 Name of Medication                Reason given                      When is it given?                 Dose to give?             How is it given?

Non-prescription medications may be stocked at the camp and are used on an as needed basis to manage illness and injury.
Can this camper use over the counter medications and/or bandages? Yes q No q

What have we forgotten to ask? Is there anything else we should know about this camper? __________________________

My signature below indicates that:
     •	    I agree to abide by all the rules and policies of camp and to live cooperatively with other campers and leaders.

     •		   I	agree	to	hold	the	Oklahoma	United	Methodist	Camp	and	Retreat	Program	and	all	leaders	of	this	camp	free	from	liability	for	any	
           injuries, damages or losses unless caused by the willful or intentional conduct on the part of the leader or staff.

     •		   I	hereby	give	permission	to	the	physician	or	hospital	staff	selected	by	the	camp	leadership	to	order	X-rays,	routine	tests,	and	
           treatment for the health of the camper.

     •	    In	the	event	I	cannot	be	reached	in	an	emergency,	I	hereby	give	permission	to	the	physician	or	hospital	staff	selected	by	the	camp	
           leadership to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for this camper.

     •	    This	camper	has	permission	to	engage	in	camp	activities,	agrees	to	participate	fully	in	the	features	of	the	program	and	cooperate	
           in maintaining an atmosphere of Christian fellowship.

     •	    I	consent	to	the	use	of	this	camper’s	image	or	voice	in	photographs,	audio	and/or	video	recording	taken	during	the	course	of	this	
           camp for the purpose of publicizing the camping program of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Parent/Guardian's Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ______ / _____/ ______

Camper's/Leader's Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ______ / _____/ ______
* Even leaders, deans, and other resource persons are considered campers and need to fill this form out to complete the registration process.

Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
                           2010-2012 Safe Sanctuary Screening Form
                                                                    Summer Camp Leadership use ONLY                          27
                               Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church
Return to:                                                        For questions please visit our website:
Safe Sanctuaries                                                  http://www.
1501 NW 24th St.                                                  or contact Kathy Coit at:
Oklahoma City, OK 73106                                           (405)530-2059 /
Fax: (405)530-2049

Gender: q Male or q Female
Which Camp or Campsite will you be helping? ________________________________________ Check here if under 18: q
Full legal name ________________________________________________________________________________________
                  LAST                    FIRST                   MIDDLE                    (MAIDEN)
Other names you have used (legal or nicknames) ____________________________________________________________
Social networking addresses (FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) _______________________________________________________
Current home address _____________________________________________ E-mail _____________________________
City __________________________________ State _______ Zip _____________________________________________
Oklahoma county in which you currently live: _______________________________________________________________
Phone (day)( ____) ___________________ (evening) ( ____ ) ________________ (cell) ( ____ ) ______________________
Oklahoma counties where you have previously lived: ________________________________________________________
Date of birth ______________________ Social Security Number _______________________________________________
Driver’s license number _________________________________________________________________________________
United Methodist Church affiliation _______________________________ City ___________________________________

Answer these questions and attach another page with an explanation of any YES* answers.

1.   Have you ever been charged, convicted of, or pled guilty to a crime (misdemeanor or felony)
     against children or other persons (including but not limited to drug-related charges, child
     abuse, other crimes of violence, theft or motor vehicle violations)?                        yes* q                          no q

2.   Has your driver’s license ever been revoked or suspended?                                          yes* q                   no q

3.   Has a board that licenses businesses or professions ever licensed you?                             yes  q                   no q

     If “yes,” has this license ever been revoked or suspended?                                         yes* q                   no q

4.   Have you ever habitually abused alcohol or controlled substances?                                  yes* q                   no q

DISCLOSURE NOTICE and AUTHORIZATION for background consumer reports

                   A consumer report and/or investigative consumer report including information concerning your character,
         general reputation, personal characteristics, criminal record, qualifications, and/or motor vehicle record may be ob-
         tained at any time during the application process or during your service by the Oklahoma Conference of the United
         Methodist Church in connection with your application to work with children, youth or vulnerable adults.
                   Upon timely written request to the Oklahoma United Methodist Church Conference staff responsible for
         screening workers, and within 5 days of this request, the name, address and phone number of the reporting agency
         and the nature and scope of the investigative consumer report will be disclosed to you.
                   Before any adverse action is taken, based in whole or in part on the information contained in the consumer
         report, you will be provided a copy of the report, the name, address and phone number of the reporting agency, and
         a summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

         AUTHORIZATION: I, _____________________________________________ (print name clearly), hereby authorize
         and request, without reservation, any present or former employer, law enforcement agency, division of motor vehi-
         cles, consumer reporting agency, or other persons or agencies having knowledge about me to furnish the Oklahoma
         Conference United Methodist Church with any and all background information in their possession regarding me, in
         order that my qualifications may be evaluated.

Signature _____________________________________Date __________________________________________
For California, Minnesota or Oklahoma applicants, check this box to receive a copy of your report. q

These forms can also be found on our website:                                        (page 1 of 2)
                                                                     Summer Camp Leadership use ONLY
                               2010-2012 Safe Sanctuary Reference Form
                                 Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church
         (Applicant is to distribute this form to persons identified as “References” in the Screening Form.)
Please type or print clearly!

Applicant’s Name: ______________________________________City: _______________________________________

The above named individual has applied to work with children, youth or vulnerable adults in a church setting. Please
honestly complete this form as it relates to this person’s character and qualifications as you know them. To maintain
confidentiality return the competed form to:

Safe Sanctuaries Office, Oklahoma Conference–United Methodist Ministry Center
1501 NW 24th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, 1(800)231-4166 or (405)530-2059

How long have you known the applicant? _______________ In what capacity? __________________________________

Please rate this individual in the following areas:
                                  Excellent       Good        Average       Poor           Do Not Know*
 Personal habits                  1               2           3             4
 Moral character                  1               2           3             4
 Compassion                       1               2           3             4
 Responsibility                   1               2           3             4
 Emotional stability              1               2           3             4
 Christian maturity               1               2           3             4
 Openness to critique             1               2           3             4
 Teamwork ability                 1               2           3             4
 Health                           1               2           3             4

Comments or *explanations :

Signature ________________________________________ Date ____________________________________________
PLEASE PRINT: Evaluator’s Name _______________________________________________________________________
Evaluator’s Address __________________________________________________________________________________
City/State _________________________________________ Zip ____________________________________________
Home phone (______) __________________________ Work phone ( _____) ___________________________________


Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
                                                    Camp Guidelines
Scheduling, policies and fees for Canyon Camp, Camp Egan, and Cross Point Camp
For Conference Camp schedules, on-line registration and other information visit us at:
The engagement and use of an Oklahoma United Methodist Church Camp and Conference Center constitutes an
agreement on the part of the user to honor the policies herein outlined.

     We cordially invite groups to use our                A. Deposit                                                  C. Facility Assignment
three Oklahoma United Methodist camps.
                                                                 To reserve space, a per night deposit is                    Groups will be assigned facilities, which
We will do our best to have the facilities                required, except for Hardt Lodge, Egan Lodge and            will accommodate their needs on a first-reserved,
in good repair, to serve nutritious,                      Founder’s Home. Call the director/manager of the            first-served basis. Needs will be determined by
well-balanced meals, and meet your                        camp to get current pricing.                                your program, and number and size of groups in
group’s needs. It is the goal of our staff to                    A deposit is due within FOURTEEN (14) days           camp at that time. See Item “H. Meeting Rooms” for
provide your group with a pleasant and                    after a contract is offered. A written receipt will         additional spaces.
                                                          be sent to acknowledge your deposit and signed
meaningful experience.                                    contract. The number of persons on the contract             D. First Meal
                                                          may be changed until 60 days before the event. If
              Scheduling Policy                           fewer people participate in your group than what                  We request that you call in your final number
        The Oklahoma Annual Conference of the             was stated on the contract at 60 days prior to the          of guests at least five (5) days prior to your arrival
United Methodist Church, its districts, churches and      event, the difference of the deposit, per night and/        date. Each group shall pay for the number of
affiliated organizations have priority in scheduling      or Hardt Lodge, Egan Lodge and Founder’s Home               persons the camp director/manager is advised to
the use of Canyon, Egan and Cross Point. After May        deposit will be forfeited.                                  expect for the first meal. No exceptions. At your first
1, 2010, Oklahoma United Methodist groups may                    There will be a cleaning/damage deposit              meal you will have the opportunity to adjust your
begin scheduling for the year 2011. After July 1,         added to the above calculation for all groups. At           meal count for the remainder of your stay.
2010, other groups may also begin scheduling for          your check out time, a staff member will inspect
the year 2011.                                            your areas for cleanliness and damage. Any extra
        The camps are open to all groups without                                                                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                          cleaning or damage charge will be deducted from
regard to ethnicity, creed or religious preference.       this cleaning deposit including applicable labor and        II. Multiple-Simultaneous Use
Typical user groups are youth groups, families,
schools, church-wide retreats, and many other
                                                          material costs. The deposit maybe held until cost                      of Camps
                                                          is determined. If additional monies are required
not-for-profit organizations from Oklahoma and            to cover the cost you will be billed the additional                Each campground accommodates more than
neighboring states.                                       amount. Any deposit remaining will be credited to           one group at the same time. The director/manager
        To assist you in planning, scheduling and         your final bill as it is prepared.                          will determine when it is feasible to do so. When more
reservations, Contact the campsite directly.
                                                                                                                      than one group is scheduled, all groups involved will
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                               be notified and encouraged to communicate with
                                                          B. Cancellation and Deposit                                 other groups using the campground:
              I. Reservations                                                                                         •	     To understand something of each other’s
    All reservations are to be made at the specific             Deposits will be returned when the
                                                                                                                             daily schedule
campsite with the director/manager:                       cancellation notice is received 60 days prior to the
                                                                                                                      •	     To negotiate the scheduling of specific
                                                          scheduled date.
                                                                                                                             facilities such as tabernacle, swim time,
      Canyon Camp      (405)542-6967                            An attempt to reschedule a camp within the
                                                                                                                             play area, equipment usage, etc.
      Camp Egan        (918)456-6489                      60 days prior to a camp constitutes a cancellation
      Cross Point Camp (580)564-2505                      and the deposit is forfeited; circumstances will be

You may pay for your camp registration by credit          Visit the page with the information for your camp          You will then be able to make your payment through
card.                                                     and click on the registration button that is next to the   PayPal.
The most SECURE and SAFE way to do this is to go          camp code. (It will be easy to see!)                       If you do not have Internet access, use the form
to our Web site at:                                       Just follow the instructions for registering and           below to mail in with your completed printed                               choose the option to pay by credit card.                   registration form.

       Fill in the following information and enclose with your registration:

       VISA          MASTERCARD            DISCOVER __________________________________________________________________________________________
       Expiration Date* ___________________________________CSC (3 digits)* ________________________________
       Card Holder's Printed Name* _________________________Card Holder's Signature* ______________________
       Address* _____________________________________________________________________________________
       City* _____________________________________________State* _______ Zip* __________________________
       Phone* ( ______ ) ____________________ E-mail* __________________________________________________
       Camper's Name ______________________________________ Amount $ _______________________________
       *required information                                                                                                      2011 Summer Camp Book
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         It does not pay for broken glasses, dental          J. Weddings/Banquet/Parties
                                                           plates, hearing aids, or other such items. Be sure you
                     III. Costs                            know the coverage before you make promises to an                There will be a charge (including insurance)
 Camp costs are evaluated each December.                   injured camper or camper’s family.                        for any meeting room, tabernacle or chapel
 To help estimate your retreat costs, contact                                                                        reserved.
 the director/manager at the camp site you                                                                                 This charge is non-refundable.
                                                           D. Program Equipment Fee
 chose for current pricing on all items.                                                                                   No rice is allowed to be thrown on the property.
                                                           There will be a charge for:
 A. Meals - all camps                                                                                                H. Work groups
                                                           •	 Audio/Visual Equipment use for each set-up per
                                                              event.                                                        A discount will be given to work groups at the
        We request that all meals be eaten in the
                                                           •	 Projection equipment package use (projector,           rate of 1/16 off the daily bill for every hour worked.
 dining hall. Food services help support the camp
                                                              VCR, laptop and screen) This equipment is              Call for suggested donation.
 for your use. If you desire a cookout, contact the
 director/manager for the availability of facilities and      available only to groups with an experienced           . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 costs. Camp policy and insurance regulations do              operator.
 not allow outside catering companies to provide
                                                                                                                            IV. Payment for Camp
                                                           •	 Swimming pool use. The director/manager will
 meals on our campgrounds. There are no facilities            schedule swim times and/or assess fees for             A. Checkout
 available for groups to prepare their own meals.             multiple group usage. Lifeguards are required for
 Shoes and shirts are required in the dining hall. No         lake activities at Cross Point.                                Checkout time is two hours after the last
 gum or bathing suits are allowed in the dining hall.                                                                camp meal. Groups should plan to vacate sleeping
                                                           •	 Challenge course use                                   facilities by 9 a.m. on last day unless arrangements
       Meal                            Time                •	 Canoe and paddle boat use; Ski Boat and                have been made with the director/manager.
       Breakfast                       8 a.m.                 pontoon boat rental at Cross Point Camp
       Lunch                           Noon
                                                           E. Day Use Fee                                            B. Payment
       Supper                          5:30 p.m.
 Call for group pricing                                                                                                     TERMS: one payment covering all camp
                                                                 Groups and individuals who use a camp for
                                                           picnics, field trips, etc. or individuals that come as    charges, shall be made on-site or mailed to the
       Babies less than one year old, will not be                                                                    conference office no later than 30 days after you
                                                           a part of a group but do not stay overnight will be
 charged for meals. Children 1-7 years of age will be                                                                leave camp.
                                                           charged a fee per person, per day (includes insurance).
 charged half price for meals. Snacks can be provided                                                                       For payments, made after the 30 days,
 upon prior arrangement on a cost plus basis.                                                                        add a late penalty fee of 1.5% of the total bill.
       Formal served meals are available.                  F. Trailer Hookups                                        Credit Card: VISA, MASTERCARD AND DISCOVER
       Contact the director/manager for meal                                                                         are accepted. They must include signature of
 details and prices.                                             Fees are $(s)–per night –plus $ (s) per person,
                                                                                                                     cardholder and expiration date. Credit card
                                                           –per day for insurance. (Camp Egan and Cross Point
                                                                                                                     payment forms are available at the campsite
 B. Lodging                                                                                                          offices or from the Conference Camp and Retreat
       Lodging will vary according to the facility.        G. Tent Camping                                                  Checks payable to: “Oklahoma United
 Accommodations are private or semi-private rooms                                                                    Methodist Camps”
 with heat, air conditioning and indoor plumbing.                Tent camping is $(s) –per tent, –per night –
       Bed linens/towels are provided for the              plus $(s) per person, per day for insurance.                    MAIL TO: 1501 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma City,
 Hardt Lodge (Canyon Camp), Founder’s Home and                   Tent campers will set up in areas designated              OK 73106-3635
 Holliman Lodge (Camp Egan). Bed linens/towels             by the director/manger.
 are available at the Egan Lodge for an additional               Cutting of live trees or open fires are not         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 charge. In all other facilities, the user shall provide   permitted without consultation and approval of                    V. Camper Insurance
 bed linens and towels.                                    camp staff prior to set up. Garbage is to be placed in
       Babies less than one year old, will not be          barrels, never buried on grounds.
 charged for lodging.                                                                                                A. Sign In
       Children 1-7 years of age will be charged           H. Meeting Rooms
 half-price for lodging, with the exception of Hardt                                                                    Each person attending camp is automatically
 Lodge (Canyon Camp).                                                                                                      covered under the Oklahoma United
                                                                  One meeting space, based on total group
       Groups sponsored by churches or agencies                                                                            Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministry's
                                                           size, will be provided with a nights lodging, per
 of the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference                                                                               insurance policy. Item III C.
                                                           group. Additional meeting space, or meeting space
 receive a discount in lodging for their support of        without a nights lodging, will be billed $ per space.     B. Injury or Illness
 the campsites.
                                                                                                                     1. Report injury to the camp leader and procure an
                                                           I Property                                                   insurance claim form from the camp director/
 C. Insurance
                                                                                                                        manager. This must be done before leaving the
                                                                  The camp leader is responsible for making
        Every camper is covered by primary coverage                                                                     campground for the claim to be paid.
                                                           a satisfactory settlement with the camp director/
 insurance for emergency medical up to $3,500.             manager when there is careless or deliberate
 per accident and $1,000. for sickness. While it does                                                                2. Fill in the insurance claim form completely and
                                                           marring or destruction of property. Charges for
 serve as primary coverage, the camper insurance                                                                        return it to the camp director/manager. This
                                                           damages will be the amount required to repair or
 policy coverage is very limited. The policy is for                                                                     must be done before leaving the campground
                                                           restore whatever is damaged inclusive of labor.
 immediate medical help. It will not cover any pre-                                                                     for the claim to be paid.
 existing conditions, nervous or mental disorders.                                                                                                 Continued on next page

 Camp and Retreat Ministries - (800)231-4166; (405)530-2017
3. All itemized statements from the doctor and/or                     Non-Permissables                                      Shoes worn outside sleeping quarters must be
   hospital should be mailed to: Oklahoma United               1) Alcohol/Drugs: Use of alcohol and other illicit           closed toe and closed heel.
   Methodist Camps, 1501 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma               drugs are prohibited. Offenders will be asked to
   City, OK 73106-3635                                                                                                              Bedding and Toiletry Items: Each individual
                                                               leave.                                                       is to furnish their own bedding and toiletry items,
      As soon as bills are received, they will be                                                                           however, bedding is provided at Hardt Lodge, (Canyon
                                                               2) Firearms: No firearms are allowed at any time.            Camp), the Founders Home and Holliman Lodge,
      forwarded to our insurance carrier for
      processing.                                                                                                           (Camp Egan). Emergency items may be available at
                                                               3) Fireworks: The danger of fire means NO fireworks          the office.
                                                               of any kind are allowed.
      All accidents must be reported to the camp
director/manager before leaving camp for the                                                                                      Respect: Be good stewards of the buildings
claim to be paid.                                              4) Camp Fires: Camp fires are only allowed in an             and grounds. Respect the rights and privacy of
                                                               existing camp fire circle. Always check with camp            others. No loud music, sporting events or outdoor
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        staff before starting any fire.                              games between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.
                   IV. Other
      Registration: It shall be the responsibility of          5) Pets: Health regulations do not allow guests to                  Responsibility: Be responsible people. Turn
the group leader to see that all people are registered         bring pets on camp property.                                 off lights when leaving cabins, keep doors closed,
promptly after arrival for emergency information                                                                            make sure faucets are turned off, throw trash in trash
and so that agreement can be reached for group                       Swimming: Enter the pool/lakefront for                 cans, improve the property, enjoy and conserve all -
numbers, fees and payment.                                     swimming only during scheduled swimming times                plant, animal and human life.
                                                               and when a lifeguard is on duty. There is NO DIVING
       Instructions: At the first general gathering            or JUMPING off of deck/dock. (Cross Point - Life                   Hospitality: So that we may offer you the best
held, the camp director/manager shall be given                 jackets MUST be worn at all times when in the water          hospitality possible Contact the “host on duty” with
the opportunity to present instructions regarding              outside of designated swimming areas.)                       any questions, needs or emergencies you
fire hazards, use of grounds, and other camp                                                                                may experience.
procedures and policies that are important for the                   Ropes Course: Ropes course use is only
safety and enjoyment of our guests.                            allowed with approved facilitators and must be
                                                               arranged in advance at all sites.
      Leaving Grounds: Receive permission from
the camp director/ manager before leaving the
campground. No minor-aged camper will leave the
                                                                      Climbing/Rappelling: is forbidden at Canyon
                                                               and Egan and is only allowed at Cross Point with
camp without the permission and knowledge of the
                                                               approved facilitators and arranged in advance on
camp leader.
                                                               the climbing/rappelling tower.                                 you r
      Smoking: The Oklahoma United Methodist
Camp and Retreat Ministries Board of Trustees                        Attire: Wear clothing appropriate for each
                                                               camping experience: swimwear for swimming,
                                                                                                                              c ampi ng
advocates a policy of NO SMOKING around campers,
near entries and exits to buildings, and strictly
forbids smoking in the buildings.
                                                               swimwear cover-ups outside of pool area, boots for
                                                               hiking, and camping clothes on other occasions.                exper ience

                              Nu r t u ri ng ou r c ampi ng program s
                              t h rough you r don at ions.
                                                        You can become a “Ray of Light” by pledging $100             take the challenge to support our camps. Please consider
                                                 a year, or more, for three years. Youth groups, Sunday              being a “Ray of Light” and help us to “pass on God’s love” to
                                                 School classes, Individuals, and others are encouraged to           our future campers.

                                                 After prayerful consideration, I/we want to become a Ray of Light and make the following commitment to the capital
                                                 campaign for the Oklahoma United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.

                                                 r I/We intend to make a total commitment of $300 – or other amount of: $ ___________________________
                                                          The $300 commitment will be paid over the next three years as follows:
                                                           r $10 per month r or $100 paid once a year beginning ___________________________________
                                                 r Youth (Group / Individual)             r Adult (Group / Individual)           r Family
                                                                  circle one                           circle one
                                                 please print
                                                 My/our name(s) is/are _________________________________ Date _____ / ____ / ____
                                                 Mailing address ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                          Address              City                      State             Zip code
                                                 My/our local church is _________________________________Phone ( _____ ) _________________________
                                                 Signature(s)__________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________

                                                          All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your pledge.

                                                          Mail to: Oklahoma Conference Camp and Retreat Ministries: 1501 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106                                                                                                            2011 Summer Camp Book
   Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church  NON-PROFIT ORG.
   Camp and Retreat Ministries                           U.S. POSTAGE
   1501 N.W. 24th St.                                         PAID
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106                      OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
                                                         PERMIT #1045

See you at Camp!

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