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					ENHANCEMENT DESCRIPTION ----------------------This is an enhancement to Tutor 11i, Release 11.5.6A or higher. This patch contains source courseware files for: D13939GC30 - 11i/2.6 Implement Oracle Workflow PATCH DESCRIPTION ----------------This patch contains the following document types: 1 CUR*.doc 28 EDU*.doc 28 EDU*.ppt 27 LAB*.doc 1 Excel file listing the files and titles in this patch To Request Enhancements or Report Bugs on this courseware content ----------------------------------------Product Number and Name: 174 - Oracle Workflow Cartridge Product ID: fnd Source Bug#: 4054535 REQUIRED SOFTWARE ----------------To build student guides using the 'LAB' documents in this patch, Tutor Release 11.5.6A higher must be installed. Navigate to the following page on Metalink for the latest patch numbers for full installations of Tutor: 64.1 RECOMMENDED Oracle University Course to learn how to use Tutor ----------11i Implement and Use ORacle Tutor - D13003 This class is taught once a month in various locations in the US. To find the next class, please see OR PATCH INSTRUCTIONS ------------------ Unzip the Microsoft Word documents (CUR*.DOC) in this file to \Tutor11i\US\Orig\CURR - Unzip the Microsoft Word documents (EDU*.DOC) in this file to \Tutor11i\US\Orig\EDUC - Unzip the Microsoft PowerPoint files (EDU*.PPT) in this file to \Tutor11i\US\Orig\EDUC\PPT - Unzip the Microsoft Word documents (LAB*.DOC) in this file to \Tutor11i\US\Orig\LABS

- Unzip the Excel file to \Tutor11i\User Manuals Copy and paste the rows in this Excel file to the corresponding worksheets in the existing document register (DOCREG.xls). SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS -------------------This release of courseware files contains a simplified format of the LAB document type to the Tutor model documents library. This document type can be included in the student guide build process using the 'Refer to' key phrase. To learn more about this revised LAB document type, please read the Author User Manual: - Write a Practice - Write a Guided Demonstration - Write an Education Overview - Create An Education PowerPoint - Create an Education Abstract

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