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					  VOL. 10 NO. 6                                 Out of darkness . . .                              JUNE 2000

   Dates to Remember
         RAP GROUPS
    Saturdays June 17 and 24
           10am–12 noon
  Riverside County Mental Health
     Administration Building          • Do you know that an estimated 50 million Americans experience a mental disor-
      (see page 9 for address)        der in any given year?
                                      • Do you know that stigma is not just the use of the wrong word or action?
    and Tuesday June 13 7 pm          • Do you know that stigma is about disrespect?
           at JoAnn’s                 • Do you know that stigma is about the use of negative labels to identify a person
                                      living with mental illness?
 EDUCATIONAL MEETING                  • Do you know that stigma is a barrier?
 Saturday June 17 10 am–12 noon       • Do you know that stigma discourages individuals and their families from getting
  Riverside County Mental Health      the help they need due to the fear of being discriminated against?
     Administration Building          • Do you know that many people would rather tell employers they have committed
          Guest Speaker:              a petty crime and were in jail, rather than admit to being in a psychiatric hospital?
                                      • Do you know that stigma results in fear, mistrust, and violence against people
      Cireena Scheffield              living with mental illness?
      “Californians for               • Do you know that stigma results in families and friends turning their backs on
      Disability Rights”              people with mental illness?
                                      • Do you know that stigma keeps people from getting needed mental health ser-
            IT IS ESSENTIAL
            TO BE ON TIME
             in consideration         • Do use respectful language such as:
                                        —S/He is a person who has schizophrenia
for others in the group. In fact,       —S/He is a person with a psychiatric disability
 please come early to socialize,        —S/He is a person with bipolar disorder
sign in, or help set up the room.     • Do emphasize abilities, not limitations.
                                      • Do tell someone if they express a stigmatizing attitude.
           Directions to
      Jo Ann Martin’s Home            DON’Ts
  Exit 91 Frwy at Van Buren. Go       • Don’t portray successful persons with disabilities as superhuman.
  south 4.2 miles on Van Buren to     • Don’t use generic labels such as the retarded, or the mentally ill.
    Whispering Spur. Turn left.       • Don’t use terms like—S/He is crazy, lunatic, manic depressive, slow functioning,
                                      or normal.
                         driveway     REMEMBER:
                           on right
                                      People who have mental illnesses are first of all people.
 16280 Whispering Spur,
 Riverside, CA 909/780-3366                                                           Stigma       (continued on page 4)
                                               MDDA - Riverside - 1
                                                                      The Thermometer Times
                                  The             Editor                           16280 Whispering Spur
                                                                                    Riverside, CA 92504
                                                                                       (909) 780-3366
     “What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come
perfect days . . . ”For most people, the poet had it right. For                 Publisher & Editor in Chief
some of us, the question might rather be, What is so unfair                            Jo Ann Martin
as a day in June? It does seem unfair to have to cope with
a mood disorder that takes away the pleasure from what                                  Senior Editor
                                                                                          Yen Cress
should be joyful times. Graduations, weddings, summer va-
cations, balmy days, flowers popping out, birds singing—                                Copy Editor
June is full of reasons for most people to be glad they are                            Karen Cameron
alive. For the “mood impaired,” however, these same events                           Associate Editors
may dampen rather than lift our spirits, especially if we                            Nelma Fennimore
feel left out or if the good times come at our bad times.                             Karen Cameron
     It is easy to grumble and complain when you are                                 Georgia Peterson
“down,” or when you “don’t feel good,” or when it’s time
                                                                                        Staff Writer
to use whatever other euphemism you prefer to describe
                                                                                         Yen Cress
depression. While the feelings are there, we need to accept
and acknowledge them. But acceptance and acknowledg-                                  Medical Advisor
ment do not imply helplessness or resignation. They merely                         Andrew J. Rooks, M.D.
mean we recognize the reality of our negative feelings. We                  Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry
can then get on with the business of dealing with that real-                   American Board of Psychiatry
                                                                                       and Neurology
ity and of finding ways to restore balance, positive atti-
tudes, and appreciation for the goodness and beauty around               Please feel free to reprint any of our
us.                                                                     articles. However, please acknowledge
     As summer settles in, this may be a good time to make                our publication, date, and author or
some new resolutions (or dust off those neglected January                source. It will please the authors and
ones!) regarding your mental health. Are you getting enough                      recognize their efforts.
vigorous exercise, and are you flexing your “gratitude
muscles,” too? Do you reach for the skim milk and the                       You may now contact us via e-mail at:
crudite tray, as well as reaching out to lonely folks who                        MDDARIV@AOL.COM
need a friend? Do you faithfully take your meds as pre-
scribed, and do you dose yourself every day with upbeat
reading matter and pleasant music? Do you get plenty of
                                                                   Begin planning now to attend the
fresh air, and work in some fresh experiences? These ac-            10th Annual CDMDA Conference
tivities are not options—they are necessities.
                                                                   Sailing Into the Future
Have a good month!                                                     —in beautiful San Francisco!
                                                     —Yen Cress                  October 27 & 28, 2000

                   You can call us at                                        Thank you for renewing your
                    (909)780-3366                                                   memberships
         Since we have no full-time staff, leave a                           and newsletter subscriptions.
         message and one of our volunteers will
         call you back. Due to budget constraints,                                 If you find errors on your
         we are unable to return long distance                                    mailing label, including the
         calls unless you give us permission to                                  renewal date, please contact
                                                                                      us at: 909/780-3366
         call you collect.

                                                     MDDA - Riverside - 2
Dear Abby                                                         By Abigail Van Buren         Grant Helps County’s
                                                                                               Mentally Ill Homeless
Forgive, Forget, Move Forward                                                                     Riverside County applied for a $63,258
                                                                                               grant from the state Department of Men-
                                                                                               tal Health to help mentally ill homeless
Dear Abby: I have just returned from a            Robert Muller said it very well. Read        people.
visit with my older brother. It was the first   on:                                               The grant will target people in need of
time we had seen each other in years.                                                          food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.
Thank God he had the integrity to call me                Decide to Forgive                     The goal is to reach 1,035 clients during
as soon as he realized how much he had                                                         the next fiscal year, which starts July 1.
                                                    Decide to forgive
hurt and offended me during our last meet-                                                        If approved, the money will help pay
                                                    For resentment is negative.
ing. An aunt had told him how I felt after                                                     the salaries of social service and mental
                                                    Resentment is poisonous.
I cried on her shoulder.                                                                       health workers who find the homeless
                                                    Resentment diminishes
   He called, told me how sorry he was,                                                        people and refer them to services.
                                                    And devours the self.
and thanked me for taking the call. When                                                          As part of the McKinney PATH grant,
                                                    Be the first to forgive,
we got together, I discovered that he, too,                                                    the county must contribute $21,086. The
                                                    To smile and take the first step,
was angry about something I had com-                                                           county has received the grant every year
                                                    And you will see happiness bloom
pletely forgotten. I didn’t even remember                                                      for about the last decade.
                                                    On the face of your human
what it was that he had said or done that                                                        —Riverside Press-Enterprise, 5/17/00
                                                          brother or sister.
angered me. I just knew I was angry. We
                                                    Be always the first.
lost many years because of our lack of
                                                    Do not wait for others to forgive          Parity Law Often
                                                    For by forgiving,
   Abby, please tell your readers to pick
                                                    You become the master of fate,             Broken, Probe Finds
up the phone and call the one with whom                                                           Congressional investigators say thou-
                                                    The fashioner of life,
they are angry and talk about it. Start with,                                                  sands of employers are violating a fed-
                                                    The doer of miracles.
“I am sorry and I miss you.”                                                                   eral law that requires similar levels of
                                                    To forgive is the highest,
   It doesn’t matter who did or said what                                                      insurance coverage for mental and physi-
                                                    Most beautiful form of love.
to whom. If you love the person with                                                           cal illnesses. And even those that are in
                                                    In return you will receive
whom you are angry, make the call and                                                          technical compliance with the law have
                                                    Untold peace and happiness.
work it out.                                                                                   in most cases found ways to skirt its in-
            —CASSIDY IN VENTURA                 Readers, I offer a “schedule” for achiev-      tent, the investigators said.
                                                ing a forgiving heart:                            As a result, they said, the 1996 law does
Dear Cassidy: I agree. One should never           Sunday: Forgive yourself.                    not appear to have increased access to
hesitate to make the call to mend fences          Monday: Forgive your family.                 mental health services as Congress in-
with a loved one. Communication,                  Tuesday: Forgive your friends and            tended.
coupled with love, is the beginning of for-          associates.                                  The investigators, for the General Ac-
giveness.                                         Wednesday: Forgive across economic           counting Office, presented their findings
  . . . I urge all my readers to be forgiv-          lines within your own nation.             May 18.
ing. It’s not as hard as it seems if you’re       Thursday: Forgive across cultural               Under the law, the Mental Health Par-
willing to put your pride aside and make             lines within your own nation.             ity Act, group health plans may not set
that call.                                        Friday: Forgive across political lines       annual or lifetime dollar limits on a
                                                     within your own nation.                   person’s mental health care that are lower
                                                  Saturday: Forgive other nations.             than the limits for general medical and
          Peopleare                                                                            surgical services.
                                                   Only the brave know how to forgive.
             o ey
            ln l                                A coward never forgives. It is not his na-
                                                                                                                    —From news services
                                                                                                 Seen in Riv. Press-Enterprise, 5/18/00
           because                              ture.
         h y ul a l
        t e b i dw l s                             A final thought—and a favorite quota-

                                                tion of mine. It’s a line from George
                                                Roemisch’s poem, “Forgiveness”:
                                                                                                 Who Are You?
           bridges.                                “Forgiveness is the fragrance of the vio-   Sandywouldliketointerviewmem-
                                                let which still clings fast to the heel that    e s o a re p r o a i y r fl t a
                                                                                               b r f r b i f e s n lt p o i e h t
             —Joseph F Newton
                      .                         crushed it.”                                   wecanpublishinTheThermometer
                                                                                —LA Times      Times.Pleasecallherat688-0368.

                                                         MDDA - Riverside - 3
Stigma      (continued from page 1)
                                                                              What Do These Famous People
                   Words Can Heal                                                  Have In Common?
Here are six steps you can follow to help end the stigma of                J.P. Morgan                 Industrialist
mental illness:                                                            Modest Moussogorsky         Composer
1. Learn more. Many organizations sponsor nationwide pro-                  Benito Mussolini            Dictator
grams about mental health and mental illness. Contact River-               Ralph Nader                 Consumer Advocate
side DMDA for more information.                                            Nebuchadnezzar              Biblical Figure
                                                                           Sir Isaac Newton            Physicist
2. Insist on accountable media. Sometimes the media portray
                                                                           Florence Nightingale        Nurse
people who have mental illnesses inaccurately, and this makes
                                                                           Georgia O’Keefe             Painter
stereotypes harder to change.
                                                                           Eugene O’Neill              Playwright
3. Obey the laws in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).             John Ogden                  Pianist
The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabili-             Ozzie Osborne               Rock Star
ties in all areas of public life, including housing, employment,           Charles Parker              Composer
and public transportation. Mental illnesses are considered a
disability covered under the ADA.                                         All of them are believed to have suffered from
                                                                            depressive disorders. Yet they are known
4. Recognize and appreciate the contributions to society made                      not for their illnesses, but for
by people who have mental illnesses. People who have mental                            their achievements!
illnesses are major contributors to American life—from the arts
to the sciences, from medicine to entertainment to professional
5. Treat people with the dignity and respect we all deserve.
People who have mental illnesses may include your friends,
                                                                   ☺ ☺             ?        ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺☺
your neighbors, and your family.
6. Think about the person—the contents behind the label. Avoid
labeling people by their diagnosis. Instead of saying, “She’s a
schizophrenic,” say, “She has a mental illness.” Never use the
                                                                    ☺        New Keys to the
term “mentally ill.”
     Many National and State groups have begun projects and
                                                                            Depression Cycle
campaigns to reverse stigma. These groups offer a range of
programs and materials, from speakers’ bureaus to training pro-       People who recover from depression run an especially high
grams for mental health professionals. . . . To learn more about   risk of falling back into the abyss if they are loners or aggres-
mental health, call the National Mental Health Services Knowl-     sive to the point of hostility, a new study concludes.
edge Exchange Network at 1-800-789-2647). Or use the                  Researchers at the University of Washington followed 78 for-
internet: Or E-mail:            merly depressed patients of both sexes for two years after they                                              recovered. By the end of the study, 34 people had relapsed;
                                                                   many displayed aggressiveness or had very low dependence on
           —From material included in the Anti-Stigma Kit          others.
   prepared by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services,             People with these traits, says Jackie Gollan, a study author,
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration          “act in a way that doesn’t encourage social support” if depres-
                                                (SAMSA)            sion returns—and chances are it will. Depression, says Patricia
                                                                   Arean, a researcher at the University of California-San Fran-
   National Alliance of the Mentally Ill                           cisco, “is a chronic, recurring disorder”; up to 80 percent of
                                                                   patients relapse.
              Annual Conference                                       The study’s findings could improve the odds of a lasting re-
                                                                   covery. Gollan suggests that therapists look for signs of the
                        June5,2000                                 troublesome traits and work with patients to address them. Af-
                              i                                    ter intensive therapy ends, occasional “booster sessions” could
                         Where                                     help keep the traits in check.
                                                                                                  —U.S. News & World Report 11/29/99
                            Cl                                                                  Thanks to MoodPoints Winter 1999/2000
                                                                                                   and Lincoln NE Support March 2000

                                                      MDDA - Riverside - 4
      Defusing One’s Anger May Be the Best Way
                   to Win the Fight

                                                                                                                  e f ta ?
                                                                                                                 L to fs e m
  t fi?
 S u ft
                                                                                                                lw o rt c ?
                                                                                                               Bo yu sak

      Despite being exhausted from the cross-country flight,               Crowe believes taking the emotional high road is the path
Sandra Crowe hurried excitedly out of Washington’s Dulles             of least resistance. “Let’s say the same thing happens to the
International Airport expecting her brand new Acura TL 3.2 to         Dalai Lama,” she says, theoretically involving the spiritual
be waiting at curbside. That was the dealership’s promise when        leader of Tibetan Buddhism in a fender-bender. “My guess is
she bought the car before leaving on the monthlong business           the Dalai Lama doesn’t experience anger. It doesn’t mean he
trip: A driver would chauffer her home from the airport in her        doesn’t feel it. He might get out of the car and address the situ-
new Acura.                                                            ation. He would probably look at them and ask if they realize
      The driver was there. Her new car wasn’t. Crowe was seeth-      the consequences of their actions. But he wouldn’t get angry.”
ing as the driver explained his instructions—to pick her up and            People shouldn’t feel wrong for experiencing anger, Crowe
take her to the dealership. Crowe, a communications trainer           says. “I’m just pointing out that there are realistic ways of re-
and speaker who specializes in methods of offsetting ineffec-         acting and channeling our anger that have benefits and get to
tive behaviors, knew she needed to practice what she preached.        solutions.”
So she expressed her anger.                                                In the article “10 Steps to Winning Every Argument” on
      “I said to the driver, ‘I am really furious about this,’” she   Crowe’s Web site (, you learn that a
recounts. The driver told her not to kill the messenger. “I said,     certain way to win any argument is by not having to win the
‘I’m not angry with you. I’m just angry,’” she says, adding that      argument. Get it? If “winning” isn’t predicated on winning, you
the distinction is a key to practicing safe anger.                    can’t lose for winning.
      Especially now, when flying off the handle at undeserved             Crowe likens her ways of defusing anger to aikido, the
wrongs and perceived injustices in modern life has become a           modern martial art that uses an attacker’s own aggressiveness
front-page story. Whether it manifests itself behind a car steer-     to gain control of or defeat him. Aikido largely de-emphasizes
ing wheel or at the supermarket checkout line, people must            the combative element of martial arts in favor of self-improve-
learn to handle their anger effectively, says Crowe, author of        ment, harmony, and peace. Crowe refers to her anger-resolving
Since Strangling Isn’t an Option: Dealing With Difficult              techniques as “verbal aikido.” She compares how they work to
People—Common Problems and Uncommon Solutions (Peri-                  one of her first aikido exercises in which she sat on her heels in
gee Trade Paperback, $13.95).                                         a kneeling position. When she relaxed and focused on center-
                                                                      ing herself at the energy point above her midsection, no one
                                                                      could push her over.
           Wordsareawonderful                                              “You don’t use force, you use energy to do that,” she ex-
                                                                      plains. “That’s the whole basis of my book: How do you keep
          formofcommunication—                                        yourself firm and strong and in your own world as much as
           u hy il ee el c
          b tt e wl n v rr p a e                                      possible, so that you are unaffected or less affected no matter
             kissesandpunches.                                        what the other person is doing?”
                                                                           All anger is a desire to take action to compensate for an
                             —Ashleigh Brilliant
                                                                      injustice you’ve felt, says Crowe. So the simplest solutions in-
                                                                      volve positive action. Besides saying, “I’m angry about this,”
     “We have to take responsibility for our anger. There are         she recommends physically shaking your hands and arms: “You
two basic ways that we respond to our anger: expression and
suppression. The problem with expression, even though it feels                                        Anger (continued on page 6)
good, is it can have long-term damage to others. The problem
with suppression is that it is damaging to ourselves down the
line.”                                                                     Riverside Suicide Crisis Help Line
     The trick is to find ways to express anger that free people                                    Call
from it rather than enslave them. Where to start? “Physically or
verbally express your anger—but don’t make it about the other                         (909) 686-HELP
person, make it about yourself,” says Crowe, explaining that
when we are enraged it is always about ourselves. “Nobody
can make us angry without our permission.”
                                                        MDDA - Riverside - 5
Anger (continued from page 5)                  anger ultimately comes down to how they
shake the anger and anxiety off your           view the world. “The belief system I hold
physical body.” Otherwise, she relies on       is that everything that happens to me hap-
saying to herself or the offending person,     pens for some higher learning.”
“Tell me what I can do.”                             She gives an example: “If the guy in
      Crowe recalls a client who worked        my office is a real jerk, it means I am be-
with a man who was rude, angry, aggres-        ing tested to see what my reaction will
sive, impatient, and never failed to make      be. If I hold that vision, everything comes
her angry. “Every time he walked into her      out more positive.”
office, she would fold her arms, look
down, and wait impatiently for the inter-
action to end,” she says. Realizing the            Everynowandthen,
office oaf wouldn’t change himself, the
woman altered their equation and, the
                                                    Idotherightthing,                                 Phone
next time, stood up straight, looked di-
rectly at him, and asked, “How can I help                —Ashleigh Brilliant                         Phriends
you today?”
      “The man was flabbergasted,” says                                                         If you need someone to talk with,
                                                    When Crowe arrived at the auto
Crowe. “He has been more open and pa-                                                                   you may call one of
                                               dealership that evening, she still had a few
tient with her ever since. It is almost like                                                          the following members
                                               choice words to express. “But when I got
our interactions are like a pingpong game.                                                          at the corresponding times.
                                               there,” she says, “the guy who was help-
Depending on how we hit the ball, it will
                                               ing me had this huge smile on his face.”
be received and returned to us in a like
                                                    She turned the angry moment into a            Leroy
                                               learning experience: “After interacting               6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
      “The most dangerous problem is
                                               with him, I decided I wanted to adopt his             (909) 686-5047
getting stuck. When people ‘go postal,’
                                               reality instead of being upset.”
it is because they can’t see any alterna-
tive, any way to take action.”                             —Don Oldenburg, Washington Post
      Crowe believes how people handle                     As seen in the LA Times, 1/30/2000      Sandy
                                                                                                      3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                                                      (909) 688-0368
   Help Others With Mental Illness
 Your Success Story Could Make A Difference For Someone Else                                      Josie
                                                                                                      10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                               If so, are you:                                        (909) 822-1928
  Are you
                                               •living independently
  currently taking                                                                                Donna
                                                                                                     10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  the medications                              •currently employed
                                                                                                     (909) 736-9665
  Zyprexa and/or                               •having new life experiences
  Prozac?                                                     ?      ?     ?
                                                                                                   Georgia Ann
                                                                                                     6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                                                     (909) 352-1634
                                               To share your story, please
  We are interested in                         call or write:
  hearing your success                         Pat McNeil
                                               Perry Communications Group, Inc.
                                                                                                  Marlene and George
                                                                                                     Before 9:30 a.m.
  story...                                     925 L Street, Suite 600                               and from 8 p.m. to
                                               Sacramento, CA 95814                                  12 midnight
    (Story will be shared only with            Tel: (916) 658-0144                                   (909) 685-6241
           your permission)                    E-mail:

                                                         MDDA - Riverside - 6
                                                                           Renae's Thoughts
           MDDA of
      We need responsible people
   to volunteer to organize and help
    with fundraising events such as
    craft or bake sales. You could
      fill a need and have a lot of
    fun helping MDDA! Please call
                                                              Read the a pebble, seashell,
                                                             Bring backSunday comics
     (909) 780-3366                                            twig, or pine cone to help
                                                              and learn to look at life
                                                             you recapture memories from
                                                              from the funny side.
                                                                    a wonderful day.

     Support Group
Riverside Co. Dept of Mental Health
                                       Man’s Best Friend                              Stay beautiful
    JOURNEY OF HOPE                       Chronic health problems may benefit         butdontstaydownunderground
  Second Wednesday of                  from a “prescription dog,” suggests the
       Each Month                      May issue of Men’s Health.                                    toolong
         2–4 p.m.                         “The evidence favoring the health           Dontturnintoamole
                                       value of pets is so compelling that if pet
Hemet Mental Health Clinic             therapy were a pill, we would not be able
1005 N. State Street, Hemet            to manufacture it fast enough,” says Dr.       oraroot
           and                         Larry Dossey, author of Reinventing            orastone
   Third Wednesday of                  Medicine.
                                          By reducing stress and improving
       Each Month                                                                     Comeonoutintothesunlight
                                       blood pressure, cholesterol, family re-
     6:30–8:30 p.m.                    lationships, and mental health, dogs con-      Breathe in trees
 Meadowview Clubhouse                  tribute to a better quality of life. Dog
  41050 Avenida Verde,                 ownership helps people survive heart           Knockoutmountains
        Temecula                       attacks, reduces problems that lead to di-     Communewithsnakes
                                       vorce, and helps them make new friends.        &betheveryheroofbirds
    These support groups are for       The companionship and entertainment
   families and friends of people      provided by a dog also helps to counter
     with severe and persistent        depression.                                    Dontforgettopokeyourheadup
 mental illness. The County is also
    offering a 12-week series of
                                          Stanley Coren, author of Why We Love        &blink
                                       the Dogs We Do, says for people suffer-
  educational meetings. There is
                                       ing from depression or loneliness, the         think
       NO COST TO YOU.
           Please contact:             best breeds are Papillon, Pekingese, and          alk
                                                                                      W allaround
                                       cocker spaniel, and the worst breeds are
Camille Dirienzo-Callahan
                                       Greyhound and Afghan hound. “Most
   (909) 791-3369 or                   any dog is good for this, but there are
   Mekkia deSanchez                    some that are slightly better companions       Dontforgettofly
     (909) 600-5055                    than others due to their degree of socia-                         —AlYoung
                                       bility.”          —Press-Enterprise, 5/16/00

                                             MDDA - Riverside - 7
 hn ml
T i k&S i e...
  You can always tell a real friend:
 When you’ve made a fool of yourself,                                                           HEMET SUPPORT GROUP
           he doesn’t feel                                                                      “Foundations” meets every
   you’ve done a permanent job.                                                                 Tuesday 7–9 pm.
                                                  THE UPLIFTERS                                 Trinity Lutheran Church
                                                  (Christian emphasis) meets at
                    (                             Victoria Community Church
                                                                                                Please call (909) 929-1223
          A gossip is a person
                                                  Contact Arlie (909) 780-                      TEMECULA DMDA
       with a keen sense of rumor.
                                                  0379                                          Meets every Tuesday 11 am–1 pm.
                    (                             INLAND VALLEY DMDA
                                                                                                41002 County Center Dr.
I have made mistakes, but I have never                                                          Contact Mark at (909) 696-7496
                                                  EAST (Fontana)                                         or (909) 507-1365
     made the mistake of claiming
                                                  Call Phil (909) 796-0615
        that I never made one.
                      —James Gordon Bennet                                                      UPS & DOWNS - San Bernardino
                                                 UPLAND DMDA                                    Meets Saturdays at Noon–2 pm.
                    (                            FONTANA DMDA                                   Call David Avila at (909) 862-1096
         It’s easy for most of us                Meet Thursday evenings
    to meet expenses—we meet them                Call David or Samantha Johns                   UPS & DOWNS - Riverside
           everywhere we turn.                   (909) 947-1307 OR                              Call Family Services at
                                                 e-Mail                           (909) 686-3706
 When down in the mouth, remember                  For Support People: AMI - Riverside Mental Health Administration
   Jonah. He came out all right.                   Building, 4095 County Circle Dr. (off Hole Ave. near Magnolia) 7:30 pm,
                            —Thomas Edison                1st & 3rd Monday each month (909) 737-5747 (call FIRST)

Just a Little Crush?                                                                               plainingtothecollienextdoor.
                    Teen romance may be “the start of something big,”                              mean;mymateishavinganaf-
                                  but maybe it’s not what you think.                               fairwithaGermanShepherd,
   Some people never get over their first       the teens that were clinically depressed or           “Whydon’tyougoseeapsy-
love. In fact, a new study shows that your      had been clinically depressed in the past,         chiatrist?”askedthecollie.
first romantic break-up—even if it took         a whopping 46% reported splitting up with             “Ican’t,”repliedthepoodle.
place back in high school—may trigger           a partner during the year before their first       “I’mnotallowedonthecouch.”
lifelong depression.                            bout of the blues.
   Sufferers of recurring bouts of depres-         Of course, his finding may not be as
sion, or major depressive disorder (MDD),       dramatic as it seems. Break-ups and make-
can often trace the onset of their blues to a   ups are perfectly normal events in a teen’s         ORIGINAL MATERIAL
stressful life event that occurred shortly      life, Monroe emphasizes in the Journal                   WANTED
before the first episode hit. Scott Monroe,     of Abnormal Psychology, and do not trig-
Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the         ger depression in everyone. He believes               Do you have a story to tell,
University of Oregon, has discovered that       that some people may have a predeter-                   or a poem or art work?
for people whose depression struck dur-         mined vulnerability to romantic ups and                We welcome submissions
ing adolescence, the end of a romantic re-      downs—and to low spirits during those                      to our newsletter.
lationship tended to be that traumatic life     down periods. Still, being in love is far          If you have something you think
event.                                          too rewarding for anyone to avoid roman-            we could use, please send it to:
   Monroe rated the depressive symptoms         tic relationships, simply to skirt a case of                   EDITOR
of close to 1,500 teenagers, then surveyed      the blues.                                             MDDA P.O. Box 51597
them about major life events that they had                               —Amanda Druckman             Riverside, CA 92517-2597
experienced in the past year, including a                         Psychology Today, June 2000             FAX 909/780-5758
break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Of

                                                        MDDA - Riverside - 8
                                                                              WHAT MDDA IS ALL ABOUT

   MDDA of Riverside is a support group for manic-depressives and depressives who have sought or are seeking treatment
   for their illness. MDDA is totally patient run, which means we need volunteers like you to help with mail-outs, tele-
   phoning, and planning. A work time is held at the home of Jo Ann Martin on the Saturday afternoon following the last
   Rap Group Meeting of each month to assemble the newsletter for mailing. Please call for directions. You may reach Jo
   Ann or Leroy at (909) 780- 3366. Our Rap Group Meetings are on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of the month
   from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Riverside Mental Health Administration Building, 4095 County Circle Dr. (off
   Hole Ave. near Magnolia), Room A.

      Buses 1 and 13 stop on Hole near County Circle Drive.
                                 Bus 12 stops at Tyler and Hole
Traffic Light                    Post Office

                                                                                                                                                                         Van Buren Blvd.
                                                                Stop Sign        Parking            Mental Health
         Traffic Light             County Circle Dr.                                                Administration
                                                                                               <      Building


                    Tyler Ave.


                                                                                                        Dawes St.
                                            eA                                                                             Former Riverside General
                                              ve                                                                                   Hospital

                                                                                                                            Magnolia Ave.

           <       to Corona                                                                                                                              to Riverside              >
                                                                                           91 Freeway

                                                                               MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

     Individual membership for the Manic-Depressive and Depressive Association of Riverside is $15.00 per year. This
     helps defray the cost of the monthly newsletter and helps pay for the cost of our meetings. Subscription to the newslet-
     ter is $8.00 per year. If you are unable to help financially, the newsletter may be sent upon request. Volunteers are
     always needed. If you would like to volunteer, indicate below.

            Mail to MDDA of Riverside, 16280 Whispering Spur, Riverside, CA 92504

            DATE _________________                                                 Please Print                            New               Renewal

            NAME _____________________________________________PHONE _______________

            ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ZIP__________
                                                       Street                                                       City                    State

            Please check one of the following:
            I am      Manic-Depressive         Depressive                                                              Family Member                  Professional

                                           Other                          Birth Date (Optional) : Month _________ Day ______ Year _____

                Enclosed is my payment for MDDA Membership _____ $15.00 (includes newsletter).

                Enclosed is my donation of $ ___________ to help others receive the newsletter.

                I would like a subscription to the newsletter only _______ $8.00 (12 issues per year).

                I would like to volunteer my time and talent to help.

                                                                                    MDDA - Riverside - 9
      MDDA of Riverside          Buses 1 and 13 stop on Hole near County Circle Drive.
          Map Legend             Bus 12 stops at Tyler and Hole

            = Meeting
            = Parking
   MDDA Of Riverside is a support group for manic-
   depressives and depressives who have sought or are
   seeking treatment for their illness. MDDA is totally patient
   run, which means we need volunteers like you to help with
   mail-outs, telephoning and planning. A work time is held at the
   home of Jo Ann Martin on the Saturday afternoon following the last Rap Group Meeting of each month to assemble the
   newsletter for mailing. Directions are printed on the lower left corner of the front page of this newsletter. You may reach
   Jo Ann or Leroy at (909) 780-3366. Our Rap Group Meetings are on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of the month
   from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Riverside Mental Health Administration Building, 4095 County Circle Drive (off
   Hole Avenue near Marnolia), Room A.

                                              MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

Individual membership for the Manic-Depressive and Depressive Association of Riverside is $15.00 per year. This helps defray
the cost of the monthly newsletter and helps pay for the cost of our meetings. Subscription to the newsletter is $8.00 per year. If
you are unable to help financially, the newsletter may be sent upon request. Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to
volunteer, indicate below.

    Mail to MDDA of Riverside, 16280 Whispering Spur, Riverside, CA 92504

   DATE _________________                 N Please Print                    New          Renewal

   NAME _____________________________________________PHONE _______________

   ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ZIP__________

   Please check one of the following:
   I am      Manic-Depressive         Depressive                     Family Member               Professional

                   Other           Birth Date (Optional) : Month _________ Day ______ Year _____

    Enclosed is my payment for MDDA Membership _____ $15.00 (includes newsletter).

    Enclosed is my donation of $ ___________ to help others receive the newsletter.

    I would like a subscription to the newsletter only _______ $8.00 (12 issues per year).

    I would like to volunteer my time and talent to help.

                                               MDDA - Riverside - 9

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