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SHRMA by yaofenji


                                      Chapter #241
                                         Salina, Kansas

                                     January Program
                       SHRMA Monthly Meeting – January 19th
Back by popular demand is the roundtable discussion! This is where chapter members
submit questions to be answered by those in attendance at the meeting. It is always
helpful to hear what other companies are doing on subjects such as pre-employment drug
screening, employee recognition, employee conflict resolution, FMLA recordkeeping,
abuse of sick leave, etc. Questions can be anything related to our work. You can submit
your questions ahead of time to Lise Ostenberg at ( or bring
your questions to the meeting.
The chapter will also have discussion regarding our 2006 goals.

             Thank you to lock\line, our January Door Prize Sponsor!

                                 2006 SHRMA Officers
      President          President-Elect                  Secretary                   Treasurer
   Karen Weber, PHR    Patrick Salmans, SPHR        Lise Ostenberg, SPHR             Kim Saaranen
    Central Kansas      Sunflower Bank N.A.          Bluestem Associates              MarketAide
     Mental Health          785-826-2247                 785-820-1773                785-825-7161

          SHRMA Newsletter                      Page 1                           January 2006
                        Welcome New SHRMA Member!

                                   Diane Turner
                                   HR Specialist
                                   City of Salina

We want to thank the Christmas Party Committee for putting together
a fun party! We gathered at the Gutierrez Restaurant and had a great
time getting to know each other and celebrating the holiday. The
committee secured a lot of great door prizes!

                                 Thank You!
                               Patrick Salmans
                                 Dan Curoe
                               Darren Pittenger
                                Martha Buess

               Newsletter comments, announcements, corrections:
                contact: Ruth Wassenberg –

               1/19/06                2/16/06              3/16/06
          SHRMA Monthly          SHRMA Monthly        SHRMA Monthly
               Meeting                Meeting              Meeting
           Western Sizzlin’       Western Sizzlin’     Western Sizzlin’
         11:30 am – 1:00 pm     11:30 am – 1:00 pm   11:30 am – 1:00 pm

     SHRMA Newsletter                  Page 2                      January 2006
                            Diversity Facts

 About one in every eight (12.4 percent) of the population is an older

 One in seven Asian Americans has master’s, Ph,D., medical or law

 On average, adults with disabilities spend twice as much time on the
  Internet each week (20 hours) than their non-disabled counterparts.

 Women continue to be over-represented in administrative support and
  service positions.

 African-American women age 16 or over are more likely than their white
  counterparts to participate in the labor force.

 Forty-seven years after the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling ended
  school segregation, two-thirds of minor pupils still attend schools that are
  predominantly minority.

 The nation’s wealthiest school districts spend 56 percent more per pupil
  than the poorest districts.

 Seventeen percent of all Latinos were in management and professional
  positions in 2002.

 Twenty-one percent of gay and lesbian households have income greater
  than $100,000 a year.

 Same-sex couples who live in Vermont and are in civil unions can receive
  the 300-plus benefits available under law that go to marries couples.

   SHRMA Newsletter                 Page 3                      January 2006
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I know that 2006 will be a great year for

Our next chapter meeting is January 19, and I hope that you will be able to make it. We are
going to be spending some time as a chapter deciding on our goals for the new year. I hope
that you will be thinking about what you would like to see SHRMA accomplish.

Our Executive Committee had their strategic planning session on December 15. We’ve
decided our goals should answer two questions:

                        How can SHRMA benefit the chapter members?
                       How can our local chapter benefit our community?

The mission for the Society for Human Resource Management is to Serve the Professional
(STP) and Advance the Profession (ATP). SHRM states that STP is about delivering credible
information, products, and activities to help HR professionals perform their day-to-day
responsibilities effectively. ATP is about helping HR professionals understand their leadership
capabilities and potential contributions to their organizations, providing them the tools to enable
them to fully engage in the business process. ATP is also about helping the business
community understand the contribution HR can make to organizational success. All of our
chapter goals should reflect this mission.

At our January 19 meeting, we will spend a part of our meeting on strategic planning for the
year. We will also spend time on a roundtable discussion. Members have commented that
they enjoy the roundtable discussions. We hope that you will come with questions you would
like to have answered by those in attendance. These questions can be anything related to our
work. You can submit your questions ahead of time to Lise Ostenberg at
(, or bring your questions to the meeting.

I am excited about what our chapter can accomplish in 2006, I hope that you’ll make a point to
be there on January 19!

Karen Weber, PHR

       SHRMA Newsletter                       Page 4                           January 2006
       Thank You to the following newsletter sponsors:

  John Wood & Associates                                    BACK SAFE
   1112 Albert Ave. PO Box 3408                Dr. Michael D. McIrvin, D.C., IPS Specialist
      Salina, KS 67402-3408                             115 E. Marlin, Ste. 109
       Office: 785-827-9099                             McPherson, KS 67460
           800-921-0085                                  Office: 620-241-8822
        Fax: 785-827-0215                     

   AFLAC Regional Office                            Kennedy and Coe, LLC
     Brad Schumacher                                     3030 Courtland Circle
  718 Main, Ste. 205, PO Box 762                           Salina, KS 67401
         Hays, KS 67601                                  Office: 785-825-1561
       Office: 866-825-7527                               Fax: 785-825-5371
        Fax: 888-817-4206                          

                                              Human Resource Management Consulting
Brown Mackie College - Salina
      Garnett Zamboni                           Lise K. Ostenberg, P.E., SPHR
    Director of Career Services                    Bluestem Associates, Inc.
        2106 S. Ninth Street                         5344 N. Crystal Springs Rd.
         Salina, KS 67401                                  Salina, KS 67401
   785-825-5422 or 800-365-0433                        Phone: (785) 820-1773
        Fax: 785-827-7623                          Email:

                         Your name could be here!
    If you would like to become a newsletter sponsor, contact Kim Saaranen at
            Marketaide, or 785-825-7161.

  SHRMA Newsletter                   Page 5                              January 2006

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