Second Industrial Revolution and Urbanization Study Guide 2011 by niusheng11


									                     Second Industrial Revolution Study Guide

Industrial Revolution:

What are the five factors needed to foster Industrial growth? Which one is the most
important? Be able to give examples of each and explain their importance. What are the
three most important innovations during the late nineteenth century? What major
byproducts may be made out of these innovations? What is an industrial revolution? How
did many of the inventions from the Second Industrial Revolution effect men and
women? What is the difference between the first and second industrial revolutions?

Industries and Inventions:

Who is Edwin L. Drake? What is black gold? Where was this found? Who is Christopher
Sholes? Who is Professor C.F. Dowd? What is the Bessemer Process? What is its
purpose? How was steel made prior to this process? Who is Henry Bessemer? Was he
the original man to create this process? What was the dilemma between Bessemer and
this other man? How did the Bessemer process impact the country? What is the standard
gauge? What is the Transcontinental Railroad? Where did it start? What was its
purpose? What companies worked on the Transcontinental Railroad? Where were there
origins? What immigrant groups worked on the Transcontinental Railroad? Where did
they meet? What signifies this joining? What were the social and economic impacts of
the Transcontinental Railroad? Where was it created? What problems did the Railroad
have? What were some of the solutions? Who was George Pullman? What did he
invent? Who is Thomas Alva Edison? Why is he important? Name at least three
inventions that Edison designed. What and who invented the telephone?

The Rise of Big Business:

What is Capitalism? What are the major rules of Capitalism? What is Capital? What is
Standard Oil? Who ran Standard Oil? What business tactics did this gentleman use?
Where did Standard Oil begin? What is a Robber Baron? What is a Captain of Industry?
Who is Andrew Carnegie? What corporation did he create? What was it later called?
What business strategies did Carnegie implement? How was Carnegie not your typical
robber baron? What city did Carnegie influence? What is the Gospel of Wealth? What is
conspicuous consumption? What is Social Darwinism? Who is Charles Darwin? What is
natural selection? What is the theory of evolution?

Government Policy:

What is Laissez Faire? How does the government utilize its economic policy to influence
businesses? What is interstate commerce? Why is this important? How does this impact
business? How did these two institutions impact government policies? How did these
two institutions impact the social structure? What was the problem with the government
and the regulation of commerce? Who was in favor of the people? Who was in favor of
the corporations? What is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?           What is the Interstate
Commerce Act? Were they effective?

Strikes and Labor Unions:

What is the National Labor Union? How did they attempt to achieve social change? Who
are the Knights of Labor? Who is Samuel Gompers? What major strikes did each of these
unions possess? What four things do unions strike for? What is the Great Railroad Strike
of 1877? What is the Haymarket riot? What are anarchists? Who are the Industrial
Workers of the World? Who is Eugene V. Debs? What is the Homestead Strike? How did
the government utilize the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? What is the Pullman strike? Who is
the Pinkerton Detective Agency? Who is Charles Darwin? What book did he write? What
was the CNLU? What was the ILGWU? Who is Mary Harris Jones? What is a yellow
dog contract? Why is the United States government afraid of unions?


What is Communism? How does this theory operate? Who is the founder of this idea?
What are the differences between the Capitalism and Communism? Name countries that
utilize communism?

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