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Ron Paul


									                               Ron Paul – Republican

Go to Click Issues. Click on Iraq.

1. What does Ron say is a “recipe for a national security disaster?”

2. On Ron’s first day as commander-in-chief, what does he plan to do?

Click on Border Security and Immigration.

Pick TWO points Ron has for ending illegal immigration. Explain what he means and
plans to do with each point that you picked.

Click on More Issues. Scroll down and click on The Second Amendment.

Ron Paul has introduced some bills to Congress concerning gun rights. Explain what
H.R. 1897 is.
Explain what H.R. 3305 is.

Click on More Issues, then Education.

1. Who does Ron think should be in charge of funding and controlling schools?

2. After reading this, do you believe that Ron Paul is for or against NCLB? Explain your
reasons why.

Go to Search Ron Paul. Click on the Presidential Field:
Ron Paul. On the Issues, click on gay marriage.

1. Ron thinks the definition of marriage should be left up to whom?

2. Does Ron support civil unions between partners?

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