REVERSE RAFFLE by niusheng11


									                       BESSEMER ACADEMY
                           4th ANNUAL
                        REVERSE RAFFLE
The Bessemer Academy PTSO will hold its 4th Annual Reverse Raffle on February
28, 2009 to raise money for the school.

What is a Reverse Raffle you may ask?
This is a raffle where the 1st tickets drawn are eliminated from the drawing. As the
drawing progresses through the evening, the tickets remaining have an increasing
chance of winning the grand prize. In addition to the grand prize, prizes will be
awarded to additional ticket numbers. The holder of the last ticket will be awarded a
check for $10,000.

How much for a Raffle Admission Ticket you may ask:
One $100. raffle ticket is entry for two to the Reverse Raffle to be held at the
Bessemer Civic Center, and also entitles the owner and guest to dinner. There will
only be one chance per ticket to win. However, cash and merchandise prizes, 50/50
drawings, and the silent auction will be available to everyone.

Only Ticket Holders can WIN the Raffle
Only ticket holders will be able to win and you must be at least 18 years old to
purchase tickets or attend the raffle. You do not need to be present at the raffle
drawing to win the Grand Prize. You must, however be present to win the door
prizes and other cash prizes awarded during the evening.

How Can I Get a Ticket you may ask?
For ticket information please contact one of the following:

Karen Keller     425-4367                 477-8437
Liz Laird                          428-8467
Paige Casey                               437-7500

     $10,000 Grand Prize
          A total of 500 tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
                                  Only 100. Per ticket
                 All proceeds to benefit Bessemer Academy School.
                         Dinner @ 6:30pm, Raffle @7:00pm
                                Bessemer Civic Center

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