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					               St. Paul’s Lutheran School
                Mathematics Philosophy
        Mathematics is an important subject at St. Paul’s Lutheran School. Due to increasing
scientific and technological developments of our day, our children must be well-grounded in
basic mathematical skills. Mathematics also teaches children the concepts of order, exactness,
and correctness, which reflect the order and exactness of God’s wonderful creation. It also
serves to prepare the child for life on earth by supplying him with a knowledge useful to good
stewardship of God’s gifts. We will lead our students to wise and prudent use of these gifts that
they may be used to God’s glory and to the very best of their abilities.

        The Saxon Math program that is implemented in our curriculum provides the opportunity
for students to work productively on prescribed problems. The Saxon Math program is taught
incrementally with continued practice and review in each lesson enabling students to develop
their God-given skills. The incremental development is demonstrated throughout the books as
concepts are divided into small, easily understood pieces that are taught over several lessons and
practiced and reviewed throughout the school year.
              St. Paul’s Lutheran School
              Language Arts Philosophy
        Effective communication in the language arts, which includes reading, English, and
spelling, is essential in everyday life. Most importantly it helps us grow in the knowledge of
God’s saving Word with which the Holy Spirit gives and sustains faith. Skills in the language
arts help us gain knowledge and insight of the world which God has given us, and allows us to
communicate better with our fellowmen. This takes place as students progress from reading
readiness in Kindergarten through continued reading instruction to the study of literature
throughout the grades. English, composed of writing and grammar, along with spelling, enables
students to effectively communicate in the oral and written language.
               St. Paul’s Lutheran School
                Social Studies Philosophy
        Social studies is the basic subject of the educational world today. It is the so-called
“Bible” by which many educators hope to solve the problems of life. At St. Paul’s, social studies
are subservient to the Word of God. We believe that our Lord holds the destiny of all people in
His hands, and he so directs their course that even the doings of the ungodly, unconscious of
themselves, must contribute to His plan, His glory and the welfare of His Kingdom. Within the
framework of social studies the child learns to function better in the home, school, community,
state and nation so that s/he may be fit to make God-pleasing, reasonable decisions for the public
good when confronted with problems, issues, and duties as an American citizen.
               St. Paul’s Lutheran School
                  Fine Arts Philosophy
         At St. Paul’s Lutheran, art is a part of the Christ-centered education of the whole child.
Ultimately, God is the greatest of artists and His creation is a testimony to this. Our Creator has
blessed us with the gifts of intelligence, creativity, and art. At St. Paul’s, we wish to teach our
students to appreciate the artistry of God’s creation. Furthermore, we aim to teach each student
to appreciate and interact with man’s art found in every culture and historical period. Through
critical and creative thinking, students are given an opportunity to discover, develop, and
actualize their unique God-given talents.

        During the process of creating their own artwork and appreciating man’s art, we pray our
students will learn to glorify God with their own art. Through God’s gift of art we can present
visually that which we believe and confess concerning our God and His work of creation,
salvation, and sanctification.

        Music is a wonderful blessing from the Lord and the ability to make music is a special
gift. Music education through the study of religious and secular compositions will provide
students with the experience and training that will enable them to communicate and respond in a
God-pleasing way. We teach them to sing, intelligently listen, play music, and experience
rhythm. Our music curriculum is an active learning experience for the students; it includes
instruction in theory and in practice
               St. Paul’s Lutheran School
                   Science Philosophy
        We believe that all things are a direct creation of God as found in His Holy Word.
Therefore, Scriptures are the only true account of the origin of all living and nonliving things.
Scriptures refute the idea that life happened by chance. God is the great designer, sustainer, and
preserver of all life. Without God, the design and laws of nature would be inexplicable. It is
with this attitude that we approach all things in life and, therefore, the study of science also.
Science enables us to predict, design, and explain our observations of God’s universe in a logical
manner, and it defines the on-going process by which we interpret explanations of God’s
universe in which we live by using facts, theories, and laws. Through the teaching of science,
students gain scientific knowledge that enables them to fulfill the Genesis command to subdue
the earth according to God’s will and direction.
          Physical Education Philosophy
Physical education is our opportunity to instruct students to exercise their bodies in a God-
pleasing way. It’s aimed at helping students build fitness, learn a broad variety of muscular
skills, acquire a body of knowledge about physical activity, and develop God-pleasing attitudes
and behaviors.

                        Religion Philosophy
We believe as disciples of Jesus Christ that all believers are commissioned to teach the truth of
His Gospel to all people. Therefore, it is our responsibility to proclaim God’s Word to all
students under our care so that the Holy Spirit can work faith and nurture it in their hearts. Our
main instructional tool for our religion curriculum is God’s inerrant Word. Christ Light is the
curriculum that leads the students through God’s Word as found in the Bible.

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