Brother Aaron Sunshine by ajizai


									Brother Aaron Sunshine

Public Identity: Acolyte of Mir, aide to High Father Adam

Concept: Earnest young acolyte called upon by Mir to be careful of his superiors

Generation: Young
Drinking Score: 0.2
Combat Rating: 2
Command Rating: 2

Major Secrets:
    For the past year, Mir has been speaking in your head. His voice is abstract and resonant, and
       gives you counsel and instruction. You have obeyed him and done good at his command, but have
       been warned to be careful whom you tell of this, because the priesthood as been infiltrated and
       corrupted, and some may try to kill those faithful who are truly touched by Mir.

    Serve Mir
    Protect yourself from Adam and whoever works for him. Pretend you’re just a normal acolyte
       listening to and working for him for now. Don’t let him find out you’ve been blessed until the
       time is right.
    Figure out what Adam is really up to.
    Get allies. Discreetly.
    Avoid working with your brother and his friends if you possibly can. Form your own group of
       allies independent of his. He has never respected your religion, and you very much want to deal
       with this problem independently of him. You love him, but you can do this without him.
    See if you can get a chance to go out and kick ass for good.

     You are very close to your brother, Peter. The two of you both love knowledge, but have long
        rivaled over whether knowledge is best gained through wisdom and religion or research and
        scholarship. Thus you became an acolyte of Mir, and he became a scholar. The debate continues.
     You used to look up to Father Adam, which just makes his betrayal worse.
     You get along well with Matt. He became Lord of Govco only 4 months ago, and spent a lot of
        time a court before that, where you met him.

Background: You joined the priesthood several years ago, and have been very fulfilled serving good,
   though you sometimes feel stifled that you can’t more proactively defend the faith. You kind of
   secretly want to get a chance to actively fight for good, instead of just preaching and doing good works
   all the time.
         Last year, traveling through the Empire with Adam, there were several nights when Adam left on a
   mysterious task while you were staying at Union. During that time, you were at one point running an
   errand for the local temple in the middle of the night when you were mugged and badly injured. The
   palace doctors took care of you and you recovered without incident, but you did not have a lot of
   money on you, and was never quite certain what was really going on with the attack, or where Adam
   was during that time.
         The following night, before Adam’s return, Mir spoke to you for the first time to warn you about

Other Knowledge:
    High Father Adam Pugh is secretly a traitor to Mir. Mir has told you to be wary of him most of
       all, that he leads some evil plan and has agents in the priesthood and all over the lands. His word,
in the guise of benediction, can be unholy, and desecrates rather than sanctifies. If you let him
“bless” you, there is a good chance he will desecrate you.

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