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                       OCTOBER 30, 2011

SPECIAL WELCOME to the members of the Masons who are worshipping with us today
along with the Grand Master for BC and Yukon, Most Worshipful Brother, Bill Cave and
Grand Chaplain, Right Worshipful Brother, the Rev. Canon Neil Vant

REGULAR OFFICE HOURS will resume this week as Sharon is back from her vacation.

  "EVOLVE" YOUTH CONFERENCE Nov. 10 - 14 at Highlands United Church,
   Edgemont Blvd., N. Van. Visit for information or ask Rev. Maggie.
  Youth Group for grades 7-12 will be on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at
   from 6 - 7:30pm St. Stephen's. The first Thursday is a social night for fun and fellowship
   for and the third is for spiritual exploration and outreach. Next one is November 4.

WONDERING WEDNESDAYS at 7pm in the Lounge.
For the 400th Anniversary of the KING JAMES BIBLE, we’ll learn about history, politics and
personalities involved in this translation. The “King James Version” became the
foundation of modern English and western literacy, and was the first attempt to make
Christian scripture available to all! Everyone is welcome. Leader: Rev. Maggie.

BIBLE STUDY in the library Sundays, 10:45am with Rev. Roy Stark to discuss scripture from
the morning service. All are welcome. No Bible Study on Sunday, November 6.

      DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS Sunday, November 6. Don’t forget to turn your
      clocks back one hour on Saturday night! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

      Worship & Christian Education Committee – Tuesday, November 1 at 10:30am
      Administration Committee – Wednesday, November 2 at 10:00am

      MAYORAL CANDIDATES Gregor Robertson and Suzanne Anton will debate
            Homelessness and Affordable Housing – a free public event.
     Mon., Nov. 7th, 7pm at St. Andrews Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson Street.

CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP Wilson Heights has a Caregiver Support Group that meets
from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on the first Thursday of every month. The next meeting is Thursday,
November 3. We would like to welcome anyone that would like to come. It is a
chance for you to talk and share your thoughts and feelings on being a caregiver; and
just to vent; being a caregiver can be a very stressful job. We meet in our Sanctuary and
have coffee, tea and cake. Sometimes we will have a speaker if someone has a specific
interest in a certain area. If you’re interested or wish more information please call Iris
Platt, 604-439-1970.

DUKE ELLINGTON SACRED MUSIC CONCERT Tickets are now available. This fundraiser for
First United Church takes place on Friday, November 18th, 8:00pm at St. Andrews-Wesley
United Church (Burrard and Nelson Street), Vancouver. Tickets are $35/$50/$100 and
can be purchased at or by calling 604-681-8365 ext 104. More
information can be found at

DONATIONS FOR FIRST UNITED First United needs socks, blankets and laundry soap for
members of the community. Donations of these items would be greatly appreciated by
community members. Please call Amanda Pellerine at 604-681-8365 ext 104or e-mail

HABITS OF HOPE See the bulletin board downstairs for this season’s “Habits of Hope”.
  THRIFT SHOP would welcome your help in picking up donations, or taking away items we
  cannot sell. They also need folks for unpacking, sorting, pricing, ironing, cleaning etc.
  every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Please lend a hand.

    GREETERS:       Leslie Alexander, Rob Fesenmaier
    BULLETIN COVER: Minerva Rolls, in memory of Elmer
    READER:      Grand Master for BC and Yukon, Most Worshipful Brother, Bill Cave
    COFFEE:         Men of the Congregation
    BIRTHDAYS:      No birthdays this week
    FLOWERS:        Jean Jillings, in memory of loved ones

    Please remember the following in your prayers:
    Gisela, Nenita & family, Diane, Mindy, Boyd, Grace, Benjamin, Lorna,
    Dorothy M., David and Melanie
    OUC Ministries: Treasurer
    Vancouver South Presbytery: The Vancouver School of Theology, Principal
    Rev. Dr. Wendy Fletcher, Students & Staff
    Ecumenical Prayer Cycle: The Indian Ocean Islands: Comoros, Madagascar,
    Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives

                                       Oakridge United Church
                              305 W. 41st Ave., Vancouver, B. C. V5Y 2S5
                             Tel. 604-324-7444
                             Clergy: Rev. Maggie Watts-Hammond
                             Minister of Music : Madelene Klassen
                             Administrative. Secretary: Sharon Morrow (Tues-Fri 9-1:30)
                             Building Maintenance: Dave Autin (Mon-Wed)

       Sun         Mon           Tue             Wed            Thu            Fri               Sat
30              31          1               2                 3             4             5
Worship         Halloween   Thrift Shop     Bible Study       Choir         Thrift        Thrift Shop
9:30am with                 Work Bee;       7pm;              7pm           Shop 9-       9-1,
the Masons,                 Handicraft      Administrative                  1,            Remember to
All Saints in               10am;           Cmt. Mtg.                                     turn your
Memorial                    Worship &       10am                                          clocks back 1
Garden,                     Christian Ed.                                                 hour tonight!
Bible Study                 Cmt. Mtg
10:45am                     10:30am
6               7           8               9                 10            11            12
Worship                     Regular         Sandwiches –      Omega         Remem         Thrift Shop
9:30am                      office hours    Kitchen 9am;      Group         -brance       9-1,
                            resume                            9:45am         Day
                            Thrift Shop     Bible Study       -1pm
                            Work Bee,       7pm
                            Handicraft                        Choir
                            10am,                             7pm
13              14          15              16                17            18            19
Worship                     Thrift Shop     Bible Study       Choir         Thrift        Thrift Shop
9:30am                      Work Bee,       7pm               7pm           Shop 9-       9-1,
Remembrance                 Handicraft                                      1,            Messy Church
Sunday                      10am,                                                         Family Event
20              21          22              23                24            25            26
Worship                     Thrift Shop     Bible Study       Choir         Thrift        MARKET
9:30am                      Work Bee,       7pm               7pm           Shop          SQUARE
                            Handicraft                                      9-1,          9am – 2pm
                            10am,                                                         Thrift Shop
27              28          29              30
Worship                     Thrift Shop     Bible Study
9:30am                      Work Bee,       7pm

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