Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity Nu Pi Chapter General Meeting Agenda

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					Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity
Nu Pi Chapter
General Meeting Agenda
September 08, 2009

•    Call to order with one rap of the gavel
•    Warden confirms all present are true Alpha Kappa Psi
•    For which purpose are we gathered
•    Divine blessing

Roll Call:
Sister Ybarra will now take roll call (Silent).

President Brother Chira                                             everyone is going to work together from
     Info Sessions start next week.                                now on.
             o Must do an aggressive PR                            Committees will be requested.
     The image of AKPSi
             o We must change the image of just             VP of Alumni Relations Sister Nguyen
                 “nerds” or “party people”                      Brother Pechin and Sister Nguyen have
                 especially in the info sessions.                   talked to UTSA Chapter so that Nu Pi can
     Punctuality must be stressed.                                 attend their events.
             o Brother Chira would like everyone                         o Brother Chira attended 2nd Vote
                 to be here 5 min earlier.                                    and must encourages everyone to
     Looked up requirements we have for                                      go.
        nationals.                                                       o Syster Nugyen will send schedule.
             o We must get those (professional)
                 out of the way right away so that          Membership VP Sister Chiriboga
                 next semester can be more fun.                Calendar has been sent out.
     Nationals have increased dues by $5.                     Info Sesssions on Thursday will be changed
     Brother Chira has talked to Delta Sigma Pi                  to 5pm because the former president of
        President who agreed to be friendly                       Pakistan is coming that day too.
        competitors.                                                   o Professors will be coming to the
     Jersey meetings until we have new actives.                           information sessions.
     Hopefully everybody read about the email                         o Be punctual.
        from J. Garner.
                                                            MOR Brother Adams
                                                               Punctuality and professionalism must be
Executive VP Brother Peters                                       stressed so that we can demonstrate what we
    No Report                                                    really are.
                                                               Professor Van Eynde (Wednesday), Davis,
VP of Operations Sister Shibley                                   and Burke (multiple dates) will show up to
    In Executive Board we talked about the info                  info sessions.
       sessions and barbecue order.                                     o Get to know them.
                                                               Will be needing committees. Brother
VP of Finance Brother Shen                                        Hammon and Brother Pfeifer will be the
    Dues $140, start turning them in next week                   first two helpers.
        (Sept. 15th) until the 6th of October. After           Brother Adams will be giving a presentation
        that Brother Shen will charge $1 per day                  on professionalism. Brother Peters:
        late.                                                     Hopefully have a representative to make it a
    Make checks out to Alpha Kappa Psi                           professional event.

VP of Education Brother Hammon
    In business model there has been lack                  Executive Secretary Sister Ybarra
       communication between groups therefore
       2 unexcused absences and 3 excused
        allowed                                        Announcements:
       Committees sign- up sheet is going                 Brother Cahill: Forms will be passed
        around                                               around.
             o One committee per year. Each
                  member chooses semester.
       Membership will have the opportunity to
        acquire 1000 points. 930 from mandatory
        events and 70 from optional events. The
        big events such as OE, Induction, Formal,
        etc. will count for much more so make
        sure to come.
             o Read the emails sent.
       Updated contact sheet has been sent out

Ex-Ofeficios Sister Martinez and Brother Pfeifer
    No Report

Committee Reports:

PR Brother Kim
    There will be two posters set up: One with
       “Business Casual” and another one will say
       “Mixing Business with Pleasure since 1904”
    Will be passing around a sign-up sheet for
       Coates desk. 11am-2pm
    Teacher Recommendations coming soon.

Old Business:
     Brother Peters: Motion to talk about
            o The dues will increase about $10.
               This will be able to go down after
               we start a fundraiser. It all depends
               on the amount of members. The
               down payment for the website will
               be $499 and then there will be a
               monthly fee.
            o The bylaws change will be voted
               on next meeting so that fundraising
               can start going toward the website.
            o The website will be helpful so that
               events, documents, and sign-up
               sheets can be on it. It makes
               everything much more efficient.
            o This is something we can pass
               down without any problem.
               Therefore we don’t have to keep
               recruiting people that know enough
               about websites.
     Brother Peters

New Business:
    None

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