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					TSXV: TUS   NOVEMBER 2011
   Tuscany is an oil-focused junior, with
significant growth planned from repeatable,
    horizontal oil development drilling.

       No debt, $7.5 mm available capital (incl. $0.9 mm cash)

   130 boepd           450 boepd             1,000 boepd
   June 2011           Exit 2011 (94% oil)   Exit 2012 (97% oil)
        170+ potential heavy oil locations; active 2011 drilling

TSXV: TUS      November 2011      - 2-

  To deliver substantial growth and value
  for Tuscany shareholders by adhering to
     a focused approach to oil drilling.
    Commodity focus: Heavy Oil

     Geographic focus: Evesham/Lloydminster

            Capital focus: Balance sheet integrity

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 3-
                            Corporate Overview
                             CAPITAL STRUCTURE
Substantial                  Shares outstanding     124 million
management                   Market cap @ $0.13     $16mm
ownership stake…             Mgmt./Directors        37%
                             SOURCES OF FUNDING

                             Available Capital      $7.5 million
Debt free, with              including:             -----------------
significant capital            Cash                 $ 0.9 million
                               Liquid investments   $ 2.0 million
to fund growth…                Unused bank line     $ 4.6 million

TSXV: TUS   November 2011    - 4-
                              Experienced leadership
MANAGEMENT                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Robert Lamond        CEO & Chairman              Robert Lamond (chairman)
   Czar, Orbit
                                                 Dave Bennington
John McLeod          COO & Director
                                                 Donald K. Clark
                                                 Roger Hume
Donald K. Clark      VP Ops. & Director
  Czar, Orbit                                    John McLeod

Brad Perry             CFO                       Glen Phillips
   Sharon, Corridor, PanCanadian, Lasmo          John Steinhauser
Marshall Kis         VP Dev. Geology             Tony Teare
  Czar, Orbit

TSXV: TUS     November 2011               - 5-
                   Tuscany’s path to growth
324 boepd, 94% oil
1.35 mmboe 2P reserves

                2011 CORE DEVELOPMENT ASSETS
       Evesham: 5 new horiz. oil wells drilled July-Sept
                2 new horiz. oil wells to drill Q4-11
       Macklin: 1 new horiz. oil well drilled Q3-11
                2 new horiz. oil wells to drill Q4-11

             Lloyd: New horiz. wells to drill in 2012
             12 oil projects total in Alberta/Saskatchewan
TSXV: TUS   November 2011      - 6-
                                   Q3-11 results
   Q3-11 operational & financial results:
 Production:           313 boepd (quarterly avg.)
                       94% oil
 Cashflow:             $750,000    (9 months $1.4 mm)

 Earnings:             $594,000    (9 months $0.2 mm)

 Working Capital: $856,000 * (no debt)
                                   * Excluding liquid investments

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 7-
                                   Asset overview
 Tuscany’s oil assets are concentrated in
 the Evesham/Lloydminster corridor, an
 area prolific with heavy oil discoveries.

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 8-
        Core assets: Evesham & Macklin

                                       Tuscany lands
                                       Wells that
                                       produced oil from
                                       Dina, Cummings,
                                       or Ellerslie zones.

                                   DINA OIL FOCUS AREAS

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 9-
        Core assets: Evesham & Macklin
   Well logs show comparable oil pay across
Tuscany’s properties and nearby producing fields.

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 10-
 Evesham is Tuscany’s key growth asset,
with 10 horizontal wells drilled and 2 more
  planned for Q4-11, targeting heavy oil.
                            Tuscany 60% WI & operator

                            400 bopd gross from 11 horiz.
                            Dina wells drilled to date

                            3D seismic & geological control

                            Water disposal system active
                            and controlled by Tuscany

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 11-

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 12-
    WELL COST $1.0mm drill/equip (no frac needed)
     RESERVES 75,000 bbls oil (2% royalty on 37k)
  PRODUCTION 85 bopd IP, 50 bopd yr 1 avg.

      McDaniel report Dec 2010
      - 14 proven/probable locations

      - 59 contingent locations

      - Contingent resource of 2.63 mmbbl, net to Tuscany
      (vs. 1.25mmboe total current corporate reserves)

TSXV: TUS   November 2011         - 13-
2011 DRILLING PLANS                      FUTURE POTENTIAL
6 horiz. wells drilled in 2011           73 potential horiz. locations
1 horiz. well to drill Q4-11             using 50 metre spacing

TSXV: TUS   November 2011        - 14-
 Acquired in 2010, Tuscany sees Macklin as
  an Evesham-type heavy oil opportunity;
 recently drilled well producing 100 bopd.
                            Tuscany 55% WI & operator

                            Two producing wells & three
                            shut-in Dina horizontal oil wells

                            3D seismic & geological control

                            Water disposal system active,
                            controlled by Tuscany

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 15-
        Drilling at Macklin 92/7-28-39-27W3,
        with production tanks in foreground.

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 16-
  First new horizontal well doing 100 bopd;
   two offsetting horizontals now drilling.
                                    First new HZ oil well
                                    drilled summer 2011;
                                    on-stream 100 bopd.

                                    Drilled second new HZ
                                    well in Q4-11; currently
                                    drilling third new HZ.

                                    Acquired adjacent land
                                    in October, and
                                    subsequently shot 2
                                    square miles of 3D

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 17-
                            Other Oil Prospects
 Numerous oil opportunities are in various
 stages of technical work ahead of drilling
                                     2 Birdbear plays
                                             (Evesham, Senlac)
                                     1 Dina play (Winter)
                                     1 multizone play (Meota)
                                     2 Shaunavon plays
                                        (Gull Lake, Chambery)
4 Lloydminster plays
(Morgan, Islay, Sec 7-48-1W4, Lloyd North)
TSXV: TUS   November 2011    - 18-
                       Lloydminster oil plays
Tuscany’s four prospects near Lloydminster
    all have wells with bypassed pay.

                                          Tuscany lands

                                    Bypassed oil pay in
                                    Lloydminster zone

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 19-
             Lloydminster - Sec 7-48-1W4
Adjacent to producing heavy oil wells, with
    bypassed pay on vertical logs; new
   horizontal well drilled Summer 2011.
                                    Tuscany 55% WI

                                    control & partial
                                    3D seismic

                                    New HZ well
                                    drilled summer
                                    2011; testing now.

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 20-
                     Lloydminster - Morgan
Two abandoned vertical wells with bypassed
  oil pay. First horizontal to drill in 2012;
   success sets up 31 additional locations.

                                     Tuscany 55% WI

                                     First horizontal well to
                                     drill 2012

                                    Bypassed oil pay in
                                    Lloydminster zone

TSXV: TUS   November 2011   - 21-
                            Lloydminster - Islay
 Abandoned vertical well with bypassed oil
   pay. Drilling first horizontal in 2012;
  success sets up 31 additional locations.

                                            Bypassed oil pay in
                                            Lloydminster zone

                             Tuscany 55% WI (20% now,
                             farming in on additional 35%)

                             Shooting 3D seismic now

                             Horizontal well to drill 2012

TSXV: TUS   November 2011    - 22-
    Key well on Tuscany lease has bypassed
  pay in Dina. Plan to drill a horizontal well.

                    Tuscany HZ

                                           Tuscany 55% WI

                                           Plan to drill a HZ
Bypassed oil pay                           well in 2012.
   in Dina zone

 TSXV: TUS         November 2011   - 23-
                                       Evesham - Birdbear
   3 wells with bypassed Birdbear pay on
 Tuscany lease, offsetting NuVista Birdbear
 play with 160bopd avg. horizontal IP rates.

          Bypassed Birdbear
          pay in vertical wells

Tuscany HZ
                                               Tuscany 50% WI
                                               7 potential HZ locations
NuVista HZ locations
(Sept. ’11 presentation)                       Drill 2012 at earliest
                                               (no expiry issues)

TSXV: TUS              November 2011   - 24-
                           Reserves upside potential
Tuscany’s Dec. 2010 reserves report evaluated
only 18 oil locations; the company’s extensive
   oil inventory remains largely unbooked.
                                               UNBOOKED LOCATIONS
                                   Booked        per McDaniel     per mgmt.
                                  locations:     report Dec ‘10   estimates
                      Evesham          14               59            73
                       Macklin                                        15
               Lloyd - Morgan                                         32
                  Lloyd - Islay                                       32
                  Lloyd - other         4                              8
                        Winter                                        10
            Other oil prospects                                        7
                      TOTAL            18               59            177

TSXV: TUS      November 2011             - 25-
                             18 month activity plan
 June 2011                   Exit 2011 (target)                Exit 2012 (target)

 80% oil                      94% oil                          97% oil

  2011 CAPEX                             2012 CAPEX (indicative)
  Evesham     7 horizontal wells         Evesham    10   horizontal wells
                                         Macklin     2   horizontal wells
  Macklin     3 horizontal wells
                                                     3   horizontal reactivations
  Lloyd area 1 horiz. well @ 15-07       Lloyd area 2    horizontal wells
                                         Winter      2   horizontal wells

 2011 budget: $ 7.2 mm                  2012 budget: $ 10.1 mm (est.)

TSXV: TUS    November 2011            - 26-
                                             Why Tuscany?
 Tuscany is poised for significant growth,
 with a solid balance sheet and an active
    horizontal oil drilling program to
 capture the value of the company’s large
       heavy oil opportunity base.
   FINANCIALLY                SOLID                  EXTENSIVE OIL
                         June 2011     Exit 2011
No debt                                         170+ potential
($0.9 mm working         130            450 heavy oil
capital; $7.5 mm total
                         boepd          boepd
available capital )      80% oil        94% oil locations

TSXV: TUS   November 2011            - 27-
                         Forward Looking Statements
  This presentation contains a summary of Management’s assessment of historical, financial and operating results and
  should be read in conjunction with the annual report and consolidated financial statements of the Company, other
  information filed in regards to each company filed on SEDAR, and interim reports and other materials released by each
  Company from time to time.

  Certain of the statements contained herein including, without limitation, financial and business prospects and financial
  outlook, reserve and production estimates, drilling and re-completion plans, timing of drilling, completion and tie-in of
  wells and capital expenditures and the timing thereof may be forward-looking statements. Words such as "may",
  "will", "should", "could", "anticipate", "believe", "expect", "intend", "plan", "potential", "continue" and similar
  expressions may be used to identify these forward-looking statements. These statements reflect management's current
  beliefs and are based on information currently available to Management. Forward-looking statements involve
  significant risk and uncertainties.

  A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in the forward-looking
  statements including, but not limited to, risks associated with oil and gas exploration, development, exploitation,
  production, marketing and transportation, loss of markets, volatility of commodity prices, currency fluctuations,
  imprecision of reserve estimates, environmental risks, competition from other producers, inability to retain drilling rigs
  and other services, incorrect assessment of the value of acquisitions, failure to realize the anticipated benefits of
  acquisitions, delays resulting from or inability to obtain required regulatory approvals and ability to access sufficient
  capital from internal and external sources and the risk factors outlined under "Risk Factors" in each Company’s Annual
  Information Form and elsewhere herein. The recovery and reserve estimates provided herein are estimates only and
  there is no guarantee that the estimated reserves will be recovered. As a consequence, actual results may differ
  materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned that the foregoing list of
  factors is not exhausted. Additional information on these and other factors that could effect the Companies operations
  and financial results are included in reports on file with Canadian securities regulatory authorities and may be
  accessed through the SEDAR website ( Although the forward-looking statements contained herein
  are based upon what management believes to be reasonable assumptions, management cannot assure that actual
  results will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. Investors should not place undue reliance on
  forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof and the Company
  assumes no obligation to update or review them to reflect new events or circumstances except as required by
  applicable securities laws.

TSXV: TUS          November 2011                            - 28-
                         Forward Looking Statements
  Basis of Presentation
  The term barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) may be misleading, particularly if used in isolation. A BOE conversion ratio of
  6 Mcf : 1 Bbl is based on an energy equivalency conversion method primarily applicable at the burner tip and does not
  represent a value equivalency at the wellhead. All BOE conversions in this report are derived by converting gas to oil
  in the ratio of six Mcf of gas to one Bbl of oil.

  The Contingent Resources Report
  McDaniel and Associates Consultants Ltd. (‚McDaniel‛), independent reserves evaluators of Calgary, Alberta, has
  prepared an evaluation of Contingent Resources of the Company’s Evesham, Dina Pool (the ‚Resource Report‛) dated
  February 18, 2011, effective as of December 31, 2010, which estimates that the portion of the Evesham Dina Pool which
  was not assigned Proved or Probable reserves in the McDaniel Year End Reserves Report may contain the following
  Contingent Resources:

  Contingent Resource ( MBbl)       Low Estimate        Best Estimate       High Estimate
  Total Contingent Resource                 2,190                4,380               6,570
  Tuscany's interest (60%)                  1,314                2,628               3,942

  The Resource Report on the resource potential of the Evesham Dina property describes the recoverable volumes of
  oil associated with the Evesham Dina Property as contingent resources as they do not meet the requisite criteria to
  be classified as reserves with respect to location relative to producing Dina wells. Contingent Resources are those
  quantities of petroleum estimated, as of a given date, to be potentially recoverable from known accumulations using
  established technology or technology under development, but which are not currently considered to be commercially
  recoverable due to one or more contingencies. Contingencies may include factors such as economic, legal,
  environmental, political, and regulatory matters, or a lack of markets. It is also appropriate to classify as contingent
  resources the estimated discovered recoverable quantities associated with a project in the early evaluation stage.

  The "Contingent Resources", as defined by the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook, do not represent an
  estimate of reserves. The Resource Report was prepared in accordance with National Instrument 51-101 "Standards
  of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities" ("NI 51-101").

  According to the Resource Report the recovery of the Contingent Resources will require the drilling of 59
  additional horizontal wells of 600 metres in horizontal length with interwell spacing of 50 metres. The
  development of the Contingent Resources will require a significant amount of capital investment and therefore
  will take several years to complete.

TSXV: TUS          November 2011                           - 29-
       For further information, please visit:

                                                   Suite #1800
                                        633 – 6th Avenue S.W.
                                         Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5
                                           Tel: (403) 269-9889
TSXV: TUS                                  Fax: (403) 269-9890

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