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					Abstract iSetup Cumulative Fixes on top of 11i.AZ.F/11i.10 Update 4589197 Product Application Implementation Release 11i Platform Generic Platform Built AUG-02-2006 00:40:55 Instructions This patch can only be applied: 1. If you are on 11.5.10 or 11.5.10.CU1 baselines which include AZ.F. OR 2. If you are on 11.5.9 with AZ.F applied. Note: ----1.It is not required to apply this patch if you are on 11.5.10.CU2. 2.Please do not apply this patch if you are on AZ.G or higher. For more information on 11i.AZ.F please refer Metalink Note ID 258075.1. In addition, We recommend applying following patches: ---------------------------------------------------3826717 - HR Global patch. 3878497 - GL Chart Of Accounts iSetup Patch. 4477329 - Issue While Extracting Fnd Lookup Data. 5282607 - FND_FLEXFIELDCOMPILEALLCP API fails during iSetup Load Note: For iSetup, patch level on source, target and/or central instance should be same. This patch contains the following unified driver file to be applied with AutoPatch: u4589197.drv (This is the unified driver)

Description This patch is recommended for users of iSetup. This patch addresses important peformance and user interface fixes like Restarting a failed Load, Replace as a Group issue. This impacts multiple customers. IMPORTANT NOTE : One-off patches are not fully certified by all Oracle products, and so there is some risk of unexpected side effects. If the fix in this patch is included

in the latest released ATG Family Packs and/or ATG PF Consolidated Updates (CU), then it is highly recommended to upgrade to latest released ATG Family Pack or ATG PF Consolidated Update (CU) that is available in Recommended Patch List (Metalink Note 123456.1). It is also recommended to upgrade to latest released ATG Family Pack or ATG PF Consolidated Update (CU) before applying this patch.

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