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									            AverMedia XR8032

AverMedia XR8032 32 CH NVR enables divine networking
features, 32 channel IP cam inputs, and versatile remote
software to meet your need for the digital era and offer a safest
environment without tangled cables.
Product Overview
1. NVR/ IP cam recorder
2. MegaPixel
3. Windows XP Embedded
4. Spot Monitor
5. 8 Sensor & 8 Relay
6. Enormous Capacity
7. Compact Design
8. POS Integration
                        32 CH NVR

XR8032 NVR supports 32
channel IP cam inputs with                 XR8032 not only support IP
most popular cameras to                    cameras up to MegaPixel to
facilitate user’s surveillance.            provide users the dedicated
(ACTi, Arecont, AXIS, Bosch, IQinvision,   image quality.
JVC, Panasonic, Pixard, Sony, Toshiba,
Vivotech and more)
Auto Camera Detection
             Search Device: search IP
             camera by same brand

             Detect model: enter IP address
             and detect model number.
Full Feature Camera Setup

Save original format: save IP cam stream directly, and you can only
decode key frame for less CPU usage.

Transcode by MPEG4 encoder: transcode the IP cam stream by
AVerMedia CODEC. It will consume more CPU resource but can have shield
and encryption features.
Take advantage of Camera Features

Fully Utilize and communicate with Sensor or Relay that are embedded in IP
camera. Sensors can be alarm conditions, while Relays can be alarm action in
NVR software.
Automatic PTZ Function Detection

   Automatically PTZ function detection and mapping.
      3. Windows

                                 Enormous Capacity

Windows XP embedded in
                              Support 3 removable SATA
DOM (Disk on Module),
                              HDD and 1 internally
system can efficiently
                              connected SATA HDD that
prevent virus attacking and
                              gives user enormous storage
operate even HDD crashed.
                              space up to 3TB (3000GB)
               Advanced Features

     Spot Monitor

                              Sensor & relay
Spot monitor can display
independent video on CCTV   Provide 8 sensors and
monitor by quad or          8 relays embedded in
multiplexer mode.             XR8032 32 ch NVR
      Advanced Features
Compact Size        POS Integration

               XR8032 enables user to
               connect up to 32 POS
               systems for monitoring,
               suitable for every business
               with a POS!
              Advanced Features

Hardware Watchdog and               Live Update
  Temperature Sensor

Hardware watchdog can
detect system error and
trigger reboot action.

Temperature sensor can
monitor inside system
condition and issue alarm if
                               On-line update for function
Advanced Applications
1. Missing Object Detection
2. Suspicious Object Detection
3. Scene Change Detection
4. Attention Please
5. Dual Monitor display
7. Alarm
                 Video Analytics
  1. Missing Object      2. Suspicious Object      3. Scene Change

Missing Object          Suspicious Object         Scene Change
Detection function      Detection to alert your   Detection to alert you
supported as one of     attention once            when the camera
                                                  scene is changed.
alarm triggered         suspicious object
condition to secure     detected
your important asset.
               Additional Assets
 4. Attention Please          5. Dual Monitor         6. EMAP

Attention Please:           Support Dual Monitor   Support 8 EMAPs
Enable dialogs to           environment for        oriented for remote
trace if operator pays      independent preview    monitoring easily.
attention to security       and playback or EMAP
monitor. (patent pending)   to save your trouble
                  Alarm Management
    Alarm Messenger                        Launch Program

Alarm Messenger will send the       Launch Program included:
promptest notification with image   Warning sound/ E-mail/ call out/
and pop out at once while alarm     FTP/ PTZ Preset point/ SOP to
triggered.                          transmit instant notification.
 Recording Function
1. HDD Calculator
2. Multiple Recording
 - MotionRecording
         Detection Recording
 - Smart Recording
 - Voice Detection Recording
        Advanced Applications
                                 2. Multiple Recording

                      Motion Detection         Smart Recording

                     Motion Detection         Smart recording can
HDD Calculator
                     function can start DVR   record at least 1fps
function can
                     recording                under usual condition
calculate how much
                     automatically once       and record up to 15fps
time you can use
                     alarm trigger.           while motion detected
according to your
                                              in selected zone.
HDD size.
Video Backup & Playback
 1. Video Backup
  - Direct Burn
  - AVI Converter
  - iBackup

 2.Video Playback
  - Visual Search
  - Intelligent Search
  - Time Search
                   Video Backup

  Direct Burn       AVI converter             iBackup

Built-in DVD-RW
                   Convert video data     backup software
enables users to
                   to AVI file directly   bundled to easily
backup selected
                   to play on windows     playback and backup
data to DVD/CD
                   media player.          your video
                   Video Playback
   Visual Search          Intelligent Search           Time Search

Visual Search by         Intelligent Search       Time Search by the
day, hour, minute,       can automatically stop   scrolling bar to
10sec, and sec to        video playback while     search according
easily find data you     motion detected in       specific data and
need. (patent pending)   selected zone.           efficiently find what
                                                  you want.
Remote Monitoring
1.Central Management
 - CM3000

2. Remote Access
- Web Viewer
- PDA Viewer
- Handy Viewer
- Smart Viewer

3. Bonus Pack
- iEnhance
- iStable
- iDispatch
            Central Management

                                               (support up to 4 monitors display)

CM3000 is the professional Central Management System enables users to remote
control to 1000 DVRs with Live alarm notification simultaneously and integrate
your DVRs for a total solution
                      Remote Access
                                Smart Phone
   Web Viewer                                               PDA Viewer

Web Viewer is            Smart Viewer supports     PDA Viewer is the mobile
convenient for home      Symbian and Windows smart remote access for video
users to remote          phone system, moreover,   and audio monitoring on 4-
viewing via web            smart phones with JAVA2.0   camera view or full screen
browser without            can support PTZ cameras     by channel anytime and
installing extra software. control.                    anywhere.
                    Bonus Pack

         iEnhance                              iStable

iEnhance is the exclusive video iStable is the video stabilizer
enhancement software can adjust software which can fix shaking
recorded data to the highest    and jolts impact on video with just
quality image.                    one click.
        Share DVR loading for remote access
                                              Webcam client

                                              Webcam client
DVR Server

 Webcam client       Dispatch server

                     Webcam client       Webcam client
XR8032 Application Diagram

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