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   Greece's Ever Rising Debt: What's Next?                                                                                                  October 2011

                                                                                                              Turkey and the
                                                                                                              New Middle East
                                                                                                              University Club: September 24
                                                                                                              By Carla Westerheide
                                                                                                                   “Turkey lives in a tough neighborhood,”
                                                                                                              Taha Özhan, the President of the SETA
                                                                                                              Foundation told the audience in his opening
                                                                                                              statement. Turkish Prime Minister Recep
                                                                                                              Tayyip Erdogan agreed, saying that “we are
                                                                                                              witnessing the birth of a new Middle East
                                                                                                              and Turkey has remodeled itself to play a
                                                                                                              more important role in the region.”
Greek protestors outside the Greek Parliament in Athens
                                                                                                                   Erdogan made it clear that he was not
      “Are you also here to hear about how                 ropean banks own the biggest chunk of              willing to talk around the issue, but warned
 the Greek economy is going to fail?” a                    Greek debt (between $50 to $60 billion),           that people should always differentiate be-
 man asked as he got on to the elevator.                   and in the case of an “orderly” default,           tween a nation and its administration. “No
 Another woman turned to him and an-                       repayments could be pushed back decades.           one should ask a nation to pay the price for
 swered: “and ours!”                                       A “disorderly” default could mean the debt         being frank,” he added.
      Needless to say, the Greek financial                 will never be repaid. Ever.                             The talk, labeled “New Turkey and The
 crisis is on everyone’s mind. It continues                     Because of the gravity of the situa-          New Middle East,” mainly focused on issues
 to make headlines across the globe and                    tion, this issue puts special emphasis on          regarding the Arab Spring as well as Ankara’s
 speculations about default or Greece                      the euro crisis. We tell you what world            rankled relations with Israel.
 being asked to leave the eurozone are                     leaders Herman van Rompuy, the President                According to Erdogan, the Arab Spring
 running wild.                                             of the European Council (page 2), Iveta            was a time to put aside personal relation-
      And, while EU leaders seem to rule                   Radicova, the Slovakian Prime Minister             ships. He mentioned his previously close
 out default, some analysts are not that sure.             (page 4), as well as a number of experts           ties with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad
      There are two scenarios when it comes                have to say about the Greek crisis and the         as an example, but made it clear he disagrees
 to default: “orderly” or “disorderly.” Eu-                future of the eurozone (page 2).                   completely with the handling of the uprising
                                                                                                              in Syria. Erdogan condemned the violent
                                                                                                              crackdown that the Syrian government has
A Tale of Reckoning: No Words Needed                                                                          tried to legitimize as a fight against terrorism.
NYU: September 14                                                                                             “Entire villages cannot be terrorists,” he said,
By Hannah Wood                                            sor of law and writer, aimed to show in his         raising his voice. “You cannot use tanks to
     Robert H. Jackson, the United States                 documentary, "Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing           kill your own people!”
Chief Prosecutor during the Nuremberg Trials              Their Crimes," which works as a microcosm                That is why the Turkish Prime Minister
said the task his team of lawyers faced was               of the trial itself. Delage hails from France,      explained that he will visit the refugee camps
tremendous. “We must establish incredible                 but currently works as a professor at the Car-      in Turkey, now home to thousands of Syr-
events by credible evidence.” That’s exactly              dozo School of Law in New York City. His            ians. “After that, I will decide on the next
what Christian Delage, an accomplished                    interests and expertise lie in the use of film as   step vis-a-vis Syria.”
documentary filmmaker, historian, profes-                      NUREMBERG cont. on page 5                                   TURKEY cont. on page 4

     More in this issue:                                   Cyprus' Role Increasing in Regional
                                                           Politics                     page 2
                                                                                                               Slovakia Prime Minister Outlines
                                                                                                               European Crisis                 page 4
 Council of Europe President, Herman                       Stephan Hessel Introduces New York                  The Greek Crisis explained at Columbia
 van Rompuy visits NYU Law page2                           to Time for Outrage!         page 3                 University                       page 5

 President van Rompuy, are you "Mister Europe?"                                                                          Van Rompuy explained that his job
                                                                                                                   provides coherent and permanent leader-
                                                                                                                   ship for the group of 27 member states,
                                                                                                                   though he has significantly less power than
                                                                                                                   what was originally envisioned ahead of
                                                                                                                   the Lisbon Treaty. “I have brilliant ideas!
                                                                                                                   Unfortunately I have to speak on behalf
                                                                                                                   of 27 countries, so I’ll be less brilliant
                                                                                                                   than normal.”
                                                                                                                         He continued by saying that the Euro-
                                                                                                                   pean Council and the European Commis-
                                                                                                                   sion have two very different jobs to do and
                                                                                                                   should not be combined under one roof.
                                                                                                                   Still, he felt that the rotating presidency
                                                                                                                   has lost its necessity (responsibility for the
                                                                                                                   functioning of the Council of the European
                                                                                                                   Union rotates between EU member states
                                                                                                                   every six months). On top of that, he said,
                                                                                                                   that “what is not normal is that the Presi-
 Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, at the NYU Law School
                                                                                                                   dent of the Council has no impact on that
 NYU: September 21                                                    States: A Transatlantic Dialogue” was        rotating presidency.”
 By Carla Westerheide                                                 organized by the Jean Monnet Center                Van Rompuy not only had to answer
                                                                      for International and Regional Economic      questions about his own job, but also about
     “I am very charismatic,” Herman                                  Law and Justice. Van Rompuy faced a          that of Catherine Ashton, High Representa-
 van Rompuy, President of the European                                series of questions by three panelists not   tive of the Union for Foreign Affairs and
 Council joked to lighten the mood. “But                              only about his job and his role within the   Security Policy. Her position, along with
 I am the only who’s fully aware of it.”                              European Union, but also about the role      the permanent presidency of the European
    The event “Europe and the United                                  of the union itself.
                                                                                                                             ROMPUY cont. on page 3

 Cyprus' Role Increases in Regional Politics
NYU: September 22
By Hannah Wood                                                        was a self-educated writer of books who      beginning of negotiations with Turkey
     Cyprus is a “region of the world                                 was involved in politics.                    over the occupation question.
that’s not on our radar every day,” J.H.H.                                 Fourteen years after Britain left            Turkey has applied for EU member-
Weiler said at the Eighth Annual Emile                                Cyprus, Turkish troops arrived and have      ship, but negotiations remain blocked
Noel Lecture at the NYU School of                                     been in Cyprus ever since. That is why       mainly because of its occupation of Cyprus.
Law. Weiler, University Professor and                                 the northern part of Cyprus is Turkish       Christofias suggested that it would be in
European Union Jean Monnet Chair, was                                 territory. Christofias said that Cypriots    their best interest to leave northern Cyprus.
the moderator of a discussion with the                                “want to be free citizens of the United      Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
President of Cyprus, Demetris Christo-                                Republic of Cyprus.” He criticized           Erdoğan has been sending oil ships to the
fias. Both men pointed out that Cyprus                                the Turkish leader of Northern Cyprus,       Cypriot coastline for exploration. This,
is playing an increasingly influential role                           Derviş Eroğlu, saying that “politically      also, might hurt its application for mem-
in regional politics.                                                 we have great differences.” He also ac-      bership to the EU. In the end, Christofias
     President Demetris Christofias is a                              cused Turkey of refusing to implement a      said that he did not think that “Turkey’s
portly man with hair that is mostly white.                            Security Council resolutions suggesting      expansionism is a policy of the future.”
Throughout the talk he was garrulous                                  negation between the two parties and              As the talk wrapped up, J.H.H.
and pleasant. He is obviously a man                                   urging Turkey to ease restrictions on the    Weiler complimented the President of
who loves to talk, and he certainly got                               UN Peacekeeping force in the country.        Cyprus, saying that he had been incred-
an opportunity. Christofias is a career                               Christofias suggested that Turkey and        ibly, “outspoken and impressive.” In-
politician who has been involved in the                               Cyprus should continue talks on how to       deed, Weiler remarked that Christofias’
political scene since he was fourteen                                 end the Turkish presence. “I wouldn’t        apparent honesty had departed from
years old. He was inspired by his father,                             have run if there was not a possibility      the “no comment” answers that many
“a fighter for social justice,” who orga-                             to put an end to [this],” he said. A uni-    politicians give to tough questions. In
nized against British rule, which ended in                            fied Republic of Cyprus is clearly one       contrast, Christofias seemed quite willing
1960. He said that he credits his father                              of Christofias’ main goals. When asked       to engage in a casual conversation, which
with, “[giving] me the first light of my                              about his “most exhilarating moment          made the discussion not only informative,
political education.” Christofias’ father                             in office,” he answered that it was the      but compelling.
        ROMPUY cont. from page 2
Council, was created by the Lisbon Treaty
in 2009. Panelists wondered if Ashton’s job
really serves a purpose or “does the old
set-up prevail?” One panelist summed it
up by asking if Henry Kissinger’s problem
-when he asked: “Who do I call if I want
to call Europe?”-had been solved.
      But van Rompuy assured the au-
dience that Ashton’s job was crucial.
“Especially in the Middle East,” he said.
“Europe plays a key role in the Middle
East peace process for the first time
since the 1980s. And Lady Ashton is a
key player.” However, as van Rompuy
pointed out, that doesn’t mean European
countries agree on every issue. In other                                            Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, at the NYU Law School
words, “Ashton still needs the OK from
all 27 members. (…) But don’t be desper-
ate. It could even be that one day we’ll          First Step Toward Change? Outrage!
have a common position.”
                                                  Columbia: September 27
      Also on the agenda: EU membership                                                                        have them as a forward looking, coura-
                                                  By Zachary Dugan
for Turkey. It been a candidate since 1999,                                                                    geous country.”
yet van Rompuy agreed that “negotiations               The audience burst into applause                             “Indignez-Vous!” is a call for today’s
are somewhat blocked.” He says that’s it’s        before he event stepped into the room.                       youth to become outraged, to stand up and
“not only because member states are hesi-         Stéphane Hessel, 93-year-old French                          show their disapproval of the decisions of
tant about Turkey joining the EU, but also        Resistance fighter and human rights de-                      leaders in government and business. As a
because you cannot be a member if you don’t       fender, presented the English translation                    French Resistance fighter, Hessel fought
recognize other member states (Cyprus).”          of his bestselling book “Time for Outrage!                   a clear enemy, the Nazis. He continued to
      Last but not least, panelists addressed     (Indignez Vous!).”                                           fight for human rights throughout his life
what they called “the elephant in the room,”           Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and                       as a drafter of the United Declaration of
the eurozone crisis. All three seemed to be       Publisher of The Nation, introduced him                      Human Rights and as a continual advocate
concerned about solidarity by other EU            as “a voice of humanity and conscience.”                     for the rights enshrined in that document.
nations in regard to Greece.                      The Nation published “Indignez-Vous!”                        He acknowledged in his discussion, and
      Van Rompuy’s answer was clear. “It is       in February 2011. She recounted images                       in the book, that today’s enemies are not
difficult to convince some states that solidar-   of protestors around the world, from                         as clear as in the past but that three issues
ity is needed, (…) but just providing loans       Greece, Spain, and even Wisconsin, who                       present the most pressing problems: the
is already showing solidarity.”                   embody the spirit of his manifesto, which                    economic divide between the wealthy and
      He ruled out other ideas on how to          she called “a new spark in the world.”                       the poor, the deterioration of the planet,
deal with the Euro crisis, such as Euro-               Hessel shared a few words on his ex-                    and terrorism.
bonds, because “you cannot ask Germany            periences and his book before the planned                         Hessel also spoke about American
to pay the same interest rate on bonds as         conversational interview with Nikil Saval                    politics, the importance of the Arab Spring,
Greece.” A European Minister of Finance           from n+1 magazine. He joked about the                        the United Declaration of Human Rights’
– an idea brought forward by Jean-Claude          many translations of “Indignez-Vous!,”                       relevance today, and he gave advice to the
Trichet, President of the European Central        laughing at the fact that five different trans-              protesters on Wall Street.
Bank (ECB) – is also out of the question,         lations have been made for Spain alone:                           Hessel inspired the audience
van Rompuy said, since he fears such a            Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, and                      through his story and his commands but
minister could make decisions without             Valencian. He spoke about his surprise at                    admitted that he did not know how to
the accord of the 27.                             the fascination with the book around the                     solve today’s problems. He suggested
      For the President of the European           world and explained by saying that “the                      that today’s problem solvers should
Council, there is no doubt that the EU is         ideas expressed in this short little appeal                  recognize the importance of luck,
doing everything it can to deal with the          are coming at an important moment for                        work to change government from the
ongoing crisis and that it continues to           many countries.”                                             inside, and should remain non-violent
take steps in the right direction. “Greece             He expressed hope that the book                         in any protests they join. He hinted at a
defaulting is not an option because there         would appeal to the citizens of the                          second book discussing how to become
is no alternative,” van Rompuy concluded.         United States as well because of the                         engaged with others once a group has
“The only option is the one we have cho-          importance of that country’s respon-                         achieved outrage and emphasized the
sen: Greece has to put its house in order         sibilities in the world. “We cannot do                       importance of engagement and commit-
and we show solidarity."                          without the United States and we must                        ment to an issue or problem.

           TURKEY cont. from page 1
                                                                                            up of the United                                   Research, an independent think tank based
                                                                                            Nations, and ex-                                   in Washington, DC. Its focus is on issues–re-
                                                                                            plained that since                                 gional, national and international–concern-
                                                                                            the five permanent                                 ing Turkey, as well as U.S.-Turkey relations.
                                                                                            seat holders always                                      Though U.S.-Turkey relations were
                                                                                            have the last word,                                absent from the talk, Erdogan did mention
                                                                                            change might be                                    other international projects. “Turkey’s
                                                                                            difficult to come by.                              friendship is something the world is reach-
                                                                                                 “We are going to                              ing out for,” he said.
                                                                                            support them, no mat-                                    Indeed, Turkey has been active in terms
                                                                                            ter what,” Erdogan                                 of providing international aid to famine-
                                                                                            said about Palestinian                             stricken Somalia. Though the money is
                                                                                            Authority President                                not provided by the Turkish government,
                                                                                            Mahmoud Abbas’                                     Erdogan said he mobilized citizens to
                                                                                            recent bid at the UN                               reach out and lend a helping hand, after he
                                                                                            to recognize a Pales-                              himself visited the region. So far, Turkish
 Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaking at the University Club                            tinian state. “It’s not                            organizations have raised $ 30 billion in aid.
                                                                   an option, it’s an obligation (…) We need to                                      The same, he said, is true in the case
     Erdogan was also frank in regard to                           stop this injustice.”                                                       of Darfur: he was the one who told US
Israel. “For the future of the world, the                                Tension between Israel and Turkey has                                 President George W. Bush that aid was
conflict between Israel and Palestine needs                        been rising since Israel attacked a flotilla                                not arriving in Darfur. If it did, it was not
to be solved,” he said, and added that the                         delivering aid to Gaza, killing nine activ-                                 trickling down to those in need due to
ongoing embargo on Gaza had turned it into                         ists. Though Erdogan said, that was not the                                 widespread corruption.
an open-air prison. Moreover, the conflict                         only thing that damaged relations, adding                                         Erdogan promised that he will send his
is a threat to international law that should                       that according to him, Israel has repeatedly                                foreign minister to Somalia on a regular basis,
not be overshadowed by personal interests.                         broken promises in regard to Gaza. “Israel                                  to make sure aid goes where it is most needed.
Unfortunately, he believes that as long as                         has lost our friendship based on its own                                          Turkey might live in a tough neighbor-
international leaders “are still discussing                        attitude,” he concluded.                                                    hood, but as the second fastest growing econ-
if we’re going to recognize a Palestinian                                The event was held at the University                                  omy in the world, Ankara is not only proving
state, our efforts are in vain.”                                   Club and was hosted by SETA, the Foun-                                      to be a stabilizer in the region, but is willing
     He in turn criticized the current make-                       dation for Political, Economic and Social                                   to strengthen ties across the globe.

 Slovakia Prime Minister Outlines European Crisis
 NYU: September 22
 By Carla Westerheide
       Trust and identity. Those are the two
 major crises Europe is facing, according to
 Slovakia Prime Minister Iveta Radičová. She
 told NYU students that the gap between eco-
 nomic promises made by governments and
 economic reality is often wide, undermin-
 ing citizens’ confidence. On top of that, she
 argued, globalization caused the economic
 crisis to immediately spread across Europe.
       Though Radičová praised the European
 Union for its accomplishments in the past 20
 years, she said that the current eurozone crisis
 is a direct result of the lack of common fiscal
 policy and the capacity to make decisions.
       “In Europe, the conflict isn’t just                         Slovakia Prime Minister Iveta Radičová posing with several NYU students at the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute

 between two political parties, but between
 50,” Radičová pointed out. “That means 50                          tional parties only think in terms of elections                              an election. They want to clearly differentiate
 parties need to agree on what to do next and                       and not in the long-term. “Populism always                                   themselves from other parties, which makes
 how to stabilize the Eurozone.”                                    wins,” she says, “but who’s going to pay?                                    compromises nearly impossible.
       She outlined three major issues that,                        No one knows.”                                                                    The third problem, she said, is that this is
 according to her, pinpoint why the crisis                               Also, political parties represent a clear
 cannot be solved overnight. First of all, na-                      program so citizens can identify them during                                             SLOVAKIA cont. on page 6

 NUREMBERG cont. from page 1                                                                                        sympathized with socialist Russia. It was
     evidence in the determination of war                                                                           especially ironic then, that Sutzkever had
crimes.                                                                                                             to speak Russian at the trial instead of his
     Delage spoke at the Maison Française                                                                           native Yiddish. He was asked to describe
at Columbia University. The lecture was                                                                             what had happened to himself and his fam-
entitled "Nuremberg, from ‘Atrocities’ to                                                                           ily. Before he spoke, Sutzkever paused.
‘Genocide’". The word “atrocity” was origi-                                                                         The silence lasted for perhaps five or eight
nally used to describe the murders of millions                                                                      seconds. For Delage, this was an important
of Jews and non-Jewish opponents of the                                                                             moment in the trial footage and something
Nazis during the Holocaust. However, by the                                                                         that struck him as being particularly poi-
beginning of the trials in 1945, a new term                                                                         gnant. Sutzkever, who had gone through so
had been coined by jurist Raphael Lemkin.                                                                           much, now had to compose his thoughts, in
It was tailored specifically for this unique                                                                        a second language, and bear witness. This
and unprecedented case of mass murder                                                                               silence cannot be detected in the footage in
or “genocide.” Ways in which this horror                                                                            the Nuremberg video archive because it has
was quantified and dealt with by various                                                                            been cut out. The editors, Delage posited,
participants of the trial were themes that kept                                                                     must have seen it as dead space. It would
cropping up throughout Delage’s lecture.                                                                            be strange to start a video clip with silence.
     Film of the allied liberation of the                                                                           However, it was this very element which he
camps was shown during the trial. The                                                                               wished to introduce into his documentary:
pictures of naked and sickly thin survivors                                                                         the human struggle of painful recollection
                                                  Delage's documentary "Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing Their Crimes"
being led to safety seemed to shock those                                                                           and the inner courage it takes to actually
watching, who met the footage with uneasy                                                                           bear witness to the unbelievable. At the
fidgeting and quiet. However, the most            Sutzkever and his wife survived by lying                          end of the lecture, Delage said, “I have to
compelling piece of trial footage came from       atop slain neighbors and pretending to be                         reestablish the silence.” In so doing, he has
witness testimony by Abraham Sutzkever,           dead themselves. Before being murdered,                           added a personal element to the statistics and
who would later become a famous Yiddish           Sutzkever’s community members had been                            the pictures of hundreds of dead that makes
poet. His mother and child were killed by         forced to dance around a fire singing Russian                     the situation easier to grasp and swallow.
the Nazis in an attack on Vilnius, Lithuania.     songs, as the Nazis thought that all Jews

 The Greek Crisis Inside and Out                                                                                     him, that was all the way back in the late
                                                                                                                     1970s and early 1980s, when Greece had
 Columbia: September 19                            accelerate history, but they can never                            a 0 percent growth rate and double digit
 By Carla Westerheide                              change it."                                                       inflation.
      “I lucked out,” Mark Mazower, a his-              According to him, the Greek crisis                                The question is: what now? When
 tory professor at Columbia University             is no longer a national problem, but has                          asked about early elections in Greece,
 specialising in modern Greece joked.              spread across the continent and even                              Psalidopoulos answered that that would
 “When I organized this event back in              the world. Where did it come from?                                be a possibility. “No one wants to be
 July, I thought the Greek crisis would be         For Alivizatos, the answer is simple:                             the President of bankruptcy,” he said,
 over by now.”                                     “We have a common currency without                                adding that this way Greek Prime Min-
      But it isn’t and the event “The              common fiscal policies. That was our                              ister George Papandreou could still gain
 Greek Crisis: A Conversation,” gave the           mistake.”                                                         enough seats in Parliament to have a say
 audience some valuable insight. Guests                 But he also points the finger at                             in the government. If he waits too long,
 Nikos Alivizatos, a law professor at the          Greece, adding that the lack of transpar-                         however, he will lose even more votes
 University of Athens and Michalis Psali-          ency and widespread corruption made                               and therefore seats.
 dopoulos, a professor at the economics            the crisis inevitable.                                                 The global economy is suffering.
 department at the University of Athens,                Psalidopoulos took the argument one                          And as eurozone leaders struggle to find a
 specializing in “economic thought,”               step further, adding that Greece needs                            long-term solution to the problem, instead
 shared their views on the history and the         to overhaul its current economic model                            of simply suppressing growing fears of
 future of the Greek economy.                      guaranteeing welfare even to those who                            the debt crisis in Europe, both panelists
      Both panelists agreed that Greece            never paid into the fund. Something the                           agreed: the only solution is to cut public
 needs to stay in the eurozone. “You can-          country can no longer afford, since “there                        spending, meaning further slashing of
 not be part of globalization and be against       is no money left.”                                                wages and pensions as well as additional
 globalization,” Psalidopoulos explained.               He added that agreeing or disagree-                          austerity measures. Meanwhile, Greek
      Alivizatos said that he was particu-         ing with new or old policies is only half                         citizens have made it clear, that’s a solu-
 larly interested in the role of institutions      the battle and that analysts really need                          tion they don’t want to live with.
 in Europe, because they “can slow or              to understand where it all began. For

90 Minutes on the EU and its "Challenges"                                                                     SLOVAKIA cont. from page 4
                                                                                                          a European problem that is being interpreted
NYU: September 22
By Hannah Wood                                          stuck with it. Eurozone countries now have        on a national level. No taxpayer wants his or
                                                        to sink or swim together.                         her money to be used to bail out a country
     During his lecture on “The State of the                 Dan did mention the possibility of           other than their own. And citizens of the
European Union” at the CUNY Graduate                    pushing Greece out of the eurozone and let-       country in trouble don’t want their wages
Center, Ambassador Karoly Dan of Hungary                ting them go back to their old currency, the      cut to pay for the government’s mistakes.
was faced with the difficult task of attempting         Drachma. He said it would be devastating in             “The way I see it, there are three
to give a detailed description on the current           the short term, but might be good for the other   scenarios,” Radičová continued. “Some
problems affecting the European Union. And              members over the long haul. However, he           countries will exit the eurozone based on
that in just an hour and a half.                        pointed out that once one country leaves the      their own free will or will be pressured
           Dan chose to discuss the euro crisis         eurozone, it shows that it is breakable. Dan      out.” She said this scenario would entail
in detail. However, he said that he does not            mentioned that though Hungary is a member         a rise in unemployment as well as lower
believe that it should be called a “crisis.” In-        of the European Union, it does not use the        economic growth.
stead, he suggested “challenge” as a moniker            euro and can therefore “maneuver a little.”             She says there is also the possibility of
for the difficulty that has overshadowed the                 However, 500 million people do use           recreating the EU as a fiscal union. An idea
European Union since 2008.                              the euro, according to Dan. This makes it         that would be difficult to realize, according
           “If you look at budget [sic] now             the second most influential currency in the       to Radičová, since such a decision cannot
- how much the European Union has spent                 world. Fortunately, a new €500 billion fund       be made by EU member state governments
bailing out countries - you would be aston-             will be formed next year. It will be like “all    alone but also needs the support of the major-
ished,” Dan said. He was referring to the               the bailouts together” and focus on preventing    ity of EU citizens. On top of that, it would be
bailout of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal                another catastrophe.                              difficult to combine fiscal and social policies
earlier this year. The ambassador suggested                  Hungary was the last country to hold the     of all member states at this point.
that the “euro challenge” was due to mis-               rotating EU presidency, and the ambassador              The EU currently has no way of
management of funds by various countries,               noted what his country had accomplished           imposing fiscal policies, budget cuts, etc.
not a structural deficiency on the part of the          during its presiding role over the organiza-      on member states. They can only try and
EU.                                                     tion. Hungary helped to craft what is called      negotiate, “but even then they have no way
     Before the collapse of financial markets           the “Six Pack,” which consists of six parts       of checking the countries are keeping their
around the world, “it was possible to cheat -           of legislation that attempt to create more        promises.” Instead, Radičová said she would
even in the eurozone.” The euro fell at the             oversight of the economic policies of the         like to see a new institution on the European
worst possible time for these countries that            EU member states.                                 level, similar to the International Monetary
“couldn’t get out of trouble the way they                    The ambassador emphasized that the           Fund - an institution that can in fact ask
would before.” Dan did not go into detail               EU can only pull out of its financial hard-       countries to change its policies.
about what constituted “cheating,” but one              ship if it is cohesive. New regulations                 “We’ve already lost a year and a half.
might surmise that it would partly constitute           and safeguards for the European financial         But the crisis is not waiting on us, so maybe
papering over deficits with gimmicks that               system are slowly being put into place.           the only solution is to quickly establish such
do not work in the long term. He said that              Ambassador Dan said that he looks forward         institutions.”
“the euro is a straitjacket on the economy,”            to the “promise of a common European                    The third scenario would be for govern-
meaning that the countries who have it are              future where countries can work together.”        ments to work together, cut public spending,
                                                                                                          increase transparency, put in place the “right
                      "If the eurozone continues        "By defining the crisis as a                      conditions for the creation of jobs,” and open
                      the way it is now, default        'debt' crisis we lose perspec-                    up the labor market.
                      is almost inevitable [for         tive on the fact that the eco-                          “But who could do that when citizens
                      Greece]. But I think it will be   nomic turmoil's real casual-                      are out in the streets,” she asked. “The streets
                      a controlled default, so more     ties are employment and the                       want higher wages and better living condi-
                        like a debt restructuring. "    ability of states to pursue so-                   tions. But the reality is, there is no more cash.”
                                                         cially just public policies."                          Still, she says, many of these mea-
                        -Eirini Schlosser, student           -Alexander, student                          sures – along with reform of the educa-
What's Your Take on the European Financial Crisis?                                                        tion and judicial sector – have been put
                                                                                                          in place in Slovakia.
                      "I think [Greece default-         It's a crisis of economic think-                        “Maybe, if they let me have my job
                      ing] is not really a matter       ing. Economists politicians,                      long enough, maybe I’ll be able to make
                      of when, but more a matter        journalists and pundits need                      a difference,” Radičová said, wrapping
                      of how it's going to happen       to go back to grade school and                    up her speech.
                      and if Greece will have to        learn the difference between                            A pessimistic outlook on the future
                          leave the eurozone."          addition and multiplication.                      of the eurozone, but many would say,
                                                         It's a crisis of understanding."                 nonetheless a realistic one.
                         - Aris Molfepas, student                -Yannis, student

                                         upcoMing events
    —new york university—                           TUESDAY, October 11 at 12:30 p.m.                  Bailly founded and directed the magazines Fin
                                                    Lecture: “Experimenting with Primaries:            de siècle (1974-1977) and Aléa (1981-1989),
     CENTER FOR EUROPEAN AND                        the French Socialists.” Bernard Manin is a         and was in charge of the series Détroits for
      MEDITERRANEAN STUDIES                         professor of politics at NYU and a directeur       Christian Bourgois éditeur. Bailly has taught
 285 Mercer Street, 7th Floor. All events take      d’études at the Ecole des Hautes études en         at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Na-
  place at the Center unless otherwise noted.       sciences sociales (Paris). He is the author of     ture et du Paysage de Blois since 1997 and
                 212.998.3838.                      The Principles of Re- presentative Govern-         he frequently collaborates with directors and
                ment (1996) and La démocratie délibérative         painters. He is the author of Le Versant animal
                                                    (forthcoming).                                     (TheAnimal Side, Fordham University Press,
FRIDAY, October 14 at 4:30 p.m.                                                                        2011); L’Instant et son ombre; Le Temps fixé.
“Gender and Transformation in Europe Work-          TUESDAY, October 18 at 12:30 p.m.
shop.” Ann Snitow, Associate Professor of           Lecture: “Une de´stabilisation durable: Ef-        THURSDAY, October 13 at 7:00 p.m.
Literature and Gender Studies Director of the       fets a` long terme de la crise de l’emploi sur     Lecture: “Restoration: From Notre Dame de
Gender Studies Program at The New School,           l’avenir des jeunes en France. ” Presented by      Paris to Gaston Paris.” R. Howard Bloch is a
co-founder of the Network of East-West              Louis Chauvel, a professor of sociology (Sci-      Professor of French at Yale University and the
Women in 1991; Malgorzata Tarasiewicz,              ences Po Paris). He is the author of Le destin     author of Medieval Misogyny and the Inven-
Director of the Network of East-West Women;         des générations, structure sociale et cohortes     tion of Western Romantic Love; God’s Pla-
“Reflection on twenties years of East-West          en France au XXe siècle (1998, re- ed 2002        giarist; The Anonymous Marie de Franc. He
collaboration.”                                     and 2010), Les classes moyennes à la dérive       is also Sterling Professor of French and Chair
                                                    (2006). He will look at the long term effects      of the Humanities Program at Yale University.
TUESDAY, October 18 at 4 p.m.                       of the current economic crisis on things such      His lecture "Restoration: From Notre Dame
Film and Conversation: “Das Weisse Band             as unemployment among France’s youth.              de Paris to Gaston Paris" includes discussion
(The White Ribbon).” Michael Haneke’s films                                                            of Viollet-le-Duc, the gothic revival, and the
have frequently concerned themselves with               LA MAISON FRANCAISE @ NYU                      restoration of medieval languages.
questions of history, yet Haneke occupies a             16 Washington Mews. All events take
curious place in the pantheon of filmmaker-          place at the Maison unless otherwise noted.       TUESDAY, October 18 at 7:00 p.m.
historiographers. Neither straightforward real-                    212.998.8750.                       Lecture: “The Feedback Story: American
ist nor intellectual essayist, Haneke belongs to            Theory Travels to France.” Author and pro-
a small group of filmmakers who, rather than                                                           fessor of American Studies at the University
attempting to “represent” historical enigma,        TUESDAY, October 4 at 7:00 p.m.                    of Paris X, François Cusset examines the
transform their films into an objective correla-    Conference: “Looking for Marguerite Duras:         belated opening of France's intellectual world
tive to it by exploring the potentials of contin-   A Biographer’s Journey.” Jean Vallier, author      to American authors and concepts over the
gency as an aesthetic-discursive mode. The          of C’était Marguerite Duras, Tome I: 1914-         last ten years.
talk traces the role of contingency in Haneke’s     1945; Tome II: 1946-1996 sits down with
most recent release, The White Ribbon, in           NYU French Professor and author of Plays           THURSDAY, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.
relation to his earlier films that engage ques-     by French and Francophone Women Writers,           Reading: “The Harkis: The Wound That
tions of historical trauma and decline. Film        Judith Miller.                                     Never Heals.” Distinguished Professor of
Screening 4 pm, Conversation 6:30 pm. This                                                             Comparative Literature and Anthropology
event is held at the NYU Deutsches Haus.            THURSDAY, October 6 at 7:00 p.m.                   at the CUNY Graduate Center, Vincent Cra-
                                                    Lecture: "Le Donjuanisme à la française.          panzano examines the story of the quarter
WEDNESDAY, October 26 at 3:30 p.m.                  ”Sociologist and author of Democracy without       of a million Algerian auxiliary troops who
Lecture: “How to Construct a Distinct Cul-          Women: Feminism and the Rise of Liberal            fought for the French in Algeria’s war of in-
ture: Museums of Islamic Art in Europe.” A          Individualism in France and Ce que déclarer        dependence.After tens of thousands of Harkis
Max Weber Chair Guest lecture by Nicolaus           des droits veut dire: histories Christine Faure    were massacred by other Algerians at the end
Bernau, TU Berlin.                                  looks at a French social and cultural phenom-      of the war, the survivors fled to France where
                                                    enon, the “Don Juanism.” Complaints against        they were placed in camps, some for as long
                                                    sexual harassment and rape are rare in France.     as sixteen years. Condemned as traitors by
   INSTITUTE OF FRENCH STUDIES                      It’s not an individual pathology, but a state of   other Algerians and scorned by the French,
    15 Washington Mews. All events take             mind and state of society. A practice that has     the Harkis became a population apart, and
     place the Institute unless otherwise           lived on since the monarchy through literature     their children still suffer from their parents’
             noted.212.998.8740.                    and cultural heritage.                             wounds.Aresonant reflection on how children
                                                                       bear responsibility for the choices their parents               TUESDAY, October 11 at 7:00 p.m.                   make, and how violence insinuates itself into
                frenchstudies                       “Le Versant animal.” Writer, poet, publisher,      every facet of human life. Co-sponsored by
                                                    playwright and philosopher, Jean-Christophe        Institute of French Studies.

TUESDAY, October 25 at 7:00 p.m.                  TUESDAY, October 4 at 6:30 p.m.                     Deutsches Haus in 1977 and remained director
“Inventing Paris: The Birth of a Cultural         Discussion: “We Have Never Been Secular:            until 1995. He once described his work for
Capital in the Long 14th Century.” Stephen        Faith and Faith Lobbies in the US and Germa-        Deutsches Haus as “the most beautiful job
G. Nichols is a professor of French and Hu-       ny.” However much democratic governments            in the United States.” Sander passed away
manities at The Johns Hopkins University, also    must be neutral towards religion, neither sup-      on May 12, 2011. Deutsches Haus will com-
served as Director of the School of Criticism     porting nor hindering any creed, societies are      memorate its founder with a series of speeches,
and Theory, based at Cornell, from 1995-2000.     far from neutral--or secular--but full of beliefs   a concert, and a get-together of many people
A specialist in medieval literature, art, and     and practices in the public sphere. For the most    who knew and loved him.
history, he is the author of Romanesque Signs:    robust flourishing of democracy and religion,
Early Medieval Narrative and Iconography          how should religions participate in politics?       TUESDAY, October 25 at 6:30 p.m.
(James Russel Lowell Prize, MLA) , among          This panel will look at present practices in        Discussion: “Not one of them: The audacious
other works.                                      both countries and normative ideals. These          World of Irmgard Keun.” Ruth Franklin, Mi-
                                                  questions will be discussed by the political        chael Hoffmann, and Maria Tatar will discuss
   KING JUAN CARLOS I OF SPAIN                    writer Peter Beinart, Richard Cizik, one of         the artistic, political, and cultural significance
                  CENTER                          the most prominent evangelicals in the US,          of the German author Irmgard Keun. A video
53 Washington Square South. All events take       Antonius Liedhegener, scholar of the intersec-      interview with Keun's daughter TK, and
 place at the Center unless otherwise noted.      tion between politics and religion, and foreign     film clips from adaptations of Keun's novels
                212.998.3650.                     and security policy expert Karsten Voigt.           will also be screened. A bestselling author                                                                  of the Weimar Republic, Irmgard Keun was
                                                  FRIDAY, October 7 at 6:30 p.m.                      blacklisted after the Nazis rose to power and
WEDNESDAY, October 5 at 6:15 p.m.                 Film Screening: “Comrade Couture: Straw-            forced into exile. She would later fake her own
Exhibition: Opening of “The Spanish Civil         berry Foil Dreaming.” Directed by Marco             suicide and sneak back into Nazi Germany
War Photographs of Agustí Centelles (The          Wilms. A documentary on East Germany’s              under an assumed identity. Mostly forgotten
French Suitcase).” (1936-1939), and sub-          vibrant underground fashion scene of the            after the war, Keun was rediscovered in 1977
sequently at the French concentration camp        1980s, reminiscent of New York’s in the             and she experienced a literary renaissance
in Bram, by the celebrated Catalan photo          1960s. Former East German model Wilms               in Germany before her death in 1983. In an
journalist Agustí Centelles. All of the photo-    gathered lively archival footage of the period      attempt to introduce her work to American
graphs are being exhibited for the first time,    and intersperses it with interviews of former       audiences, three of her books have recently
in conjunction with the parallel exhibit at the   East German colleagues who have adapted,            been published in the U.S.
Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica         each in his or her own particular manner, to
in Salamanca, which recently purchased Cen-       being “free” in a reunified Germany.                WEDNESDAY, October 26 at 6:30 p.m.
telles' archive. The exhibit includes the dra-                                                        Discussion: “Novel, Media. Max Frisch's
matic photographs Centelles took in Barcelona     FRIDAY, October 14 at 6:30 p.m.                     Gantenbein. ” Barbara Naumann's talk asks
shortly after the military uprising of 18 July    Lecture: “Ernst Osterkamp: Spartacus among          what Max Frisch’s modernity means today,
1936, his photo-reportage during the war, and     the Germans: About the history of a literary        and how can we read an author, whose main
his extraordinary photographs taken in Bram       defeat.” For a 21st century German, the legacy      work seems so closely tied in to Swiss an
concentration camp where he was interned          of the Thracian Spartacus, who from 73-71           German postwar developments? In 2011,
on crossing into France. The exhibit will be      BC entangled Rome in the most dangerous             Max Frisch’s 100th birthday as well as the
open until December 17. A parallel exhibit        slave war of its history, begins in 1916, when      20th anniversary of his death have formed the
of original copies of international magazines     the far left consolidated into the Spartacus        background for many biographically oriented
that featured Centelles' war photos will be on    Alliance. However, the 1916 founding of             studies. This presentation, however, attempts
show in NYU's Tamiment Library, 10th floor,       the Spartacus Alliance is just one date in the      a portrait of the author by focusing on Frisch’s
Bobst Library, 70 Washington Square South.        150 proceeding years of German literary             novel „Gantenbein“. It dates from 1964, a
                                                  history’s fascination with Spartacus. This is       period in which the modern novel in general
THURSDAY, October 13 at 7:00 p.m.                 a fascination very few people are aware of, as      and Frisch’s work in particular were widely
Reading: Acclaimed translator Edith Gross-        the history of literature is as well a history of   concerned with experimental narratives.
man will present her magnificent translation of   winners, while the captivation with Spartacus
The Solitudes by Luis de Góngora (Penguin,        has merely brought about a series of artistic       FRIDAY, October 28 at 6:30 p.m.
2011).                                            defeats. This lecture examines the reasons          Discussion: “Slavoj Žižek: Negativity in
                                                  behind the enduring influence Spartacus has         Hegel and Freud.” It’s a radical negation which
                                                  had on the work of German authors.                  sublates the negated content in a higher level
       DEUTSCHES HAUS @ NYU                                                                           of ideality, while in Freud, it works as a failed
    42 Washington Mews. All events take           FRIDAY, October 21 at 6:30 p.m.                     negation resulting in a compromise formation.
  place at the Haus unless otherwise noted.       Commemoration: “The Most Enjoyable                  In Hegel, negation erases contingency and ren-
                212.998.8660.                     Job in America.” The life of Volkmar Sander,        ders visible its underlying necessity; in Freud,             founder of Deutsches Haus, was dedicated            negation takes the form of multiple contingent
                                                  to promoting the knowledge of German lit-           distortions of necessity. Is there nonetheless a
                                                  erature and culture. Volkmar Sander founded         hidden common denominator between the two?

              CASA ITALIANA                         the Symphony Space’s Thalia Book Club,              —coluMbia university—
      24 West 12th Street. All events take          2537 Broadway at 95th Street
   place at the Casa unless otherwise noted.        WEDNESDAY, October 5th at 7p.m.                      THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTE
                 212.998.8730.                      Lecture: “From Irish Exile to Welsh             420 West 118th Street, International Affairs
                                                                                                    Building (IAB), Room 1228. 212.854.4618.
                     Celebrity: The Queer Self-Fashioning
                                                                                                     All events take place at the Institute unless           of the Ladies of Llangollen.” Lady El-                        otherwise noted.
                                                    eanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby,       
WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 6:00 p.m.                  daughters of prominent Irish aristocratic
Workshop: “OPLEPO - Workshop of Poten-              families, eloped together from Kilkenny        THURSDAY, October 6 at 12:00 p.m.
tial Literature.” The guests will illustrate the    in 1778. Throughout their fifty-one             Lecture: "Politics and Debates in the Pursuit
activity of the Italian workshop by reading a       years of domestic “retirement,” Butler         of Transitional Justice: Comparing Albania
sample of their texts à contrainte and by elabo-   and Ponsonby, known as “The Ladies of          and Poland."Arolda Elbasani, Ph.D., Social
rating on specific subjects. The event will be      Llangollen,” were plagued by insinua-          Science Research Centre, Germany and Cen-
partly IN ITALIAN and partly IN ENGLISH             tions that their relationship was sexual. In   ter for Democracy, Toleration and Religion,
WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 6:00 p.m.                  this lecture, Fiona Brideoake will explore     Columbia University. This event will be held
Concert: Presentation of the CD “Oltre-             Butler and Ponsonby’s performance of           at 1219 International Affairs Building.
oceano.” Featuring Andrea Veneziani Trio            geographic and class identity and their
and Kenny Werner.                                   distinctive and nationally hybrid form of            THE HARRIMAN INSTITUTE
                                                    queer celebrity.                                420 West 118th Street, International Affairs
FRIDAY, October 14 at 6:30 p.m.                                                                     Building (IAB), Room 1219. All events take
“Adventures in Italian Opera with Fred Plot-        THURSDAY, October 13 at 8:00 p.m.               place at the Institute unless otherwise noted.
kin: Angela Meade,” starring at the Met in          Multi-Media: “A Tribute to Harrigan                             212.854.4623.
the title role of Donizetti's Anna Bolena and       & Hart: The Original Men Who Owned          
as Elvira in Verdi's Ernani.                        Broadway.”NYU Professor Mick Mo-
                                                    loney and an all-star cast salute Ned          WEDNESDAY, October 5 at 1:30 p.m.
FRIDAY, October 14 at 6:30 p.m.                     Harrigan, the Broadway legend, and his         Reading : “Diplomacy and Global Gover-
“Adventures in Italian Opera with Fred Plot-        partner Tony Hart with a multi-media           nance.” A book presentation organized by the
kin: LUCA PISARONI.” The first Adventure            tribute told through story, song, and          Consulate General of Austria and the author
in Italian Opera with Fred Plotkin of this fifth    dance. Presented by the Irish Arts Center      Dr. Thomas Nowotny, former Consulate-
season will feature Luca Pisaroni, starring         in association with Glucksman Ireland          General of Austria in New York.
as Leporello in the Met's new production of         House NYU.This event will be held at
Mozart's Don Giovanni. Member-only RSVP:            Peter Norton Symphony Space, 2537              THURSDAY, October 6 at 5:00 p.m.
212-502-7944                                        Broadway at 95th Street.                       Discussion : “The Strategic BacklashAgainst
                                                                                                   Human Rights Across Eurasia.” A panel dis-
    GLUCKSMAN IRELAND HOUSE                         FRIDAY, October 14 at 9:00 p.m.                cussion with Graeme Robertson (University
     1 Washington Mews. All events take             Concert: “The Blarney Star Concert             of North Carolina—Chapel Hill), Christopher
  place at the House unless otherwise noted.        Series: Paddy Keenan and John Walsh.”          Walker (Freedom House), Hugh Williamson
                212.998.3950.                       Piper Paddy Keenan inspired a whole            (Human Rights Watch), and Robert Templer            generation through his work with the           (International Crisis Group). Moderator:Alex
                                                    famed Bothy Band in the 1970s.                 Cooley (Barnard College, Columbia Univer-
MONDAY, October 3 at 7:00 p.m.                                                                     sity). This event is part of the “Human Rights
Lecture : “The Gaelic Athletic As-                  THURSDAY, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.              in the Post-Communist World: Strategies and
sociation: Much More than a Sporting                Reading: “Poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice             Outcomes ” series and will be held at the
Organization, a Cultural Phenomenon.”               reads his work.” Poetry’s answer to John       Rennert Hall, Kraft Center (606 West 115th
Famous County Kerry Gaelic footballer               B. Keane, County Kerry-native Gabriel          Street between Broadway and Riverside)
Donie O’Sullivan, winner of four All-               Fitzmaurice, a master of the sonnet, reads
Ireland medals and former lecturer in               selections from several of his more than       TUESDAY, October 11 at 12:00 p.m.
Irish Studies at the University of San              forty published works in English and           Lecture: “Civil Society and Segmentary So-
Diego, explores the role of the GAA in              Irish.                                         ciety in Greece and the Balkans.” Please join
Irish society.                                                                                     the Harriman Institute for a talk by Professor
                                                    THURSDAY, October 27 at 7:00 p.m.              Thanos Veremis, University of Athens. Co-
WEDNESDAY, October 5 at 7:30p.m.                    Lecture: “Though Dead he yet Spea-             sponsored by the Alexander S. Onassis Public
Reading: “The Forgotten Waltz.” Anne                keth’: Abolitionist Memories of Daniel         Benefit Foundation, US
Enright, mesmerizing author of the Book-            O’Connell in the United States.” Texas
er Award-winning novel The Gathering,               State University Associate Professor           WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 2:00 p.m.
discusses her new book, The Forgotten               of History Angela Murphy delivers the          Lecture : “Macedonia: Ten Years of Power-
Waltz, a haunting, passionate tale of a             thirteenth annual Ernie O’Malley Lecture.      Sharing.” Please join the Harriman Institute for
love affair in a suburb of Dublin. Part of                                                         a presentation by David L. Phillips, Director of

the Program on Peace-building and Rights at       in Kosovo Institutions.” Please join the Harri-
Columbia University's Institute for the Study     man Institute for a talk by Slobodan Petrovic,         LA MAISON FRANCAISE @
of Human Rights. Remarks by H.E. Zoran            Deputy Prime Minister, Kosovo.                                   COLUMBIA
Jolevski, Ambassador of Macedonia to the                                                             Broadway at West 116th Street, Buell Hall,
United States. The Ohrid Framework Agree-                                                                    2nd Floor. 212.854.4482.
ment was finalized on Aug. 13, 2001. It ended        DEUTSCHES HAUS @ COLUMBIA                
a conflict between Macedonians and ethnic             420 West 116th Street. All events take    
Albanians by setting up a power-sharing ar-          place at the Haus unless otherwise noted.
rangement among communities in Macedonia                           212.854.1858.                    THURSDAY, October 6 at 6:00 p.m.
that guaranteed greater Albanian participa-         Discussion: “Religion in America:APolitical
tion in governance, including constitutional                                                        History.”Author Denis Lacorne identifies two
reforms. The Agreement also provided for          THURSDAY, October 6 at 8:00 p.m.                  competing narratives in American history
greaterAlbanian economic and cultural rights.     Lecture: “Architecture and Empathy: Ten           and national identity: a secular one, derived
While the agreement succeeded in mitigating       Years After 9/11.” Daniel Purdy from the          from the philosophy of the Enlightenment,
conflict in Macedonia, signatories expected       Pennsylvania State University is a spe-           and a religious one, rooted in the Protestant
that NATO and European Union membership           cialist in German Romanticism. He will            Reformation and Puritanism. Lacorne outlines
would resolve the country's deeply rooted         discuss the destruction of the World Trade        the role of religion in the making of these
problems. However, their aspirations remain       Center in terms of 18th-century theories          narratives and examines how key historians,
in limbo because of the ongoing name dispute      of spectatorship and Hegel's account of           philosophers, novelists, and intellectuals situ-
with Greece and the continuing dominance          monuments and empire in antiquity.                ate religion in American politics.
of identity politics, which is divisive and
contributes to fragmentation in society.          TUESDAY, October 11 at 7:00 p.m.                  MONDAY, October 10 at 6:00 p.m.
                                                  Lecture: “Outlaws or In-laws? The Ef-             Film: “When World Spoke French.” A
THURSDAY, October 13 at 12:00 p.m.                fects of Gay Marriage in Scandinavia.”            documentary based on the book by Marc
Discussion: “What Does the Future Hold for        The concept of marriage as a union of             Fumaroli, just translated into English. During
Ukraine?” Please join the Harriman Institute      a man and a woman was fundamentally               the eighteenth century, French culture set the
and the Ukrainian Studies Program for a           challenged by the introduction of regis-          standard for all of Europe. Among kings and
political conversation with Vitaly Klychko,       tered partnership in Denmark in 1989.             queens, diplomats, military leaders, writers,
Chairman of the UDAR (Ukrainian Alliance          Jens Rydström has studied the interaction         aristocrats, and artists, French was the univer-
for Democratic Reforms) Party. This event will    between gay activism and traditional              sal language of politics and intellectual life.
be held at the Teatro of the Italian Academy,     party politics and traces the origins of          In When the World Spoke French, Fumaroli
1161 Amsterdam Ave. (at 117th St.) You            laws that at first were extremely con-            presents a gallery of portraits of Europeans and
do have to register for the event. For more       troversial – inside and outside the gay           Americans who conversed and corresponded
information, please contact Mark Andryczyk        community – but have now gained broad             in French, along with excerpts from their
at or 212-854-4697.           popular and political support. What are           writings. The conversation will be followed
                                                  the consequences of gay marriage after            by a book signing.
WEDNESDAY, October 19 at 7:00 p.m.                more than twenty years? By looking at
Talk: “ A Torba of Cool: Ukrainian Slang          positive and negative effects of the leg-         WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 6:00 p.m.
Today.” Please join the Harriman Institute        islation, Rydström presents a nuanced             Lecture: “Interventionist Criticism: An In-
for a presentation on language, literature        assessment of the new ways to assimilate          troduction, by Pierre Bayard.” Pierre Bayard
and journalism in today’s Ukraine by writer       and recognize same-sex relationships              is a French author, professor of literature at
and journalist, Svitlana Pyrkalo. In 1998, she    within the framework of the Scandinavian          the University of Paris VIII and psychoana-
compiled and published The First Dictionary       welfare state.                                    lyst. He is the author of “How to Talk About
of Ukrainian Slang, consisting of 2700 entries.                                                     Books You Haven’t Read (Comment parler
In 1999 her first short novel, Green Margarita,   MONDAY, October 24 at 6:00p.m.                    des livres que l'on n'a pas lus? 2007)”, which
was awarded 2nd place in a Smoloskyp pub-         Lecture: “European Memories: En-                  was a bestseller in France, and of other works
lishers contest for young writers.                tangled Perspectives.” Noted authority            of criticism including “Sherlock Holmes was
                                                  on German-Jewish philosophy, the Holo-            Wrong: Re-opening the Case of the Hound
THURSDAY, October 20 at 12:00 p.m.                caust and Nazi violence, Professor Enzo           of the Baskervilles” and “Who Killed Roger
Lecture: “Do Local Elections in Germany           Traverso from the Université de Picardie          Ackroyd?”
Sway the Balkans' European Future?” Please        will draw on his recent book L'Histoire
join the Harriman Institute for a talk with       comme champ de bataille (2011) to ad-             WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 2:00 p.m.
Ana Trbovic, Faculty of Economics,Finance         dress contemporary issues in the politics         Conference: “Violence, Memory and Rep-
and Administration; University Singidunum,        of memory in Europe. Co-sponsored by the          resentation: the Paris Massacre of October
Belgrade.                                         University Seminar on Cultural Memory.            1961 in historical perspective.” On the night
                                                                                                    of October 17, 1961, a peaceful demonstration
FRIDAY, October 21 at 12:00 p.m.                                                                    of pro-FLN Algerians residing in Paris was
Talk: “Kosovo Serbs and Their Participation                                                         brutally suppressed by French police.As many

as 200 Algerians were killed, some when they        neurobiologist Lionel Naccache express their      ber 23 and can be visited weekdays from 9:30
were thrown, unconscious, into the Seine.           original and incisive views on these questions,   a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Though long subject to historical repression,       in conversation with French journalist, Natalie
the memory of this episode of urban violence        Levisalles (Libération), and Leah Kelly, an       FRIDAY, October 21 at 8:00 p.m.
has resurfaced in force over the last decade.       American neuroscientist.                          Concert: “Madrigals and Metamorphoses.”
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of this event,                                                       Works for unaccompanied voices by Carlo
Columbia faculty and invited speakers will          FRIDAY, October 29 at 12:00 p.m.                  Gesualdo, Elliott Carter, Carl Bettendorf, Jo-
consider this process of historical reconstruc-     Lecture: ‘Operatic Master Class with Jean-        hannes Schoellhorn, Martin Iddon, and Peter
tion and explore the haunting presence of           Paul Fouchécourt.” Mr. Fouchécourt has            Ablinger Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble: Jeffrey
October 17, 1961 in contemporary literature         performed on the world's leading stages with      Gavett, Director. RSVP to Rick Whitaker at
and film. This is a half-a-day conference.          conductors including William Christie, Marc or call 212.854.1623
                                                    Minkowski, and James Levine, and has over
MONDAY, October 17 at 7:30 p.m.                     one hundred recordings to his credit. He has
                                                                                                      —city university of new york—
Presentation: ‘Ordinary Witnesses: A                taught at the Paris Conservatory, and was
Conversation with Choreographer Rachid              recently appointed Artistic Director of the               THE EUROPEAN UNION
Ouramdane.” Through the innovative use of           Studio at the Opera de Lyon. He will appear                  STUDIES CENTER
multimedia and video testimonies, French-           in a concert with soprano Gaele LeRoi and an      365 Fifth Avenue. All events take place at the
Algerian choreographer Rachid Ouramdane             ensemble from Opera Lafayette at Carnegie         Center unless otherwise noted. 212.817.2051.
has created poetic and visually astonishing         Hall on October 30th.                                
performances that often blur the boundaries                                                                       http:/
between documentary and dance. His work,                 THE ITALIAN ACADEMY FOR
Ordinary Witnesses (which Ouramdane                   ADVANCED STUDIES IN AMERICA                     SEPTEMBER 27 - November 12
will present Oct. 11 and 12, with his latest                   1161 Amsterdam Avenue                  Exhibition: “Industrial Aesthetics: En-
work, “World Fair” Oct. 14 and 15, as part                        Tel: 212.854.2306                   vironmental Influences on Recent Art
of Crossing the Line Festival at New York                             from Scotland.” Gallery Hours: Tuesday
Live Arts), transforms extensive interviews          - Saturday, 1-6pm
conducted with victims of war and violence
from Rwanda to Brazil, into a performance                                                             TUESDAY, October 4 at 2:30 p.m.
that creates a powerful dialogical discourse        WEDNESDAY, October 5 at 2:45 p.m.                 Lecture: “Switzerland: the Landlocked Is-
with the audience on the limitations of brutality   Lecture: “Truth and Lies in Mozart's Don          land;” a talk by Ambassador Francois Barras,
and the resilience of the human spirit.             Giovanni.” Presented by Elaine Sisman and         Consul General of Switzerland in New York.
                                                    Italy at Columbia Lecture Series.                 This event will be held in the skylight room.
THURSDAY, October 27 at 6:30 p.m.                                                                     Reservations will be accepted on a first-come,
Discussion: “Conscious and Unconsicous              SUNDAY, October 6 at 6:00 p.m.                    first-served basis: or 212-
Narrative: Literature, Psychoanalysis and           Concert: “Ascoli Ensemble.” Music in Italy:       817-2053/2051.
Neuroscience.” We all spend our time con-           1350-1450; led by Sasha Zamler-Carhar.
structing fictions, telling stories to ourselves    U.S. premiere of music from medieval Ital-        WEDNESDAY, October 12 at 6 :15 p.m.
and to others. Narration is deeply rooted in the    ian manuscript and vocal works from 1350-         ”Ms. Sultana Banulescu on: The Holo-
human mind, at a conscious and unconscious          1450. RSVP to Rick Whitaker at rw2115@            caust and the Diaspora of Italian Psy-
level. Producing a narrative is a way of giv- or call 212.854.1623                 choanalysis.” This event is being held
ing meaning to factual experience. Are the                                                            at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth
fictions created by the human brain and those       TUESDAY, October 18 at 6:00 p.m.                  Avenue, Room 9206-9207.
imagined by novelists of the same nature?           Exhibition: Opening of "Figure and Ground,”
American writer Siri Hustvedt and French            by Amy Bedik. Exhibition runs until Novem-

                                        in the news: europe in septeMber
 September 4:  Dominique Strauss-Kahn returns to France after charges of attempted rape against him are dropped.
 September 6:  European shares fell to their lowest close in more than two years on Tuesday.
 September 9:  Jürgen Stark resigns from the European Central Bank.
 September 12: The European Union extends the term of copyright on sound recordings to 70 years from 50.
 September 13: World Health Organization announces that extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are spreading at an
               alarming rate in Europe and will kill thousands unless health authorities halt the pandemic.
 September 15: The trial of two men accused of carrying out a terrorist attack on the Minsk subway that killed 15 people opened in
               the Belarussian capital.
 September 17: Wiretapped telephone conversations between Silvio Berlusconi and a businessman charged with recruiting female
               escorts for his allegedly sex-fuelled parties were made public.
 September 29: German lawmakers rallied behind Chancellor Angela Merkel to approve a stronger euro zone bailout fund on Thursday.
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