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									                     Community Profile Report(CPR)

Title: Community Profile Report
Student: Ashwin B Jagadish
Odu Id: 00087938
Login: ajagadis
Advisor: Dr. Stewart Shen

Preferred Dates for Presentation:
                                      Friday 21st April
                                      Monday 24th April
                                      Wednesday 26th April


While Internet has not changed everything, it has changed the strategic
landscape for most businesses, and business of selling homes is no
different. Community Profile Report is a comprehensive Web based
reporting tool that generates a PDF document that gives a complete
overview of a particular location.

The following are the sections that have been included in this report.

Introduction: A brief Introduction of the area being considered.
Designed to answer questions like "What is the unemployment rate?”
"What is the growth rate of this area in the coming years?" etc.

Demographic Information: This gives the characteristics of the people
who live in a community. It also includes a metropolitan and county
data as comparison.

Housing and Taxes: This section includes appreciation schedules for the
community under consideration and also contains important Tax and
demographic information.

Cost of Living: It reflects the costs associated with living in the
community profiled and compares it with the national average.

Climate: Includes an in-depth section on climate, and has information
on the elements that affect comfort.

Crime and Safety: Specific crime rates for the zip code and compares it
with the national average.

Education: Information on high school graduation,       standardized   test
scores for public school system in the area.

Employment and workforce: A summary of important economic information,
with information on top employers, job growth, education and salary

Includes an Admin Interface for the user to monitor the previously
generated reports, To manage the users under him/her, A search tool
which employs a full text search, Color formatter which can be used to
change the colors displayed on the report and change the skin of the
tool itself, and a template selector, photo and logo up loader.

This project is a scalable, extensible and high performance application
which is thick in OOPS concepts. The application is an N-tire
architecture, which is independent of each other, which helps
businesses to respond quickly and cost-effectively to the changing
environments by providing data abstraction layer and service layers.

The Project utilizes the following technologies: Microsoft Visual
Studio .Net 2003, Internet Information Services 5.1, Microsoft SQL
server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) are used
for data storage, JavaScript.

Information provided in this report has been synthesized from a number
of sources including the Census Bureau of Labor and Statistics,
Department of Education and a variety of proprietary databases.

Third Party Dlls used: Dynamic PDf ,Dundas Charts, RichTextBox

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