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                             HIGH SCHOOL CONTRACT
                             OLIVET PRIVATE SCHOOL

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Olivet Private School – High School Branch (OPS) is to
provide the regular services of records-keeping, means of graduation, and
social/academic opportunities for those who are members of it.

SOCIAL PROVISIONS: Olivet high school families are those who desire to be
accountable for their children’s studies through OPS and take advantage of the myriad
educational and social opportunities the school provides. Olivet’s purpose is to serve the
students in both the academic realm and the social realm. It is firmly believed that
socialization with their fellow students in a positive Christian atmosphere is a very
important part of their high school experience.

      Each high school student is required to attend and participate in two organized
       Olivet high school socials per year.
      There is a mandatory high school meeting for the students that will count as one
       of the two required socials.

Parents understand and agree to perform volunteer service throughout the year, thereby
keeping school tuition costs low as well as providing a high level of parental

FINANCIAL AGREEMENT: Parent(s) agree(s) to pay the required tuition rate to
Olivet as well as any other fees deemed necessary for the services received,
understanding that all monies are for basic services provided and that there may
occasionally be additional fees for various opportunities and services. All fees will be
paid on time and in every way appropriately.

This Conduct Code is the expected standard for all students and parents at all functions
associated with Olivet Private School. Parents are directly responsible for the behavior of
their children and must serve as an example of proper behavior. Common rules of
courtesy and a high standard of public behavior are expected.

If leadership of the function or the school notes an infraction of an expressed OPS rule,
an Incident Report will be written (copies will be issued to the parent, the OPS
administrator, and the student’s file). Incident Reports will be reviewed by the OPS
Board to see if further action is needed. Participation in or actions related to any of the
following may result in, but are not limited to, official reprimand, restriction from school
activities, and/or suspension or dismissal from Olivet Private School. Suspension or
dismissal may be immediate or conditional. Restriction from activities may include any
and all Olivet sponsored functions.

   1. General disruptive behavior
   2. Disrespect for authorities and/or peers--Authorities include adults responsible for
AD-HSCONTR (rev 7-09)                                             Student Initials: _________
                                                                   Parent Initials: _________
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       Olivet functions or facilities being used by Olivet, outsiders who are involved
       with an Olivet function, Olivet Board Members, and the student’s own parents.
   3. “Swearing” (including coarse vernacular)
   4. Violation of dress code
   5. Inappropriate physical contact (i.e., fighting, roughhousing, punching, kicking,
   6. Stealing
   7. Smoking
   8. Possession/use of drugs (non- or prescription)--Prescription drugs should be
       handled by parents/guardians ONLY.
   9. Possession/use of alcohol
   10. Possession of weapon
   11. Possession of explicit sexual materials or explicit sexual behaviors
   12. Public display of affection between students

This Dress Code is the expected standard for all students and parents at all functions
associated with Olivet Private School. OPS is a Christian school operated according to
Scriptural standards. It is expected that students and parents will exercise discretion and
modesty regarding the selection of clothing. Clothing which draws inappropriate
attention will not be allowed.

For all Olivet functions there will be
    no halter tops.
    no strapless garments.
    no bare midriffs.
    appropriate undergarments worn.
    no undergarments showing.

This standard is for males and females, students and parents. Skirts, dresses, and skorts
are to be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee when standing up. Swimsuits are to be
one piece for females and no brief styles for males.

For all graduation services, in addition to the above, the following is to be observed:
Males must wear long pants and an appropriate shirt. Females must wear a dressy pants
suit, dress, or skirt and blouse.

Faith – Parent(s) and student(s) indicate by their signatures on this contract that they
understand the Statement of Faith of OPS (as found on the OPS application) and agree to
uphold its content, morals, and principles verbally and demonstrate its tenets physically
in my home. They will neither teach nor live anything contrary to Biblical teachings

General Provisions – Parent(s) agree, as stipulated in the OPS Standing Rules to:
   1. have child(ren) take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills or other achievement test
      approved for the school as a whole, the Bob Jones University Writing Evaluation
      and an SAT or ACT.
AD-HSCONTR (rev 7-09)                                             Student Initials: _________
                                                                   Parent Initials: _________
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   2. attend the annual Parents’ Workshop in August.
   3. complete and send on time any and all progress reports and attendance reports
      (for the required 180 school days and prescribed hours) as required for each
      enrolled child.
   4. complete assigned job responsibility in a timely manner, including all follow-up

Truancy – Parent(s) understand the obligation to maintain the minimum number of
required study hours and school days. It is imperative that OPS students not be found
negligent in this area so that truancy is not assumed by any onlooker to your family’s

Parent(s) accept full responsibility for the decision to educate their child(ren) through
OPS. and understand that it is their responsibility to provide their child(ren) the
opportunity to receive a basic education and to learn good study habits, the ability and
desire to continue the learning process after school, an appreciation for physical labor,
strong moral character, a healthy fear of God, the proper respect for authority, and
preparation for future responsibility at home, in their church, and in the surrounding
community. OPS will support the parent(s) in responsibilities with record keeping,
administration of tests, coordination of field trips, coordination of academic
extracurricular events, support, and referral services.

In addition, as a parent, by my signature, I represent to OPS that I have full and complete
authority to educate my child(ren) using the services provided by OPS and that all
persons having legal authority over the education of my child(ren) have not objected to
their being enrolled therein.

       By my signature, I affirm that I have read and do accept the terms set forth in the
Olivet High School Contract.

__________________________________________                   __________________
Signature Parent/Guardian                                    Date

__________________________________________                   __________________
Signature Student (Grade 8 and higher)                       Date

AD-HSCONTR (rev 7-09)                                             Student Initials: _________
                                                                   Parent Initials: _________

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