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Mobile Website Client – Questionnaire

Please review the questionnaire below. Not all topics will apply to your situation, but please answer or
consider what you can, so that we can quickly assess with you the best course of action for your
requirements. Thank you!

Please tell us about yourself:

    1. What can we do for you? (i.e. consult, site development, site upgrade, etc...)

    2. How long has your company been around?

    3. What is the nature of your business?

    4. What are some of your objectives for this project?

    5. Who is your target audience/market?

    6. What requirements specifically need to be met for you to consider this project successful?

    7. What are your companies 3 biggest areas of opportunity for improvement?

    8. How do you see this project supporting your organization’s mission and values?

    9. Who are your competitors?

            a. What are their competitive strategies?

            b. Do they currently use text message marketing?

            c. Do they have a website?

            d. If yes, what do you think about it?

Business Description

Does your business have a mission statement?


Briefly describe your products or services.

List two to three short key phrases that describe exactly what you offer, in about 20 words or less. (This
should be about your product or service specifically.)


Company Tag Line or Slogan


What problems would you like this campaign to handle?

Do you want to offer a coupon to people you are text messaging? If so, what do you want that coupon
to be for? Please be specific. (i.e. % off what service? Cash value coupon for new clients, etc.)

How is your organization structured?

    1. Who is it that wants the project done?

    2. Who is/are the final decision maker(s)?

    3. What level of approvals are needed for the project?

    4. Does approval authority reside in your division or another?

    5. Who approves upgrades and changes to the site?

    6. Will anyone else have input or approval?

    7. What are their roles as you understand them?

    8. Who is responsible for design (look and feel of the project)?

    9. Who is responsible for deliverables?

    10. Who is responsible for signing off on the deliverables of this project?

    11. Who approves the payments?
What features or functions do you want on the site? (i.e. database, ecomm, animation, build email list,

Do you have existing content?

    1. What form is it in?

            a. Digital art?

            b. Digital documents?

            c. Printed photos?

            d. Transparencies?

            e. Rendered art?

            f.   Printed documents?

            g. Database?

            h. Other____________?

    2. Are the rights for your content clear?

    3. If not, is there a budget for clearance?

If there is a budget, have you included line items for:

    1. Storyboards and Proposals?

    2. Design and formal specifications (i.e. creation of a document that describes the business
       context, technical architecture, functionality, roles and responsibilities, etc.. for the entire

    3. Creative (written and graphical content)

    4. Custom programming (cgi, database, Java, etc.)

    5. Software

    6. Hardware

    7. Revisions
8. Training (your in-house staff)

9. Testing and QA (quality assurance)

10. Hosting (i.e. ISP, in-house)

11. Maintenance

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