The most powerful high-speed scanning, indexing and OCR solution

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					The most powerful high-speed
 scanning, indexing and OCR
    solution on the market
Supports many high speed scanners: Fujitsu, Canon,
Kodak, Epson, Avision, Bell & Howell, Panasonic and
 many more… with no scanning volume limitation
A complete solution
Key features
• Supports almost all available scanners on the market:
      - generic TWAIN driver
      - complete support of Kofax VRS ™ : ISIS support

• No volume limitation: pricing based on scanner speed

• High-speed scanning: scan more than 160ppm

• Import already scanned images for processing

• Multi-stream support: scan and process images front and rear in color
  and B&W or color and grayscale

• Ready to use: various templates includes to get started quickly
Key features
•   Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical use interface

•   More then 120 OCR languages supported including Greek, Russian,
    Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic (via add-on modules)

•   Easy project import from Kodak Capture Software 6.X (full support
    of all Batch Output Formats developed for KCS 6.X)

•   Outstanding pre-processing capabilities for image enhancement:
         - fast binarization
         - deskew, black border removal and despeckling
         - page orientation detection
         - blank page detection based on content or image size
         - merging and splitting of images
Key features
• Powerful document identification, indexing and separation:
       - identify document types based on barcodes/OCR zones
       - document indexing (each document type can have a separate
          indexing card)
       - document separation based on barcodes/OCR zones,
         patch codes, blank pages or page numbers

• Document renaming: several options for naming the output files
       - OCR/ICR zones or barcodes
       - fixed string with incremental number

• Easy manipulation and editing of images:
        - rescan, rotate, reorder, delete pages, etc.
        - split and merge operations on documents or batches
        - drag & drop of documents and pages via explorer
        - cut & paste of documents or pages
Key features
• Multiple output formats. Permanently updated list:
       - single page TIFF/JPEG
       - multipage TIFF
       - PDF-image
       - IRISCapture Pro

• API available for the creation of custom output formats (full support
  for Batch Output Formats created for KCS 6.X)
Key features
• Convert your documents into searchable documents via integrated

        - perform full page OCR
        - generate various output documents in one single process
        - XML, Word, RTF, OpenDocument Text, WordML…
        - Multiple PDF formats: 4 types + PDF/A
        - full support for the MS XPS format
        - Apply iHQC compression to PDF, PDF/A (level I and II ) and
          XPS (for XPS Level II and III available via add-on)
        - several formatting options, recreate the source document
        - Export the converted documents to MS Sharepoint
Summary: key selling points
• Compatible with all TWAIN scanners

• No volume limitation

• Pricing based on scanner speed. Some prices (excl VAT):
         - 359€ for <= 25ppm
         - 990€ for <= 40ppm
         - 2190€ for <= 60ppm
         - 6490€ for <= 100ppm
         - 14.990€ for unlimited speed

• Powerful document separation, identification and indexing

• Extensive pre- and postprocessing capabilities
Summary: key selling points
• Easy to use: prefined templates included to get started quickly

• Intuitive, user friendly graphical user interface

• Suitable for large scanning operations

• Open architecture: API available for custom output format creation

• Integrates the latest I.R.I.S. OCR/ICR and barcode recognition

• Fully integrated with the I.R.I.S product line:
        - export to IRISCapture PRO: ready to import
        - integrated document recognition with IRISPdf

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