ISE 313 Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation I

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					ISE 313 Computer
Integrated Manufacturing
and Automation I

  Dr. Arslan M. ÖRNEK
  Industrial Systems Engineering

Course Syllabus
   Catalog Description
    Integration of all aspects of a manufacturing enterprise using
    computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) technologies.
    Design, development and implementation of manufacturing
    systems using project management techniques and team work.

   Course Overview
    This course emphasizes the integration of manufacturing
    enterprise using computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
    technologies. It employs CAD/CAM interface and other CIM
    sub-systems, database management, facility layout, product
    documentation, process planning, production planning and
    control, Group technology, teamwork, and manufacturing
    operations and management to bring about a students-
    designed CIM-oriented enterprise.

Course Objectives

In this course, the student will:
 Develop an understanding of classical and state-of-the-art
    production systems, control systems, management
    technology, cost systems, and evaluation techniques.
 Develop an understanding of computer-integrated
    manufacturing (CIM) and its impact on productivity, product
    cost, and quality.
 Obtain an overview of computer technologies including
    computers, database and data collection, networks,
    machine control, etc, as they apply to factory management
    and factory floor operations.
 Describe the integration of manufacturing activities into a
    complete system
 Acquire sensitivity to human-factors related issues as they
    affect decision making in the factory environment.

Required Texts:

 Goldratt, Eliyahu M. (1992) The
 Goal. North River Press.
 Groover, Mikell P. (2007).
 Automation, Production Systems,
 and C.I.M. Prentice-Hall: Englewood
 Cliffs, N.J., 3/e, 2007

Reading Assignments

 All reading assignments must be completed
 according to the course schedule, and you
 must be prepared for discussion of weekly
 reading topics in class. In addition, you will
 undertake outside readings of articles and
 texts relevant to topics being discussed and
 studied in class (see Reading Critiques,
 below). Participation in class and team
 discussions is part of your grade and this
 will not work well if you have not kept up
 with the readings.


 There will be one midterm and one
 final examination, which will cover
 reading assignments, lectures,
 classroom discussions. The midterm
 examination will be announced at
 least one week in advance, and will
 occur as close as possible to the date
 scheduled in the course outline.

Topic Outline
Week/Date Chapter   Subject
1   24/9            Introduction and course organization
          1         Introduction to CIM Technology
2   1/10 2          Manufacturing Operations
                    Project brainstorming and group formation
3    8/10 3         Manufacturing Models and Metrics
                    proposal due Oct 8th
4    15/10 4        Introduction to Automation
                    Research Paper Outline,
5    22/10 5        Industrial Control Sytems
6    29/10          Holiday
7    5/11 10        Material Transport Systems
8    12/11 11       Storage Systems
9    19/11 12       Automatic Identification and Data Capture
                    Book report on Goldratt, The Goal due Nov 19th
10   26/11          Midterm
11   3/12 13        Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
12   10/12 14       Single-Station Manufacturing Cells
13   17/12 15       Manual Assembly Lines
14   24/12          Manual Assembly Lines
                    Research Paper due Dec 24th
15   31/12          Review and Project presentations


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