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In EDUC 204/PSYC 273 this term we are going to be working on developing
Information Literacy skills. We will be working with a library representative to help
you become familiar with how to access information in the field of Educational
Psychology, how to locate the information you want, how to evaluate its legitimacy,
and how to report on the information you find.

For this report, you will develop a research question based on what we have read in
class or what you have seen during your observations. For example, you may see
teachers provide candy to students, so you may ask, “Are rewards really that helpful?”
You will be reading about constructivist theories of teaching. This may lead you to
ask, “What constructivist approaches work in the classroom?” You will begin this
assignment by writing a short narrative, a letter, ending with your research question.
These narratives/letters will be shared in class. You will then pick one of the letters to
which you will respond.

Then, you need to locate at least three research articles that will help you address the
question you have chosen to answer. Research articles report on studies done on the
topic; you do not want articles referencing research. The articles need to be reporting
on the actual research. Two of the articles need to have been written in the last five
years. One may have been published no more than 10 years ago.

The articles you find must be from reputable sources. This means you want to stay
away from articles that do not have authors or sources cited. You should also avoid
reviews of research, such as those in Educational Digest (because the articles are too
broad) or Review of Educational Research (because the articles are meta-analyses).
Educational Digest and Review of Educational Research are good sources for the titles
of research articles. You can also look through the references in the back of the
textbook for authors and articles although you need to carefully examine the dates of
the articles you find in the text. They are likely to be too old for our purposes here.
You do want to find appropriate journal articles, so that means previewing more than
five versus choosing the first one you find.

Using the three research articles, you will write a response to the question that you
picked. While the response will be addressed to a particular person, it will follow ALL
of the conventions of a research paper. This means you will need a thesis, supporting
evidence (quotes and paraphrases with correct attribution), and a conclusion. You will
use the APA format for references.

I strongly suggest that you find a partner for this project. Summarizing the research
and developing the power point presentation are much more enjoyable if done with a
partner. I also think that you learn more. But, I do know that some schedules make
partner work much more difficult to accomplish, so use your own best judgement.

In addition to your paper, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation, discussing the
information from the articles and integrating the information with the textbook
treatment of the topic and any discussion we have had on the topic. Summarize only
the relevant parts of the articles you’ll be discussing. At the conclusion of the
presentation, you will need to provide a copy of your complete reference list. This list
must be in APA style.

Presentations will be graded on content (Do you address the topic? Do you draw
from the professional research?), organization and coherence (Do you present your
ideas clearly? Logically?), and syntax (Do you use correct grammatical structures?) as
well as the research (Is it relevant, timely and from scholarly journals?) and your
presentation skills (Do you handle the presentation appropriately and with poise and

Our first session in Information Literacy will be held on Oct. 14 in the computer lab
in GDH (the Centel Lab). Anne Giffey will introduce us to the system and the kinds of
information it holds and well as get us started on accessing the data bases. There will
be a homework assignment given at this session. Our second session on Information
Literacy will be held on Oct. 28. By this date you must have supplied me with the
name of your partner, the topic of your research and your research question. Submit
this to me in writing. We will also work on APA style that day. At the session, Anne
and I will be able to help you download articles and evaluate the legitimacy of the
research you have located. Your “ticket” out of the lab that day will be the list of your
5 citations.

Then, at our regularly scheduled final exam time, each group will present the results of
the research in a power point presentation. Your report will be assessed using the
rubric attached here. Please look over this rubric very carefully so you will know how
you are going to be evaluated.

          Criteria               The presenter(s)    The presenter(s) did    The presenter(s)     The
                                       did an        a very good job in        performed          presenter(s)should
                                 outstanding job        this category       competently in this   have done more work
                                  in this category                              category          in this category
The topic/question relates
to other material in the class
The introduction was clear
with a well stated and well
conceived research
The body was coherent and
clarified and explained the
The conclusion was well
formulated and answered
the research statement
The presentation was
interesting to listen to.
The presenter(s) used
proper grammar
The presentation
demonstrated interesting
use of technology
The presenter(s) made use
of good delivery
Your Overall Assessment of
this presentation
Categories below for
instructor use only
A reference list using
correct APA style was
The articles used are recent
research articles, relevant to
the topic, published in
scholarly journals

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