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									CHECKLIST NO. 1                                                                REVISED March 12, 2003
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                                 CHECKLIST NO. 1
                         MINOR SUBDIVISION APPROVAL
                               LAND USE ORDINANCE


Name of Application                                                     Application No.

Block                      Lot                                          Date Filed

        An application shall not be considered complete until all the materials and information
specified below has been submitted, unless upon receipt of written waiver request from the
Applicant, a specified requirement is waived by the municipal agency. The request waiver shall
be granted or denied within 45 days of receipt of said request.


[ ]     1.    Calculation of the application fee (Section 40-14) and the
              review escrow (Section 40-15).
[ ]     2.    Individual checks made out to Clinton Township in the amount
              calculated for the application fee, review escrow and variance,
              if applicable.
[ ]     3.    A completed Completeness Checklist No. 1 (latest revision)
              with written explanations for all requested completeness
[ ]     4.    Fifteen (15) completed application forms.
[ ]     5.    Completed Escrow Agreement signed by owner and applicant.
[ ]     6.    Certification from the Clinton Township Tax Collector that all
              taxes and assessments on the property are paid in full.
[ ]     7.    Certification that the applicant is the owner or authorized
              agent, or consent of owner to file application.
[ ]     8.    Certification from the tax assessor approving the block and lot

CHECKLIST NO. 1                                                   REVISED March 12, 2003
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[ ]   9.    Fifteen (15) Environmental Impact Statements in accordance
            with Section 40-116, including a Letter of Interpretation from
[ ]   10.   Fifteen (15) Geotechnical Site Investigation Reports in
            accordance with Section 40-116C(7), or a determination from
            the Township Geotechnical Expert that a Geotechnical Site
            Investigation is not required.
      11.   Written confirmation that a copy of the application with a
            complete set of plans has been submitted to the:
            a. Clinton Township Board of Health (if well or septic);
[ ]
            b. Hunterdon County Board of Health (if well or septic);
[ ]
            c. Clinton Town Water Company (if public water);
[ ]
            d. Clinton Township Sewerage Authority (if in service area);
[ ]
            e. Clinton Township Fire Department;
[ ]
            f. Clinton Township Police Department
[ ]
      12.   Written confirmation that a copy of the application with a
            complete set of plans has been submitted (directly) to
            following Board Professionals:
[ ]         a. Board Engineering expert;
[ ]         b. Board Planner
[ ]   13.   Fifteen (15) black or blue line prints of plans prepared by a
            New Jersey licensed professional engineer or land surveyor.
            Each sheet must be signed and sealed by the appropriate
            Plans shall show or include the following:
[ ]   14.   Map scale not less than 1 inch = 100 feet showing the entire
            tract on one sheet.
[ ]   15.   A Key Map showing the entire site, the surrounding area (at
            least 1000 feet from the property) and any and all zone district
            boundary lines in the surrounding area.
[ ]   16.   Site name.

CHECKLIST NO. 1                                                    REVISED March 12, 2003
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[ ]   17.   Scale and reference meridian. The reference source (i.e. deed,
            etc.) of the meridian should be identified.
      18.   Name and address of the following:
[ ]         a. Professional responsible for preparing the plans,
[ ]         b. Owner of the site, and
[ ]         c. Applicant/subdivider.
[ ]   19.   Date of the plans and revision block identifying any and all
[ ]   20.   The name of the owner and the block and lot designation of
            any and all property located within 200 feet of the site.
[ ]   21.   Existing contours at 2 feet intervals within the site and 200 feet
            of the property.
[ ]   22.   The tax map sheet, block and lot numbers.
[ ]   23.   All existing streets, roads and streams on the property, and
            within 500 feet of the property.
[ ]   24.   Lot line dimensions. Original boundary survey used to prepare
            the plan should also be provided with the application.
[ ]   25.   Location of all existing structures on the property, and within
            100 feet of the property. Property lines of adjacent properties
            should be shown.
[ ]   26.   Location of all proposed streets, property lines, lot lines, and
            areas. All lot areas are to be shown in acres and square feet.
            The area within the maximum depth of measurement should be
            identified if different from entire area.
[ ]   27.   Location of any and all utility and conservation easements and
            deed restrictions, which affect the property.
[ ]   28.   Dimensional ties from existing structures to property lines. A
            minimum of two ties per structure.
[ ]   29.   Building envelope of each proposed lot as defined by the
            minimum yard setbacks, required by the zoning ordinance.
[ ]   30.   Schedule of applicable zoning regulations pursuant to Section

CHECKLIST NO. 1                                                  REVISED March 12, 2003
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[ ]   31.   Existing wells and septic systems on the property or within 100
[ ]   32.   Location of any flood hazard area affecting the property.
[ ]   33.   Separate application (and fee) for any conditional use or
            variance associated with the application.

Application Deemed Complete                                         Date

Application Deemed Incomplete                                       Date

      Completeness subject to the Board approving the written requests for the following
completeness items:

Application Deemed Incomplete                                       Date

      Submission of additional information or written request for waivers of the following
completeness items is required:


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