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So since all of you have been blogging so much this year I though we would do one last beast of an assignment with
your blogs. Below you will find a master list of all the final things I want you to do to your blog. I'm doing this cause
these are great things to be able to offer clients with their blogs. The more you know the more POWA you have! Do
them, and get full points. Don't and watch your grade cry with pain. Here's the list of things to do to your blog:

1. Put AT LEAST one ad on your blog by using the adbrite plugin. You'll need a publisher account
at to do this. Also if you want, you can make an account with Google's adsense as well but
for the grade use adbrite. I'm doing this cause they have britepic. But I'd use both. They both rock. Just don't get
your account canceled haha.

2. Put AT LEAST one brite pic ad on your blog

3. Change your permalinks so it has the category and name of your post in the url bar instead of the page number

4. Use the "AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Buttons" plugin to have a share button for each of your posts

5. Install a plug in that will email people when you reply to their posts on your blog. The plugin I use for this is called
Comment Reply Notification made by denishua. You'll have to physically show me that this works individually.

6. Install a Google Analytics Plug in so you can track how many hits your blog gets. You will also have to get into
your Google Analytics account to add your blog to it as well.

7. Install the "Shockingly Simple Favicon" plugin to add a favicon to your blog

8. Find a good plugin to block spam comments. I have no suggestions for that. Haven't found a good one yet. Let
us know what you find.

That's it people. Show me all this stuff to get credit for it. Be good chau.

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