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									                                              TIMETABLE LMPS03 SECTION C2 (Building A, Room: A-V)
    C2          7 Thursday              8 Friday                   9 Saturday                 10 Sunday                  11 Monday                   12 Tuesday                   13 Wednesday
                                J. Bautista Bengoetxea,          R. C. Bishop,       M. Hemmo and O. Shenker,
                                   “On the Dignity of       “Rigged Hilbert Space    “The Von Neumann Entropy
                                 Similarity Concept in   Quantum Mechanics: Time in Collapse and No Collapse                                       Invited Lecture:
                                      Chemistry”.        Arrows and Time-Reversal”.     Interpretations of …”.                                       J. Mosterín,
                                     R. Vihalemm,                 M. Lorente,               V. Karakostas,                                    “Anthropic Explanations in
                                                                                                                      L. Ponomarenko,                                            H. Zinkernagel,
                               “Is Chemistry a Physical  “Causal Spin Networks and     “The Nature of Physical                                       Cosmology”
 9,45-10,15                                                                                                      “Construction of Magneto-                                     “Cosmology and the
                                Science, A Physics-like   the Structure of Space and      Reality of Quantum
                                                                                                                 optics Structural Scheme”.                                     Meaning of Time”.
                               Science or Its Own …”.                Time”.                Nonseparability”.
10,15- 10,30                                B                          R                           E                          A                           K
                                                                                               F. Kronz,                                             S. Le Bihan,              L. M. Rodríguez,
                                                                                      “Continuous Quantities in                                 “Against Experimental      G. Hernández and O. Rojo
10,30-11,00                        Invited Lecture:
                                                                                      Quantum Mechanics: Dirac                                   Metaphysics, toward                Asenjo,
                 Opening               J. Uffink,
                                                                                        versus Von Nuemann”.                                 Experimental Epistemology”    “Experimental Activity…”
                 Session         “Rereading Ludwig
                                                                                               J. Collier,                R. Dawid,                   S. Hacyan,                   A. Rodin,
11,00-11,30                                                                            “Dynamical Complexity      “Scientific Realism in the   “Energy-mass as Form of      “Endurance, Perdurance,
                                                                                      Defeats Laplace's Demon”     Age of String Theory”.             Intuition”.              Chronogeometry”.
11,30-12,00                                B                           R                           R                          A                           K
                                    J. Butterfield,               I. Muntean,                  A. Afriat,                                                                         P. E. Vermaas,
                             “Mark his Words: Wilson's       “Time and Quantum       “The Structure of Hamilton-                                                            “A Proper Description of
12,00-12,30                                                                                                                                        Invited Lecture
                               Philosophical Morals of     Mechanics: The Case of       Jacobi Theory and the                                                               Artefacts as a Criterion for
                                                                                                                                                      F. Steinle,
                                 Classical Physics”.          Quantum Clocks”.         Optico-Mechanical …”                Plenary                                             Interpretations …”.
                                                                                                                                               “Experiment and Concept
                                     M. Stölzner,              W. Wiszniewski,                                             Lecture                                                    T. Fox,
                             “What Can We Still Learn      “A Composition of Open                                                                                           “Heisenberg's Concept of
12,30-13,00                                                                                         .
                             from the Principle of Least Time and Closed Time and                                                                                          Theory-Dependent Atomism
                                       Action”.           Quantum Uncertainty …”.                                                                                           and Recent Views of …”.
13,00 - 15,00                              L                           U                           N                          C                           H
                                   R. F. Hendry,                 H. Price,                   M. Suárez,
15,00-15,30                  “What Chemical Kinds Have “Collisions and Correlations, “Quantum Propensities: The
                                      to Do”.            a Confusion Corrected”.        Selctions Approach”.
                                     I. D'Hanis,              M.C.B. Díaz-Pintado,
                                                                                             F. A. Muller,                                          A. Kamlah,
                             “Conceptual Change in 17th    “Double-Slit Experiments,
15,30-16,00                                                                            “The Structural Landscape                                “Two Explications of
                               and 18th Century Aether        Quantum Mechanics
                                                                                              of Q.E.D.”.                                     „Operational Definition‟”.
                                     Theories”.              Formulations and …”.
1600,-16,15         B                      R                            E                           A                                                     K
                                        I. Ly,                      D. Dieks,              M. Castagnino and
                                                                                                                                                  G. Hofer-Szabó,
                                 “Measurement and            “Perspectivalism in the          O. Lombardi,
16,15-16,45                                                                                                                                  “Reichenbachian Common
                              Continuity. A Poincareian    Interpretation of Quantum    “Self-induced Selection:
                                                                                                                                                  Cause System”.
                                Argument against …”.              Mechanics”.          Decoherence in Closed ...”.                                                                   Closing
                                                                   C. Garola,               M. P. Seevinck,                                                                          Session
                                C. Sánchez Ovcharov,                                                                                                J. B. Pitts,
                                                                “Objectivity and        “Physical constraints and
16,45-17,15                     “The Redefinition of                                                                                         “Updating Reichenbach on
                                                           Completeness in Quantum      Realizability of Quantum
                                 Planck's Constant”.                                                                                            Universal Forces”.
                                                                    Physics”.               Measurements”.
17,15-17,45         B                      R                            E                           A                                                    K
                                       S. Smets,                                                                                                    M. Massimi,
                                                                                          A. L. López Ramos,
                               “The Place of Quantum                                                                                          “Non-defensible Middle
17,45-18,15                                                                            “The Meaning of Relativity
                              Logic in the Landscapre of                                                                                      Ground for Experimental
                               Non-Classical Logics”.              Plenary                                                                     Realism: Why are …”.
                                                                   Lecture                                                                          N. Maxwell,
                                                                                                                                              “The Problem of Unity of
                                                                                                                                              Theory in Physics and its

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