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									                                                                           Lesson Plan

                 Unacceptable (U)             Approaching                 Meets Expectations (M)           Exceeds Expectations (E)         Minimum Score Per Item
                                             Expectations (A)
                                                                                                                                            Intro    Dev     Comp
Objectives:     The objective (s) is     Some of the objectives are   Each objective is stated in terms    Each objective is clearly         M       M        M
                (are) imprecise or       clear and some are not.      of student outcomes and              stated in terms of student
                unclear or written in    The number of objectives     identifies the learning that will    outcomes and addresses the
                terms of teacher         is unrealistic within the    take place.                          learning that will take place.
                behavior, rather than    scope of the lesson.                                              Each objective is
                student behavior.                                                                          measurable and observable.
State Content   The lesson provides      The lesson provides some     The lesson provides connections      Emphasis on the standards,        A       M        M
Standards/      no connection to state   connections to state         with significant and clear           benchmarks that have been
Benchmarks/     content standards/       content standards/           references to state content          identified for the lesson are
Grade Level     benchmarks/ GLE’s        benchmarks/ GLE’s            standards/ benchmarks/ GLE’s         clearly seen through all
Expectations:                                                                                              major phases of the lesson
                                                                                                           plan procedure.
                The lesson is void of    The lesson introduction is   Opening activities set the stage     Opening activities are            A       M        M
Introductory/   any introductory         somewhat disconnected        for the lesson and are connected     relevant to objectives,
Focusing/       activities.              from the objectives and      to the states objectives, but lack   provide creative and
Anticipatory/                            distracts students from      in motivation or transition value.   motivating background in
Engagement/                              learning.                                                         which to begin the lesson.
Motivation:                                                                                                There is opportunity for
                                                                                                           active student participation
                                                                                                           and connection between
                                                                                                           future and prior learning.
Procedures      Learning experiences     Learning experiences are     All experiences are aligned with     All experiences are aligned       A       M        M
Activities,     are disconnected and     connected to the             the objective(s), build upon each    with the objective(s), build
Experiences,    not focused on the       objectives but               other, are clearly connected to      upon each other, are
Concept         objectives.              disconnected from one        each other, are appropriately        appropriately placed, and
Development:                             another.                     placed, and developmentally          developmentally
                                                                      appropriate.                         appropriate. The activities
                                                                                                           are engaging, creative, and
                                                                                                           innovative with clear
                                                                                                           connection to each other.
Closure/        The lesson contains      Closing activities are       Closing activities are minimally     Closing activities are            A       M        M
Confirming:     no closure.              minimally developed and      developed and done primarily by      minimally developed and
                                         done primarily by the        the teacher.                         done primarily by the
                                         teacher.                                                          teacher.
                                                                    Lesson Plan Continued

                     Unacceptable (U)             Approaching                 Meets Expectations (M)           Exceeds Expectations (E)         Minimum Score Per Item
                                                 Expectations (A)
                                                                                                                                                Intro    Dev     Comp
Assessment/         Opportunities for        Assessments are               Assessments are identified and      Assessments are clearly           A       M        M
Evaluation:         student assessment       identified and make           require students to apply           identified and require
                    are not provided.        limited connections to the    knowledge or demonstrate            students to critique, assess,
                                             Louisiana Content             understanding of LA Content         and/or draw conclusions as
                                             Standards.                    Standards. Provide limited          they relate to the LA
                                                                           evidence that students have         Content Standards. Provide
                                                                           achieved the stated objectives.     clear evidence that students
                                                                                                               have achieved the stated
Materials/          Materials/resources/     An incomplete list of         Materials/resources/references      All necessary                     M       M        M
Resources/          references necessary     student and/or teacher        necessary for both students and     materials/resources/
References:         for student and          materials/resources/refere    teacher to complete the lesson      references are identified. It
                    teacher use are not      nces are provided.            are listed and are made             is clear what materials
                    listed.                                                available.                          and/or resources are
                                                                                                               referenced in the lesson (e.g.
                                                                                                               rather than just listing).
Integration of      The lesson does not      Technology-connected          Technology is integrated into the   A variety of technology is        A       M        M
Technology into     provide for any          learning experiences are      lesson to improve the quality of    integrated appropriately in a
Planning or         technology-              limited to enrichment or      student work or provides use of     manner that enhances the
Implementation:     connected                extension activities or       technology as a source to           effectiveness of the lesson
                    experiences or           technology is limited in      enhance the lesson.                 and the learning of the
                    technology is not        planning.                                                         student.
                    used in planning.
Student Centered:   There is no evidence     Student choice and/or         The lesson considers student        The lesson contains               A       M        M
                    of student choice        collaboration is limited to   interest and provides               elements that motivate
                    and/or                   one part of the lesson.       opportunities for student choice    students to become actively
                    opportunities for                                      and/or collaboration.               engaged through choice
                    students to work                                                                           and/or collaboration.
Diverse Learner     There is no variety in   Instructional design is for   Instructional design is             Instructional design is           A       M        M
Needs/              approaches to            learners with varied          developmentally appropriate for     developmentally appropriate
Accommodations/     learning and             learning styles.              learners with varied learning       for students from diverse
Individual          instructional                                          styles and diverse needs.           backgrounds (cultural,
Differences:        opportunities that are                                                                     stages of development,
                    adapted to learners                                                                        learning styles, strengths,
                    from diverse                                                                               needs).

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