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					                                                            Automobile engineering

Automobile Servicing Laboratory:
Almost all of the essential tools and gauges are available in the Lab. Sufficient number of engines (both petrol and diesel) along with automobile
components and parts are there to impart training to the students. Ancillary equipments like Air Compressor, Tool post Lift, Wheel Balancing
Machine, Spark Plus cleaning and testing machine, pneumatic tools and hydraulic tools are being installed in the Lab.
We already have a service station, which is fully functional.

Purpose of the Lab
The lab is meant to familiarize the students with dismantling, servicing, testing and assembling of the engines, the various assemblies and
subassemblies and various systems of an automobile. Finally, a student must be capable of undertaking and working on a project of his own with

Automobile electrical laboratory
     Almost all equipments and tools for wiring of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, accessories for lighting, wiring of ignition system are
available. Automobile batteries - lead acid cells, battery charger, cell tester, other testing devices, Dynamoc, starter, motor and alternator are
available in the lab. The lab is being updated with the addition of nrewer tools and equipments.

     Solid Mechanics and fluid power system
     Manufacturing process
     Automotive engines
     Machine drawing-CAD - Lab
     Solid Mechanics and fluid power system - Lab
     Work shop-I (smithy, Foundry& Welding ) - Lab
    Applied Thermodynamics
    Machine shop Technology
    Automotive Electrical & Electronics Systems
    Automotive Engines laboratory - lab
    Autotronics laboratory - lab
    Work shop-II (Turning,Drilling and Shaping) - lab

    automotive chassis & transmission
    vehicle body engineering
    industrial management and road transport organization
    English communication practical**
    automotive chassis & transmission

    automotive maintenance and pollution control
    computer aided design and manufacturing*
        Elective theory
         o      two & three wheelers technology
         o      tractor and farm equipments
         o      computer aided design and manufacturing practical*
      Elective practical
    t wo & three wheelers technology practical
    tractor and farm equipments practical
                                     project work, entrepreneurship, environment and disaster management

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