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									                                  Version 2

1. Scope and Purpose
   The purpose of the portal is to build an online community of ITBHU alumni and existing
   students, which stay connected to their alma mater and also to their fraternity. This portal
   should include features, which motivates the users to participate and strengthen online
   community, emphasizing more on joint effort by the users and administrators.

2. Terminology
     2.1. Master Graduate list (MGL)
This is the master list of all the graduates from ITBHU alumni. This list is provided by the
registrar office/alumni cell from year 1930-2005. Future list will be maintained on yearly basis.
It contains following information:
         2.1.1. Name
         2.1.2. Year of graduation
         2.1.3. Branch
         2.1.4. Degree [B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD]
         2.1.5. Roll Number
         2.1.6. Enrolment number (can be used for Degree request by alumni).
This list will also contain the information of current student batch with an expected year if

    2.2. Alumni Database (ADB):
This is the complete contact information of the alumnus with his email and other contact
details. This information keeps changing as per the update from the alumnus. ADB is an
appended information to MGL. Preferred numbers of pages to fill registration should not be
more than 3 pages. During entering information, an alumnus should be able to select to keep
the information public/private. Private data won’t be displayed during any search1.
The Total information per user [in addition to the info in the MGL] is
         2.2.1. Picture [profile picture]
         2.2.2. Salutation [Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms]
         2.2.3. First Name
         2.2.4. Middle Name
         2.2.5. Last Name
         2.2.6. Maiden Name
         2.2.7. ITBHU pet name
         2.2.8. Website url
         2.2.9. Gender
         2.2.10. Date of Birth (with separate privacy options for “year” and “date+month”)
         2.2.11. Hobbies( need to have drop down+others with text insert)
         2.2.12. Marital Status
         2.2.13. If married
    Date of Marriage ( maybe not needed)
    Spouse Name
    Spouse Employer( maybe not needed)
    Spouse Title( maybe not needed)
    Number of children
         2.2.14. Personal email address (IMPORTANT: This is NEVER to be shown to other people
               on the site)
         2.2.15. Alumni address , with redirection enabled flag 2

    Do we allow “private” data to be searched - Animesh?
    A user can choose this address ONCE. After that, he/she can only choose if the redirection is enabled.
           2.2.16. Chapter Affiliation3 (user can see listed chapters or select others with text
           2.2.17. Graduation Details [upto 5 total], including
      Degree, Grad. Year, Department/Major, Institute
           2.2.18. Current Employer
           2.2.19. Current Position at above employer
           2.2.20. Area of Interest ( Alumnus current core competency for e.g fund management,
                 technology, public servant etc. a check box form)
           2.2.21. Resume
      LinkedIn data?
           2.2.22. Addresses – Home, Work, and Permanent
      Address Line 1, 2, 3
      Postal Code
      Phone 1, Phone 2
      Cell Phone
      Fax (only in “Work”)
           2.2.23. Authentication Details
      Secret Question
      Answer to Secret Question
           2.2.24. Privacy Controls [Flags on each of the above to share with]
      All ITBHU Alumni
      Only people of my class [same degree, branch, and year of graduation]
           2.2.25. Newsletter subscription – to specify whether or not they want the monthly
                 newsletter, the ITBHU Chronicle
           2.2.26. ITBHU-life-related Tags/Badges
      e.g., “Convener, KashiYatra”, “Rock Band” etc.
      Only set-table by admin
      Dynamic and extensible list, like tags in blogger/youtube.

    2.3. Location Remark (LOR)
This is a comment inserted by any ITians to other profile. This can be only done by a registered
user and will help locate the unregistered alumnus.
         2.3.1. Comment Type: Current Location, Current Email, Current Employer, Current
               Position, General (all others are displayed next to their fields, “general” is shown
               as footer)
         2.3.2. Comment by
         2.3.3. Date
         2.3.4. Comment

    2.4. Personal Page (PEP)
This is a facility provided to registered users to upload ITBHU linked webpages and link it to the
main site by a url such as There will be a searchable
index of uploaded pages with details of page/pictures for other users. This facility can be
provided by either using a webpage creator tool or giving them access to upload html+jpg files
in separate authorized folders. Or allowing them to make blog pages.
         2.4.1. Webpage location

    A user can be part of one or more chapters.
           2.4.2.   Owner
           2.4.3.   Year
           2.4.4.   Branch
           2.4.5.   Summary

    2.5. Mailing Group (MAG)
Users can also register their class/creed mailing groups with a short summary of the group
which should be searchable.
        2.5.1. Mailing group [e.g. yahoogroup/google group etc]
        2.5.2. Year
        2.5.3. Branch
        2.5.4. Moderator email id
        2.5.5. Details

    2.6. Bulletin Board:
This is a normal bulletin board with comments/questions/answers. Users can create interest
based blogs where other users can participate.4

3. Additional Features

     3.1. Search
All the content and features of the website should be searchable. This can be done by using
some search engine component or CMS

    3.2. Emailing
Users should be able to send email to other users who show up in search results. Admins should
be able to send out mass-emails. Individual emails should be in a “form-mailer” rather than
displaying recipient email id.

    3.3. Invite Fellow Alumnus
Users should be able to invite other alumni to join the website. This can be implemented as
part of specifying someone’s email address in the LOR.

     3.4. Lifelong email
Valid ITian should be able to register a POP+webmail email id 5 for lifelong use. The user can be
chosen by user as These emails ids will facilitate users to have
personal POP based email ids and also will strengthen the ties with the alumni community. On
the other hand, the community will stay connected to the users.
This facility is provided by most leading institutes and has been very successful in building
institute based community.

    3.5. CxO hall of Fame (it can PEP built maintained by one of the authorized person)
A page to honor famous ITians. We need to decide the criteria to choose. To be decided in
detail later.

   3.6. Gallery
We also want to have an installation of a photo gallery, administered by the admins.

    We would like to integrate PHPBB3 with the main system for this.
    For now, this will be a simple redirection
4. Proposed Features
   4.1. Adminsitrator
       4.1.1. Admin uploads the MGL of past years and keeps adding new records every year
             or edit the wrong records on MGL
       4.1.2. Authorize/ban PEP, BOB, LOR, MAG
       4.1.3. Monitor chapters and other links

   4.2. Authorizer
       4.2.1. Authorizers are alumni who “approve” the registration/claiming of IDs by other
             alumni in the system.
       4.2.2. When a new user “registers”, the authorizers in his class get an email
       4.2.3. If there are no authorizers in his class, all authorizers with the same branch,
             and year +- 2 of the new registrant get an email
       4.2.4. If no one satisfies the two criteria above, a specified set of “master
             authorizers” get the email notification
      In the two cases above [no authorizers in the new registrant’s class],
                  the new registrant gets an invite to be an authorizer upon being authorized.

   4.3. Registered User (Alumni and students)
       4.3.1. Register based on MGL and make some information as private which is not
             displayed in search
       4.3.2. Search for MGL+ADB and see the people who are missing
       4.3.3. Search is made on all info (private also)
       4.3.4. Insert LOR for unregistered alumni or send referral mail to unregistered alumni
       4.3.5. Request and create PEP,BOB,MAG
       4.3.6. Contact other registered users by private/public email

   4.4. Guests (non ITians)
       4.4.1. Search and read PEP,BOB, LOR, MAG if the data is in public domain.
       4.4.2. Browse through public insti information and links
       4.4.3. Only contact registered users by hidden mail links with authorization keys.

5. Overview of roles/features

Features\Roles ( N: No, Y: Yes, L: Limited)                    Guest    Registered    Admin
Alumni database (ADB)
Register and link to MGL                                       L        NA            NA
Search ADB                                                     N        Y             Y
Contact other registered user                                  N        Y             NA
Edit ADB                                                       N        Y             Y
Link to chapter(s)                                             N        Y             NA
View chapters                                                  Y        Y             Y
Request new chapter                                            N        Y             NA
Link to ONE Annual Donation Gateway (ADG)                      N        Y             NA
Make special donation (SD)                                     Y        Y             NA
Subscribe to monthly newsletter                                Y        Y             NA
Master Passout List (MGL)
Upload MGL in csv format                                       N        N             Y
Suggest changes/additions in MGL                               Y        Y             NA
Can view/search MGL                           L   Y     NA
Edit MGL                                      N   N     Y
Link MGL with orphan registered user          N   N     Y
Initiate email referral to unregistered MGL   N   Y     NA
Insert Location remark (LOR) for MGL          N   Y     NA
Delete Location remark (LOR) on MGL           N   own   Y
View Location remark (LOR) on MGL             N   Y     Y
Mail Group (MAG)
Request for adding MAG                        N   Y     NA
Authorize MAG                                 N   N     Y
Search/view MAG                               Y   Y     Y
Ban MAG                                       N   N     Y
Personal Page (PEP)
Request for PEP                               N   Y     NA
Authorize PEP                                 N   N     Y
View PEP                                      L   Y     Y
Upload PEP                                    N   Y     Y
Unauthorize PEP                               N   N     Y

Bulletin Board (BOB)
Insert BOB                                    N   Y     Y
View BOB                                      L   Y     Y
Delete BOB                                    N   N     Y

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