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It has come to my attention as an active geocaching participant that we have a problem on
Pilot Butte. The park hosts have contacted us complaining about 2 geocaches that have
been placed on Pilot Butte and the damage to the environment that is being caused from
these containers and the people looking for them.

It has been well known throughout the geocaching community for a number of years that
placing any container within Pilot Butte State Park is not allowed. I personally watch for
anything that might get through the approval process and get placed within the park
boundaries. So my immediate response was that it is not geocaches that are the problem,
but that it might be another type of container.

Looking through the letterboxing site, I noticed 2 letterboxes that have been placed
within the park boundaries.

Yesterday after work I walked up the park trail looking for both with the permission of
the park hosts. I could not find either of the containers, but did notice the damage being
caused in these two areas. The damage is rather obvious to say the least.

Talking to the park host I also heard how rude and obnoxious some of the people who are
looking for these containers are. Profanity and gestures telling them that they have no
right to tell anyone that these areas are off limits as clearly marked by rope and signs.

Without getting into a long winded writing, I am formally requesting you immediately
deactivate your letterbox, retrieve the container (if still in place), and put in place within
letterboxing itself, guidelines pertaining to the policies of Pilot Butte State Park. As well
as Pilot Butte, letterboxing also needs to post guidelines for the rest of Central Oregon as
observed by the general geocaching community. These rules and guidelines can be found

It is obvious that the placed letterboxes are causing a real problem and this situation
needs to be rectified immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Shotgun & Peashooter

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