Inherit the Wind Study Guide Questions by u0zB7oQ


									Inherit the Wind    Study Guide

Act 1
   1. What does Howard call Melinda and her whole family?

   2. Why did Rachael go to the courthouse?

   3. Why was Bert Cates in jail?

   4. What did Darwin’s Origin say?

   5. Why did Rev. Brown want the sign put up?

   6. Who is E.K. Hornbeck?

   7. What kind of a man does E.K. Hornbeck appear to be?

   8. Who is Matthew Harrison Brady?

   9. How does Brady want the Mayor and Reverend to look for the picture?

   10. How does Mrs. Brady treat Mr. Brady?

   11. Who is the Baltimore Herald sending to Hillsboro (besides E.K. Hornbeck?)

   12. What does Drummond accomplish on the first day of the trial?

   13. What explanation does Drummond give Bert as to why people look at him “worse than a

   14. What warning does Bert give Rachael?
Act 2
   1. What does Rev. Brown pray for when Rachael asks him not to damn Bert?

   2. What is Brady’s reaction to Brown’s damnation of his own daughter? Why?

   3. What does Drummond try to establish when questioning Howard?

   4. For what reason is Bert on trial, according to Drummond? Is he right?

   5. What did Rev. Brown say about Tommy Stebbins?

   6. Why did Bert leave the church?

   7. What “humorous” remark had Bert made about the Heavenly Father?

   8. What problem did Drummond have with his expert witnesses?

   9. As a last resort, who does Drummond call to the witness stand? Why?

   10. What does Drummond gain by questioning the belief in the literal translation of the Bible?

   11. Why did Drummond want Brady to admit that the first day could have been 25 hours long?

   12. Who is the Prophet from Nebraska?

   13. What does Brady do at the end of his testimony?
Act 3
   1. Identity Golden Dancer. What is it symbolic of?

   2. What was the jury’s verdict?

   3. What was Bert’s sentence?

   4. What happened to Brady?

   5. Did Bert win or lose? Why?

   6. Who paid bail for Bert?

   7. What decision has Rachael made?

   8. To what does Rachael compare ideas? Is the comparison a good one? Why?

   9. Drummond says Brady had the same right as Cates. What right is that?

   10. How will Cates’ case be appealed?
Journal 1: Should controversial issues be taught in public schools? Why or why not? Should evolution be
taught? How do you personal feel? Why? Who should decide what you’re taught in school? Why?

Journal 2: Rachel does not have a good relationship with her father. Explain the relationship we see between
Rachel and her father. What do you think are the problems? Why does Brady quote the biblical passage the
play is named after when addressing Rev. Brown? What kind of relationship do you have with your
parent(s)/guardian(s)? Why would you describe your relationship this way? Elaborate.

Journal 3: Bert Cates is willing to stand up for a belief that many people are against. Why is it a difficult
decision? What hardships has he faced? What hardships will he face once the trial is over? Have you ever had
to, or wanted to, stand up for something you believe in even though an unpopular idea? Describe what
happened and your feelings about the situation. What are the positives for standing up against the majority?
What are the negatives?

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