Industrial_Revolution_Study_Guide by niusheng11


									                    Industrial Revolution Study Guide
Improvements in Farming                        Women’s suffrage movement

Population Explosion Reasons                   Women’s Temperance movement

Farming Enclosure and Consequences             Factory Act’s/Laws

Steam Engine and James Watt                    Bessemer Process

Where does the Industrial Rev. Start?                  How did it advance cities?

Why does it start there?                       Germ Theory and Louis Pasteur

What resources does England have?                      How did it help advance hospitals?

Where did it gets its capital?                         How did it help advance population?

What are entrepreneurs?                        Darwinism

English Navy                                   “Natural Selection”

English Government                             Social Darwinism (examples)

Transportation (Canals, Railroads)             Laissez-Faire Economics

Textile Industry in England                            Adam Smith

Cottage Industry description                           Free Market

Drawbacks of the Cottage Industry                      (example of how it works)

Inventions that sped up the Cottage Industry   Utilitarianism

Why the first factories?                       Socialism

Industrialization                              Communism

Urbanization                                           The Communist Manifesto

Problems with Urbanization                             Karl Marx

Description of the Industrial Workers…                 Bourgeoisie vs. Proletariat

        Life in factories and mines

        Life in the cities

Middle Class Values of Children

Middle Class Values of Women

Lower Class family values

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