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					                            Industrialization of America (ch 6 project menu)

                              Pick one of the following to complete by Wednesday 10/26


Your completed work should reflect:pride, neatness, creativity formal writing/spelling/grammar (no slang
unless historically accurate) good time management/use of lab time, and a following of all directions

1. Perspective Pieces

        Design a drawing or write a newspaper article to represent different views on controversial
        figures or events connected to industrialization. 1 page minimum


        a. Current connection- In the late 1800s Edison made a practical incandescent light bulb that
           could be mass produced- today there is a great deal of debate about making incandescent
           bulbs more efficient or replacing them with compact fluorescent light bulbs- Explain the pros
           & cons of each in 1 page
        b. Labor Unions- good or bad? (this can be about the past & or present)
        c. Industrialization- did it do, is it doing more harm than good?
        d. Company Towns- Research company towns like the George Pullman story we read/discussed
           in class. List the pros & cons of a company town. Explain why companies built the towns,
           why workers chose to live there, advantages and disadvantages to both the company and the
           workers, and different options for both the workers and the company owner. (Refer to pg 238
           of text to get started)

2. Most violent labor strikes of all time

        Create a PowerPoint that lists 10 violent strikes in American history. Then pick 5 of the 10 strikes
        to explain in more detail:

        Who was striking, why (what did the workers want & what did management (company owners
        want), where, when, and what were the outcomes.

        Rank what you think were the 3 worst strikes of all time and explain why (amount of damage,
        deaths, etc) you ranked them in the order you did. Include photos, statistics, and a quote.
3. Pictowords-

    Create a book of pictowords- (symbolic representations of words or phrases that show their meaning-
    to help define difficult concepts. Use these words connected to Industrialization to make the book

    Industrialization    Bessemer process         Thomas Edison                     George Pullman

    Gilded Age           Sherman Antitrust Act        Andrew Carnegie               Marry Harris Jones

    Include a brief written explanation of how all these people events, etc. are connected to the period of

4. Personification

Write a 1 page (minimum) personification essay on a person, event, and place connected to our study of
Industrialization- Use your notes and/or ch 6 of the text. You can also write it as a riddle to be solved by

Example …

        I scream out in the dark

        I bring light to you

        My flame whispers in the quiet

        Who am I?

Answer- Thomas Edison (see Mr. P for other examples)

Other topics could deal with- labor conditions, immigration, inventions, Gilded Age, or even a question
like- did Industrialization do more good or more harm for America/Americans?

5. Creating a memorial

There is a competition and the Mayor of New York is asking you and others to design a memorial to the
victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. What would you propose, and why? What information would you
want your memorial to impart, and what feelings and emotions would you want it to elicit? Describe the
concept for your memorial in 1 page persuasive writing piece. Create a physical model or drawing, etc. of
the memorial you envision.
6. Unfair? Speak out, Protest!

Research & find/identify 3 protest movements that happened or are happening in the US. (Past/and or
present—against unjust laws.

Find photographs that express different opinions about each of the 3 protests—one that shows each
protest in a sympathetic light and another that shows it in an unsympathetic light (so you should have a
total of 6 photos) Write captions for the photos. In the captions, explain what it is about the photograph
that makes you think it either supports or opposes a particular view.

7. Illustrated timeline

Create an illustrated timeline to sequence (put in order) the events of American industrialization-

Use symbols, drawings, pictures for each event

You should have 15 events- some of which include the causes & effects of industrialization (see ch 6 of
text & pg 250 of text

8. Historical Markers

Make a historical marker to summarize 2 important historical events- pick one from the valley (see Mr.
P)and one from the time period of American industrialization that we’ve read/discussed, etc. in class.

The 2 markers should include a drawing, a photo and a summary(1/2 pg. for each marker) of the events
that transpired (happened) there and an explanation of the significance of the history

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