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					    Volume 1, Issue 165                                                                                     January 24, 1900

              Gilded Industries
              S    P    O   N   S   E    R   E   D   B   Y   :    C   A   R    N   E   G   I   E   S   T   E   E   L

                                        E x c l u s i v e I n t e r v i e w w i t h :
  POINTS                                        A n d r e w C a r n e g i e
                            Q: Yours is truly a "rags to         else can control the price of     stay lazy. Got to teach a man
                            riches" success story. Would         the steel I want to dictate.      to fish, give him opportunities
 Special Feature           you mind explaining how a            Also, when a strike breaks        rather than just handing him
       Article :            penniless immigrant climbs to        out (those ungrateful             a fish (charity) that would
                            the top of the corporate             workers) I can call in            spoil them.
                            ladder?                              replacement units and even
 Political Cartoon                                              the federal government
                            A: Sure thing. Since my
                                                                 would step in to end these
 Editorial                 family had always been poor
                                                                 revolts. As much as I agree
                            throughout my childhood, I
 News article:                                                  for the laborers to have
                            went around working multiple
    Purchase of                                                  rights, the formation of
    Alaska                  jobs, eventually hired as a
                                                                 unions is a disturbance to
                            telegraph boy. There, I
 Obituary: Moment                                               the order I tried to establish.
                            learned how to keep stores
     for George             running and how to increase          Q: In addition, your essay
                            efficiency of the railroad.          “The Gospel of Wealth
 Letter-to-the-            Upon quitting the                    (1889)” is famous for
     editor: Reck-a-        superintendent position I            philanthropic ideas of the
     fella or               earned shortly, I took notice        people at top. Please
     Rockefeller?           of the Bessemer Process and          describe them for us.
 Advertisement:            how America need its steels.
                                                                 A: In essence of the essay, a
     Join Chase             It was then when I decided to
                                                                 rich man who dies rich is a
                            open my company in 1875.
 Propaganda:                                                    disgrace. The reason of
                                                                                                   Q: What advice would you
     Benefits of            Q: Our readers would like your       being at the top and being
                                                                                                   give the young, ambitious
     standard oil           advice on how you managed            the elite is to give back to
                                                                                                   entrepreneurs starting out in
                            to make Carnegie Steel such          the society and country. We
 “On this day/year                                                                                the business world?
     in our past”
                            a spectacular success. Tell          have to be the ones who will
                            us about your business               be willing to sacrifice our       A: I’ll tell them two things.
     Brief biography       techniques.                          wealth in order to alleviate      Fear nothing and follow
      of Andrew                                                  the conditions of all those       intuitions. To reach where I
      Carnegie              A: There were many things a
                            executive has to do to keep          who are less fortunate. I am      stand now, I had to rid myself
 George Pullman,           things going. I pioneered the        proud to say that I plan to       many obstacles and even the
    Andrew                  use of vertical integration to       give away 90 percent of all       doubts that haunt me when I
    Carnegie, J.D.          knock out the other
                                                                 my assets to help                 Couldn’t decide whether or
                            competitors and monopolized
    Rockefeller,                                                 philanthropic causes.
                            the steel and railroad                                                 not I should spend all my
       J.P. Morgan          economies. In order to do so,        However, I strongly oppose        money on situations where
                            I first had to cut out all the       to actions of charities…they
                            middlemen so that no one                                               the profit is nothing but
                                                                 only encourage the lazy to        unknown.
Pa ge    2                                                               Gilded     Industries


 By: Sunwoo Oh

The second industrial
revolution, emerged in the
nineteenth century, was
rather about technology and
mass production in
international market unlike
the first industrial revolution
which mostly affected
manufacturers and urban
dwellers. The invention of
machines, automobiles, light
bulbs, and communications
greatly increased the
productions, causing a rapid
transformation in businesses      transformed the American life         financial manipulations. With
and national economy.             not in necessarily all good ways.     their new ways of doing
Manufacturing in the United       The process of rapid                  businesses like vertical
States exponentially              industrialism brought a high          integration and horizontal
increased while the               standard of living, creating a        integration, they prevented
production of agricultural        distinct middle class for the first   newly starting poor
goods declined to 40 percent      time in American history and          businessmen from succeeding
by 1900s. The second              industrialization brought sense       and eventually led to their
industrial revolution             of nationalism among the              financial breakdown. They
                                  citizens as they were now living      basically gave no chance to
  "So long as all the             in the leading industrialized         survive in highly competitive
                                  nations. Though it definitely         business world. However,
  increased wealth which          brought America into the leading      whether the corruption of
  modern progress brings          nation, it led to the corruption of   business and government
  goes but to build up            the government and tyranny of         continuously existed or not, it
                                  big business companies. The           has to be clear that Industrial
  great fortunes, to increase     Presidential elections were           Revolution played a key role in
  luxury and make sharper         supported by the “spoils              bringing America to a world
  the contrast between the        system”, and large cities were        power.
                                  controlled by “political
  House of Have and the           machines”. The businesses were
  House of Want,                  dominated by rich industrialists
  progress is not real and        such as John D. Rockefeller,
                                  Andrew Carnegie, and J.P
  cannot be permanent."           Morgan with their unethical
 Pa ge    3                                                                Gilded     Industries

 R e s p o n s e s t o               l a s t w e e k ’ s “ H O W M U C H
I S T O O M U C H ?                  R o c k e f e l l e r t a k e s o v e r
                                          o i l ”

Dear Mr. Editor,                   dishonest means, has bought       its morality be stopped, and
         As a former               95 percent of all the oil         that Carnegie was right in
independent oil refinery           refineries in America,            calling him “Reck-a-fella.”
owner, I say that Rockefeller      including my own. His                               Signed,
has incredibly too much            employment of spies, buying                         John Smith
power. An honest                   out companies, and making
businessman, I only wished         of secret deals is clearly
that I could go about my           unethical, and while he is
business of running and            burying smaller oil refinery
selling oil to consumers           owners’ hopes of prospering
without the threat of being        and growing their businesses,
bought out by another larger,      he is making millions of
more conniving company.            dollars! I, personally, see no
Although that is nearly            justice in his doing that. The
impossible during this time        government needs to stop
and age, I am convinced that       passively allowing such
competitors in this industry       corruption to continue in our
should act with some               nation, and if the government
decency and ethics towards         decides to continue
one another, instead of            accepting bribes and ignoring                    “I know nothing
turning towards trickery and       the plight of the small
bribery in order to get a leg up   business owners, I fear that                     more despicable and
on the other company. Mr.          in the future, our country will
Rockefeller, through               have lost all of
                                                                                    pathetic than a
                                                                                    man who devotes all
                 P r o - R o c k e f e l l e r                                      the hours of the
Dear Mr. Editor,            recent successes,           successful not only in      waking day to the
         In response to     Rockefeller’s Standard      the United States, but
last week’s article         Oil Trust puts him in       also all over the world.    making of money
about Rockefeller’s         control of the entire oil   Rockefeller’s grip on
control over the oil        enterprise, allowing him    the oil industry may be     for money’s sake.”
industry, I believe that    to control the price of     a menace to small oil
Rockefeller is not only a   production. The price of    refiners, but in the long
shrewd and respectable      oil is quite low,           run, his monopoly will
business man, but also      supplying consumers         help to better our
one whose work is           with trustworthy goods      nation’s industry.
benefitting and helping     for a cheap price, while              Signed,
to grow our nation into     the price fluctuation of              Joseph
a prosperous and rich       oil is becoming more                  Matthew
industrial powerhouse.      stabilized each day!
Although Standard Oil’s     Because of his
horizontal integration of   ingeniousness,
the oil market ruthless     Rockefeller made
and crushing for its        himself and members
competitors, the            of the Standard Oil
benefits of cruelty are     Trust effective and
slowly becoming more        economically
and more apparent. In
addition to his other
   Pa ge     4                                                                           Gilded        Industries
                            P u r c h a s e                 o f       A l a s k a
Secretary of State William Seward        and Russia were interested in the         offered to sell Alaska but breaking of
initiated the purchase of Alaska from    Alaskan coast which was rich in           Civil war delayed the sale, but now
Russia in 1867. The United States        natural sources such as timber, coal,     secretary of state Seward renewed
                                         petroleum, gas, and salmon and not        the offer and decided to buy Alaska
                                         inhibited by so many people. Russia,      for 7.2 million dollars. The treaty of
                                         however, lacked the financial             purchase was formally approved by
                                         resources to support settlements in       senate and signed by President
                                         Alaska or to dispatch military. Also,     Johnson, and Alaska was officially
                                         Russian immigration to Alaska was         became a state of the United States.
                                         not much as well as its defeat in the     However, it is currently referred as
                                         Crimean War caused it to lose             “Seward’s Folly” as people think that
                                         interest in Alaska. In 1859, Russia       Alaska is merely useful.
                  O b i t u a r y :                G e o r g e               P u l l m a n
George M. Pullman, a notable             dropped down to be made into a bed        compliment that it is now getting
industrialist, deceased 1897. He first   when necessary, café and buffet car       from people. His death will certainly
began to operate his sleeping cars on    and their service attendants.             invoke many tears, and the legacy of
the Chicago and Alton Railroad in        Pullman’s consideration for               innovation will carry on to the
1859. George Pullman was born on         passengers are shown in his               following ages.
March 3, 1831, in Brocton, New York,     invention of “Pullman porters”.
and moved to Chicago as a carpenter      These porters are all about providing
with his brother. In 1859, he            passengers the most comfortable
remodeled two day coaches for a local    and pleasant travel. Pullman porters
railroad company, beginning his own      basically take care of passengers on
company and starting invention.          the board: they greet passengers,
Pullman sleeping car which is now        help them settle into their rooms,
well known for being selected for        monitor the cars, make the beds
President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral      each day, mail letters and telegrams,
train provides a luxurious and           and bring meals. Pullman’s
comfortable travels for people on        contribution to a more comfortable
overnight passenger trains. The car      and delightful travel is constantly
includes many specialties such as        increasing the number of people
folding upper berths which can be        using railroad and willing to travel
folded up during the daytime and         more. His invention truly deserves a

          C o m e          t o      C h a s e ,             Y o u r           O n l y          C h o i c e
                                         At times of crisis or uncertainty, want     gold in and out of the U.S. Working
                                         to know where you should keep your          with President Cleveland and other
                                         entire savings safe with interests          leading bankers, he even formed a
                                         and with the best service? Welcome          syndicate to purchase gold in Europe
                                         to Chase Manhattan Bank, the most           and bring them back to America.
                                         powerful banking house of the world.        Where can you find such a unique
                                         By carrying through many deals,             person on who even the federal
                                         especially reorganizations and              government has no choice but to be
                                         consolidations, the powerful leader,        dependent?
                                         J.P. Morgan pulls his company through       Join Chase now to be the prioritized
                                         both smooth and rough times.                member who gets to open the glorious
                                         During the mercantile and credit            door of luxurious living.
                                         crisis, he saved the U.S. government
                                         from default, saves the gold standard,
                                                                                     Every American family can now
                                         and manages to control the flow of          live the American dream.
  Pa ge     5                                                               Gilded      Industries

                     S u p p o r t S t a n d a r d O i l .
                P r o t e c t t h e A m e r i c a n D r e a m

Fellow Americans, as our          empire of commerce,
country enters a new era of       ensuring our nation security;
industrialization, to remain      however, there are enemies
at the forefront of first world   who are in opposition to this
civilization, we must now,        great endeavor. Labor
more than ever, rely on oil to    unions are hindering
ensure our quality of life and    Standard Oil from doing its
business. For it is at this       job. In protesting low wages
moment that if we are to          and refusing to work, unions
build an American dream for       impede the growth of the
every citizen, action must be     great economy of our
                                                                  but rest assured that Standard Oil is
taken to fuel the growth of       nation, and it would surely
                                                                  working for precisely the opposite of
this great nation. Gasoline-      be an understatement to
                                                                  that. Times are tough, but the promise
powered engines and               say that oil has
                                                                  of Standard Oil stand stronger than all
machinery that have               revolutionized the way of
                                                                  else. The inexpensive yet high quality
improved the efficiency of        American life. Without oil,
                                                                  product produced by Standard Oil will
businesses crave oils that        our factories and
                                                                  be sure to provide the economic
are produced by the J.D.          automobiles would render
                                                                  stability and fortune that every
Rockefeller’s Standard Oil        useless to us and our
                                                                  American family needs today. With of
Company. Thanks to the            industry. Unions feel that
                                                                  such dependable oils, your
convenience of the newly          the mechanization of
                                                                  automobiles will last longer; and for
set railroads and brand new       businesses are hurting their
                                                                  factory owners, your machinery will run
innovations in machinery,         families and pushing them
                                                                  more smoothly, improving the
America has become an             towards financial downfall,
                                                                  efficiency of your business. Now is the
                                                                  time and age to put your faith in the
                                                                  American industry, which will propel
                                                                  this nation into the world as a leading
                                                                  economic power. Oil is the future of
                                                                  America, a leader in the civilized world,
                                                                  and with so many uses, gasoline is sure
                                                                  to open the doors to a brighter future
                                                                  where every American family can live
                                                                  the American dream. Believe in
                                                                  America. Believe in Standard Oil. Say
                                                                  no to unions.
                                                  VISIT US AT
                                              GILDEDAMERICA AVE,
                                                  NEW JERSEY

T H E                          Sponsored By Andrew Carnegie: a Captain of Industry and Education A man
C O .                          of incredible business skill, but also of wit and intellectual merit, Andrew
                               Carnegie has helped to build the current formidable American steel industry.
                               Carnegie has proved to his more than just his business skills, but also his
 Cahill, Ashley               solid efforts into the “improvement of our mankind” and the education and
 Chang, Janice                intellectual rights of the people . Mr. Carnegie has a solid belief that the
 Lin, Vivian
                               wealthy have a divine duty handed down to them that is their duty to
 Oh, Sunwoo
                               contribute to those lives that are less wealthy. And so, it is now that our
                               communities look upon Carnegie and study who he truly is. When compared
                               to his peers, Andrew Carnegie is much more kind, generous, and caring to
 Period: Four                 his community and how he goes about his ways. Being very philanthropic,
 Teacher: Ms. Tully           he continually donates to the communities, and has established public
 Date: January 25,            educational areas such as the Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Museum of Natural
      2010                     History, and Carnegie Melon University. He takes his own money out and
                               uses it to better the people, and help give them a ladder for them to rise on.
                               His impact on the intellectual thoughts of today should never be forgotten.
    All about the              Andrew Carnegie considers education as being the veritable 'key' to life and
  Gildedness of the            using that key, one may succeed. Carnegie very much believes in full
    19th Century               freedom and that every man, essentially, can make their way to the top.

                   “ O n        t h i s     D a y / Y e a r            i n       o u r     P a s t ”

          • In 1785, the first public           In 1887, the Interstate           citizens are equal in rights.
        university in the United States-         Commerce Act was passed           However, even The Commission
        the University of Georgia- was           as the federal government’s       had a troubled start because the
                    founded.                     first attempt to regulate the     law that created it failed to give it
       •On January 25, 1825, the US              railroad industry. Various        adequate enforcement powers.
        Congress approved the Indian             sections of the Interstate
        Territory, in order to clear the         Commerce Act banned
       way for the forced relocation of          "personal discrimination"
       Eastern Indians on the "Trail of          and gave the Commission
                     Tears".                     the power to determine
       •American Confederate general             maximum "reasonable"
           George Pickett, a white               rates. This law is largely
         southerner, was born on this            based upon the 14th
                   day in 1825.                  amendment, that all

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