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					                             WORLD STUDIES
                       Unit Sheet: Industrial Revolution
                                Mr. Culbertson
Richard Arkwright, James Hargreaves, Edmund Cartwright
Henry Bessemer
Henry Ford
Robert Fulton
Charles Goodyear
Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo
Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
John Stuart Mill
Robert Owen
Adam Smith
Charles “Turnip” Townshend
James Watt
Eli Whitney

Concept Questions:
1. What important agricultural changes took place which helped set the stage for the rise
of industry?
2. Where did the Industrial Revolution begin, and why there?
3. What was mechanization, and why was it important?
4. Why did factory owners develop a preference for female and younger workers? What
factors determined wages for factory workers?
5. How were the lives of factory workers different from those of people in the middle
6. What is necessary for mass production to operate? What is the great advantage of this
kind of production?
7. What are corporations, and how did they help to encourage the industrial revolution?
8. What is a business cycle?
9. Why did Adam Smith think that government should stay out of economic affairs?
10. What “dismal” ideas did Thomas Malthus and David Ricardo come up with?
11. What was the attitude of the humanitarians and the utilitarians towards industrialism?
12. What kinds of efforts were made by workers to win better treatment in England?
13. What was the basic idea behind socialism or communism?
14. What were the key ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels? How were they
translated into political movements in Western Europe in the 19th century?

Reading Assignments:
Tuesday 3/20: Chapter 22, secs. 1-3
Thursday 3/22: Chapter 22, secs. 4-5
Written Assignments:
Tuesday: 3/20: Concept questions 1-8
Thursday: 3/22: Concept questions 9-14
Friday: 3/23: Test on the Industrial Revolution
Monday: 3/26: Invention Advertisement Assignment

                                  World Studies
                      Topics for Industrial Revolution Project

Cyrus McCormick                    John Deere

John Kay                           James King

James Hargreaves                   John Wilkinson

Richard Arkwright                  Richard Trevithick

Samuel Crompton                    Thomas Adams

Edmund Cartwright                  John Moses Browning

Thomas Newcomen                    William S. Burroughs

James Watt                         George Eastman

Henry Bessemer                     Anna Baldwin

Charles Goodyear                   Willis Carrier

George Stephenson                  James Murray Spangler

Samuel Cunard                      Isaac Singer

Samuel F. B. Morse                 Henry Mill

Guglielmo Marconi                  Elisha Otis

Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz        Joseph Lister

Edward Jenner                      John Walker

Laszlo Biro                        Alexander Fleming

Alessandro Volta                   Michael Faraday

Charles Frederic Gerhardt, Felix Hoffman

Garrett Morgan
The people on the other side of the page were all responsible for inventing something of
importance, and most of these inventions continue to be important in improved forms

You are to do the following for your subject. Find out what they invented and create a
one-page advertising poster for this item. It should contain some kind of picture of the
invention in a practical form. This should be a version of the item contemporary to the
inventor; in many cases you should be able to get a picture of the original item. You
should also include ad copy that explains how this invention is going to change people’s
lives (and so why they should want one). Also, include a price, both as it would have
been priced at the time and the equivalent in modern currency (I will show you how to do
this later at

Along with your advertisement, you should hand in a short essay which tells the story of
the invention. Include information such as a brief bio of the inventor, what he (or she in
one case) was trying to accomplish, how quickly the invention became popular, and
whether or not the inventor made any money on it.

This will be due on Monday, March 26th, and will be worth 50 points

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