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					                  Industrial Revolution and Nationalism Study Guide

1. Study the Charts on pg. 122 and pg. 127 in red workbook of the inventors and
   inventions. Know inventor, invention, and why the inventions were important (this
   is the same as impact). You might want to make flash cards.

2. Define industrialism. When machines are used to do work instead of human or
   animal power.

3. Name two new modes of transportation developed during the Industrial Revolution.
   Steamboat and Train (Railroad)

4. What invention allowed light bulbs, radios, televisions, etc. possible?
5. Why was the invention of the telegraph so important?
   It helped people communicate over long distances and it lead to the telephone.

6. What is the movement of people from rural areas to cities or movement of the
   working class to where they worked called? urbanization

7. The invention of what metal changed the way machines, bridges, buildings etc.
   were built? steel

8. Who invented the process to make this metal and what was the process called?
   Henry Bessemer----The Bessemer Process
9. Define socialism. The government owns and runs industries for the benefit of

10. Define capital. Money that is invested into business

11. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, population increased in cities and decreased
    in rural areas.

12. What were the results of the Enclosure Movement? Poor farmers were run off their
    land and they moved to the cities to find jobs

13. Name the four reasons Britain was the leader of the Industrial Revolution.
    Capital (money)
    Natural Resources (rivers, iron, and coal)
    Markets (people to buy their products)
    Large Labor supply (people available to work)
14. What were Britain’s main natural resources?
      Iron and coal

15. Know the first industry to industrialize.
16. Know the first country to industrialize.
17. Define nationalism.
    Pride in your country
18. Know the men responsible for the Unification of Italy.
    King Emmanuel
19. Which of these men used guerilla warfare to united southern Italy?
20. Know the men responsible for the Unification of Germany.
    King Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismark
21. Define Mass Production and what you needed for mass production.
    Production of large amount of identical products using identical machine made
    parts, division of labor, and an assembly line.

22. What were the causes of European Nationalism.
    American and French Revolutions
    Latin American Revolutions
    Unification movements in Europe
    Napoleons army and wars

23. How did Napoleon contribute of cause Nationalism?
    He was making other European countries pay taxes to France.
    He was making other European countries send their soldiers to fight for France.
    The other European countries felt more loyal to their own countries instead of

24. What two characteristics made Germany the strongest European nation by 1871?
    Industrial resources and military strength


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