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Functional based competencies: Communication by IuX4SbNg


									Functional based competencies:

           Group IV
          June 26th, 2003
               Group IV
Chultemdorj Tsolmon
Mulloev Aliberdi
Kornisheva Elena
Polluste Kaja
Sava Valeriu
                 Facilitator: Sallivan Grace
                    Assistant: Ghukasyan
       Summary of discussion
•   Sphere of communication
•   Skills
•   Curriculum approach
•   Assessment
      Sphere of communication
•   Decision makers
•   Mass media
•   Health professional groups
•   Population
     Areas of communication
• Team building and team work
• Presentation making
• Negotiation and conflict management
  Knowledge and skills needed
• Clear formulation of ideas
• Message development and delivery skills
• Analytical skills
  – Understanding the political climate
  – Identifying the leaders
  – Applying different methods
  – Being flexible
• Creating the partnership, networking
• Technical skills
Knowledge and skills needed (cont.)
• Ethical aspects of communication
• Language
  – Appropriate language for different target
  – Correct language
• Technical skills
  – Writing skills
  – Computer skills
  – Etc.
         Curriculum approach
• Problem solving approach,
    – From basic to advanced
•   Training of trainers
•   Basic skills of communication
•   Case studies, clinical decision making
•   Community based participatory research
   Assessment of communication
• Presentation
• Role plays
• Checklist

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