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					 Local Governance Medior Advisor                             SNV Tanzania

              JOB DESCRIPTION

Programme                          SNV Tanzania
Job name                           Local Governance Medior Advisor

Contract period                    3 years

Indication of salary scale and     Salary scale 10
Operational base                   1 vacancy – Dodoma (Central

Name of predecessor                -

Drawn up by                        Eric de Milliano (CD)

Assisted by                        Maureen Roell (PC)
                                   Lorraine Dias (HRM)
Date                               20 January 2004

Vacancy number

Information about the              SNV Tanzania
job/country and environment via
Signature of SNV country
programme director

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                  SNV Tanzania

Job environment
Programme environment and aim
SNV Tanzania’s vision is to become a recognised capacity development organisation that
significantly contributes to sustainable poverty alleviation through partnerships with local
organisations that share its development values.
The organisation will be renowned for its thematic expertise in the areas of Local
Governance and Private Sector Development. These expertise will be provided in combination
with knowledge on wider organisational issues and in such a way that the ownership lies with
local organisations.
SNV Tanzania’s mission is to provide capacity building support to meso-level organisations
and local capacity builders with the aim to improve governance and reducing poverty.
To achieve its mission, SNV Tanzania employs a number of experts who are stationed in
different parts of the country. In addition use is made of short-term external expertise
that is available through SNV’s strategic alliances.

Concentration areas
The SNV Tanzania programme consists of three portfolios of experts, one in the Northern
part of the country covering the regions Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara. The second
portfolio is in the Central part of Tanzania covering three regions, Dodoma Morogoro and
Singida regions. A new portfolio that covers the North-Western part of the country, Lake
Zone, has been started in the beginning of 2004. The Lake Zone consists of four regions and
SNV will initially be working in two of these.
Next to the portfolios there are a number of experts at national level. They provide services
to portfolio- and national based clients and are involved in national networking activities.

Central Portfolio

Local Governance and Private Sector Development are the key themes of Portfolio Central.
Below follows a summary of the products, offered by Portfolio Team Central

         Local Governance                                Private Sector Development
 Areas of support include coordination,           Areas of support include (i) Market
 interaction and consultation between             Information systems, (ii) Market Linkages and
 different actors in the area of local            Networking and (iii) Strengthening local
 governance. Furthermore, fostering               capacity builders in Business Development
 transparency and accountability and legal        Services and Micro Finance.
 / human rights issues, including the link
 to traditional practices have been
 identified as areas for support
  General government service provision,           OD support to organisations involved in
    coordination & management, and                  market information and market linkages, and
    networking (vertical and horizontal             to micro finance service providers
    linking)                                       Financial management advice and capacity
  Lobbying and advocacy                            building support for resource mobilisation
  Coordination of social services,                Problem analysis, planning, visioning and

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                   SNV Tanzania

   including water supply                           strategy formulation
  NGO mobilisation                                Linking informal and formal systems in
  Regional support organisations                   micro-finance
  Support to governance bodies such as            Support to networks (district, issue-based,
   district councillors                             sector)
                                                   Facilitate multi stakeholders processes and
                                                    strengthen networks and platforms

The Central portfolio covers the region of Dodoma, Morogoro and Singida regions. None of
the municipalities in this area can be classified as urban area.
The portfolio team operates from an SNV office in Dodoma, which is the designated capital
of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Northern portfolio

Local Governance and Private Sector Development (markets) will remain key themes of
Portfolio North. No specific expertise or programme in natural resource management will be
established, but the local governance programme will give specific attention to the effects
of governance processes on natural resource management. In addition special attention will
be given to the pastoralist issue, which on the longer term could develop into a full
Below follows a summary of the products, offered by Portfolio Team North:
        Local Governance                Access to Markets              Pastoralism
 Central theme:                  Central theme: creating links Central theme: Using Local
 strengthening relationships         between private sector          Governance and Market
 between different actors at         actors in order to improve      Linkages approaches to
 district level to improve           access to markets for rural     address systemic (gap
 local governance                    producers (pastoralists,        traditional/modern) and non-
                                     small farmers, rural informal   systemic (unpredictable
                                     entrepreneurs)                  environment) forces
  Dialogue platforms                 OD support to                  Support pastoralist
  Strengthening vertical              organisations involved in       network organisations
   accountability                      market linkages                Support pastoralist
  Revenue collection and             Support for networking          women organisations in
   utilisation – using the             between organisations,          networking (issue-based)
   partnership concept                 involved in market model       Linking traditional and
  Support to networks                Products related to             modern institutions
   (district, issue-based,             governance approach in          (dialogue, service
   sector)                             ML: PS advocacy, dialogue       provision, resource
  Lobby and advocacy for              and PP partnerships             management)
   NGOs working on                    Linking informal and           4. Use ML approaches for
   impoverishing forces                formal systems in Micro-        intensification and
  Regional support                    finance                         diversification of
   organisations                                                       pastoralist production
                                                                       (linking informal and
                                                                       formal sectors)

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                SNV Tanzania

The Northern portfolio covers the regions of Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Arusha. Districts
with clear entry points are: Babati, Simanjiro, Monduli, Karatu and Same as they are
perceived to have more potential clients. However, no district will be excluded. The
municipalities of Arusha and Moshi will not be a focus, as SNV wants to maintain a rural bias.
The portfolio team operates from the SNV office in Arusha, which is the third largest city
in Tanzania.

Lake Zone portfolio
Identification of this portfolio has just started. The Lake Zone portfolio will initially (2004)
consist of 5 advisors offering expertise similar to the other two portfolios, because that is
where SNV has services and products to offer in line with its new strategy. The portfolio
team members will start up the strategic positioning process in the first quarter of 2004.
From the identification process that took place in the last quarter of 2003 a number of
potential client organisations already emerged. These are being approached to present SNV
and its way of working in order to start up relationships.
Support will initially concentrate on the Mwanza region and gradually expand to Mara and
Sinyanga based on the further exploration by the portfolio team in the first semester of
2004. The portfolio team operates from an office in Mwanza, which is the second largest
city in Tanzania.

National level
Advisors on national level fulfil a functional and instrumental role to the core business of
SNV in the portfolios from a bottom-up perspective: providing capacity building services to
meso level organisations in the fight against poverty. As such national advisors provide their
expertise on demand to portfolio clients, play an instrumental role in linking the experiences
of the portfolio teams with the policy framework and lobby/advocacy groups at national
level, and vice versa, and provide capacity strengthening services to national based
organisations that have been identified as being of strategic importance towards meso level
clients in the portfolios.

Support Services
The support structure of SNV Tanzania consists of a main office in Dar es Salaam and
portfolio offices in Arusha and Dodoma and Mwanza. The national office coordinates human
and financial resources that are needed to support the implementation of SNV Tanzania
mission via its portfolio offices.

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                            SNV Tanzania

Organisation chart
    National Advisors
                                                  SA + GA

                                           Activity Teams      GA

                                               GA + JA

    Portfolio Support Offices                                                     National Support Office

                                                                                     Admin. Accountant
             Office Manager
                                                                                         HRM oficer
             Office Assistant
                                                                                        PR&C Officer
                                                         SSM                         Secretariat/Logistics
                                                                                      Office Assistants

                                          PC                        PC           GA + JA
                      SA + GA

       GA                Activity Teams                                  Activity Teams          SA + GA

  Central              GA + JA                                                     GA          Lake Zone
  Portfolio                                                                                     Portfolio

 Legend:     CD                 Country Director
             SSM                Support Services Manager
             PC                 Portfolio Coordinator
             SA                 SPARKS/Senior Advisor(s)
             GA                 General Advisor(s)
             JA                 Junior Advisor (s)
                                Country Management Team

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                   SNV Tanzania

Job profile

The objective of this position is to provide Local Governance advisory services to
partner/client activities.

Responsibility area: Advisory Practice
 Advise in complex client organisations with complex needs;
 Provide services to complex demands of clients and groups of clients.

Responsibility area: Positioning and strategy development
 Follow developments related to work and analyse these in terms of opportunities or
  implications for SNV supported activities at meso level;
 Develop and maintain relevant networks, and contacts;
 Contribute to SNV positioning and strategy development on portfolio level;

Responsibility area: Knowledge Development and Management
 Contribute to quality improvement of Advisory Practices in the area of decentralisation;
 Contribute to knowledge management in the area of local governance at portfolio level;
 Contribute to the development of new products and services in the area of Local
  Governance in response to opportunities and partner demands;
 Effectively contribute to strengthening SNV Tanzania’s profile as an expert organisation
  in the area of Local Governance through participation in external networks, documentation
  of experiences, and publications.
Responsibility area: Teamwork and teambuilding
 Adopt a coaching/mentoring role as relevant to fellow and junior advisors;
 Proactively participate in improving team performance and teambuilding processes.

Internal position and external contacts
The positioning of the function is hierarchical under the Portfolio Coordinator. However, the
portfolio team operates on the basis of equality and team members contribute on the basis
of individual competencies. Advisory positions are expected to provide expertise and be
proactive in the further development of the portfolio team and to play a facilitative role in
thematic development and -information exchange at portfolio, national, and cluster level.

Contact:        Regional and district Authorities
Aim:            To strengthen the capacity of local authorities, related organisations and
                institutions (public and private) to plan and implement activities and deliver
                services efficiently and equitably. Also discuss and verify collaboration with
                and requirements for SNV services to them and get feed back on their
                satisfaction regarding the quality of SNV’s services

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                    SNV Tanzania

Contact:       Civil Society Organisations
Aim:           Facilitating their effective participation in the development processes and
               joint-action approach

Contact:       Ministry of Local Government – Central Government
Aim:           Linking to macro policies via national advisors for the benefit of the local

Contact:       Private Sector Organisations
Aim:           Facilitating their effective participation in the development processes

Contact:       SNV colleagues in Tanzania and the cluster East Africa
Aim:           Participate in, and stimulate network(s), share and exchange knowledge. Keep
               abreast on relevant developments in the country. Identify opportunities for
               collaboration and/or complementarity.

Contact:        Local capacity building organisations in the area of Local Governance
Aim:            Identify possibilities for and foster strategic partnerships and/or – alliances

Contact:        Other stakeholders in the area of Local Governance development
Aim:            Be aware of possibilities for external networking, collaboration and funding
                possibilities for meso level organisations.

Knowledge competencies and skills
Knowledge competencies and skills
Knowledge and experience:
    Knowledge in theories and practice of decentralisation
    Knowledge in the theory and practice of organisational development
    Masters in Public Administration or other related social sciences
    Academic level of working and thinking, preferably based on a Bachelors/ Masters
      degree in PUBLIC/ ADMINISTRATION, Organisational Psychology/Sociology.
    Acceptable knowledge and professional experience with Local governance ( Civil
      society building, Decentralization processes).
    Knowledge of English and Kiswahili
    Computer literacy
    At minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience

Skills, ability to:
 Analyse and synthesise complex development issues to integrate them in SNV’s advisory
  practice, especially in the area of decentralisation;
 Adapt rapidly to SNV’s context and clients and settle quickly into SNV and grasp nature of
  SNV challenges in the portfolio specifically and Tanzania in general;
 Challenge SNV thinking and methodology, respecting and including existing processes on
  improving advisory practice;

Job Description Local Governance Medior Advisor                                     SNV Tanzania

 Devise methodologies to capture and share knowledge and/or contribute to quality of
  information sharing in advisory teams and between teams;
 Act as a coach and guide other advisors in advisory processes and Local Governance
  thematic area;
Behavioural competencies

Behavioural competency           Level     Level description
Coaching                           2       Displaying effective behaviour independently and on
Planning and organising                    one’s own initiative
Problem analysis
Results orientation
Cross cultural awareness
Gender awareness

Other requirements:

   Commitment with SNV mission, values and vision of advisory practice;
   Outstanding national network
   Outstanding level of performance
   Academic level of working and thinking, based on a Masters degree
   Good knowledge of the English language, written and spoken;
   Computer skills (MS Office)
   Knowledge of Kiswahili is an advantage;
   Driver’s license


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