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									                           LEE, KYOON HAENG
                             Website :
                             E-mail :
                             Phone : 415-351-8756

Career Objective
   To obtain 3D Character Artist who create high/low character model with texture work
Working Experience
  Namco Bandai Games America. Inc
     2007 – 2010 (Full time)
       - 3D Character Artist (rebuild game model from detailed high polygon model,
           create Normal map and Occlusion map, texture work, create high polygon
           model, lighting and shading to render the characters, rendering the character
           images for the marketing such as magazines or website images.)
       - Shipping Title
           Afro Samurai(2009. January)
           Splatterhouse(2010. November)
  Korean Military service
      1998. 03 - 2000. 05
         - Photographer (take pictures of all the events of a regimental commander such
             as visiting the units under the banner, events, training)
      3D modeling major
      Academy of Art University at San Francisco
      Bachelor of Fine Art degree
      3D Art (Modeling and Animation) major
      Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago
      Bachelor of Fine Art degree
      10 week course for photography certification
      Seoul photo school

Skills 3D modeling and texture
   -Low res modeling, UVs managing, Lighting, Rendering (Maya)
   -Sculpting models and drawing detailed skin (Z-brush)
   -Creating Normal map(Z-brush/ Maya/ Photoshop)
   -Creating Occlusion map(Maya, XSI soft images)
   -Textures creation- diffuse, specular, normal map(Photoshop)
   -Drawing skills(Digital drawing possible)
   Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, XSI Soft Image, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After
   Effect, Adobe Premier

                                                                             Kyoon Lee

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